Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 171

Chapter 171: A Beginning of Tacit Understanding (I)

Standing behind and making their preparations, the soldiers stared at these mad youngsters of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad. Completely stupefied, they just didn’t know what to do.

“For how long are you going to keep watching? Hurry up and do your job as reinforcements.” Zhang Hairong scolded them, but he was also secretly dumbstruck. They truly deserved to be called elites from Demon Hunt Squads; it should be their first time in the battlefield, but these youngsters didn’t have stage fright, and immediately joined the battle. How is it that I remember that this bald man was originally clad in priest gown? Can he still called a priest? And that shield warrior lady, isn’t her shield a bit too huge? And looking at how she’s wielding it, it is simply closer to a super-huge axe.

In a radius of twenty meters around them, Long Haochen, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan had already confronted all the enemies. Her cane tapping on the ground, Cai’er silently stood behind Long Haochen. Her senses were all operating, feeling everything that was taking place in the surroundings.

Han Yu didn’t stay idle either; having completed the summoning of his Demonic Eye, a red glow was spread around its eyes, continuously sweeping its surrounding. It was precisely the ability Eyes of Truth.

Their team didn’t have a true priest, so they could only rely on this Demonic Eye to use the ability ‘Eyes of Truth’. This was something they couldn’t do anything about.

However, the range of this Demonic Eye’s Eyes of Truth was still in no way small. In a straight line, it could already cover a hundred meters, while in the left and the right, a diameter of 200 meters was covered by the range of these Eyes of Truth. The main point of it was to protect them from the invisible and underground demons, strong at launching sneak attacks.

Han Yu and Lin Xin were both investing themselves in the battle, but their roles was not to kill the enemy directly. Bright radiances were continuously released from the golden sword in Han Yu’s hand, accurately falling on the wounded soldiers lying on the ground.

He was using the most basic healing skill used by Guardian Knights, Healing Light. Its consumption of spiritual energy was very little, so with the support of Long Haochen’s Spiritual Gathering Halo, he could maintain his spiritual energy at its max.

Although Healing Light couldn’t treat heavy wounds, it could still weaken the pain, slowly starting the treatment while getting rid of any kind of ordinary poison. And the light attribute was also the best one at restraining demons. With the support of Healing Light, the fighting strength of the soldiers of the 1st Battalion on the two sides was immediately enhanced greatly.

While this side was taken care of by Han Yu, Lin Xin was displaying his own talents, helping his side by providing breathtaking support.

Waving the Fire Cloud Crystal Staff, red lumps of light were dispersed, each one forming a fireball and falling accurately on a soldier of the 1st Battalion. The red lights then condensed and formed blazing armors. When the Zelin Clan’s Dual Bladed Demons attacked these soldiers, upon approaching within one meter from them, they would instantly be burned.

This was the ability called ‘Blazing Armor’, a defensive skill about the same as the knights’ Divine Light Mantle, but with in addition an offensive burning effect, affecting the nearby enemies. It was a spell of the second step.

Although the consumption of spiritual energy of this spell wasn’t high, it lasted only for thirty seconds, and was a single-target spell. Still, the Zelin were completely overwhelmed by it.

Little lumps of red light were fired in quick succession from his Fire Cloud Crystal Staff, and blazing flames rapidly ‘ignited’ the soldiers’ bodies. Not only did it increase these soldiers’ survivability, it also increased their damage power enormously. At this time, Lin Xin was already looking after fifty of these soldiers.

Naturally, Chen Ying’er’s course of action was just as usual. Closely behind Wang Yuanyuan’s back, she sang her incantation melodiously, clasping the water crystal ball in her hand that was distributing a gentle radiance. The soldiers in the 1st Battalion could not possibly guess that in the past, this harmless looking little girl had actually summoned formidable magical beasts of the eighth step, like a Demonic Eye Ruler or a Three Headed Helldog.

Currently, only Dual Bladed Demons were besieging the city, relying mainly on their great numerical superiority. Although their climbing capability was quite great, in the front of the powerhouses of the fourth and fifth step of Long Haochen’s group, they were simply sliced like vegetables. Long Haochen’s seven were jointly attacking and providing support, fully taking care of a roughly 100 meter wide area outside of the city wall. And in total, the 1st Battalion was actually only responsible for a 200 meters wide area and nothing more. The soldiers felt that today’s battle was effortless like never before, especially with the Blazing Armors supplemented by Lin Xin on them, enabling them to kill without any care.

However, Zhang Hairong felt gloomy. The formidable power of Long Haochen’s group had affected their fighting strength by a large extent. And even as his subordinate, Long Haochen was particularly considerate of his side, occasionally launching a Light Thorn to help him, piercing a few of the Dual Bladed Demons at his side. He provided him with such great help that the frequency of the swings from his large axes had strongly declined.

“Battalion commander, are the demons attacking the city only Dual Bladed Demons?” Still in the middle of battle, Long Haochen asked the nearby Zhang Hairong.

