Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Contribution Points Equally Divided? (III)

Haoyue paced back and forth before lying on his stomach and shutting his eyes. The six eyes on his three heads started to distribute a thin purple light, concentrating a huge amount of spiritual energy aura. Long Haochen could vaguely feel that he entered the state of cultivation.

A magical beast having the ability of training directly their spiritual energy by entering a state of cultivation were quite rarely seen. The overwhelming majority of magical beasts generally relied on their natural evolution to enhance their capabilities. Only, because Long Haochen didn’t have much knowledge on this aspect, he never felt that it was strange.

Soon after Long Haochen entered this state, hurried footsteps could be heard from outside and the door was knocked, letting out Peng, peng, peng sounds.

“Is Long Haochen there? There’s an army ministry order for him to immediately come to report.” These words sounded quietly, immediately awaking everyone who just entered the state of cultivation.

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, jumping down from his bed. Putting on his military clothes, he became the target of the others’ looks. Making a small gesture with his hand, he walked to the door of their living quarters.

A soldier fully clad in martial attire was standing at the entrance. Looking in his twenties, he had a solemn expression.

“Hello, I am Long Haochen.”

Seeing the youth before their eyes, the soldier clad in martial attire was slightly startled, because Long Haochen’s elegant appearance could give a breathtaking feeling. Performing a salute to Long Haochen, he declared, “Please follow me, the army ministry orders you to immediately come to report.”

“Good.” Although Long Haochen didn’t understand what was happening, he gave the salute back to him.

“I’m coming with you.” At some point, Cai’er already arrived by Long Haochen’s side.

Long Haochen revealed a smile and , “It’s nothing, just go grab some rest. I’ll be coming back soon.” Having said so, he turned around before following this soldier.

Cai’er stood there, wrinkling her brows. Only when she could not hear Long Haochen’s footsteps anymore did she close the door of their living quarters.

Sat on his bed, Sima Xian murmured, “To be calling out people so late, the military ministry is truly shameless. ”

Lin Xin smiled and remarked, “Maybe it’s to honor my performance of today?”

Under that soldier’s lead, Long Haochen headed toward the city gate once again. On the way, an extremely bloody scent assaulted his senses. Obviously, during the short time that passed after they left, the battle in the city had grown all the more intense.

That soldier didn’t lead him to the front lines, but to a three meter high passageway behind the city walls, leading to a second floor.

Having not gone to the city gate tower before, Long Haochen felt distinctly that a tremendous amount of magical essence of every attribute was present, and was currently growing frantic.

Stepping into this city gate tower, Long Haochen immediately saw an astonishing scene. First of all, he saw more than a thousand mages; magic was unstoppingly being released in the front, while mages in the rear were trying to catch up. Ten groups of mages were continuously cycling on unleashing magic, with a great amount of priests and Guardian Knights in front of them.

Gazing at the scene from afar, he could see that an enormous halo formed of golden light had enveloped the front of the Exorcist city walls; no enemy could climb them. But the main demon forces were omnipresent and from all places, to the extent that a black pack of enemies was formed in the air, .

Violent rumbles rang unceasingly, and bullets of light were frantically exploding, dealing violent damage to the side of the demons’ main army forces.

It shocked Long Haochen to the extent that he was completely speechless. No matter whether it was on the human side or the demon side, all people seemed insignificant in this kind of battlefield.

The soldier led Long Haochen, walking straight and passing by the center of the room. With a glance, Long Haochen saw that Sheng Lingxin was standing there, commanding the others.

Sheng Lingxin had a solemn face, his eyes sparkling with coldness. Even if there was still ten meters distance separating them, Long Haochen could feel his overwhelming killing intent.

At least a dozen commanders were standing beside him, each one of them releasing an extremely powerful aura. They were at a level that Long Haochen at the first rank of the fifth step could not possibly compare to.

“Reporting. I brought Long Haochen with me.” The soldier who led Long Haochen shouted out these few words with a specially loud voice. The nearby exploding sounds were just too loud, so if he didn’t do so, he would have difficulty even hearing his own voice.

Sheng Lingxin turned slightly his eyes, sweeping a glance to Long Haochen before bending forward, immediately transmitting an order.

Going to his side, Long Haochen stood straight, performing a salute to Sheng Lingxin.

Sheng Lingxin didn’t give him a single glance and continued to command the guardians.

“Call the Airborne Knight team to return, to rest and reorganise. The summoner team is to summon flying magical beast to replace them in a moment.”

“Reporting, leader, the Brilliant Angels Knight Squadron is ready.”

“Reporting, the Assassins of the Dark Night are ready. ”

Sheng Lingxin’s eyes lit, looking at his side before saying, “Replace me in conducting the defense. These demons spawns… They will not give up unless we inflict heavy losses upon them.”

“Leader, where are you going?” The commander looked at Sheng Lingxin with a shocked face.

