Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 179

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Long Haochen was surprised. Slightly lifting up his two swords, an intense golden flame suddenly erupted, rippling around his body. In this night filled with the reek of blood, this golden flame appeared like a sacred light trying to purify the surroundings. At the same time as it illuminated all the surroundings in an instant. It incidentally emitted a blazing aura, seemingly cleaning a great part of the surroundings of the smell of blood.

Sunlight fire.

This was the ability Yang Wenzhao had previously used. After breaking through the fifth step, Long Haochen also unlocked this formidable Retribution Knight ability from the inheritance ring he received from his father.

Sunlight fire had a very high consumption of spiritual energy, but was a very powerful ability combining attack and defense. It didn’t persist for very long at the time Yang Wenzhao relied on it, but it enabled him to overwhelm Long Haochen completely. Relying on his special physique as the Scion of Light, the consumption of spiritual energy of this fully used Sunlight fire was already a lot less. More importantly, he still had Little Light’s assistance as well as the pills given by Lin Xin.

Long Haochen had faced these Dyke Clan’s Invisible Demons before, but that time, it was a single Invisible Demon and no more, that almost managed to take Lin Jia Lu’s life. Even if at the present time, he felt slightly distracted, this was the battlefield of a real war, so one could imagine well the amount of Invisible Demons they were going to face.

Seeing that they couldn’t block this front, the demon army dispatched a great amount of Invisible Demons, planning to rely on assassination to weaken the power of this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment.

This was obviously not the first time this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment had entered in the battlefield. Over the past battles, demons had also accumulated some experience in dealing with them. This was after all a combination between knights and assassins, and at that moment, they had already traveled quite a distance from the Exorcist Mountain Pass, leaving the range of the priests’ Eyes of Truth. The formidable concealing capabilities of these Dyke Clan’s Invisible Demons would give extreme headaches to these knights and assassins. The Assassins of the Dark Night could still rely on their own speed and concealing capabilities to evade, but the Brilliant Angel Knights just appeared like distinct targets.

Long Haochen narrowed his eyes, his mental strength already increased to its peak. Moving promptly and with no hesitation, Blue Rain released a Lightning Thrust at his left side.

The Hibiscus of Light’s power was unleashed, hundreds of thousands of rays of lights produced in a very wide area.

Ding, ding, ding, ding… Repeated series of exploding sounds resounded, as a faintly discernible figure appeared in Long Haochen’s line of sight.

Instantly transferring his sunlight fire, he immediately linked the Lightning Thrust with a Light Thorn.

Ordinary Light Thorn didn’t have much offensive power, but a Light Thorn used in combination with Lightning Thrust could already match Shining Sunlight Strike in power. The dazzling golden flame took the shape of an enormous blade before slashing the air.

With a pu sound, a grey-colored demon was slashed in two pieces by Long Haochen’s strike before falling down. A slice of scorched black color was produced by the burnt darkness on the edge of the sword.

But this was just a beginning.

Just at the same time Long Haochen disposed of this Dyke Invisible Demon, slashing sounds could already be heard from three different directions.

At this time, the reflexes that Long Haochen developed in that owl-ant cave had a decisive impact.

The strength of the Dyke Clan’s Invisible Demons was at least at the fourth step. The Holy Spirit Sword in Long Haochen’s hand produced countless brilliant rays, and balls shining of white unceasingly blossomed and glinted in front of Long Haochen, each of these white glitters producing a ding noise. Because he was charging at the upfront, Long Haochen naturally confronted a lot more Dyke Invisible Demons than the others.

At least seven or eight of them were attacking him from all sides, but waving his pair of heavy swords, Long Haochen actually blocked all these attacks, leaving no flaw in his defense. At the same time, the effects of the sunlight fire were being activated, leaving more or less ashes on the bodies of these Invisible Demons.

The light attribute was the best at restraining demons using the darkness attribute. The sunlight fire surrounding Long Haochen’s body was thus showing extreme might, burning the weapons of the absolute majority of the Invisible Demons.

A circle of red flames spread out, weakening the offensive power of these Invisible Demons by a large extent. This was the Repelling Ring of Fire released by Little Flame.

Immediately, Long Haochen’s two swords danced, a Light Thorn erupting from them. Light Thorns supplemented with the sunlight fire were not something these Invisible Demons had the capability to block, immediately being slice like wheat before dying in a single blow.

From the beginning, Sheng Lingxin had been following Long Haochen closely, for fear that he would be sneakily attacked by one of these Invisible Demons. But when he saw that Long Haochen’s response was so good, he couldn’t help but secretly feel impressed.

What kind of perception was that? To go as far as to be able to sense the location of these raiding Dyke Clan’s Invisible Demons and show such a fine response. But in the contrary, he didn’t feel so impressed by this sunlight fire Long Haochen employed. If Long Haochen was really the son of this Elder Brother Long, the fact he could use sunlight fire was no big deal.

The approaching Dyke Invisible Demons were numbering more than a thousand. Just as the knights of this Dazzling Angel Knight Regiment were in the middle of advancing, ear-piercing metallic colliding sounds occasionally broke out.

