Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig(III)

Long Haochen immediately thought with astonishment about the scorching heat he felt at that time. So it wasn’t because of the blood contract fusion with Haoyue, but that little guy before my eyes?

It wasn’t in good shape, but in a quite weak one. The light essence of its body even appeared quite unstable. In such a state, it looked like it could disappear into nothingness at anytime.

Today’s weather was pretty good. The body of the Light Elemental Spiritual Fairy was bathed in sunlight, which improved it’s dispirited mood a little. It was now striving hard in its attempt to fly.

But in front of that Heroic Hall Assassin, how could it possibly escape? That 19th Heroic Assassin didn’t have a particularly strong reaction, only covering the top of its head with his hand, making all its attempts futile.

All the members of the 2nd to the 10th Demon Hunt Squads, who had just been feeling jealous because of the contribution points the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad earned, immediately had a change of mood. They didn’t even sneer at them: this was simply a blatant example of letting go of the big prize while grabbing at trifles.

In comparison to a Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, 500 contribution points were simply a drop of water in the ocean!

This applied foremost for the priests and knights as well as the few light element mages of the Demon Hunt Squads. At that time, the eyes of each and every of them turned blue. If they could obtain this Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, their strength was bound to immediately increase by leaps and bounds.

The 19th Heroic Assassin’s eyes were black, having a deep yet reserved look. Looking at the expression on each of these Demon Hunt Squad members’ faces, he secretly felt that although these children were outstanding, they were after all still too young. They weren’t good at all at concealing their real thoughts, but it was still good like that: at least they had a sufficiently frank behaviour.

“Now you should realize what I am speaking about.” The 19th Heroic Assassin smiled before continuing, “We were also quite astonished at the time we saw this thing. Hall Master Sheng Yue said that since this thing has been obtained during the mission your ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads accomplished, our Assassin Temple will absolutely not keep it for ourselves. The action we judged appropriate was to give it to you as reward.”

Immediately after he finished his last sentence, the audience broke out in cheers. Everyone was clear on the utility of spiritual stoves, and this Light Elemental Stove was one of the easiest to absorb. No one possibly expected that the Assassin Temple would be willing to part with such a treasure and give it to them as reward. Just like Sheng Yue foresaw, the good impression these youngsters had of the Assassin Temple immediately reached new heights.

“But since there is only a single Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, and more than a third of you are able to use it, we cannot divide it to give it as a collective reward. For this reason only one of you will get it. Who this person will be will depend on your luck as well as your understanding of the light element. Now, all light element users among your ranks please come forward.”

Upon being addressed like that by the 19th Heroic Assassin, the knights, mages? and priests of the ten Demon Hunt Squads stepped forward in succession, each of them appearing somewhat impatient.

Among them, the one who thirsted for it the most and also had the highest hopes of atteining it, was the captain of the 4th squad, the only priest of the fifth step, Luc Xi.

Compared to knights, priests generally had a better sense and affinity with light. Relying mostly on healing, they were the leading experts at communicating with light. On this aspect, Luc Xi was in particular a genius among geniuses. He reached the conclusion that his understanding of the light element would absolutely not be inferior to any of the other youths present.

A Light Elemental Spiritual Stove! If he could get it, he would definitely sweep through the bottleneck of the sixth step without hindrance. Even if, under normal circumstances, Luc Xi was quite stable in his training, his heartbeat could not help but accelerate just by thinking about it.

Who else can possibly surpass me with his affinity with light? This Light Elemental Fairy will inevitably be mine!

Each of them had some longing for the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, but the difference was that those whose cultivation was only at the fourth step would mostly leave it to chance, whereas the few who reached the fifth step were brimming with strong longing and self-confidence. Almost all of the ones at the fifth step came from the Knight Temple. It was the case for Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao, Duan Yi, Han Yi and another knight.

The priests, the knights and the two light element mages, forming a total of 23 people, were standing in a semicircle in front of the 19th Heroic Assassin.

“Everything will be left to fate. Whatever they are, don’t complain about the results. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being violent.” The 19th Heroic Assassin’s voice suddenly rose coldly. Compared to his previous display, making him appear as light as air, he currently looked like a god-killer, the instantly and intense eruption of his character left everyone unable to help but shiver.

Long Haochen also felt that killing intent, waking up him from his feeling of pity for the Light Elemental Fairy. Raising his head, he looked at the little silhouette struggling under the grip of the nearby 19th Heroic Assassin, immediately wrinkling his brows.

“Each of you may release his aura.” An immaterial-like grey stream of mist filled the air around the 19th Heroic Assassin. Rapidly spreading to the sky, it took the shape of a dome, filled with ice-cold and dense killing intent. Having done so, he withdrew his hand, immediately letting the little fairy soar up.