Zhang Hairong replied, “This is only a probing attack, for the purpose of exhausting our people. Among demons, the ones that reproduce the fastest are these Dual Bladed Demons, which are extremely numerous. The more they are, the higher the consumption of food. Among demons clans, only a few are good at cultivating and producing food, so they can only try to enslave humans to do so for them. But the amount of food is limited, and each demon soldier needs to be fed. Thus, when their number is too excessive, they will launch attacks, making use of the conflict to plunder our cities, while also reducing their population. This kind of cold-blooded actions is something only cold-blooded creatures like demons are capable of doing.

These Dual Bladed Demons were originally sent off to die, but in the middle of this experience of continuous battles, some of the surviving Dual Bladed Demons gain the possibility of evolution. With but a single evolution, these Dual Bladed Demons’ strength will grow enormously. At the same time, because we don’t know when the formidable main armies of these demons are going to launch their all-out attacks, our side’s powerhouses will exhaust their mental energy while waiting for that moment. In terms of global strength, demons are beyond compare with us, so we have no way to take the initiative of launching the offense. When the other side is using this kind of delaying tactics, it will easily bring mental exhaustion to the powerhouses of our side, and this way, at the time these demons will launch their real offensive, the results will naturally be disastrous for us.”

Long Haochen remarked in astonishment, “So these demons are actually so clever?”

Zhang Hairong fiercely hacked a Dual Bladed Demon into pieces, as he replied, “The majority of these demons were originally mutated from humans, like the demons from the Luke Clan, who can be compared the invisible demons from the Dyke Clan in terms of threat.”

Long Haochen nodded, and said, “The invisible Dyke clansmen are indeed very guileful. If not for the assistance of the Eyes of Truth, their ambushes would even have chances to work against our side’s powerhouses.”

Zhang Hairong laughed gently before telling him, “You didn’t get it completely. In the battlefield, the impact of these Dyke clansmen is far inferior to that of the Luke clansmen. In case a great amount of Luke clansmen appear, our side has to dispatch troops, with enough mages among them. Otherwise, in case they launch group offenses from underground, the losses will be disastrous for our side. To infantry like us, Luke demons are just a nightmare.”

The Dual Bladed Demons were naturally the most influential race of demons. Although they didn’t have any special characteristic, their numbers could definitely not be neglected. Despite the amount of bodies on the ground, which were almost forming a mountain, as far as the eye could see, Dual Bladed Demons were still omnipresent, still arriving again and again.

Although it was late night, the Exorcist City was brightly lit, and by the means of this light, Long Haochen had gotten the opportunity of observing the surroundings. From his point of view, although that wall was already quite broad, in comparison with the entire Exorcist Mountain Pass, it could only be regarded as a little drop of water in an ocean! And this drop in the ocean had enabled humanity to repel these demons for thousands years already.

As a whole, the Exorcist Mountain Pass was a complete mountain at 100%, on the two sides were precipitous cliffs, glossy as mirror. And these precipices were a massive means of defense. Precisely because of the terrain, the 100 meter high wall appeared to be 300 meters high in practice.

In terms of thickness, this wall absolutely exceeded 100 meters, and above it were several magic arrays carved and designed so as to resist magic attacks.

This imposing mountain had 80,000 people from the Six Great Temples guarding it, and an unending stream of supplies was transported from the rear to sustain them. As one could imagine, this mountain would prove to be extremely hard to break through. Even an army of a million would find it very difficult to advance.

At this very moment, a roar sounded from the rear of the battalion. Shooting a glance, Long Haochen discovered with astonishment that Chen Ying’er had completed her Creature Summoning Gate’s summon.

Although Chen Ying’er’s summons were not so reliable, in comparison with the little sheep that came out that time, the results were not as unfortunate this time. As a whole, summons on the same level as hers still had a greater probability of being called out.

With a length over three meters, a Metallic Armed Magic Bear with metallic arms and a greyish black skin had been called out. It was a magical beast of the fifth step, and although it didn’t possess any innate ability, it could resist and attack, making it a suitable summon in this kind of defensive situation.

Under Chen Ying’er’s command, the Metallic Armed Magic Bear swung a pair of paws at the approaching Dual Bladed Demons, sending them flying.

Arriving at this point, the 1st Demon Hunt Squad’s members used their respective methods to assist the 1st battalion in stabilizing the defense of the area.

Sima Xian suddenly turned around and shouted at Long Haochen, “Captain, call Haoyue out as well. This is a good time to farm contribution points! ”

Because they were previously staying in the office hall, their temporary home, Haoyue remained there, and Long Haochen didn’t have the time to wake him up to tell him to come by their side. As soon as he heard Sima Xian, Long Haochen immediately got in the move. That’s right! With the solid defense of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, there’s no need to worry about the rear, and even with their spiritual energies nearly exhausted, the others should be able to retreat without problem. Seeing that the amount of Dual Bladed Demon is so boundless, how couldn’t this be the best time to make our offensive power break out?

“They still have a trick up their sleeves?” Zhang Hairong swept his eyes over Long Haochen with amazement, and happened to see a purple glow shining on his forehead. Immediately, an enormous silhouette appeared behind him.

Haoyue’s figure sure had an intimidating power. With a four meters high body, four majestic limbs and the unique characteristic of having three heads, his appearance shook everyone present.

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