Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Mergence! Blood Pact Fusion (I)

Just like Long Haochen expected, due to the motivation of the contribution points, the elites of these Demon Hunt Squads had a very high morale.

Soon, large parts of the battlefield were being concealed by a large fire, and each Demon Hunt Squad only took their own safety into account. With regard to the situation of Long Haochen’s team, they would at most notice some enormous burst of energy wreaking havoc, and nothing more. But despite the noise coming from the direction of Long Haochen’s team, they didn’t realize the great danger they were confronted with.

As Cai’er stepped back, the Bloodthirsty Beta seemed to have already gone frantic. He hated those humans before him bitterly, especially Long Haochen, who used his Saint Spiritual Stove to attract him. He knew that as long as Long Haochen wasn’t killed, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of the others. This time, he didn’t immediately produce a radiance again, but with a glint of greenish-black, he went straight in Long Haochen’s direction.

His speed was incomparably fast, and at the same time as he dashed forward, an intense radiance of greenish-black emerged, took a shape similar to his own and headed in the same direction.

A terrifying pressure immediately assaulted their senses. What did the fact that this Bloodthirsty Beta was at the seventh step imply? It implied that his internal spiritual energy passed 10,000! Long Haochen had only an internal spiritual energy of 2,000, and although this Bloodthirsty Beta’s strength couldn’t compare with Gao Yingjie’s, he had five times his spiritual energy when breaking out with full power. This was already nothing Divine Obstruction could resist. More importantly, this was a full strength blow of that Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demon.

Confronting the Bloodthirsty Beta locked on himself, Long Haochen wasn’t affected by the fear of death. As before he used the Attraction ability, supporting himself on Haoyue’s body. He relied on his own weight to give his body a reverse momentum, instantly flinging himself around and changing directions.

Although the Blood-Thirsty Beta was locked on Long Haochen, this was a material attack, and under the effects of Attraction, no spiritual attack could be used to cover the area around him. Its four limbs pushed off the ground, pouncing in Long Haochen’s direction once again.

At that time, Wang Yuanyuan’s Divine Soul Shield was completely installed, Chen Ying’er completed her summon, and Cai’er and Sima Xian were in the middle to pursue that Bloodthirsty Beta.

In this situation, with the surroundings appearing in disorder, Long Haochen was incomparably clear-headed. He was ready to risk everything in this battle!

This was the logical conclusion Long Haochen drew himself. Even if he had the support of his companions’ defensive abilities, when facing the full strength attack of a higher ranked demon, he was absolutely sure he couldn’t resist.

What should I do? When Long Haochen made his resolution to die, shouts from three united voices suddenly sounded.

An ear piercing yell mixed with faint purple ripples reached that Bloodthirsty Beta’s body, about to strike Long Haochen.

Long Haochen only sensed his body warming up, all his blood felt as if it was completely set on fire, and immediately, he clearly felt something on his back.

The others were able to see this situation even more clearly.

As Long Haochen was standing on Haoyue’s back, he suddenly raised his three heads, and with ferocious bellows, his enormous body took on a sparkling and translucent purple color. Instantly, purple colored light spread out together with his shouts. While enveloping Long Haochen’s body it struck out at the Bloodthirsty Beta.

The greenish-black radiances the Bloodthirsty Beta let out immediately disappeared, and the demon seemed to be somewhat sluggish. With a pounce, it rushed out, but was blocked by the dense purple light. This Bloodthirsty Beta’s eyes were filled with fury, and its blood was completely ignited, but its face showed a trace of surprise.

Haoyue’s body now completely transformed into a sparkling purple color and started to disperse, forming that purple light itself. From the rear, it seemed to envelop Long Haochen with speed as fast as lightning.

Everyone’s eyes shrank in astonishment; the fact that alarmed them greatly was that Haoyue with his more than three meter tall body merged completely with Long Haochen who emitted a complete purple colored luster.

His originally black hair instantly turned purple, and the same change went on with his left eye. From its previous sparkling and penetrating golden color, this eye suddenly turned purple. What kind of monstrous phenomenon was that?

Blazing! Long Haochen currently felt as if his body was ablaze with an incomparably vigorous energy provoking it to grow forcefully. Originally, as a fourteen years-old child, his height was under 1.7 meter, but at that moment, it grew unceasingly. Even his bones and his muscles seemed to be affected by the huge surge of energy. In the middle of the purple light revolving around him, he transformed into a more than 1.9 meter tall and thin youth.

His purple hair trailed over his shoulders, and his two different colored eyes seemed to be in control of everything. The Holy Spirit Armor covering Long Haochen’s body proved to be truly worthy of being called Spiritual Tier Equipment, as it increased its size together with him.

Long Haochen was originally already handsome, but formerly, he was after all just a youth with an appearance even resembling a girl’s. But at that very moment, his appearance, surrounded by purple light revolving all around him, even caused Wang Yuanyuan, that manly girl, to look dull. His eyes were golden and purple, looking just like a fusion of righteousness and evil, and he had an incomparably handsome appearance, looking just like a perfect statue carved by the gods themselves. His fair white skin was covered with a layer of purple, as his body was slightly floating in midair.

