Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig (I)

You cannot use your eyes to estimate a treasure’s value, but you may use your heart for it. Don’t be fooled by your eyes. Would an ordinary small pig take the initiative to conclude a soul contract with you as summoner without bad conscience?

Hearing Cai’er’s words, Chen Ying’er, who was previously sobbing, raised her head. In a similar fashion, the others felt astonished: no one could possibly have expected the normally silent Cai’er to unexpectedly say such words. She went directly to the main point, without any hesitation.

Chen Ying’er wiped the tears from her face, once again holding the little pig in her arms. Although she felt as reluctant as before, her mood was now a lot better, and she just declared helplessly, “You… What kind of ability do you have?! Making me feel such grievance… You have to make up for it, and I don’t care about what you have to say. Otherwise, I’d rather have no contracted beast than keep you.”

“Huu, huu” The little pig groaned twice, its mouth twitched successively and its pair of eyes lit up showing faint twisting undulations.

As identical undulations appeared in Chen Ying’er’s eyes, she immediately stared blankly at the little pig.

“This is the mental transmission… So you are indeed not an ordinary pig.” Lin Xin said with astonishment.

Mental transmission was a particular ability used by some high ranked magical beasts.

During the process of mental transmission, incredible changes appeared on Chen Ying’er’s expression. At first, she looked stupefied, and then a happy expression gradually spread on her face, her lips raising up, producing a moving scene.

Although no one knew what this pig transmitted to her, but from her look, one could see that this little pig was clearly not a good-for-nothing.

No one was worried, waiting calmly. A short time later, the twisted radiance in the pig’s and Chen Ying’er’s eyes gradually disappeared.

“Wah, so you were actually this powerful!?” Chen Ying’er held the little pig in her arms, saying these few words in his ears.

Having an impetuous character, Sima Xian couldn’t help but ask in reaction, “Quickly say where this pig’s strength lies.”

Chen Ying’er giggled happily, “Haha, I will no longer be useless on the battlefield, I’m now as powerful as the others, wahaha.” As she said so, she jumped up and started to dance out of joy.

The others could only smile when seeing her cute and happy appearance, after having cried for so long. She looked extremely proud of herself, her joy even exceeding her previous worries.

Long Haochen smiled as well, “How about you tell us about it? It will also help everyone else to familiarize with your new ability.”

Chen Ying’er proudly held the little pig, declaring, “He says he is called Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig, born as a magical beast of the sixth step. He is able to take on the appearance of any magical beast he met before, producing a perfect illusion.”

Hearing her words, everyone’s eyes filled with pleasure. Meeting formidable magical beasts was after all not too difficult.

Long Haochen immediately asked her, “Does he also have the imposing aura of the imitated magical beasts?”

Chen Ying’er started, shaking her head, “It seems that he doesn’t.”

Wang Yuanyuan wrinkled her brows, “Then, doesn’t it make the illusion easy to see through?”

Chen Ying’er replied with satisfaction, “It’s the so called Fake Reality and Real Faking: his ability is to imitate other creatures, and that’s why he bears the name of Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig. But if we have their magic crystals, upon eating one, he can imitate any magical beast at most a step above his own level. Then, he is not only capable of using Mirror Image to take its shape, but can furthermore copy all its abilities for a total of ten minutes. As long as he’s a magical beast of the sixth step, he can at most copy the power of magical beasts at the seventh step and demons at the sixth step. Lin Xin, leave the magic crystal of that Bloodthirsty Beta to me, my little pig will be able to absorb it after only one more evolution.”

Having heard Chen Ying’er say so, everyone without exception looked pleasantly surprised. According to her words, this Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig could actually use any ability of any magical beast of its grade, or one step above. Although this ability only lasted for ten minutes, as long as they had enough magical crystals, he would be able to keep unleashing power. And the crucial point of this ability lied in the two words “of any”.

After a short period of joy, Lin Xin immediately put on a concerned face, “Ying’er, we already have Haoyue as a gluttonous companion, but with you bringing one more of them in, our income will never cover the fees!” Being responsible for the team’s finances, he naturally felt somewhat gloomy.

Chen Ying’er snorted and spoke in reply, “You are the one responsible for that, I don’t care about it. Furthermore, my little pig has another ability!”

“Another one?” This time, even Cai’er was surprised.

Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig, this was a kind of magical beast they never heard of before. On the surface, his ability in itself wasn’t so formidable, but as long as they had enough magical crystals, his prospects were simply boundless. This could already be called a special existence of an unprecedented kind. Furthermore, a contracted beast was bound to evolve as its master’s level of cultivation rose. Chen Ying’er was presently at the fourth step with only a small gap to the fifth step. Therefore, the moment she would level up, this little pig would also evolve. It wasn’t easy to tell whether it would directly progress in step, but his future growth was already granted.

To the team, this Mythic Mirror Image Pig possessing the ability to imitate any kind of magical beast appeared clearly more useful than a Demonic Eye Ruler.

But even with such circumstances, he still had another ability. From this, it could be inferred that this pig was a high-end existence among his peers.

