Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Mithril Foundation Armor (III)

Even the magic protective screen formed by the Mithril Foundation Armor was unable to stop the Pull ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove. Gao Yingjie couldn’t help but look slightly shocked, his face concealed behind the helmet. From his point of view, Long Haochen, who had taken the attack of the holy sacred fire head-on, should have lost all fighting spirit. How could he still activate his Saint Spiritual Stove?

But did Long Haochen really lose his fighting spirit? No! And at the same time his teammates launched their most powerful attacks, a change also appeared on him. His entire body turned immaterial, penetrated by bright light. Dazzling golden flames were rising above his body and his pair of golden eyes took in and sent out a great brilliance.

If one was to assess his current state, then, from an exterior point of view, he looked just like the former Gao Yingjie, fully using Brilliant Body and bathed in holy sacred light.

Boundless light element spiritual energy came out from him, exceeding by far his strength in normal conditions. Bright light was coming in and out from him at an intense speed, carrying an illusory feel, and a heavy sword was in the former position of his Holy Spirit Shield. At the same time he activated his Saint Spiritual Stove, Long Haochen shouted out loudly, launching a charge toward Gao Yingjie who was clad in his Mithril Foundation Armor.

Naturally, Long Haochen knew that, no matter how, he had to find a way to be a match against Gao Yingjie. He was also not sure about what had happened to his body, or how his strength suddenly rose. However, he felt that Cai’er was not in a normal state. Cai’er was his most beloved that he wanted to protect throughout his whole life, how could he let her be the one to face the formidable Gao Yingjie? Facing powerful foes and blocking them at the front, these were his duties as a knight and as a man.

As a result, even though he was aware of the disparity between them, he still chose to once again utilize the Saint Spiritual Stove, and furthermore switched to Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, choosing to charge forth toward the opponent.

It didn’t matter if everyone else was shaken by that Mithril Foundation Armor; as the captain, and as the heart of the team, he couldn’t. He had to act first, so as to arouse his teammates’ courage.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light swayed, taking the shape of ripple-like waves while a pair of foggy blue and gold colored light was being emitted. Then, the heavy sword in Long Haochen’s hand suddenly disappeared, faint golden and blue afterimages becoming visible. They looked just like a stream of water and a stream of light intertwining with each other, aiming directly at Gao Yingjie. In the same instant, the holy sacred fire on Long Haochen’s body was ignited before extinguishing instantly, the immaterial feeling disappearing at the same time. Because of that, he tumbled a step forward, but used the Holy Spirit Sword to stand firm.

At the same moment, Cai’er calmly moved on the other side , a black light bursting forth from the top of her head. The formerly grey aura surrounding her body instantly turned black, seemingly turning into pure killing intent, achieving an astonishing change. As for Gao Yingjie who was clad in his Mithril Foundation Armor, the thick layer of silvery light enhancing his defense disappeared. Gao Yingjie just felt a choking sensation in his whole body, having difficulty to resist that terrifying killing intent even with the aid of his Mithril Foundation Armor.

This is not a material attack, but sheer killing intent! How can this girl have such terrifying killing intent?

Gao Yingjie snorted, and to one’s surprise, took half a step back. At this time, he was in an extremely passive state; with the existence of the Saint Spiritual Stove, he was left with no way to launch an attack aimed at Cai’er. Indeed, this Saint Spiritual Stove wouldn’t be enough to sway his determination, but the threat he felt from Cai’er was just too terrifying, to the extent that he didn’t even dare turn back to give a response to Long Haochenwho was bursting forth with a bizarre attack, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in hand.

“Cai’er, stop!” was said with a chilly and distinct voice.

Just recently, the dark light spreading from above Cai’er’s head was something she didn’t let the others see clearly, but in this instant, it disappeared, not leaving any trace behind. With this, Gao Yingjie only felt cold sweat flowing through his entire body. He didn’t know what kind of ability Cai’er was using, but he was completely sure that, if that blow was unleashed, it would not have been easy in any way to block it.

However, Long Haochen’s attack was now about to fall on Gao Yingjie’s back.

A blue and golden colored radiance was hovering and spinning at high speed, condensing into the shape of a sharp cone and ferociously striking Gao Yingjie’s back, aiming to penetrate the thick layer of defense of the Mithril Foundation Armor.

With a Pu sound, Gao Yingjie leaned forward, terrifyingly destructive power bursting forth onto his body.

With a hand on the ground and the pair of wings on his back unfolding, Gao Yingjie forced, with difficulty, his body to stay stable. However, the upper part of his body was slightly swayed, and he let out a mouthful of blood. Clearly, on the Mithril Foundation Armor on his back, a large gap could be seen, proof that his body had been wounded, and around this gap, there were little needle-sized gaps.

Water causing multiple holes, overwhelming and penetrating light; it was the effects brought by the supplementary ability of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light; Bright Rain of the Thrusting Hibiscus.

Originally, Long Haochen was prepared to use this technique in the battle for the championship against Yang Wenzhao. But in the end, Yang Wenzhao didn’t manage to withstand his formidable fighting spirit, and lost before he even had the occasion to use this move.