His purple eye looked as if it was filled with grandeur and wickedness while his golden eye looked as if filled with purity and kindheartedness. This fusion of two opposite temperaments made Long Haochen similar to an enormous magnet, attracting the attention of every surrounding creature. Even the rigid and tough Bloodthirsty Beta felt dull upon seeing Long Haochen’s body changing so swiftly. It was stunned to the extent that it didn’t immediately launch an attack against him.

Chen Ying’er’s Creature Summoning Gate was completed, but unfortunately, the will of heavens wasn’t on her side. This time, it was a little white, fat, and plump pig that came out of it.

The little pig was only one third of a meter tall, its white skin giving off a translucent feel. It looked at the surroundings with a curious face. But when its gaze fell on Long Haochen’s body, sparkling with purple light, it immediately jumped back in fright as if it saw a monster, directly throwing itself at Chen Ying’er’s bosom. It shivered extremely because of its excessive fear, and that pig went as far as to bite Chen Ying’er’s hand.

Chen Ying’er only felt as if her hand had been stung, but she didn’t care about it at all. At that moment, her eyes seemed to be filled with brilliant stars…

“So handsome! So this is the appearance Haochen will have after growing up! He’s so handsome! With unequalled handsomeness…” Heart-shaped radiances were released from her eyes, and she felt as if her heart had been forcibly taken away. This incontrolable sensation causing her eyes to become starry was something she never felt before.

Cai’er felt completely different from the others, because she was blind and couldn’t see the changes that occurred on his outward appearance. But since her senses were sharper than anyone else’s she noticed many changes in Long Haochen. All restraint he originally had seemed to have disappeared, his aura became several times stronger, and indescribable changes were going on within him at an astonishing speed. But the fact that left Cai’er the most overwhelmed with shock was that the Spiritual Stove of Samsara and the Dagger of Samsara in her body suddenly burst out with strong killing intent. And it appeared as though this killing intent was issued for her self-protection.

Ever since she had gotten the Spiritual Stove of Samsara and the Dagger of Samsara, this was the first time such great changes appeared on these two items. Could it be that they are actually feeling a threat from Haochen’s aura? And they are just so terrified?

This course of events sounds as though these changes happened slowly, but in truth everything only took a split second to happen. A pair of sparkling and translucent purple wings suddenly unfolded on Long Haochen’s back, and although those wings couldn’t be considered broad, they still spread more than three meters wide. They were still far beyond compare with the spiritual energized wings Long Xingyu had produced at that time. And these purple wings looked like amethyst, sculpted into a masterpiece. There were no feathers, but that sparkling and translucent texture gave off a sense of reality.

The condensation of spiritual energy of a Radiant Knight?

Everyone in the 1st Demon Hunt Squad was shocked to the extreme: no one knew how such changes appeared so suddenly in Long Haochen, they were surprised to the extent that they wondered whether this could be called a good or a bad change. But they could be sure that the condensation of spiritual energy was the signature feature of a Radiant Knight. Furthermore, the current Long Haochen didn’t look as simple as an ordinary Radiant Knight.

The Holy Spirit Sword disappeared into the forget-me-not ring, and in Long Haochen’s hand, only Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, was left.

A resplendent golden and blue bicolored luster broke out, and Long Haochen’s left hand performed an upward motion. Just like that, a glow was produced with golden and blue colors, surrounding the hollow of his palm.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, produced ripples, rising up and down and forming a halo. The foggy golden and blue brilliance dispersed and the sword in Long Haochen’s hand disappeared. Golden and blue color clearly intertwined, just like two distinguishable paths of light, intertwining with each other in the air.

The Bloodthirsty Beta’s blood-thirsty look gradually filled with fear, not only because it currently faced Long Haochen, but also because of the burst of purple energy coming from its rear.

Endless black spread from Cai’er’s body, to the extent that some nearby Dual Bladed Demons fell down from the pressure, completely losing all life.

As a matter of fact, because of the changes in both Long Haochen’s body and his aura, Cai’er’s Spiritual Stove of Samsara was aroused. But even without Long Haochen as trigger, to save her man, Cai’er would have done the same. The only difference was that now, with the power erupting from Long Haochen and herself, they had become even more coordinated. Among the two of them, one was at the front, and the other behind, appearing as though they formed a single entity.

In the middle of the pitch black aura, Cai’er’s long hair autonomously floated in midair like a veil at the back of her head. Her killing intent had materialized around her body, to the extent of forming a twisted black cloud .

On the other side, a purple light was condensed from Long Haochen’s body.

On one side was a pure and translucent noble purple, and on the other one was a black color engulfing everything around it . At that moment, the formidable Bloodthirsty Beta had an indescribable look.

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