“That’s right, his other ability is called Treasure Scouting. If not for it, why would he be called a Mythic Treasure Pig? He told me that with his especially keen nose, he can smell treasures of heavenly level, and feel approaching danger in advance. As his rank progresses, his perception will become even better.”

Everyone looked at each other in surprise, displaying grotesque faces one after another. Long Haochen immediately murmured, “I suddenly think that our biggest gain from this mission might be the contracted summon Ying’er obtained.”

With their Demon Hunt Squad having formed not long ago, they were still in the process of familiarizing themselves with each other, and although originally no one really ignored Chen Ying’er completely, with everyone progressing, if Chen Ying’er kept having such an uncertain position, she would really become a burden on the battlefield, affecting the strength of the team as a whole.

Although this feeling could temporarily be stifled, as time passed, there would perhaps have come a day it would have erupted. But it wasn’t the same anymore, now that Chen Ying’er possessed a contracted summon like this Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig. Her importance to the team increased by leaps and bounds, and she wouldn’t be a burden anymore in the future, instead becoming a great support improving their fighting power. Of course, it also implied that she would be the one to use the most of the team’s resources.

Everyone could be said to have their own secrets, and the fact Chen Ying’er could use the Creature Summoning Gate was one of them. Now that she possessed this Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig, her place in the team was undeniably secured.

“I’m hungry! Captain, shouldn’t we go eat before we continue to rest? I am feeling so hungry that my vision is becoming blurred.” Sima Xian groped his own belly as he said so.

Long Haochen immediately decided, “Alright, we should go eat then”

Everyone in the group, with the exception of Cai’er and Chen Ying’er, had taken Spiritual Bursting Pills this time, and were now feeling extremely weak. Although it didn’t affect their ability to walk, the feeling their internal spiritual energy gave off was hard to take. Feeling hungry would immediately make their vision blur.

Opening their own barracks’ door, just as they were about to go out to look for some food, they happened to see three layers of food boxes outside the door.

“We haven’t worked painstakingly for naught, the Exorcist Mountain’s military is really considerate.” Sima Xian chuckled and immediately carried two boxes of food inside.

The food inside was indeed sumptuous, and although it couldn’t be called exquisite food, the meat was quite sufficient, and the meat soup had a delicious fragrance. Although it had already cooled down, with the presence of Lin Xin’s fire magic, there was no problem at all.

Everyone ate heartily before returning to their respective beds to rest and recover some energy. Chen Ying’er, who was still in great joy, communicated a lot with this little pig of hers, and even gave him a name, which was McDull.

The military was extremely pleased with the operation of the day before, and didn’t directly assign them another mission, giving them some time to rest. This lasted until the start of the next day, when a new assemble command was issued from the military drill ground.

The Exorcist Mountain’s City was quite broad, because on its two sides were peaks belonging to the Exorcist Mountain Range, forming natural barriers. Thus, building it was quite troublesome, and after only adding walls on its right side, it could be considered secure.

The military drill ground was located 500 meters away from the city’s walls, forming a gathering place customized for concentrating the troops and horses. At the time before Long Haochen left the city together with Sheng Lingxin, accomplishing the night raid, it was the place where the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment was waiting for orders.

The 1st Demon Hunt Squad wasn’t entirely gathered, Cai’er was resting in their living quarters. Now that Cai’er had already lost two of her senses, Long Haochen would definitely not let her take any risks.

The side-effects of the Spiritual Bursting Pills already disappeared, but what worried Long Haochen was that Haoyue was still in a state of deep sleep. Although he was pretty sure that Haoyue didn’t suffer any critical injuries, the fact that he hadn’t woken up since the battle left Long Haochen anxious.

On the military drill ground, the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads were reunited. Having had a day of rest, these young elites already returned to their optimum condition, each and every one being full of energy and quite a few of them looking excited.

Actually, two days ago, they gained quite a great deal of contribution points. They didn’t only kill a great amount of lower ranked demons, but at the same time, they reaped 200 contribution points as the mission reward, resulting in a few dozen per person after dividing them.

Long Haochen’s group hadn’t had time to divide their contribution points yet. Their 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad was the most weakened, and all along until the assembly order was dispatched, everyone was resting. Until then, they could only do their best to recover to the most optimal state possible. The single thing was that this day, Long Haochen felt incomprehensibly feverish, his internal spiritual energy’s revolutions looking quite sluggish.

Because Haoyue had yet to wake up, he was unable to communicate with him. As for the sudden phenomenon of fusion between him and Haoyue, giving him the erupting strength of a Radiant Knight, Long Haochen also felt curious. What was this special ability of Haoyue’s?

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      Do you mean its condition? Well, a creature of the light element surrounded by only darkness attribute will naturally weaken. It seems like the fairy lives on the light attribute of its surrounding, especially its partner.

      As for the contribution points, each of them had 73 points after the night raid, makes 511 in total. After the last battle they gained 1420 points we know of, so the total amount, not including the points for the small fry they killed and we don’t know the numbers of, should be around 1933 contribution points.

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