Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Flawless Fusion, Second Evolution (I)

She still remembered that during the few days before Long Haochen absorbed the Elemental Fairy, he told her everyday about duty. That everyone had different duties, and their own heavy burdens to shoulder. The only difference was that these burdens were more or less visible depending on the person.

“Older sister, how is it that you’re not saying anything? Is it because you are wearing a veil on your face?” In a five years-old state, Sheng Lingxin kept questioning her, full of curiosity.

He asked her several questions in a row, but Cai’er didn’t show any reaction. Sheng Lingxin clearly felt that she was kind of uninterested, and hurried to run to Lan Yanyu’s side, “Elder sister, this big sister doesn’t speak at all. Can you play with me?”

Holding her husband’s broad hand, Lan Yanyu couldn’t help but fall in his arms and cry loudly. Such a heroic husband having unexpectedly been reduced to this state by the aftereffects of the spiritual stove, how could she possibly feel all right!?

“Take good care of him, I am leaving first.” Tapping the blue cane to the ground, Cai’er shot out like a bullet. As she used her greatest speed to leave this place, she suddenly discovered that the hate she felt for her parents seemed to have weakened greatly.

Leaving the courtyard and taking the route to return to the living quarters, Cai’er discovered for some reason that the oppressive feelings she had deep inside also seemed to have lessened greatly, to the extent that she felt a bit more worriless and relaxed. Except from the time she was together with Long Haochen, this was the first time this kind of emotion appeared in her ever since she became the “Saint Daughter of Samsara”.

At that time, she couldn’t help but remember Long Haochen’s words: forgiveness is about forgiving other people, but also about forgiving yourself.

At the time Cai’er returned to the living quarters, she wasn’t aware that the expression in her eyes was gentler.

However, no one in the living quarters paid attention to Cai’er’s changes. She herself was surprised upon returning, because she felt to her astonishment that the light essence in the living quarters had just become even denser. Its level of purity astounded her greatly.

At that time, everyone in the living quarters had their eyes stuck to the sunlight fire released from Long Haochen’s body.

And compared to before Cai’er left, the great difference was that the sunlight fire on Long Haochen’s body had now surprisingly taken shape, unexpectedly condensing into flames that gave off a faintly visible appearance of angel.

“What happened?” Cai’er asked Gao Yingjie with some nervosity.

Gao Yingjie replied with a rough voice, “If I haven’t guessed wrongly, the Light Elemental Fairy that fused with Haochen should be undergoing a process of evolution.”

He was right, the Light Elemental Fairy was indeed evolving.

At the time the Light Elemental Fairy fused with Long Haochen, she felt Long Haochen’s physique as Scion of Light and released all her physical and mental capabilities, planning to fuse completely into Long Haochen’s body. Although she was frightened for a brief moment by Haoyue, this couldn’t affect the Light Elemental Fairy’s feelings of acknowledgement for Long Haochen.

Just like a light unicorn had by nature kindhearted traits, a Scion of Light was bound to have an easy-to-get-close-to nature, and a heart of gold. This made the Light Elemental Fairy throw away all her worries.

Although this Light Elemental Fairy was in a quite weak state, her wounds healed at fast speed and her body was restored in the process of fusion with Long Haochen.

Her purity was only second to the purity in Long Haochen’s body, and at the same time the two entities fused perfectly, another change appeared in the Saint Spiritual Stove.

The fusion between the Scion of Light and a Light Elemental Fairy was naturally a perfect fusion between two pure existences. It could be said that no one had a body as fitting for fusing with the Light Elemental Fairy as him. But Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove also underwent another evolution, exploiting perfectly the previous situation, pure sunlight fire emanating from within it. It was the sunlight fire continuously released outside.

The addition of the Light Elemental Fairy could be said to have perfectly developed Long Haochen’s physique as Scion of Light, his affinity of light shooting up incredibly. Further adding the assistance of the Light Elemental Fairy, the condensed spiritual energy was just too massive. It changed not only Long Haochen’s body, but also transformed the Light Elemental Fairy itself.

Having undergone a process of magnification for a few days, the finally fused Light Elemental Fairy had her first evolution.

Any Elemental Fairy could at least evolve three times. Each evolution would increase their ability greatly. As for whether they would be able to keep evolving after the third time, it depended to their own luck.

Without a doubt, everyone in the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad only felt excited to see the Light Elemental Fairy evolve after the process of fusion. In particular, to Sima Xian and Han Yu, an even richer light essence meant that their cultivation speed would accelerate even more greatly. Everyone gained some benefits: bathed in the aura of light, their bodies and the attributes of their spiritual energy would gain some improvements, with only positive effects.

