Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 192

Chapter 192: The Bloodthirsty Beta Demon and The Mysterious Case (III)

Nonetheless, the tri-colored light pillar could only be maintained for this last blow, immediately dissipating afterwards. And Haoyue’s immediate reaction was to crouch down, the six eyes on his three heads turning a lot darker, as he gasped for breath. His body was now trembling and spasming incredibly.

Clearly, the technique he just used was above his own capability.

Through their mental connection, Long Haochen learned the name of the ability Haoyue just used, it was Essence of Disorder, an extremely formidable combinatorial magic. One needed to master at least three magic elements to use it, and it could be classified as a spell at the peak of the sixth step.

The reason why Haoyue managed to use it, was because he ate far too many demon crystals the day before, and for that reason, a great amount of energy was bursting forth from his body. Relying on it, even though this ability cleared up his digestive system, the supplementary consumption still remained enormous.

Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian returned to Long Haochen’s side at the same time, and behind them, Han Yu bravely stepped forward, standing shoulder to shoulder with Long Haochen. Only at this moment, Chen Ying’er started her chant. Jumping down from Haoyue’s back, she slightly fell back, her water crystal ball in hand, glinting brilliantly. Along with her chant, soft energy fluctuations came out from her crystal ball, rippling out. Wave-like ripples of spiritual energy fluctuated and spread outwards.

A colorless protective screen autonomously encompassed her body, happening to protect the back of the whole team.

The Creature Summoning Gate was a formidable spell of the eighth step, and although Chen Ying’er was incapable of controlling it, when using this spell, she still received its protection. But during the Demon Hunt Competition, who would possibly let her complete it entirely. Currently facing powerful enemies, Chen Ying’er immediately changed her stance, taking care of the defense of the team’s rear, letting Han Yu step forward to assist Long Haochen.

This Bloodthirsty Beta could be considered to have bad luck: its current mission was to protect the case on its neck, and to deliver it to the demon army camp. He wasn’t part of the logistics team, and lying down in the supplies carriage, he was supposed to enjoy being pulled by those low-ranked demons along with the food supplies, and was originally in the middle of sleeping.

Even when Long Haochen’s group launched their attack, this Bloodthirsty Beta didn’t care at all. After all, four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons and six formidable eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers were taking responsibility for defending the carriage.

This was until Haoyue’s triple attribute fusion magic Essence of Disorder was unleashed, letting it find out that this time’s enemy was redoutable.

Although Essence of Disorder mainly used the caster’s own energy resources, and even weakened his body’s defense, this formidable spell was able to perturb all other elements in a certain scope, producing results in regard to all attributes that were used. At the same time, Essence of Disorder would produce an enormous destructive power, corroding all living creatures in a certain range. Those with weak defense like ordinary Dual Bladed Demons would directly perish from the effects of the magic, and even the ones with high defense like Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons would still receive some damage, their defense continuously being weakened. This was thus the reason why their immediate reaction was to flee.

But this move of Haoyue’s relied on the fact that the enemies were at equal or inferior level than him. If Essence of Disorder was aimed at an enemy with a cultivation level far exceeding his, it would be completely uneffective. On the contrary, it would immediately make him receive huge side-effects. This was only a formidable tool in coping with enemies of lower grade than the mage himself.

Even though those eight-eyed-ranked Demonic Eye Soldiers hadn’t been attacked by Cai’er, they had already lost all ability to fight. Their eyes were their magic’s source, but with their eyes ruptured from the effects of Essence of Disorder, what could they possibly do?

Eight eyed Demonic Eyed Soldiers had cultivation levels close to mages of the fifth step. As a whole, their strength exceeded Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, but with Haoyue’s move, they had been completely dominated in the aspect of magic.

As a result, although Long Haochen’s group was now coping with a Bloodthirsty Beta, they could still be considered fortunate at least not having to cope with the surrounding formidable demons, that would at least not attack them from all sides.

Although a Bloodthirsty Beta was at the seventh step of cultivation, it was actually a demon and a mage at the same time. And, it also had dual-attributes, having the same level as Little Green regarding the ind system. Although its magic ability didn’t reach the peak of the sixth step, and even though the injuries it sustained from the Essence of Disorder weren’t as heavy, it was still quite badly affected , especially from Haoyue’s last blow using condensed Essence of Disorder to directly destroy one of its wings. Now that it had lost the ability of flight, the strength of this demon of the seventh step was reduced greatly.

As a matter of fact, even a powerhouse, when attacked sneakily without having made any preparations, will suffer a loss…

Of course, the fact this Bloodthirsty Beta had lost the ability of flight was not only good news. At that instant, that demon powerhouse of the seventh step was in a state of complete wrath.

The head of its massive body rose, suffering a sharp pain, before ferociously stamping on the ground. With a loud bang, the earth shook violently and the nearby carriages were entirely turned upside down.

The strong dark and wind attributes wrapped in its aura reeking of blood were now fluctuating unstably, and the Bloodthirsty Beta’s eyes let out a bloody and igniting luster.

“Humans, you are all going to die!” Shouting out in wrath, the Bloodthirsty Beta Wolf headed towards Long Haochen’s group like a seemingly two meter long shining black arrow. At the same time the Beta declared so and reduced the distance, a wolf howl-like cry erupted from its mouth, and strong magic fluctuations broke out in the surrounding ten meters.