But it only flew a few meters, before shivering and coming back down, clearly feeling terrible fear toward the mist blocking the sky.

It was also at that time that all the surrounding light essence seemed to ascend at once. With a flicker of bright light, each of the knights, priests and mages, having the opportunity to obtain the fairy, released their aura of light with full strength, looking at the little thing, full of desire.

The only exception was Long Haochen. He didn’t release his own internal spiritual energy at all, only standing there and looking at that helpless little fellow. From his gentle eyes, some information seemed to be transmitted. Twitching his lips, he seemed to say a few words in the direction of the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove.

Yang Wenzhao was standing at the right side of Long Haochen, and could clearly see his movements. In the next instant, he looked dumbstruck as the little Light Elemental Fairy who, obviously suddenly attracted, flew towards Long Haochen.

A smile appeared on Long Haochen’s handsome face. As he calmly lifted his right hand, that small Light Elemental Spiritual Stove immediately landed on his palm.

At such a close distance, he could see the little girl even more clearly.

The Light Elemental Spiritual Stove was entirely snow white, as if she was sculpted from the purest rock crystal. Clad in a milky white skirt, her fair arms and slender legs were exposed. Her blond hair was draped over her shoulders like a tiny waterfall, reaching down to her feet. A pair of translucent wings batted incessantly at her sides while her long hair fluttered uncontrollably in the air.

The most peculiar fact was that her two pointed little ears peeking out from her blond hair, which was a typical fairy feature. Her golden eyes seemed as limpid as Long Haochen’s, the only difference was that hers looked helpless, weak, and dull.

Under everyone’s blank stares, the Light Elemental Fairy landed dexterously on Long Haochen’s palm. Looking at him, they seemed puzzled, even appearing at a loss.

At Luc Xi’s side, golden fog was being condensed, but at the moment he saw that Light Elemental Fairy fall into Long Haochen’s hand, he immediately became blank.

How is it possible!? He’s a knight, but I’m a priest! How can he have even better affinity with light than I do? His heart wasn’t filled with jealousy, but with surprise. No matter how one looked at it, the final winner should be him! But that Light Elemental Fairy didn’t spare him a single glance from beginning to end, and flew almost directly to Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s gentle eyes seemed to carry a tender affection. Using his fingers to caress her blond hair, he gently told her, “Be at ease, I will honour my promise!”

The 19th Heroic Assassin revealed a faint smile, declaring, “Looks like our little fellow made her choice. This was a fair process, and the Assassin Temple doesn’t wish to see any discontent behaviour! All right, my duty is now done. Long Haochen, congratulations. ”

Long Haochen raised his head and looked at the 19th Heroic Assassin, respectfully making his salutations, “Please pass my deepest thanks to the heroic senior, mister Heroic Assassin.”

After nodding to Long Haochen, the 19th Heroic Assassin immediately left in the direction of the two other Heroic Assassins, the killing intent in his eyes disappearing at the same instant.

Gao Yingjie naturally aimed a glance at Long Haochen, saying with a smile, “Congratulations, Haochen. Let’s leave, I’m accompanying you to your living quarters.” As he said so, he intentionally glanced at the surrounding people that immediately seemed to be filled with envy. Suddenly, these envious looks were concealed completely.

Although these youngsters were aware that they couldn’t possibly fight over it by force, having Gao Yingjie at his side would naturally prevent any needless complications. Just as treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime, the current Long Haochen didn’t dare to immediately assimilate the Light Elemental Fairy.

Sima Xian laughed quite loud, “Captain is really our captain. The thing that ought to be ours still came back to us. We have to celebrate that!”

Seeing Long Haochen receive the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, the previously depressed members of the 1st squad suddenly had a 180 degrees change in their moods.

But Long Haochen didn’t say anything, leading his comrades back to their own living quarters.

Following Long Haochen and the others with his eyes, Duan Yi arrived at Yang Wenzhao’s side, saying indifferently, “From the looks of it, the distance between him and us is just increasing each day.”

Yang Wenzhao replied with a sigh, “Everyone has their own opportunities, we cannot do anything about it. But we can still strive with our best efforts to make such opportunities appear to us as well.”

Duan Yi smiled, “Well said. If you want to do something well, do it yourself; personal strength will always be the basis of everything. Let’s leave, we should also return. Let’s take advantage of the holiday to train peacefully.”

Long Haochen and the others returned to their living quarters. As they went in, everyone couldn’t help but rejoice in acclamation.

“Haha, so pleasing! Did you see the expressions on the others’ faces? Especially that Luc Xi from the 4th squad, his complexion was so horrible that he looked like he was almost about to turn green with envy.” Sima Xian said with a belly full of laughter, paying no attention at all to the fact the Light Elemental Fairy didn’t choose him. He originally didn’t have any chances with his cultivation being still at the fourth step.

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