Sheng Lingxin nodded, and said, “In my capacity as commander-in-chief, can’t I go boost the soldiers’ morale? I believe that’s what I ought to do.”

“Lan Yanyu.” Sheng Lingxin said in a loud voice.

“This subordinate is there.” Lan Yanyu, clad in a watery blue mage gown, stepped forward toward him from a nearby position. Seeing her, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel shaken. This person was Cai’er’s mother, so when he thought of the scene where he been seen by this Lan Yanyu sharing a bed with Cai’er, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel awkward. Slightly bowing forward, he performed a salute to her.

Lan Yanyu didn’t give Long Haochen a single look, only giving Sheng Lingxin a concerned look.

Sheng Lingxin said in a deep voice, “A moment later, I am going to lead the Brilliant Angels and the Assassins of the Dark Night to rush and kill the enemy in the front. After I’m out, the mage regiment no longer has to economize magic power; order them to protect our two sides while using the magic cannon to cover us. Also, inform Elder Brother Gao’s group that they have to get ready to provide support at anytime.”

“Yes.” Lan Yanyu immediately retrieved her staff, and slightly bowing, performed a mage salute.

Sheng Lingxin gave Long Haochen a glance, “Come with me.” His voice was extremely cold, but especially distinct. It sounding like a gust of ice cold wind blowing in the summer. Although it was quite cold, this tone aroused his fighting spirit, and particularly awoke his consciousness.

With but a single sentence, Sheng Lingxin turned around and took large strides, but unexpectedly, no soldier accompanied him.

Although Long Haochen didn’t know why Sheng Lingxin suddenly called him over, this Sheng Lingxin was the supreme commander of this Exorcist Mountain Pass; how could Long Haochen possibly disobey his orders? Hurrying, he followed with large steps.

Earlier, Long Haochen walked up to an upper floor, arriving above the wall on the border of the city, but now, Sheng Lingxin was leading him towards the center of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

After going down from there, a large area concentrated with large armies appeared.

It was already late night; a moonless night, only litten by the magic radiances that occasionally brought a little brightness to the city.

With the help of this light, Long Haochen faintly saw that in the space below, a wide area seemed to be glinting with metallic lusters.

Sheng Lingxin’s motions seemed slow, but Long Haochen needed to run to catch up to him. He noticed that every steps Sheng Lingxin took seemed to cover a very large distance, making him appear as though he was sliding over the ground.

Below the city gate tower, Long Haochen condensed his spiritual energy within his eyes, immediately taking a deep breath.

Under the stimulation of the spiritual energy, his eyes had a mysterious feeling. Everything in his line of sight seemed particularly distinct, and at this moment, he could finally see the identity of that metallic luster in detail.

It was actually coming from big, majestic horses clad in a thick black armor. That armor seemed as if it could wrap their bodies in it. These tall horses were furthermore extremely robust in appearance. Elevated nearly three meters high, surpassing five meters in height, these war houses had majestic appearances. It was the first time Long Haochen saw such imposing horses.

Similarly, the knights mounting these horses looked very robust. They were at least two meters tall, and were clad in black heavy armor. Their legguards, seemingly linked with the armors of these war horses, created a feeling that the man and the horse formed a single entity.

The most peculiar was that at the back of these tall knights were two immense wings roughly three meters in length. They looked as if they were done of complete metal, and on the armor at the knight’s back stood a pair of heavy blades, pointed forward toward the horizon.

Every knight had an approximately three meter long heavy blade in his hand, its handle occupying a third of the whole space. It was furthermore a third of a meter wide, and three patterns extended forward on the two sides. The blade, as smooth as water, carried a silk of red.

At that moment, a great amount of foot soldiers were standing on stairs, near these huge horses. Obviously, a lot of staff needed to be working together to clad a knight that way.

Because it was deep night, Long Haochen was unable to see clearly how many of these knights there were. But he could vaguely see that on each of these tall horses, another person seemed to be seated at the back. Only, they seemed less imposing and thinner than these knights, and seemed completely concealed by the knights’ majestic figures.

Sheng Lingxin brought Long Haochen to stand at the top of the troops, raising his right hand. Immediately, a bright light shot up, illuminating the dark landscape.

Immediately, these knights that were originally still a bit noisy completely quieted down. The huge horses were standing in neat formation; because his line of sight was obstructed by the fact he was standing on the ground, Long Haochen was unable to see clearly how many people in total there were.

“Brilliant Angels and Assassins of the Dark Night, the savage demon spawns are attacking our Exorcist Mountain Pass. Over the last thousand years, we have never lost our homeland to any kind of foe. This general is going to stand in the front lines, cutting a bloody path out of this battlefield and aiming for their chief.”

Bam, bam, bam.

Three metallic sounds broke out at the same time. None of the knights spoke; the entirety using the heavy blade in their own hand to beat their own chest armor.

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