Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 190

Chapter 190: The Bloodthirsty Beta Demon and The Mysterious Case (I)

Long Haochen narrowed his eyes, holding Cai’er’s hand… “Since they have something to protect, we should first of all get rid of the carriages they are guarding. General Gu Jin said that their logistics groups would rarely be attacked, because they have Beta Flying Demon corps defending, who have an extremely fast reaction speed; in case they are attacked, they will be fast to retaliate. Under such circumstances where ten powerhouses of the fifth step or above are guarding it, I’m afraid the thing inside this carriage is not ordinary. As the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, this bitter work is for us to take on. Lin Xin, Han Yu, take good care of the defense and the support; in case we cannot withstand the enemies, immediately provide cover for everyone to retreat. We can’t let the others down, let’s attack at full power.”

Hearing Long Haochen say so, Wang Yuanyuan inserted the gems in her hand into her shield without hesitation. To increase their physical power when the moment comes, Long Haochen, Sima Xian, and Wang Yuanyuan all took a Jade Body Protection Pill and a Spiritual Bursting Pill in their hands.

Haoyue calmly crawled by Long Haochen’s side, his mood appearing extremely calm. But if one was to look carefully, he would maybe discover in his eyes, that his look was clearly sharper, and his eyes looked quite more ferocious. Having eaten so many demon crystals on the last evening, although he just digested a part of it, the benefits it had to his growth were not small at all.

The demon logistics team approached little by little, and each and every Demon Hunt Squad soldier became particularly calm. Nevertheless, murderous intent was faintly being disseminated around them.

The speed of the logistics team was in no way slow. In the demon territory, no horse-like creature was left since long ago, because all of them served as the demons’ food. But many good uses were found for robust creatures with fast reproduction speed like Dual Bladed Demons, that possessed only a low level of intelligence. For instance, they could, just like the ones before their eyes serve to pull carriages. They were not only hard-working and good at enduring hardships, but also robust, making it possible that eight Dual Bladed Demon pulling a huge carriage could still advance at quite a high speed.

The front of their group started passing by their locations, and the other nine Demon Hunt Squads were all calmly waiting for Long Haochen’s command, all mages having already prepared to launch their incantations. At the moment, they could not chant loudly, otherwise the magical fluctuations would arouse the attention of the enemies underneath, so they could only wait for the right moment.

Finally, the single line formation of this logistics team passed the location of Long Haochen’s group, and crossed the front end of the spot where the 5th Demon Hunt Squad was placed. Long Haochen nodded to the comrades by his side, jumping on Haoyue’s back in a flash as Cai’er followed relentlessly, and Chen Ying’er and Lin Xin also climbed on Haoyue’s broad back.

Little Flame raised his head ferociously, and a fireball soared through the skies. Immediately, his thick and sturdy limbs stepped on the ground, jumping up high while carrying Long Haochen’s group.

Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian were on the left and the right, guarding Haoyue’s two sides, and Han Yu followed them closely in going down to score some kills. The ten Demon Hunt Squads had been storing their power for a long time, as soon as Long Haochen made his move, the other nine Demon Hunt Squads simultaneously had their mages chant muffled chants that echoed from different directions. Although they were in total only sixty, these youths belonging to the elite of the Six Great Temples were all at least at the fourth step of cultivation. Facing thousands of enemies, they didn’t show any weakness, attacking from all sides. Little Flame, Little Light and Little Green seemed to chant at an synchronised rhythm, producing a particular melody. If at that moment, a powerhouse of the seventh step or above had been there, he would definitely have been crying out in astonishment. This incantation was clearly exclusive to a certain race. And this kind of incantation was one only the specially powerful individuals of this race could know of. It was like, for instance, the high ranked elvish magic of the former highest ranked elves, or the ultimate chants in dragon language.

But at that moment, no one in Shengmo Dalu would possibly be able to tell what his chant was.

The fireball Haoyue launched had already alarmed the demons below. At first, these demons were clearly going frantic, and these Dual Bladed Demons pulling the carts stopped in succession, but their bodies were tied to these carriages, so for them, it would in no way be easy to take them off. And the demons in charge of guarding them moved in succession, confronting the ten Demon Hunt Squads going down.

Long Haochen stood calmly on Haoyue’s back, his body surrounded by a yellow golden fog, which was precisely the technical ability Storing Power. In both of his hands he had no shield, only two heavy swords, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light and his Holy Spirit Sword.

A circle-shaped halo spread from behind; Faith Halo, Guardian’s Favor, Imposing Halo fell on everyone’s body, precisely coming from Han Yu.

The reason why this time Long Haochen didn’t use his Holy Spirit Set was that during this mission, the most important thing was to annihilate the enemies; to crush these ten powerful enemies Lin Xin spoke of earlier.

At the time he went down from the hills, he discerned their objective. That carriage was indeed specially distinct; ordinary Demonic Eyes would only have a height of roughly two meters and have six eyes, but each of the six Demonic Eyes guarding this carriage had at least a height of 2.5 meters, appearing particularly immense, and on their heads were not only six eyes but eight of them. An unusual light was unceasingly flickering from their direction.

