Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: My Idiot! (I)

Gao Yingjie’s resounding voice was very vigorous, each word piercing into the depths of Long Haochen’s mind like sharp needles, “To knights, the words ‘taking risks’ will never exist in the dictionary. That’s because you won’t be fighting alone. Safety and stability will be the basic qualities you need to seek for, when making your choices.

Right now, you need to reinforce your ability to judge and to command. You have to grow to become a leader that can convince his own teammates, and for this, you will have a lot to do. This is pressuring, but also a force of motivation. In the next three months, I will not give the others any direction, but focus my guidance solely on you. If the others do anything wrong, you will have to correct them. The others’ course of action will be something that you will have to decide upon. Within three months, you will have to become a leader that meets the standards; a qualified captain. Starting from the instant you became the captain of the 1st soldier-grade Demon Hunt Squad, your life does not only belong to yourself anymore, but to the whole team. Similarly, every member of the team has handed their lives to you. This heavy responsibility will require you to continuously make great efforts in order to handle it properly.”

At this point, Gao Yingjie’s words became heavy, and the atmosphere in the carriage turned solemn accordingly. Everyone’s looks fell on Long Haochen.

Long Haochen took a deep breath, slowly stretching his right hand forward. In a deep tone, he said, “Never renounce! Never give up! I, Long Haochen hereby pledges: I will never abandon any of my teammates, I will use my life to defend the team’s honor and keep each of you safe! My sword will be drawn before me for all of you, and my shield will be for blocking our most powerful enemies!”

“GOOD!!” Sima Xian shouted loudly. With a simple sound, his hand was placed on Long Haochen’s hand. Lin Xin and Han Yu also stretched their own hands forward, placing theirs above the other two’s.

Wang Yuanyuan slapped hers down with force, stinging Lin Xin’s hand and causing him to grimace in pain.

Chen Ying’er nimbly placed her hand above Wang Yuanyuan’s, standing tall with her other hand pressed on her little chest, “I will not drag everyone down neither.”

Cai’er’s hand was discreetly stretched and pressed under Long Haochen’s palm.

And at that moment, a huge claw was also stretched forward, placed on Chen Ying’er’s with a shriek.

It was actually Haoyue.

Chen Ying’er stared fixedly at this fellow. But then, Haoyue’s three heads turned at the same time, his eyes looking up and down. That appearance was a lot more human-like than a lot of humans, making Chen Ying’er’s heart beat up.

Long Haochen said loudly, “We are a team, comrades that can entrust their backs to each others!“

The group spoke up in unison, “Never renounce! Never give up!”

“Woo woo!” This was Hao Yue’s declaration…

Looking at this scene, Gao Yingjie couldn’t help but tighten his lips. He felt as if he had come back to that day, twenty years ago, when his own Demon Hunt Squad was established. But now, his companions…

What Gao Yingjie didn’t expect was that this group of youngsters would act in cohesion so quickly. Without a doubt, this truly was a good beginning.

“Uncle, Demon Hunt Squads are extremely interesting! I want to enter a Demon Hunt Squad too!” Shi Xiaoxue looked at these youths, full of envy, and then murmured in Gao Yingjie’s ear.

Gao Yingjie, who was originally already burning with anger towards her, immediately felt another surge of wrath coming out from him and calmly declined Shi Xiaoxue’s request, “Sit down. If you want to become a Demon Hunt Squad member, train well for now. Five years later, you will have the opportunity.”

Shi Xiaoxue’s eyes lit up, “Uncle, so what’s your answer?”

Gao Yingjie looked at the carriage “Let’s speak of it in five years.”

Although the carriage carried so many people, including the heavy-weighted Haoyue, it was still advancing at a fast pace. Eight large horses were pulling it with all their force until sunfall, resting only once an hour. They finally stopped at a medium sized city. After a day of travel, they had surprisingly already covered 250 kilometers.

On the road, Long Haochen’s group was cultivating spiritual energy and the carriage was rather calm. Under the watch of Gao Yingjie, a true powerhouse, they naturally didn’t waste time. Every time their spiritual energy increased, their chance of survival on the battlefield would increase as well.

For this trip, this town was their first rest stop. When arriving before the hotel, they saw that they were next to nine other similar-looking carriages; the other newly-formed Demon Hunt Squads had obviously arrived earlier.

The first advantage they held in their capacities as members of a Demon Hunt Squad could be seen. The accomplishment point tile they had on their left arm enabled them to rest in any of the hotels in the Alliance for free. At the same time he informed them of this fact, Gao Yingjie also told them that, being a soldier grade of Demon Hunt Squad, they would also get a 10% discount in the auction houses. This preferential treatment would increase together with the grade of their Demon Hunt Squad.

Demon Hunt Squads were the true elites of the Temple Alliance, which explained this treatment. After all, they frequently had to confront powerful enemies, so how could they not get some help to protect their lives better?

