Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Sheng Lingxin Ignited (I)

At the time Long Haochen and Sheng Lingxin were exchanging words, the three gaudy light pillars already arrived in front of them. Under each of those three light pillars, demon armies of a hundred could clearly be seen.

Although they were only 300 in total, the pressure these 300 demons let out was actually not inferior to the demon army arriving from the other side.

At such a close distance, Long Haochen could also distinctly see the appearance of those three demon gods.

The demon god of the middle pillar produced a gaudy red luster together with a dazzling glitter of golden light, but it wasn’t the golden light coming from the holy attribute. It was instead a light brimming with intense darkness and flaming aura.

In this lump of light was a demon god more than three meters tall and reaching a height of 10 meters on the back of his war horse.

Clad in a golden armor, with a matchless and awe-inspiring appearance, his face was actually somewhat similar to a lion’s, while his body looked like a human’s. His face and skin were red colored.

When Long Xingyu previously talked to Long Haochen about the seventy-two demon gods, he had in addition ordered him to remember about all of them.

Seeing that enormous figure clearly, Long Haochen immediately determined its identity. It was one of the seventy-two demon gods, ranked fifty-second, named Allocer. As a Blazing Demonic Lion, he was expert in using the power of darkness and fire. Those demon gods were truly military powerhouses; although he was only fifty second in ranking, he was still an authentic powerhouse of the ninth step.

The Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer approached from the left side. At that instant, an incomparably majestic figure came out under the black light pillar. This demon also had a human body, but a bull head. On its back extended pair of black wings made of feathers. His whole body gave off a blue jade gloss. As for the naked upper part of its body, only the word ‘terrifying’ could be used to describe the python shaped muscles on it. And its height was over five meters.

This one was the sixty-first demon, the Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan.

On the other side, a green luster covered the last human-shaped demon; he was riding a green-colored winged horse and was shaped like a handsome man above two meters of height. But regardless of whether it’s the demon or his horse’s, their both eyes released a red-colored glitter, and green light surrounded their bodies, giving off a weird feeling.

This was the seventieth demon god, the Evil Demon Rider Seere[ref]these three names come from Ars Goetia mythology. And they hold the same numbers, ie prince Seere, also number 70 of the Ars Goetia demons).[/ref].

The twelve last-ranked demon gods were at the peak of the eighth step of cultivation, while the other sixty were at the ninth step. As for the three before their eyes, they were comprised of a powerhouse of the ninth step and two at the eighth step; truly terrifying beyond compare.

Each of these three demon gods had a hundred elite demons in front of them. Because of their status within demonkind, they possessed their own guard, belonging to various tribes.

The Evil Demon Rider Seere had at least a hundred Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons obeying to his orders.

As for the Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan, he had a hundred of Dual Headed Demonic Eagles as subordinates, possessing a capability of flight not inferior in any aspect to Beta Flying Demons.

As for the Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer, he led a hundred of Blazing Devils, with heights exceeding three meters and their whole bodies glinting red.

Three grand demon gods plus three hundred guardians. With all of them together, it simply seemed as though a natural moat was separating the Brilliant Angel Knights’ path of return. To force a way out would definitely not be an easy thing.

Sheng Lingxin’s voice was transmitted to Long Haochen’s ear, “We cannot fight them head-on. The most important thing will be to stall for time. The Exorcist Mountain Pass definitely has noticed the appearance of the three demon gods. Ten minutes; we need to resist at most for ten minutes before reinforcements come.”

Hearing him at this point, Long Haochen understood that Sheng Lingxin approved the fact of having him stay here.

The three grand demon gods clearly didn’t expect that Sheng Lingxin wouldn’t have the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment to launch an assault to seize the opportunity for rushing back to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, instead keeping his troops in neat formation, defending their position to the death. As a result, their reaction slightly slowed down as a whole.

Just like Sheng Lingxin didn’t expect that the three demon gods would have arranged specialized troops to cope with the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment, those three demon gods didn’t expect Sheng Lingxin to make such prompt decisions. Slightly pondering, they realized that Sheng Lingxin was waiting for the reinforcements from the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Consequently, these three launched their attack immediately and without the slightest hesitation. As long as they could defeat the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment and the Assassins of the Dark Night, they would inflict serious damage to the Temple Alliance. With this objective, they ordered their private guard to rush forth.

As for Sheng Lingxin and Long Haochen, why would the three demon gods give them special regard? Moreover, never would they expect that Sheng Lingxin, the military chief of the Exorcist Mountain Range, would come out to order the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment personally.

Seeing that the enemies were currently less than a hundred meters apart, Sheng Lingxin suddenly turned his head to give Long Haochen a smile, “Do you know the reason why even though demonkind has the seventy two demon gods, they have never been able to genuinely extinguish humanity? In fact, the humans at the ninth step are less than twenty.”

Long Haochen shook his head vacantly.

