Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Demon God Emperor (II)

Among the six radiances, two were golden, one was purple, one was milky white and the last two were green and red. Their lights reflected each other in the skies, and although it was far from reaching the level of terror of the Demon God Emperor’s demon god pillar, in the instant these six radiances soared through the skies, all the terrifying power covering the whole Exorcist City disappeared. Next to the city wall, everyone opened their mouths and gasped for air.

At some point, under the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ maingate, six people appeared. Now, these six propelled to the sky, surrounded by their respective radiances and confronting the Demon God Emperor.

Seeing them appear, the Demon God Emperor stopped in his counting game, his face appearing quite sinister.

“It looks like you, old guys, are still alive… Do you really believe this emperor won’t dare kill you?” The Demon God Emperor declared coldly.

In front of him, the aged voice kept speaking, “Being the first powerhouse under heaven, His Majesty will naturally dare. Why would he not? Only, in terms of age, we are far inferior to His Majesty. The words ‘old guys’ are inacceptable.”

At that time, the six silhouettes had already ascended above the city walls, and the earth-shattering oppressive power was immediately blocked.

A knight clad in a dazzling orange armor was in the front. This knight had a tall and imposing stature, and including his head, his whole body was covered with an armor. In his left hand, he carried an orange-colored shield, and in his right hand was an enormous blade reflecting the radiance of the sunlight. Nine lumps of light were lit across the enormous sword’s body, carrying the brilliance of nine little suns.

The most astonishing was the mount under him. That was a real Red Dragon, surpassing fifty meters in size, its body surrounded by blazing red light. And even more astonishingly, this Red Dragon’s aura merged with its orange armored companion perfectly.

At the knight’s side was a warrior even exceeding him in grandeur. Clad in a blue-violet armor also covering his whole body, he was exceeding 2.2 meters in height, his both shoulders being extremely broad. Even if he was partly hidden by his armor, he could still make anyone feel that his strength was terrifying enough to tear heaven and earth.

The weapon in his left hand was an unusual bloody red axe while the one in his right hand was an enormous blue-violet axe. If someone was to describe the impression this appearance gave him, the word intrepid would be the most suitable.

On the other side of the knight was an erratic black colored silhouette, whose shape could not be seen clearly at all. But it gave a specially sinister and sharp impression. The air surrounding his radiance was continuously being filled with black cracks.

These six were arranged in a double-rowed formation composed of three of them in the front and the other three in the rear. To one’s surprise, the three people in the rear were all women, which could be recognized from the clothes they wore, though they were clad in magical cloaks, making their appearance indistinct.

The woman in the middle, clad in a pure white gown, wore the design of a two-winged golden angel on the back of her gown.

A Gown of Prodige胜者长袍, this saint robe was the symbol of the most supreme priests! The current Supreme Pontiff教皇 was attired in this way, and compared to this woman, the Supreme Pontiff could only be said to have a royal crown in addition and nothing more.

In her hands, this saint held an enormous scepter of more than three meters length. It looked just like the branch of a tree, but it really was a pure white, jade-like scepter. On it grew two mild golden colored fruits.

On the left side of this saint was a woman clad in a golden gown, emanating a golden splendor upon her surroundings. Rich ultimate light essence emerged and the radiance from her body illuminated the whole Exorcist Mountain Pass. But the strangest thing was that all the light her body released was not dazzling at all. In the Exorcist Mountain Pass filled with fear, a feeling of spring warmth was brought upon everyone. Her staff looked quite natural in her hand, it had the same golden color, with six fist-sized gems enwrought in its summit.

Although she bore no outward sign of it, everyone could guess that she was a powerhouse of the divine ninth step.

On the other side of the saint was another woman, clad in a blue robe. At her back, a blue glitter was faintly discernible. And in the surroundings of her body, a golden door-sized gate was releasing a fantastic brilliance.

A spiritual master, connected with countless planes. After reaching the ninth step, this was the most mysterious vocation within the Six Great Temples, and the most unpredictable kind of powerhouse.

The ones that were rising to the sky, confronting the Demon God Emperor, were unexpectedly six powerhouses of the ninth step. The people in the Exorcist Mountain Pass that had previously been suppressed to the extent they couldn’t even breath immediately had a good momentum.

Sheng Yue hovered to their side, his eyes carrying a bewildered expression, “You… You are the Demon God Slayers… So the rumors were true, you were actually still alive.”

The spiritual master clad in a dazzling blue robe turned her head to give Sheng Yue a glance, asking with a smile, “Young man, if we really died, how could the Demon God Emperor possibly stay so silent?”

The Demon God Emperor snorted coldly, “Do you have the determination to confront this emperor today?”

