Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 172

Chapter 172: A Beginning of Tacit Understanding (II)

Without the need for Long Haochen to say anything, the man and the beast were mentally linked with each other. Haoyue’s three heads popped up, and aiming at the city wall, immediately launched the attacks they had prepared in advance: light arrows, wind blade, and fireball. With extremely precise accuracy, there wasn’t the slightest waste of energy. Each spell accurately fell on a Dual Bladed Demon, and with a single round of bombardment, the Dual Bladed Demons that were tirelessly climbing up fell down, lifeless.

This was precisely the great utility of a mage in the battlefield. Generally speaking, in any Demon Hunt Squad, the principal firepower would be coming from the mage. Naturally, this was with the exception of a Demon Hunt Squad filled with misfits like the 1st Demon Hunt Squads…

Beasts summoned magically or the mount of a knight would also count in the calculation of the total of contribution points. Possessing a status of Spiritual Tier equipment, the contribution point tile would be bound with every contract at the same time it is bound by blood. If not for this fact, this item wouldn’t have such a high rank. Its ability for detecting magical phenomenons was extremely accurate.

Previously, Long Haochen didn’t have the highest count of kills, but with the addition of Haoyue, no one could compare to him anymore. Haoyue’s three heads released magic of the first or second step, which was already enough to cope with these Dual Bladed Demons. Because the range covered by these spells was very wide, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan had respectively moved away from their original location, otherwise they would have nothing left to do.

The effects of Long Haochen’s Spiritual Gathering Halo were really out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, since no one would use too powerful abilities to handle mere Dual Bladed Demons, with the support of the Spiritual Gathering Halo, they could keep themselves at their peak state. As long as these powers of the fourth or fifth step had sufficient spiritual energy in stock, their physical strength could be replenished naturally, by means of their spiritual energy.

Long Haochen’s squad was of course not the only one stepping on the battlefield this time. As time went on, people familiar with Long Haochen occasionally appeared on nearby locations.

For instance, Bai Xiaomo’s signature botanical attacks, occasionally producing a flash of spiritual energy of the light attribute, or Huang Yi’s earth system magic and so on.

Defending the city was a duty entirely assigned to infantry troops, and although it wasn’t like all ten battalion had gone up to the border of the city, it was at that moment the case for five of them. Five battalions, forming a total of five thousands soldiers. Even in the past, they were enough to protect the city from these Dual Bladed Demons, and had some more resources to spare, let alone now that they were benefitting from the help of five newly formed Demon Hunt Squads. From time to time, a healing radiance would appear with a glint of magical light. This lightened the pressure on these soldiers enormously. And it was the first time these Demon Hunt Squads displayed their strength, in a completely different context from back then in Holy City, as they were this time facing true enemies, and didn’t have to act in consideration to the opponent’s wellbeing. As part of a clan belonging to the low-end of their armed forces, Dual Bladed Demons were the perfect punching-ball to them.

Half an hour had already passed in the blink of an eye. Because of the display of power of Long Haochen’s group, having nothing else to do, Zhang Hairong was left with no other choice but to fall back, putting his energy on commanding his troops in the rear, his eyes occasionally swept at Long Haochen’s direction.

Everyone in the 1st Demon Hunt Squad had produced a great show, but only Long Haochen really attracted Zhang Hairong’s attention. Let alone his formidable magical beast, he himself appeared in Zhang Hairong’s eyes like a sort of legendary hero.

This youngster looking ten or so years-old and having an appearance close to that of a young girl was just too powerful. His Spiritual Gathering Halo was released in the first instant of the battle and had lasted up to now for thirty minutes already!

Although Zhang Hairong didn’t know to which step this ability belonged, having personally felt the incredibly utility of this Spiritual Gathering Halo, he naturally understood how great its consumption should be. But at the same time he was putting this Spiritual Gathering Halo in use, Long Haochen had been battling all along, not having rested the slightest bit. And yet, looking at him, his power was still far from being exhausted.

The greatest impression Long Haochen gave him was the one of being calm. At such young age, Long Haochen’s temperament was already evoking people’s admiration. His strength was clearly great, but he didn’t release a single powerful ability to cope with these Dual Bladed Demons, using at most Light Thorns and nothing more. And his eyes occasionally swept past his comrades, clear sign that he was paying attention to his surrounding as he battled the demons. Truly deserving to be called an elite! And I’m afraid this youngster has already reached the fifth step of cultivation. An Earth Knight of the fifth step! At his age, I was still struggling in the second step.

As thoughts occasionally flashed in Zhang Hairong, a bizarre sound was transmitted from the distant darkness.

“Wuwu, wuu…——”

Three muffled cries sounded, scattering from the edge of the city all around, and three enormous dark golden radiances abruptly soared and rose in the sky.

The luster of these three radiances filled with evil aura momentarily spread.

Hearing these three whimper-like cries, the Dual Bladed Demons under the city seemed to be stimulated, their eyes focusing on this frantic gloss before charging toward the city’s edges even more frantically.

Also at this very moment, ten dazzling golden fireballs flew in the air above Exorcist City, going straight towards it.