Bang, bang, bang—- Violent exploding sounds simultaneously erupted from all sides of the battlefield. The mages of the other Demon Hunt Squads had started their assault, and on Long Haochen’s side, no important results were achieved yet, because Haoyue’s incantation hadn’t been completed yet.

Chen Ying’er hadn’t started her melodious chant yet. She was only sitting on Haoyue’s back, in silence, as if she was waiting for something to happen.

Dozens of Dual Bladed Demons welcomed Long Haochen’s group, and in this instant, Wang Yuanyuan made her move. Her left foot ferociously stomped the ground, making her instantly accelerate, and as her body was lit by a silvery light, it seemed to appear even swifter and swifter. In her hand, the embedded Gigantic Divine Soul Shield burst out with an intense light, and along with a wave of Wang Yuanyuan’s hand, this enormous shield darted across, passing through the rotten surroundings and killing the encountered Dual Bladed Demons.

The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was really too terrifying. The Dual Bladed Demons were well known for their strength, but appeared as frail as paper in front of her. Everywhere the gigantic shield passed, blood spattered all cross, making broken limbs flying all around, and in no time, nothing was left from the dozen of Dual Bladed Demons.

The enormous shield circled around, leaving nothing behind before returning once again to Wang Yuanyuan’s hand. With the power of this series of blows, Haoyue’s charge was naturally not stopped the slightest bit, and the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad kept piercing the demons’ formation ruthlessly, appearing like a sharp dagger digging deep inside of it.

Dozens of dark purple colored fireballs flocked from every direction, aiming at them. It was precisely the display of power of the Demonic Eye Soldiers leading the guard of this logistics group. Although these Demonic Eye Soldiers were only capable of using a single ability, Bright Magic Bullet, they could use it once again after only three to five seconds, without need for any incantation. This was their innate magic, which produced these dozens of joint Bright Magic Bullets carrying an intense darkness aura assaulting their senses.

A golden mantle extended immediately; it was Holy Illumination圣光普照, an area of effect defensive ability that could be used by Guardian Knights of the fifth step, letting a golden mantle envelop everyone inside, as the bombardment of these magic bullets could only leave a few circles of gold at it.

Before leaving Holy City, Han Yu once consulted the Saint Knight Head Han Qian for a long time. Now , a ring was on his finger; it was Han Qian’s Inheritance Ring. Inside a great amount of formidable abilities useable by Guardian Knights were recorded.

Han Qian wasn’t sure if this was something Han Yu desired to obtain, but at least, after having gotten this Inheritance Ring, Han Yu didn’t need to worry about learning skills anymore, and in the future, he would be able to focus on his development as well as the future secret techniques he would choose on the aspect of healing. Pertaining to the abilities oriented on the aspects of attack and defense, his grandfather’s Inheritance Ring was already far enough.

Holy Illumination’s resistance could almost match mono-utilisation Light Elemental Shields, and had a particularly great restraining power against darkness magic; it could be said that there was nothing better than that to cope with the Demonic Eye Soldiers’ attacks.

Lin Xin who was originally prepared to unleash his defensive magic immediately chose to keep it for the moment, his fire cloud crystal glinting brilliantly. Everyone had in the end still not fought enough together, they were still far from a level of mutual understanding. But precisely because of this reason, to sharpen their coordination was even more important to them.

Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan were just like two sharp and long blades, piercing the enemy ranks and annihilating the approaching Dual Bladed Demons. Having taken the Jade Body Protection Pill, their attack was already incomparably violent. The two of them were in the top front, slaughtering the enemies and heading toward their objectives, the carriages.

Because the demon logistics team was arranged in a single-line formation, advancing forward, they could only have these Dual Bladed Demons defend on two sides, and their enemies were already about to arrive in front of these carriages.

Even the Demonic Eye Soldiers weren’t able to slow them the slightest bit down. Relying on these three long legs, their fighting method focused on the action of battling as they retreated alternately. But because of the defensive effects of Holy Illumination, they could temporarily not have much influence.

Seeing the carriages getting encircled, along with hiss-sounding bellows, four dark green-colored silhouettes outrageously stepped forward, six immense purple black colored fireballs condensing on their back. They were precisely the demon powerhouses guarding the carriage, and starting the counter offense.

Facing four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons at the same time was no new experience for Long Haochen’s group.

Wang Yuanyuan didn’t have the slightest hesitation. After having embedded her three gems in the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, her fighting strength had reached the peak, but it wouldn’t last for too long. At that occasion, she naturally did her best to exploit her fullpower fighting strength.

Her strong silver radiance turned into a thick silver pillar of light, fiercely bombarding a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

This Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon originally wanted to use its own two sturdy and powerful limbs, but this was obviously futile. Its robust body had been sent flying to the direction of the crowd of ordinary Demonic Eye Soldiers, knocking down a few of them. Although it hadn’t died yet, it suffered quite severe wounds. This was precisely the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s supplementary Space-Splitting Sauté.

On the other side, Sima Xian didn’t stay idle either. A red glint suddenly filled the air, and after entering madness mode, he ferociously waved the staff in his hands, welcoming a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon and loudly striking it, simply sending it flying back with a single strike.

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