Every person had a room to themselves, and after a simple meal, Gao Yingjie urged them to rest well after returning back to their own rooms.

Long Haochen led Cai’er by the hand, seeing her off to her room, “Cai’er, you too should be tired after this day of travel, go to rest early.” Having said so, he was about to turn around and leave.

With a flip of her wrist, Cai’er grabbed Long Haochen’s hand, her cane tapping on the ground, and closed the door to the room.

Seeing what she did, Long Haochen instantly felt his heart beat faster, his handsome face starting to blush slightly. A boy and a girl all alone in a room, this situation in itself was a bit dubious.

“Please keep me company for a bit, is that okay?” Cai’er asked with a soft voice.

How could Long Haochen refuse her request when she asks that way? Holding her hand, he replied, “Alright.” Holding each other’s hand, the two youths were seated on the sofa, their bodies drawing close to each other. Feeling beautiful and yet secluded charm coming from her, Long Haochen’s heart could not calm down in the slightest.

In the carriage, although they were seated next to each other, there were also other people present. But now, they were only by themselves.

Long Haochen couldn’t help but loosen his hand that was holding Cai’er’s waist. She didn’t resist, on the contrary taking advantage of this to nestle against his shoulder.

The two of them treasured this peaceful and warm moment. Although Long Haochen’s heart beat very fast and his face was heating up, this feeling was, to him, the most pleasant. He didn’t feel the slightest dissatisfaction, simply holding Cai’er’s waist even closer. Truly speaking, as only a fourteen year old, he basically did not know what he should do in these kinds of moments.

Cai’er was his most precious treasure, so he would not attempt to do anything to her.

After a long time, Cai’er moved a bit, sitting up straight, and asked, “Haochen, what did great-grandfather tell you today?”

“Mh?” Long Haochen awoke from this quiet warmth, “He said I had to take good care of you and protect you.”

Cai’er was slightly startled, “That’s all?”

Long Haochen replied, “He also said that I could do the same as you in the future and call him great-grandfather, and that you had a very hard life.”

Cai’er’s whole body shook. Looking at Long Haochen right in the eye, she asked with some hope, “Did he really say so?”

“That’s right, what about it?” Long Haochen gave her a puzzled look.

In the next instant, he glanced at Cai’er’s, whose eyes were moist and her whole body shaking slightly. Seeing her in this appearance rose his passion even further. Long Haochen immediately felt a pain in his heart, hastingly pulling her to his bosom, “Cai’er, don’t cry. What’s wrong?”

Leaning against his warm bosom, Cai’er’s body gradually stopped shaking. Slowly taking off the veil covering her face, she sticked it close to his chest, both of her arms surrounding his waist.

“Haochen, do you want to listen to my past?” Cai’er asked.

Long Haochen gently replied, “As long as you are willing to tell it to me, I am willing to listen.”

Cai’er’s voice was gentle and carried a bit of uneasiness, “I am a person who had no childhood. In the eyes of the others from the Assassin Temple, I am a sort of princess. But if I had the choice, I would have preferred to live as an ordinary girl.

The heritage of our Assassin Temple is not as simple as the one of your Knight Temple or the Warrior Temple at all; anyone has the possibility to learn how to become an assassin. The only requirement is to have extremely high perception and innate talent. Fostering an assassin is a lot harder than fostering a knight or a warrior; it requires one to exert a lot of physical and mental efforts. Thus, within the Assassin Temple, a secret training method was devised. It can be used on children around three years old to determine whether they have the innate cultivation talent or not. As long as their innate talent was not too mediocre, meeting at least the base requirement to be capable of becoming a qualified assassin, they would be fostered by the Assassin Temple.”

It was the first time Long Haochen heard Cai’er speak so much. At that time, he was her only listener, gently holding her hand and listening to her story.

“At three years old, I was found to have an innate internal spiritual energy exceeding 90, making me the so called Saint Daughter of Samsara.”

Hearing her words, Long Haochen was immediately startled, but he didn’t say anything, only listening to the continuation of her story.

“It was at that moment that my nightmare began.” A trace of deep sadness appeared on Cai’er’s beautiful face.

“As a three years-old child, I originally should have been pampered by my parents, playing without caring or worrying of anything. However, I was never with the children of my age. At the time I was only three years old, I was taken out by my great-grandfather to a dark and cold cave. There, I had no relatives, and even no food. Seven days out of seven, the only thing that accompanied me was a black dagger floating in the air.

I cried, and I cried. I called out for my father, for my mother. But even when my voice had become hoarse, even when my tears had run dry, there was not the slightest reply.

I felt cold. I was very scared. Even if I was only three years-old at that time, I can still remember everything clearly. No one came to save me, no one. I had to bear the cold and the fear, all alone…”

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