These Invisible Demons were indeed ferocious; they were just like assassins of the Assassin Temple, specializing in finding weak points to attack, and their speed was just astonishing. Even if the knights were clad in plate armor, their bodies would still be pierced. As a result, the charging speed of the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment immediately dropped down; these knights matching with the Assassins of the Dark Night could only rely on their perception and their own judgement to resist these Invisible Demons.

Sheng Lingxin wrinkled his brows and declared in a deep voice, “Something doesn’t feel right. The demons shouldn’t have known in advance when we would be rushing out; how could they deploy so many Dyke Invisible Demons to intercept us? Could it be that they had planified everything in advance?”

Thinking to this point, Sheng Lingxin came back to his senses. A golden ball of light was suddenly tossed from his hand, as he shouted out, “Move around to the left side and return to the Exorcist Mountain Pass!”

In his capacity as commander of chief, although he couldn’t be sure of whether his own judgement was correct, because the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment was the true elites of the elites of this Exorcist Mountain Pass, his current purpose was to pierce the enemy’s’ defenses the most possible. The purpose of the operation was to kill a great amount of enemies while intimidating the demons. At the same time, it would earn some preparation time to the mages and priests in the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

But the situation unfolding before his eyes was evidently far from good. The Dyke Invisible Demons had appeared at a too great speed, so much that just after they broke into the demons’ forces, their killing power had slowed down too greatly. The Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment’s greatest superiority lied in their speed and their piercing power. In case their speed lowered, their piercing power would also lower. The demons had at least an army of hundred thousands there, so in case they were to be surrounded, without their speed advantage, even if this army of three thousand man had even greater strength, even with the match between the Brilliant Angel Knights and the Assassins of the Dark Night, they would have no way to leave this battlefield.

Thus, Sheng Lingxin would rather act more prudently and was unwilling to keep advancing forward. Seeing how dark the sky was currently, he estimated that it would be hard to see the enemies’ reinforcements coming.

Long Haochen would obviously not question Sheng Lingxin’s order. Because of his outstanding perception coupled with the sunfire light, the Invisible Demons would find it very difficult to bring harm to him.

Accordingly to his instructions, Haoyue rapidly turned to the left side before advancing; thanks to the characteristic of the sunlight fire that appeared so bright, the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment on the rear found it easier to follow him.

But the enormous amount of Dyke Invisible Demons that had been dispatched was even great than Sheng Lingxin thought. Although the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment followed Long Haochen in turning around, because of the attacks of the numerous Invisible Demons, they felt as if they were sunk into a quagmire and found it hard to advance.

At this precise moment, with silent incantations, Little Light ferociously flung his own head backwards, releasing out a ball of light releasing a luster appearing illusory and shooting out towards the rear.

In the next instant, a faint white radiance was spread into the sky in a range of at least a hundred square meters.

In midair, the white light condensed and sparkled, and immediately, a great amount of grey silhouettes became visible.

Eyes of Truth? Is it really Eyes of Truth?

At the same time Sheng Lingxin was greatly shocked, he couldn’t help but have a whole new level of respect for this strange mount of Long Haochen’s.

Haoyue’s three heads had been incessantly using magic with perfect matching with Long Haochen, as if they were a single individual. And just now, he released the ability Eyes of Truth only priests were supposed to be able to learn; how could this not shock him?

In these many occasions, it wasn’t offensive power that was the most required, but utility. Eyes of Truths was merely a third step spell, but when used in such circumstances, it provided the best help one could ask for!

The strength of the Dyke Invisible Enemies was merely at the fourth step, and this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment was formed of powerhouse of the fifth step dressed with armor of superior quality, who furthermore had the help of the Assassins of the Dark Night. In case these Invisible Demons were to become visible, this battle would just turn into a bloody and one-sided slaughter.

In no more but a few seconds, the integrality of the Dyke Invisible Demons within the scope of a hundred square meters died, and at least 200 Brilliant Angel Knights were liberated.

“Long Haochen, have your mount to keep releasing the Eyes of Truth; we have to reduce our speed.” Sheng Lingxin made prompt decisions. The situation with these Invisible Demons was not settled yet, so their retreating speed was just too slow, and the demons’ main forces were already rushing out to this side.

“Yes.” Long Haochen gave a short reply and Haoyue stopped advancing. Eyes of Truth were released one after another from Little Light’s mouth, illuminating the entire rear. A large quantity of Invisible Demons unceasingly had their blood to turn into a part of the soil, under the effects of the Brilliant Angel Knights’ weapon.

Originally, the knights were very puzzled on why Long Haochen and Haoyue were placed in the most front of the battlefield, but they were now truly glad it was the case. This was truly a great reinforcement worthy of the deepest respect! The fact there was actually a mount with the capability of using Eyes of Truth was of the utmost importance to these knights. This was not the first time they suffered losses because of these Dyke Invisible Demons. Admittedly, Little Light was the only one who could use Eyes of Truth…

But his casting speed was just astonishing! And the range his ability covered was very wide. His existence was already enough to cover the entirety of this knight squadron.

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