Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Contribution Points Equally Divided? (II)

As time passed, Long Haochen’s meticulous thinking only happened to become wiser and wiser. As the captain, his thoughts on these matters were naturally more developed than his mates.

“As for the second matter I have to tell everyone about, it is a quite important matter. I wish to discuss it with everyone properly. Although I didn’t check in detail, in the previous battle, the ones who got the more contribution points should be me, Cai’er, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan. But in terms of contribution to the team, Han Yu, Lin Xin and Ying’er were equally important. But these contribution points are currently not distributed evenly at all. I think that the power of a team doesn’t lie on the individual power within it. The more important is our strength as a whole. And the contribution points will directly relate to our future upgrades. If we, melee fighters, are the only ones to get a good amount of contribution points, our comrades in charge of support will get almost none in comparison, and I believe it is not fair to them at all. If in the future, some of us get wounded and are in need for a particular healing, but are unable to get it because of the lack of contribution points, wouldn’t it cause us to be in danger? This matter is something we will have to confront, and the sooner is the better. Please give your personal opinions on this, everyone.”

This was the matter of the utmost importance Long Haochen needed to speak about. Contribution points could be mainly earned through two ways, completing Demon Hunt Missions in the Mission Tower, or hunting and killing demons. Without a doubt, the latter was the most direct and simple way to earn them. In the future three months, their contribution points would be gained solely through this means. If the difference of roles within the team prevented some from obtaining contribution points, even if their comrades in charge for support didn’t voice it out, they would truly not feel good.

This time, the one who spoke out the first was the ordinarily calm Cai’er, “My opinion is the same as Haochen, his decision will be mine.”

Cai’er, the vice-captain of the team, actually didn’t really stand out, but who would dare neglect her opinion? Previously, regardless of whether it was when confronting the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon or the Beta Flying Demon, she achieved kills with single blows. Just like Long Haochen was the main cornerstone of the team, she was the team’s sharpest blade.

Sima Xian chuckled gently, “Captain, I actually wanted to raise this issue one day. This Bro-Has-Drugs in the rear is fully responsible of defense, so if we don’t think of a solution, this guy who cannot attack will never get a single fart of contribution point! I have no objection; it’s admittedly true that contribution points are a good thing, but killing demons is what I like the most!”

Wang Yuanyuan also nodded in approvement and said, “The bald man is right, we are a team, a whole entity. Haochen, you handle this. We will fix a rule, that we will act in accordance with in the future. If I were to request anything, it would be to guarantee that the repartition remains as fair as possible.”

On this matter, Han Yu naturally wouldn’t raise any objection, be it as Long Haochen’s retainer or the main person in charge of supporting. As a matter of fact, Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er didn’t speak much on the matter, and everyone’s gazes fell on Long Haochen.

Long Haochen secretly loosened his breath, nodding to himself before speaking out, “I have previously put deep thoughts in this matter. Sis Yuanyuan is right, we are a whole entity. My suggestion is simple, it is to divide them evenly with everyone. When someone contributes greatly to the whole team somehow, the others can give him some more contribution points as reward, and this rule of dividing them evenly would also apply to wounded members.”

Divide them evenly? Hearing these three words, a change appeared in everyone’s look. Wang Yuanyuan appeared astonished, Sima Xian was rather full of respect. Lin Xin appeared extremely grateful, and Chen Ying’er impatiently raised a cry, “Long Live Captain!” Although she previously summoned an Metallic Armed Magic Bear, this fellow was just too dumb! He had been teared to shreds before they retreated and didn’t kill a high amount of Dual Bladed Demon, so her contribution points were not so high. And it was only because the ten first Dual Bladed Demon had more value that she didn’t get any.

“Master, I don’t need to be counted in.” At this time, Han Yu said so.

Long Haochen was startled, “Why?”

Han Yu said with a calm face, “I am your retainer, and furthermore, when counting the team’s contribution points, mine will not count. It will affect the whole team’s advancement. As your retainer, my sole duty is to serve you. More importantly, I already obtained very great benefits from the effects of the retainer contract. How could I accept everyone’s contribution points?”

Having gained more and more understanding on Long Haochen’s character as time went on, Han Yu came to accept his own position. And it was not surprising; with the assistance of the retainer contract, his internal spiritual energy had reached the eightieth level! Having gone from sixty-something to eighty would appear like a mere increase of 20%, but in practice, he clearly felt that his own cultivation speed had increased twofold. As for his perception and affinity with light, they were just incredibly greater than in the past. Having already obtained so many benefit, he naturally wouldn’t make any more unreasonable demands.

“That won’t do. You are my chrysanthemum’s protector. No matter what this ‘retainer’ thing is, you are fighting together with everyone. Your contribution to everyone is just obvious to anyone. If we divide the contribution points evenly, we have to divide them together with everyone, otherwise I won’t accept them either.”