“It is because we, humans, have preserved a great heritage from the glorious era. Also, we possess a lot of equipment demons don’t have. Don’t move from this place; they are clearly overlooking our existences. I am going to meet them head on. Make your preparations to run. When I return, let’s immediately run to the left side. Today, we’ll see how long we can last, for the sake of the knight regiment.”

“Wait, this is for you. It will unleash your potential for a brief period of time, before making you weaker for a short amount of time after using it.” As he said so, Long Haochen gave Sheng Lingxin two pills; a Jade Protection Pill and a Spiritual Bursting Pill. As for Spiritual Restoring Pills, someone with over 30’000 units of spiritual energy like Sheng Lingxin would clearly have no use for them.

Sheng Lingxin took the two pills, directly throwing both into his mouth, before glancing at him with some astonishment, “I didn’t expect you to actually be wealthy. Make your preparations to rush out at full speed. Use everything you can to conceal yourself.”

Having said so, Sheng Lingxin’s tiptoes tapped on the ground, the latter floating out in the air.

This time, Long Haochen didn’t go together with him. He had the guts to stake his life in the battle, but would absolutely not act impetuously. Even if he had a single way out for survival, he would strive for it.

In such circumstances, where none of the enemies were weaker than him, and with tyrannical existences such as three of the grand demon gods, carrying out Sheng Lingxin’s tactics would be the most important. Faintly, he understood what Sheng Lingxin’s main goal was.

In a split second, Sheng Lingxin’s figure flew out like a bullet, becoming somewhat fuzzy. Despite his astonishing level of perception, Long Haochen couldn’t tell off his location at all.

Among the three hundred vassals of the three demon gods, the one to take position at the top front were the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons. At that moment, the nearest one was still more than fifty meters far from Long Haochen.

Haoyue’s three huge heads were attentively watching forward, but because Long Haochen was seated on his back, he could not see their eyes.

Little Flame, Little Light, Little Green; these three heads and six eyes had exactly the same expression. It was one that seemed to contain endless coldness and proudness, just like a sovereign controlling the whole world and looking down at his own slaves. Even when his gaze shifted at the three enormous demon gods, it was still the same.

Sitting upright on his back, Long Haochen immediately swallowed a Jade Protection Pill, a Spiritual Bursting Pill and a Spiritual Recovering Pill. In an instant, he felt his whole body warming up. In the Saint Spiritual Stove located inside of his own chest, the spiritual energy in liquid state seemed to boil frantically, surge after surge.

Long Haochen’s skin was drizzling with red, and in his golden eyes, it seemed as though two flames had been ignited.

This was the first time he took a Spiritual Bursting Pill, but he didn’t expect this thing to have such violent effects; this boiling feeling even started to affect his own perception.

Peng. Charging at the top front, a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon suddenly jumped up, directly aiming at Long Haochen. Lifting its enormous forelimb, it was clearly trying to tear Long Haochen to shreds.

“KILL.” Long Haochen shouted out loudly. The current him had attained an unprecedentedly rich and powerful level of fighting spirit and killing intent. His legs both exerted strength, jumping down from Haoyue’s back and welcoming this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s clash.

Haoyue didn’t rely on knight skills to rush forward; he was expert in supporting and providing assistance in attacking.

Long Haochen’s body soared up, and Little Light spouted out a golden light on him, applying supplementary power to his body. It was a glowing ball of flame, or more precisely, it was against all expectations the sunlight fire Long Haochen used previously.

This ball of sunlight fire lit up his body, igniting it while giving off an unusual impression. In a flash, a pair of swords were moved above his head, launching an attack immediately after receiving this boost of power.

The Holy Spirit Sword and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light were just like two suns, illuminating the whole Earth. Under the effects of the Spiritual Bursting Pill, Long Haochen’s current internal spiritual energy seemed to be breaking out in fury.

Dual Shining Sunlight Strikes, hitting firmly!

The Sunlight Fire sent out by Little Light had the same properties as the flame of light coming out from Shining Sunlight Strike. These two supplemented each other, and by combination with Long Haochen’s erupting state, this blow was filled with incredible aggressiveness.


The intersected swords in Long Haochen’s hands struck the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s blade-like forelimb. With an ear splitting shattering sound, the terrible holy energy erupted out.

That Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s two forelimbs were unexpectedly smashed apart by Long Haochen’s blow, as the latter fell on the ground because of the recoil.

These soldiers directly commanded by the demon gods could only be said to be even more valliant than normal demons. Even if their most proud and powerful weapon had been shattered to pieces, these Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon unexpectedly didn’t waver the slightest bit, instead directly rushing at Long Haochen, attempting to use their firm bodies to crush him to death.

A resonant dragon cry resounded at that moment, Long Haochen’s swords entangling with each other. At that moment, golden scales came to view, surrounding his body. Golden light swaying around, an ear-piercing grinding sound resounded, as the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s firm carapace was smashed to pieces. The sharp Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s took its life in one blow.

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