The knight’s aged voice sounded once again, as he replied unenthusiastically, “We naturally don’t wish for it. After all, we don’t have the certainty that we will be able to kill Your Majesty, but Your Majesty should also be clear about the fact we have at least a 20% chance to take Your Majesty out with us, and a 30% chance to inflict you serious damage. If Your Majesty has the resolve to wipe our Exorcist Mountain out, we humans won’t hesitate to unleash the thousand years of power we saved, letting a holy war against demons unfold. And you, demons, won’t necessarily be the final victors of it.”

20% certainty to take the Demon God Emperor down by themselves? This number sounded simply excessively weak. But hearing it, the officers and soldiers of the Exorcist Mountain Pass were shaken excessively.

What kind of existence was the Demon God Emperor? That was their undefeatable enemy, but the six human powerhouses before their eyes actually had odds to take him down by themselves. They could only be incredibly strong!

To everyone’s surprise, the Demon God Emperor stood silent, displaying a pondering mind. From this little detail, it could be seen that the Demon God Emperor had some fear to battle these six people. Despite the fact that a certainty of 20% was not very high, in case he died suddenly, the blow inflicted to the demon side would be incomparable.

Over the past thousand years, the humans’ Six Great Temples’ development was fast, and demons already had some difficulty to contend against the humans in the course of the great war. Most of all, humans possessed a great amount of magic weapons that possessed a great killing power against demons.

Although humans were still unable to contend against demons on equal footing, in case the humans decided to go all out, disregarding everything else, the demon side wouldn’t necessarily hold such a big advantage. Furthermore, demons were very dependent on a single power, and in case the Demon God Emperor, who held it, died, until the arrival of the next generation’s Demon God Emperor, the demon side would be completely unable to coordinate.

These circumstances left the Demon God Emperor no choice but to consider the matter. Even if his opponents only had odds of 10%, he would not take such risks rashly.

“Well, we can at last be considered long date acquaintances. This emperor is willing to give you some face, and will use divine powers to scour the Exorcist Mountain Pass. You shouldn’t stop me in doing this. If I can’t find the thing I am looking for, I will turn around and leave. But if I find it, you will have to hand it over, and I won’t attack you. Otherwise, even if this emperor has some price to pay for it, he will definitely tear everything down.”

The Demon God Emperor’s voice was calm, and clearly cold, but listening to him, the six human powerhouses felt greatly shaken.

Compared to the Demon God Emperor who felt some restraining fear towards them, they felt at least ten times more afraid of him. Among humans, they were the only ones who could possibly contend against the Demon God Emperor at the present time. In case they died in the Exorcist Mountain Pass without inflicting the Demon God Emperor serious damage, no human at the mountain passes would possibly be able to block the demon chiefs’ offense. Truly an ending benefitting none of the two sides: humans and demons were both unwilling to see it come to this. It would just end up as a war until total extermination of one of the two sides!

The six human powerhouses became silent. A faint golden radiance spread around the knight’s body, enveloping the six of them in it as if they were planning on discussing the situation among themselves.

A short time later, the knight acting as their head replied to him, “Okay, please search for it, Your Majesty. We won’t block you no matter what.”

They didn’t know what the Demon God Emperor was looking for, but if the Exorcist Mountain Pass really had this thing he was looking for, it wouldn’t be too late to decide whether to hand it over to him or not. Conversely, if the Demon God Emperor didn’t find anything, the danger confronting them would naturally be settled without a fight.

No other humans understood the Demon God Emperor better than them. This demon emperor attached at least some importance to his reputation. He would never bear to let his dignity be offended.

The Demon God Emperor snorted coldly, and a moment later, the black in the skies spread again. The whole sky above the Exorcist Mountain turned black, and shapeless fluctuations of mental force arose abruptly, covering each corner of the Exorcist Mountain Pass like gusts of rain.

Long Haochen immediately felt as if he had been enveloped in a boundless ocean, as if that massive mental force was breaking him open. In the middle of this huge and boundless energy, he felt as if he was disappearing. And everyone else felt similarly as Long Haochen, their faces turning pale. This was the frightening level the strength of his mental energy reached.

Suddenly, Long Haochen felt his entire body lighting up, and immediately, his 3000 units of internal energy flowed out madly, following a strange orbit. On his forehead, a trace of light appeared vaguely. It was not a purple one, but rather a golden one.

The attention of the people around was focused on the Demon God Emperor and the six humans, so naturally, no one paid attention to this change on Long Haochen’s body. But Long Haochen’s face changed greatly. He could feel that it was precisely Haoyue who was borrowing his force.

Thinking of the fact the Demon God Emperor was looking for a three-headed magical beast, Long Haochen felt secretly overwhelmed with horror. Could it be that this demon ruler is really looking for Haoyue?

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