Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Angel Vanguard

Sheng Lingxin turned his body, looking straight at Long Haochen for the first time, “These brave Brilliant Angels are all Earth Knights of the fifth step. I know you are at the fifth step too. Do you dare assault the frontlines with this general, so as to exterminate the enemy?”

Long Haochen stamped his right feet on the ground, performing a sincere military salute, “This soldier will obey to any order.” Having said so, he rapidly took out the Holy Spirit Armor from his forget-me-not ring, putting it on.

The forget-me-not ring glinted with blue light, producing a particularly distinct scene in the deep night, as the faint-gold-colored decorative patterns moved rhythmically. When Sheng Lingxin looked at this scene, his pupils clearly shrank, giving Long Haochen a look that carried, in addition to the original ice-cold, a bewildered feel.

Clad once again in his armor, which still had traces left of the previous battle, Long Haochen looked up with rapt attention. Compared to previously, his look appeared a lot sharper, the internal spiritual energy in his body having already mostly recovered.

With regard to Sheng Lingxin’s order, Long Haochen felt actually extremely puzzled. He was indeed quite unclear on why this general of the Exorcist Mountain Pass looked for him. It was simply irrational If this Brilliant Knight regiment was charging in the front; within the newcomers, Duan Yi, who possessed a Golden Horned Mammoth, was clearly the most fitted! Whether it is in terms of attack or defense, his Golden Horned Mammoth was just the most suited for an assault of this kind.

Furthermore, this was the Exorcist Mountain Pass. In his capacity of military chief, it shouldn’t be hard at all for Sheng Lingxin to look for a powerful knight. But for him to chose to pick a tiny Earth Knight of the fifth step, what was he planning on doing in the end?

No matter what he thought deep inside, Long Haochen couldn’t disobey military orders.

“Are you afraid?” Sheng Lingxin’s indifferent voice sounded in Long Haochen’s ears.

Long Haochen shook his head, “Reporting to general, I am not afraid.”

Sheng Lingxin declared with a cold face, “Since you’re not afraid, what are you waiting for before calling out your mount? Are you able to take responsibility for causing delay to our offense?”


With a glint of purple light, purple glints appeared on Long Haochen’s forehead. In the next instant, a radiance was projected, and Haoyue immediately appeared in front of him.

Sheng Lingxin’s look stopped over Haoyue’s body, his eyes containing traces of doubt. This was the first time he had ever seen a magical beast of this kind.

Long Haochen leaped up, falling on Haoyue’s back while directing his look toward Sheng Lingxin.

Sheng Lingxin’s feet tapped on the ground, and he appeared like a specter at Long Haochen’s back. In a split second, he clearly appeared somewhat smaller, fading away from Long Haochen’s awareness.

What a powerful assassin! Long Haochen felt inwardly shaken. So that’s the strength of an assassin of the seventh step? He had confidence in his own perception, but when confronting an assassin of the seventh step, he just felt that his perception was completely powerless.

Sheng Lingxin’s voice was cold and full of fighting spirit, rapidly sounding in the air, “Operation start, assault!”

A rumbling sound was heard in the front, as the thick and broad terrifying door opened, a rich bloody atmosphere directly hitting his face. Behind Long Haochen’s back, together with a series of sonorous noises, a biting cold killing intent rushed out, appearing like a very large sword.
At this time, Long Haochen didn’t have any other choice but to ride Haoyue, appearing elegant like never before.

Behind him were 3000 Brilliant Knight, forming a regiment of formidable Earth Knights, who sharpened themselves through countless experiences on the battlefield, and emitted bloodthirsty killing intent. But Haoyue seemed as if he was not completely awake. With his four meter height, three heads standing upright and unafraid, he seemed influenced by the reeking of blood, purple ripples undulating around his body.

A fantastic aura spread out from his body, making the Brilliant Angel Knights at his back unexpectedly not dare to set out. In the next instant, Haoyue’s four sturdy limbs abruptly stepped on the ground, shooting out of the city as he carried Long Haochen and Sheng Lingxin.

An intense and burning hot feeling coming out from his body, Long Haochen felt as if his blood had been ignited. This sensation wasn’t only produced by the fact that he stepped in such a vast battlefield, but also because of the frantic fighting spirit transmitted by Haoyue to him.

Confronting the external reeking of blood and the hundreds of thousands of enemies, it seemed as though a change appeared in Haoyue. Around his three heads and six eyes appeared ripples of purple light, containing unprecedented killing intent bursting out from his own body, which produced the effect of igniting Long Haochen’s fighting spirit.

Currently without his teammates, charging out of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, Long Haochen realized that at that time, what he had to do was to fight for his own sake; to live on and return was his only goal.