Having not made his preparations, the Bloodthirsty Beta sustained severe injuries from Haoyue’s magic, and rushed with great wrath at the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. It appeared to be an incomparably terrifying existence compared to all they had ever faced before.

Long Haochen couldn’t shrink back: he was the captain. When facing a formidable enemy that had great odds of killing him instantly, he still had the courage to aim his Saint Spiritual Stove at the other party. His courage instantly stirred the blood of his own teammates: they all knew that if there was the slightest mistake, the use of the Saint Spiritual Stove would instantly lead to Long Haochen being crushed by that Bloodthirsty Beta.

Two fire elemental shields instantly fell on Long Haochen; at that instant, Lin Xin had gone all out. He had taken a Bursting Spiritual Pill, arousing the rich fire element surrounding him even further, to the extent that it gave off a sticky feeling.

Two Holy Mantles were also used at the same time, one coming from Long Haochen’s Divine Light Wristguard, and the other one from Han Yu. Only if Long Haochen could block this blow from the Blood-Thirsty Beta, they would possibly have hope to strive for their survival.


The two Holy Mantles added to his layers of defense were instantly teared apart, together with the elemental shields, and the greenish-black arrow ruthlessly struck Long Haochen, who was putting two intersected Divine Obstructions to use.

With that instant collision, all the surrounding people could see a greenish black radiance sticking to Long Haochen’s silhouette, but he didn’t fall back, though the sunlight fire erupting from his body was instantly extinguished.

Long Haochen’s complexion didn’t change; at that moment, he appeared extremely calm and cold-headed, even with the wind essence and the dark essence rushing forth toward him. But bright light similarly broke out from his body; it was the radiance associated with Bright Vengeance.

The appearance of Bright Vengeance was a proof of success of Long Haochen’s Divine Obstruction. That Bloodthirsty Beta hadn’t managed to pierce his defense entirely.

With a loud shout of his, a shocking scene was produced in Long Haochen’s body. From the inside of his body, intense liquefied spiritual energy came out, actually violently shaking the Bloodthirsty Beta and overpowering his dual attribute magical charge.

The Holy Spirit Armor let out some golden colored liquefied spiritual energy, appearing dazzlingly magnificent. At this instant, Long Haochen appeared just like the majestuous sun, blossoming with dazzling luster.

At the time Long Haochen stopped the Bloodthirsty Beta’s offense, the others didn’t stay idle. Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian were already launching their attacks from both sides, aiming with full force at the Bloodthirsty Beta’s legs.

The body of a demon of the seventh step was extremely terrifying, but its legs would generally be a relatively weak part of it.

Having suffered the Saint Spiritual Stove’s influence, the Bloodthirsty Beta wasn’t able to aim at them, but there was no doubt on its formidable defensive power. Wang Yuanyuan was still better off: after bumping into it, the Bloodthirsty Beta’s body was shaken violently, leaving it unable to aim a second successive attack at Long Haochen. But Sima Xian’s state of madness had just finished, and the formidable power of the Spiritual Bursting Pill had also ended. Along with his attack, he was the one to be sent flying, his both hands bleeding at the web between the thumb and the forefinger from the impact.

But this bald priest was extremely valiant too. A rich red glow immediately burst forth from his body; relying on another Spiritual Bursting Pill’s effects, he borrowed the force of Madness a second time. With his skin appearing as tough as a python, moving as rhythmically as a small snake, as solid as a rock, and his muscles appearing dazzling, he threw himself once again at the opponent.

The effects of the Spiritual Bursting Pill started to display, after Wang Yuanyuan’s blow shook the Bloodthirsty Beta. She once again embedded three gems in her Divine Soul Shield and took a Spiritual Recovery Pill.

Also at that moment, a pitch-black silhouette appeared soundlessly above the Bloodthirsty Beta, and aimed a stab directly at its neck, producing a glint of dark golden color. It was Cai’er.

In front of Cai’er’s attack, even a demon with such high rank as this Bloodthirsty Beta could feel an intense threat. He didn’t keep attacking Long Haochen, its whole body shaking violently and from its scales, an intense greenish-black radiance instantly broke out.

Ding Dang. Cai’er’s dark golden dagger violently reached its neck, but upon contact with its hard feathers and its thick scales, she immediately sent her body flying, avoiding the greenish-black radiance erupting from the Bloodthirsty Beta’s body.

What a powerful demon!

Even Cai’er, the most powerful member in the 1st soldier graded Demon Hunt Squad, couldn’t harm it the slightest bit.

At that moment, the other nine newly formed Demon Hunt Squads were in a far better situation than Long Haochen’s group. Upon meeting the fierce offense of the mages, the average Dual Bladed Demons from the logistics team were sent flying with a single blow. As for the other vocations, they were slaughtering their way without danger. A huge amount of carriages had already been set on fire by the fire system mages, and the most powerful category of demons they occasionally encountered were Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons and nothing more. With their strength as teams, coping with them wasn’t hard.

The thousands of demons, mainly formed of Dual Bladed Demons and Demonic Eye Soldiers, were already in disorder, and being utterly defeated. In a short period of time, all of the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads had already reaped a great amount of points, each of them having slaughtered at least a hundred enemies.

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