Long Haochen unconsciously looked up, only seeing that above the city, a city gate tower was now visible. These golden fireballs were precisely coming out from this city gate tower, dispersing tens after tens of these fireballs. After a little time over a dozen seconds, these, these golden fireballs exploded in succession, erupting into myriad of rays in the air. These golden rays illuminated everything, and at the same time, the Dual Bladed Demon armies below became tense, clearly having some fear towards these golden radiances. Seeing the illumination brought by the golden radiances, Long Haochen couldn’t help but sigh in annoyance, because he could clearly see that from afar, an uncountable army of demons was rushing forward.

This time, it wasn’t only Dual Bladed Demons, but also other species on the ground, and an enormous demonic air force forming a sort of black cloud.

Zhang Hairong’s look changed greatly, “Be careful everyone, the demons are about to launch a total attack.”

Long Haochen lifted the Holy Spirit Shield high above his own head, slightly swaying below. His companions immediately saw this signal, and hurried to draw closer and join up with him. In a flash, their formation was put in order as they regrouped.

Long Haochen temporarily cancelled Spiritual Gathering Halo, consuming a Spiritual Gathering Pill Lin Xin gave him. Slightly drawing back and shutting his eyes, he rapidly replenished his spiritual energy previously consumed.

The fact that he could previously use Spiritual Gathering Halo for such a long time was inextricably linked to the effects of his special constitution as a Scion of Light, and close to half of his used up spiritual energy was already recovered. But this investment of his was truly worth it; at least, his comrades had maintained themselves at their peak condition.

In the rear, Han Yu released a holy spell without the slightest hesitation, Radiant World, transmitting his own internal spiritual energy to Long Haochen. No matter whether it was in his capacity of retainer knight, or in his capacity of alternate knight for this team, this was what he ought to do.

Having gotten Han Yu’s support in addition to the effects of the Spiritual Gathering Pills, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was rapidly replenished.

“Everyone, be careful! We mustn’t advance prematurely. Lin Xin, take care of our defense from the rear.” Long Haochen gave these simples warnings, his Holy Spirit Set once again bursting out with the radiance of the Holy Spirit Protection.

With the demons’ grouped attack, these Dual Bladed Demons’ offensive increased tremendously. In the air, the illumination lasted for long, and an enormous silhouette could be clearly seen from the city.

And now, Long Haochen had basically no time to identify those demons. Only at this very moment did he understand fully why his teacher had said that in the battlefield, the force of a single person would forever remain negligible.

In the front of those omnipresent demons forming an army charging at their direction, even as a group, these seven youths seemed completely insignificant.

And at the same time, intense magic ripples were transmitted from the second floor of the city gate tower, and muffled chants could be vaguely heard.

Without a doubt, the strongest guardians of the city would logically all be on this city gate tower, preparing the counter-attack and storing their power;

After the time of ten breaths, a qualitative change appeared on the demons charging towards the city.

With a blow of sword, Long Haochen sent a dual Bladed Demon flying, before immediately seeing a familiar deep green color.

“Everyone, be careful.” Long Haochen said out in loud voice, a blue light surging out from his chest. It was the Saint Spiritual Stove.

The deep green colored stepped forward at great speed, roaring loudly and fiercely, directly throwing itself at Long Haochen.

This imposing silhouette was two meters tall, possessing a height of roughly three meters. On its back was a light carapace with wings on the two sides. This winged carapace didn’t enable it to fly, but it helped it sturdy body in maintaining its balance. Its ferocious head resembled a lizard’s, and it had extremely wide, sharp and thick teeth. The most threatening part of it was its pair of 1.5 meters long arms, extending like heavy blades. This was a kind of king among the Zelin Demons, precisely one of the kind that formerly brought Long Haochen his first spoils of wars.

Originally, Long Haochen’s level of cultivation when facing this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was at the fourth step, but he was now not only an Earth Knight, and he had in addition the help of comrades by his side, far beyond compare with the ones he had at that time.

The Holy Spirit Shield in his hand started to glow white; it was Holy Filter Shield. Facing the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, he leaned forward, activating Divine Obstruction.

With a loud bang, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon thrusted a hand forward, against the Holy Spirit Shield. Dazzling white light erupting, bright light illuminated Long Haochen’s body. Not taking a single step back, he held the Holy Spirit Sword in his right hand vertically, blocking the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s second strike.

“Dang” Divine Obstruction resounded.

Long Haochen escaped danger by a hair’s breath, by the use of a second consecutive Divine Obstruction. It enabled him to block entirely this first round of attacks belonging to this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

Chained Obstruction, this was the other secret technique that Long Haochen picked in the Alliance’s Treasure Vault. At first glance, this Chained Obstruction looked like an ordinary ability. But when combined with Divine Obstruction, by enabling to use twice in succession the same blocking technique, it could provide a real boost of utility to any Guardian Knight.

The number of times Chained Obstruction could be used in a row was intricately linked to the level of cultivation; with Long Haochen’s current strength, he could at most use Divine Obstruction twice in a row, and the second time would use up twice the amount of spiritual energy to that of the first one. But in the battlefield, when confronting powerful enemies, the second consecutive utilisation of Divine Obstruction, completed with the use of Bright Vengeance would very likely provide the knight with an occasion of landing a powerful blow against them.

A counterattack following the shield block!

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