The one to speak so was Lin Xin. He immediately expressed his support to Han Yu. As far as the whole team was concerned, Lin Xin’s greatest impact was at present coming from the pills he could make. And Han Yu’s utility was even greater; for the sake of the team, he chose to focus on the aspect of healing just to make up with their defect of not having a real priest. At the same time, he had to bear hardship with equanimity, having to guard the rear and provide support. He had also an useful magical beast companion, that Demonic Eye. With the strength of this Han Yu, if it was any other newly formed Demon Hunt Squad, he would definitely have gotten the position of heart of the team. But now, what he did instead was to focus on providing steady support within this 1st Demon Hunt Squad. And everyone had clearly seen everything he did.

“That’s right, if we share’em, we have to share altogether. Eldest Brother Han Yu, we can be considered as a family.” Chen Ying’er waved her clenched fist. She was the one who benefitted the most from Han Yu’s presence. When completing her Creature Summoning Gate, Han Yu was continuously guarding her from nearby, sticking close for fear that she could suffer any harm. And this girl could see it very clearly.

Sima Xian chuckled once again, “Well said, if we divide it, it will be with everyone. At the very least, my own contribution points will definitely go to you. With your presence, I have less to be blamed for! Just as captain said, let’s divide our contribution points evenly! Come, take mines first. ” As he said so, he immediately raised the sleeve of his garment.

Wang Yuanyuan shrugged her shoulders and said so, “I have no objection. The contribution points stuff is not so important. Haochen, you make the decision.”

Long Haochen smiled at Han Yu’s direction, “You heard them. There’s no need for me to say any more, just accept, it’s my order. Opposing is futile.”

Hearing Long Haochen’s last sentence, Han Yu, who originally wanted to contest them some more, finally stopped trying to decline. As he pursed up his lips, he didn’t voice out his gratefulness, his eyes carrying a deep feeling. Man, using action will be better proof than some unconvincing babbling.

Long Haochen took out his testing gem, a precious stone glowing of yellow and forming an hexagon.

Pulling his sleeves, he exposed this contribution points tile. As soon as he poured some spiritual energy in it, the circular contribution point tile shone, his precious gem adjusting to it, before rapidly displaying his amount of contribution points.

“47.” This was the total amount of contribution points he got in the previous battle, and the reward for the competition had been completely spent long ago. Long Haochen almost killed only Dual Bladed Demons, but this amount also included Haoyue’s performances. They had gotten rid of a total of nearly 380 Dual Bladed Demons in a mere hour.

Cai’er took the initiative to extend her arm in front of Long Haochen, “Estimate mine too.” Through the contribution testing gem, as long as the other party consented, the device could be directly used on someone else.

Spiritual energy entering it it, the tile on Cai’er’s lotus-like arm glowed. As Long Haochen put his contribution testing gem on it, a number appeared on the other side of the gem.

“25.” This was Cai’er’s total contribution points, that she immediately transferred in Long Haochen’s contribution points tile.

In fact, Cai’er only killed two demons in total, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon and the Beta Flying Demon. The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was worth 10 points, and the flying one was worth a total of 15 points. It could clearly be seen that high ranked demons had quite more contribution points value.

Next, everyone transferred their own contribution points to Long Haochen.

Wang Yuanyuan had 36 contribution points, and Sima Xian had 31. In fact, the two of them didn’t have a magical beast assisting them, so this amount corresponded to the real amount of demon they killed.

Chen Ying’er had 11 points, Han Yu killed three or four of them. And of course, Lin Xin didn’t get any.

Long Haochen had the most contribution points, but the greater part of it came from Haoyue. His three heads that released spells jointly had a formidable killing power.

The final amount of contribution everyone had after adding it all up was 143. As a result, everyone got twenty contribution points. As for the three leftover points, they were left to Long Haochen for the time being, and would be distributed next time.

“It’s cultivation training time, I want to break through the fifth step the earlier possible. Then, I’ll be able to train in using a lot of new abilities.” Sima Xian spoke out loudly on the side, before directly heading to his own bed. Sitting cross-legged, he immediately started cultivating.

The others went to their respective beds. Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er had built a sort of temporary cabin for the time being, and although it looked simple and crude, it could still obstruct the line of sight of the others.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s hand, leading her to their new ‘home’.

“We shall go cultivate too.” Cai’er said softly before sitting cross-legged on the bed as well and starting to cultivate.

Long Haochen started to stare blankly at her, inwardly feeling a little disappointed. He really liked the feeling of holding Cai’er in his arms.

“Idiot, for now, our cultivation is the most important. In the future, we… we…” Cai’er’s thin and feeble voice was transmitted to his ear. Because her last words were said in a far too quiet voice, even with his excellent hearing, Long Haochen couldn’t hear her clearly.

Long Haochen sat to her side, gently fondling her hair, feeling Cai’er’s sweet fragrance. Then, he sat cross-legged as well, entering the state of cultivation.

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