Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 191

Chapter 191: The Bloodthirsty Beta Demon and The Mysterious Case (II)

At that very moment, Long Haochen, who had been continuously using Storing Power, made his move. His body abruptly shot out from Haoyue’s back, his two swords clad in gaudy white light; it was precisely a dual Holy Sword, produced with formidable stored spiritual energy, that he aimed at the two Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons simultaneously rushing to his direction.

Dang– —

With ear-piercing exploding sounds, Long Haochen’s jumping figure abruptly stopped in midair, and with an illusory wave of his hand, a sharp and clear colliding sound resounded; those two Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons had been both blocked by him.

This scene seemed extremely hard to believe. Long Haochen’s body glinted with dazzling golden light; it was the radiance associated with Bright Vengeance[ref](as a reminder, Bright Vengeance is the ability that is unleashed after a Divine Obstruction; it uses the opponent’s power back against him -or something like that-)[/ref].

In midair, he surprisingly used Divine Obstruction. He managed to accomplish the feat of activating Divine Obstruction’s prerequisite in the short instant he came to a halt.

More importantly, although Long Haochen’s body had been slightly repelled, it was only pushed back by a meter, and he just rolled once in the air to come back to a stable posture, and with his left hand, he aimed Lightning Thrust at the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon to the right while aiming a Shining Sunlight Strike coupled with Holy Sword to the other one.

The current Long Haochen appeared like a deity descending from the heavens.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light erupted with hundreds of thousands of white rays, and that valiant Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon had no choice but to give up on attacking. Waving its two forelimbs in a last attempt, it tried to block. As for that other Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, it tried to parry as well, lifting its arm.

Bang– —

The Holy Spirit Sword, which carried Bright Vengeance and Holy Sword, fiercely struck at the forelimbs of the Dark Green Dual Bladed on the right side, producing ear-splitting shattering sounds, and actually rupturing that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s forelimbs. Although it didn’t fall down, its dark green carapace was now covered with cracks.

A resonant dragon cry burst forth from Long Haochen’s body, Rising Dragon Strike. Long Haochen now disregarded the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon on the left side, sweeping the Holy Spirit Sword in his hand at the forelimbs of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon on the right, ruthlessly piercing the shelled part of its head and leaving a trail of blood.

At that very same moment, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon on the left side also fell to the ground, leaving an intact corpse behind.

This was the perfect matching between a knight and an assassin forming a single entity. With Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in his left hand, carrying the supplemented power coming from Holy Sword, he gave that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon an immense fright. And at that moment, Cai’er, who was previously concealed behind Long Haochen, made her move. A sure-kill blow, Despotic Stab, cutting off that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s nervous center.

And in such a short time, Long Haochen and Cai’er had already gotten rid of those two Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons. And on the other side, it also went smoothly for Wang Yuanyuan.

Having released her Space Splitting Sauté, she followed by revolving with her shield. In her capacity as the most powerful warrior of this year, in case she unleashed her full power, even Long Haochen wouldn’t be confident in blocking it easily. The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was swung like an immense axe, ruthlessly chopping at that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s body.

At this time, the individual strength disparity naturally became obvious. Even though Sima Xian was in a state of Madness, a situation of one versus one against a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon didn’t look so convenient for him. Sacred Light, Sacred Hammer, Sacred Explosion of Light were employed in a row, enabling him to resist the fierce offense of that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, with difficulty. It was fortunate that Lin Xin’s elemental shields were there to support him at time, with perfect coordination, helping him resist that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s attacks.

At that very moment, Haoyue’s three heads finally completed their joint chant, shooting out like a bullet after completion, directly towards the six formidable Demonic Eye Soldiers.

Six enormous bullets of lights, of over one meter in diameter, went straight to Long Haochen’s side, and each one of them was locked on a different target. These demonic Bright Magic Bullets twisted the air wherever they passed, leaving the nearby demons panicked to the extent that they could only try to run away from it.

Mixing the three colors red, gold, and green, a fantastic halo of light spread out from Haoyue’s heads. In the instant that halo of light appeared, the six eyes on Haoyue’s three heads turned violet.

A fantastic scene occurred at that time. In the instant the six enormous Magical Bright Bullets came in contact with that halo of light, they simply disappeared, while the halo just kept spreading in the air, till its diameter reached roughly fifty meters, appearing as sudden as unexpected, even englobing the carriage Long Haochen’s group targeted inside.

Seven mild purple colored radiances were puffed out in succession, falling on Long Haochen’s group of seven. The seven of them only felt their whole body shaking, surrounded by a thin layer of purple. Immediately afterwards, that halo reached the ground.


A bizarre hiss echoed in the surrounding fifty meters, and immediately, red, golden and green radiances were mixed in that enormous pillar of light, rocketing to the sky.

All the Dual Bladed Demons in the surroundings shrieked miserably, instantly turning into dust, and even the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon at Sima Xian’s side was delayed. Immediately, he clearly saw that under the effect of this mild radiance, numerous cracks started to appear on the dark green carapace covering his body. Shrieking mournfully, it wanted to rush out of that light pillar’s range.