Rushing out from the city gate, he saw the enormous mantle of light standing forward, that incomparably formidable defense enveloping the whole Exorcist Mountain Pass in it, making it so that the demons were unable to directly attack the city. But from the point of view of the regiment soldiers defending the city that previously fought by their side, this mantle of light clearly needed to pay an important cost, and wouldn’t be easily released unless it is absolutely essential. And the great amount of demons that were attacking were precisely blocked by this mantle of light.

At the split second Long Haochen’s group rushed out from the Exorcist Mountain Pass, an incomparably magnificent scene could be seen.

Having stopped erupting a moment ago, the offensive spells suddenly erupted all around. Close to a thousand magic radiances were omnipresent, flying out from the city gate tower and accompanied with violent firing noises from the magic cannon. Immediately, a large amount of demons were exploded and turned into fodder outside of this mantle of light. As far as the eye could see, a rain of blood was falling down outside.

Also at that instant, Haoyue rushed out from the mantle of light. Strong smell assaulting his nose, Long Haochen could even see destroyed limbs falling out of the blue.

Replacing the Holy Spirit Shield in his left hand, a bright radiance shining of blue and golden replaced it in his left hand, signifying that Long Haochen decided to make use of dual swords.

He wasn’t completely covered by the mantle of light, but his two swords were wielded extremely rapidly. He didn’t look up in the air, but with each of his moves, a flying limb flew back in the air, none falling on his body.

Sheng Lingxin was currently half squatted on Haoyue’s back, and could distinctly see each of Long Haochen’s movements. Deep inside, he felt secretly baffled; naturally, he could see that Long Haochen wasn’t using spiritual energy, but each of his blow was extremely accurate. There wasn’t the slightest waste of energy, nor was there any overused energy. This was a fine and orderly sword-play, just like a great expert’s. What left him the most curious was that this youth was previously clearly acting as the Guardian Knight of his squad, cornerstone of the team. But at that moment, the dual swordplay he was showing off was quite decent, just as if he changed into a Retribution Knight. How could such trick be performed?

There was a single reason as for why Sheng Lingxin called out Long Haochen, who just finished his mission: it was because he was Lan Yanyu’s husband and Cai’er’s father.

In his capacity as a father, when he got to know that his fourteen years-old daughter shared a bed with a youth of similar age, Sheng Lingxin only thought of slapping this freaking kid. When the battle in the border of the city concluded, after they returned to their living quarters, they would certainly lie down side by side once again. How could Sheng Lingxin accept this? Nervously, he commanded a subordinate to call this kid out.

However, even though he felt extremely furious, they were after all facing the demons’ main forces, so he didn’t have the time to interrogate or scold intensely this Long Haochen. More importantly, Long Haochen was a squad captain, so even with his authority, Sheng Lingxin couldn’t dare treat him lightly.

Outside of his wrath, Sheng Lingxin also felt quite curious. Ever since his daughter became the descendant of Samsara, acting cold towards anyone else, how could she suddenly treat another youth so well, to the extent to lead to such a situation.

Thus, Sheng Lingxin wanted see with his own eyes the remarkable sides of this youth called Long Haochen, by the means of a battle in this war.

If this kid turned out to be a weakling or a coward, acting like trash in the battlefield, then Sheng Lingxin wouldn’t mind leaving him at this point, in this place reeking of blood.

However, having seen this Long Haochen turn into a Retribution Knight, the wrath in Sheng Lingxin’s heart was gradually replaced by curiosity. More importantly, in such a terrifying battlefield, this youth that was brought in the front of the battlefield so suddenly still managed to remain calm; Sheng Lingxin didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear from him. This was not something any ordinary youth could accomplish. Having become the captain of a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad, this youth he didn’t seem much older than his own daughter, actually had such ability.

The demon race’s main forces were naturally a bit shaken by the appearance of such a large attack force. At that instant, Long Haochen, who was acting as the vanguard of this Briliant Angel Knights regiment, arrived.

In the instant they rushed out of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, their previously pitch-black armor immediately lit up with a shiny and dazzling golden color, and the 3000-men army forming the Brilliant Angels Knight Regiment abruptly came out, appearing like a gigantic golden sword directly aimed at the demon army.

One large horse after another charged at extreme speed. As fast as lightning, a flood of golden steel advanced at crushing speed.

Compared to those huge horses, Haoyue’s body was a lot smaller. His height didn’t reach half of theirs, and thus, despite the fact that Long Haochen was riding Haoyue at the top front, he didn’t stand out much.