But no one expected Long Haochen’s evolution to take this long.

When they reached the 24th day, changes appeared on the gold-red sunlight fire covering his body, unexpectedly changing into a resplendent-gold-colored holy fire.

In fact, holy fire was a powerful ability only knights of the seventh step possessed. And furthermore, this holy fire ignited in Long Haochen was just too massive.

At this very moment, the light essence had taken the distinct shape of a fairy, a magnificent enlarged fairy of flame, floating at his back.

This implied that Long Haochen’s Light Elemental Fairy started her second evolution…

This was the Scion of Light, the formidable Scion of Light!

And this holy fire persisted until the 49th day…

Seated cross-legged, Long Haochen suddenly showed signs of opening his eyes. He opened his mouth, and suddenly, the holy fire surrounding him was inhaled into his body, consequently weakening the light aura in the living quarters.

The abrupt change immediately awoke everyone from their state of cultivation, their eyes staring at the same time at Long Haochen.

Along with the continuous weakening of the holy fire, Long Haochen’s body gradually became visible.

At this very moment, with a bright spark of light from his chest, a one third of a meter long golden radiance appeared in front of him, and with a sharp and clear incantation, the bright light covered Long Haochen’s body, forming a golden armor, solving the awkward situation of Long Haochen’s burned clothes.

And from his chest, the perfectly fused Light Elemental Fairy appeared. Only, she had currently become completely different from before.

First, there was a change in her appearance. The Light Elemental Fairy originally let out a white radiance, but it now turned golden and was full of sacred aura. Her body also grew to approximately twice its former size, looking now almost real. And in between her eyebrows, a brilliant gem had appeared, making her even more valiant.

At her back, her two transparent wings had currently evolved into two pairs, making her flying silhouette looking even more stable.

But the greatest change could be seen in her limpid golden eyes. In them, all traces of gloom and weakness had completely disappeared. Her pupils were shining brilliantly, giving off a noble and sacred feel, without looking arrogant, but instead gentle, as if golden ripples were overflowing from therein.

Lightly landing on Long Haochen’s shoulder, and speaking a few words in fairy language before touching Long Haochen’s cheek, she currently looked extremely satisfied.

The holy fire gradually receded, letting the entirely golden armor condensed from Long Haochen’s light essence look even more dazzling. All filth could only disappear next to the holy sacred fire. And thus, despite the fact that 49 days had passed, his body was as clean and sweet as before.

“I have made everyone wait quite long.” The bright light in Long Haochen’s eyes diminished slowly, returning them to their limpid appearance. Standing up, his eyes looked extremely apologetic.

Sima Xian laughed heartily, “It wasn’t long, it wasn’t long at all. If not for the support of your fusion, I don’t know how long I would have taken to break through to the fifth step.”

It could be said that aside from himself, the ones who benefitted the most of this evolution were Sima Xian and Han Yu. In particular, Sima Xian had broken through the bottleneck of the fifth step and finally obtained liquid internal spiritual energy.

Gao Yingjie declared to him, with a smile, “You are finally awake! Nonetheless, you’re giving me too many good surprises! The Light Elemental Fairy unexpectedly evolved twice. Let alone having seen this, I have never even heard about this kind of thing happening before. It looks like the relation between the two of you is not an ordinary one.”

With a lift of his hand, the mentally connected Light Elemental Fairy flew to his palm. Eyeing the beautiful fairy of light, Long Haochen smiled, “She told me that her name is Yating.”

“Congratulation for having obtained your second spiritual stove, Master.” Han Yu said to Long Haochen with a smile.

Chen Ying’er frowned with concern, “Aï, but I didn’t break through! Why is it that I don’t have light attribute?”

Wang Yuanyuan replied in disdain, “You summoners are existences close to the non-elemental type. Since you can summon creatures of so many different kinds, what kind of element would you want?”

Having been influenced by Long Haochen’s holy aura, Chen Ying’er still made quite fast progress. A few dozen days ago, she already reached the bottleneck of the fifth step. Unfortunately, she just hadn’t Sima Xian’s luck. These dozen days, she had been unsuccessful in breaking through to the fifth step. Having been unable from beginning to end to make her internal spiritual energy liquid, she was now the only one who was still at the fourth step in the team. How could she not feel hurried?

With a tired face, Lin Xin sat on his bed, “Captain, it would be so great if you could really use holy fire. Then, my fabrication of pills would be a lot easier. Aï, I’m just tired to death, lately.”

That’s just the way it was, during these days, the most tired among them was him. Lin Xin didn’t devote himself single-mindedly to cultivation, but also to concocting pills and doing business. Every one or two days, he would go out to the city, doing who knows what.

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