But would Sima Xian let such a good occasion slip by? As he wielded his staff carrying the effects of Sacred Hammer, this time, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was left without any way to defend himself. His forelimbs, struck by Sima Xian’s weapon, turned stiff, and with one more blow, it died instantly.

The six formidable Demonic Eye Soldiers were enveloped by that faint halo, and could also only shriek miserably. Their legs shooting out crazily from the light beam, it could clearly be seen that at the time they tried to escape, ruptures after ruptures occurred on these Demonic Eye Soldiers’ heads and cracks quickly appeared on the surface of their skin. The purple black radiances from their bodies left them without any way to prevent the corrosion from the tri-colored light.

Cai’er made her move. At that moment, she appeared just like a specter leaping up and speeding around in a flash, only leaving series of afterimages behind.

Hundreds and thousands of white rays were released, aiming at the Demonic Eye Soldiers, riddling their bodies with gaping wounds in an instant. Their firepower far surpassed the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, but they were far from being experts in the field of defense.

The dim golden radiances swept past two Demonic Eyes’ bodies, ruining them completely.

Cai’er’s brutal offensive power was completely unleashed in that instant; after those high ranked Demonic Eyes suffered Haoyue’s magical attack, they were left without any way to retaliate against them.

But at this very same moment, a bellow burst forth, and the tri-colored light pillar erected on the side of that carriage was smashed to pieces, a sturdy silhouette appeared from that direction.

Being capable of bearing the weight of hundreds of kilograms of foodstuff, the logistics carriages were just enormous. But in the instant that huge silhouette appeared, Long Haochen’s group was completely speechless, to the extent that these carriages seemed as though they were nothing.

Its height over six meters, this creature was one of the kind they saw in the battle on the day before. Possessing a body similar to a wolf’s, imposing wings on its two sides and the tail of a snake, its vigorous body appeared to be covered by black scales. Just like a gigantic bird, its enormous wings produced gales simply by flapping. Wasn’t that exactly a Beta Flying Demon from the Maxilias demon clan?

Only, this Beta Flying Demon appeared different from the ones they ran into on the day before. The Beta Flying Demons they fought against were only roughly four meters in height, but this one’s height was over six meters. Its two eyes appeared bloody red-colored, and its whole body let out a red glow completely reeking of blood.

A name appeared in the thoughts of everyone from the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demon.

Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demons were direct relatives of the thirty fifth demon god Maxilias, and each one of these Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demons had reached the seventh step, and although they were only inferior existences within the seventh step, they were still powerhouses of the seventh step!

But the Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demon before their eyes was clearly no good omen. Its greenish black feathers glinted red as it spread its wings. With a roar full of wrath, it flapped its feathers as if wanting to ascend to the sky, but was surprisingly unable to do so, because of the tri-colored light pillar released by Haoyue. It could clearly be seen that a tough and durable golden rope was tying a little case to its neck. Obviously, this was a precious item those formidable demons wanted to guard no matter what.

“Cai’er, come back.” Long Haochen shouted out these few words. At that time, he had the determination to assume his duty as captain of his Demon Hunt Squad no matter what.

A milky white colored glow came from his chest, it was precisely the Saint Spiritual Stove. That brilliant spiritual stove aimed directly at the Beta Flying Demon’s body, and reddish golden flames instantly soared up from his body. It was the sunlight fire.

Facing powerful enemies, this was the moment he couldn’t step back. A Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demon was furthermore a formidable demon of the seventh step possessing the ability of flight. How could it not catch up with the fleeing speed of Long Haochen’s group? The only option left to him now was to face it.

Long Haochen really didn’t expect that in an ordinary garrison team, he would actually run into such an enemy, a demon of superior grade.

Hearing Long Haochen’s words, Cai’er shifted directions, returning back to Long Haochen’s side. At that moment, Haoyue’s three heads were suddenly lifted up, each of them letting out a hiss with fantastic rhythm.

There were a total of three long hisses; one high, one medium and one low-pitched, a fantastic scene appeared. The tri-colored light pillar wrapping a scope of fifty meters vanished, turning into a rich brilliance, fiercely striking that Bloodthirsty Beta Demon, at that moment struggling with its left wing.

A mournful shriek was accompanied by the splatter of a rain of blood, and although an intense greenish black radiance was already being let out from this Bloodthirsty Beta’s body in an attempt to resist, its left wing was torn to shreds by the tri-colored pillar of light, leaving it completely unable to soar up in the sky.

Try to guess what kind of mythical ability Haoyue used this time? Clue, it doesn’t belong to the dragon-species type… But it is extremely fierce! hehe

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  • Keith Maude

    I’d say that the attack had something to do with the combining of the elements to create chaos
    because I recon Haoyue is the Tiamat
    Considering Tiamat is the symbol of the chaos of primordial creation

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