In regard to Bright Rain of the Thrusting Hibiscus, Long Haochen himself didn’t have much information, because with his current cultivation level, even launching this attack was difficult. The cultivation level and the spiritual energy output on it was also a factor of this blow’s power. Long Haochen’s internal spiritual energy had just had a sudden increase, and although he had no idea on what had happened, he decided to pour this foreign spiritual energy entirely in Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, to activate this technique, the most powerful offensive skill that he currently possessed.

Even Long Haochen didn’t think that Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light would have such great offensive might, to actually manage to wound Gao Yingjie who was protected by his Mithril Foundation Armor.

Golden and blue streams of light flowed back, coming back into Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in Long Haochen’s hand.

Looking at the sword in his hand, Long Haochen couldn’t mask the fondness he felt for it. This sword was furthermore blessed with intelligence, its spirit connected with his, linked to his soul in a similar way to Haoyue and him.

In the air, a crack appeared beside Cai’er and a tall and thin figure completely clad in black appeared. The one who came was no one else but the Assassin Temple’s Hall Master, hero of the ninth step and secondary Alliance leader Sheng Yue.

Sheng Yue completely ignored everyone else and stared blankly at Cai’er, “Reckless kid, this is a mere spar, how could you utilize that power? Could it be that you forgot the price you have to pay when using it?”

The grey luster in Cai’er’s eyes gradually scattered, and she replied indifferently, “Great-grandfather, this is my first battle together with him, I didn’t want it to be a loss.”

Sheng Yue’s face suddenly darkened, “You girl… Is he so good? Deserving that you pay such a price?”

Cai’er seemed to suddenly become obstinate, replying with a rebellious tone, “He is the only one who let me feel affection and warmth.”

Sheng Yue blanked out, his former ferocious look suddenly easing up. His breath turning heavier, he turned to look at Gao Yingjie who withdrew his Mithril Foundation Armor.

“You’re also quite a source of trouble, don’t tell me you didn’t realize that the power she stirred wasn’t something that belonged to herself, not in the slightest. Why didn’t you stop her with words?”

Gao Yingjie respectfully bowed toward Sheng Yue, performing a knight salute, “Heroic Senior.

I only wanted to try out these youths’ limits. As their current leader, I needed to test them to know their real strength.”

Sheng Yue wrinkled his brows, “Then what are the results of this test?”

Gao Yingjie’s eyes flashed brilliantly, “It’s even greater than I expected. Although they can’t be described as well-coordinated and a lot of them have unstable abilities, under these circumstances, they displayed strength far exceeding their normal capabilities. Having gone through this short examination, I believe they are able to display even greater potential. Truly deserving to be this year’s soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad #1”

Sheng Yue nodded, his glance sweeping past this group of youths and stopping suddenly on this Demonic Eye Ruler, “Young girl, this Demonic Eye Ruler is truly not bad, why not consider letting it become your contracted beast? Although its power is quite greater than yours, if you are willing, this old man will help you by suppressing it. A Demonic Eye Ruler has a chance of turning into a Demonic Eye Despot, a peaked magical beast of the ninth step.”

Chen Ying’er stood up at that moment, shaking her head without the slightest hesitation, “No way! It’s just toooo ugly! Return immediately!” As she ordered, she waved her hand to this Demonic Eye Ruler. Filled with loathing, it resentfully gave her a last glance before going in the Creature Summoning Gate.

Sheng Yue sighed with some regret, telling her, “A Demonic Eye is truly not fitting for a girl. But the occasion of turning a summoned beast with the possibility of breaking through the ninth step into your contracted beast is not something you will easily find.”

Chen Ying’er stuck out her tongue and said, “Still, I definitely don’t want it. Grandma said that a personal contracted beast had to be fostered since young to get its perfect obedience. This one is already so grown up, what if it bites me back in the future?”

Sheng Yue indifferently spoke back, “As you wish.” In the end, he wasn’t a powerhouse from the Spiritual Temple. And what he had no way to know was that this young girl was in the middle of thinking, That bad guy Yang Wenzhao has such a beautiful Starlight Unicorn. If I take such an ugly contracted beast, wouldn’t it be an extreme loss of face?

Sheng Yue took a deep voice, “You young fellows really have an exaggerated opinion of your own abilities! Could it be that you really had the delusion that you could defeat a Temple Knight? Do you realize what the difference of level between you both is?”

Wang Yuanyuan was a girl with a reckless temperament who didn’t care about who she was facing. She could not help but give this spontaneous reply, “We were just about to win. Captain has just gotten wounded against us.”

Sheng Yue snorted coldly, “Just about to win? You fell by an extremely large amount, you mean! If he really wanted to kill you, he wouldn’t even need three seconds to do so. For him to have gotten a Mithril Foundation Armor, his cultivation level is at least at the seventh rank of the step of Temple Knight. And what does the fact that he’s at least a Temple Knight of the seventh rank imply? It implies that his internal spiritual energy is above 23,000! Even if we add up the internal spiritual energy of each of you, it’s still inferior to his! The only reason why he got wounded is indeed because of that attack LHC just executed, but more importantly, he was afraid of wounding you and was always in a defensive state. Otherwise, how could Long Haochen attract his attacks for so long with his Saint Spiritual Stove? For all vocations, the higher the cultivation step is, the more obvious the disparity becomes. A full force attack from a powerhouse of the seventh step is something only someone with my cultivation level can take head on lightly. As for you? Humpf!”

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