A faint green color was encircling Long Haochen and Haoyue’s bodies. It was Little Green’s Float Technique. Lightening their weight, Haoyue accelerated even further, appearing not the least inferior to those vigorous horses.

Having rushed out from the mantle of light for nearly three hundred meters, they finally met the enemy. They appeared even more dreadful than the ones that took part in the previous battle at the border of the city.

The attacks coming from the Exorcist Mountain Range didn’t stop in the slightest. The rumbling magic cannons, as well as the mages, made an all-out effort to provide Long Haochen’s group with optimum shielding.

The offense of the mages was mainly concentrated on the two sides. The Magic Cannons were aimed from afar, targeting the enemies in the air. Because of this, Long Haochen’s group only had to confront the enemies in the front of them.

Facing them the first were a dozen of Dual Bladed Demons, survivors of the previous bombardment. Without need for Long Haochen to act directly, Little Flame unleashed some flames from his mouth, firing fireballs that exploded upon colliding with the Dual Bladed Demons.

Long Haochen lifted up his Holy Spirit Sword high, releasing Faith Halo, Guardian’s Favor and Imposing Halo, three great support abilities that were simultaneously released. Their range wasn’t so large, but it was enough to envelop Haoyue and Sheng Lingxin, who stood at his side, in it.

Ordinarily, Long Haochen was a kind-hearted and gentle kid, but because of Long Xingyu’s teachings, forcing him into training in that owl-ants’ nest, when he entered a situation of battle, he would totally appear like someone else.

At this moment, the demon army swept up, directly rushing at these Brilliant Angels knight regiment.

Hundreds of purplish-black-colored fireballs were shot at them, covering a large area. It was precisely the Bright Magic Bullet of the Demon Eye Soldiers. Because those Demon Eye Soldiers were not all the same strength, the Bright Magic Bullets were of different sizes. Among them, at least three flew in Long Haochen’s direction.

Without need for Long Haochen to do anything, Little Light’s eyes lit up, his incantation having just been completed. A glint of golden light took the shape of a Light Element Shield, blocking in front of him.

With a violent explosion, purplish-black-colored rays scattered in all directions, stopped by the Light Elemental Shield. With his natural instinct, Haoyue didn’t slow down in the slightest, brazenly rushing forward instead.

Fireballs uninterruptedly shot out in rapid succession from Little Flame’s mouth, while Little Light was in charge of the defense and Little Green took responsibility for controlling their speed and coordinating their body. Dividing up the work, the three heads didn’t launch all-out attacks, exercising restraint to give priority to safety.

In the front of such an enormous demon army, Long Haochen had to guarantee that Haoyue kept enough physical strength to carry them when it would be time to return.


Before them, a violent explosion sound could be heard, and immediately, an enormous silhouette advanced in Long Haochen’s direction.

Dual Bladed Demon?

Looking at it, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel tense. That’s right, that was a Dual Bladed Demon, but not an ordinary Dual Bladed Demon and not even a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

At the split second it appeared, the surrounding demon forces seemed to scatter voluntarily, giving way to it.

This Dual Bladed Demon’s height exceeded five meters, and it was situated over three and a half meters high in the air. Compared to it, Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon simply appeared like little children. On its carapace and its forehead were three glittering symbols; its whole body was emitting a dark golden metallic gloss.

He could vaguely see that there was a strange glint of dark gold under its massive body.

A ruler, this was a ruler among Dual Bladed Demons.

Within demonkind, any community would have one acting as a ruler. And this ruler was among the most powerful community chiefs. Although Dual Bladed Demons were similar to cannon fodder, as the most numerous race of soldiers, this Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon Ruler was obviously an incomparably more terrifying enemy.

From the fact that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons were at the fifth step, at which step could this Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon Ruler be? At the very least, isn’t it equivalent to a human powerhouse at the sixth step?

“You cannot stop, rush forward.” Behind him, Sheng Lingxin ordered.

That’s right! I cannot stop, thousands of Brilliant Angels Knights are charging at my back. In case we come to a halt, I’m afraid the allies at our back will collide against us.

Suddenly taking a deep breath, Long Haochen’s figure flashed, standing up on Haoyue’s back. Haoyue suddenly bowed forward, launching his body like a catapult, aiming directly at this Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon Ruler.

Intense golden light blossoming around him, Long Haochen spiralled violently in the air. In his left hand, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light brazenly chopped forward, striking the forelimbs of the Dual Bladed Demon Ruler.

With a light puff sound resounding, Long Haochen revolved even faster. It could clearly be seen that a large area of golden fog surrounded his body, as he appeared like a meat grinder, resolutely striking the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon.

“Condemning Revolving Sword?” At his back, Sheng Lingxin cried out in surprise.

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