Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Team

Suddenly, red light flashed upon this Demonic Eye and a faint red light was released from the distant Gao Yingjie’s body.

Gao Yingjie didn’t move nor did he react much, only smiling indifferently as he said, “Eyes of Truth? Your Demonic Eye has not matured yet; to want to figure out my cultivation level, it is way too early.”

Long Haochen and Han Yu exchanged glances, striding forward and launching a charge at the same time and surrounding Gao Yingjie. With the action of the two, the whole team, without exception, started to act.

Wang Yuanyuan swiftly embedded three gems in the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield and Sima Xian shouted out loudly, his hand gripping his staff while charging from the other side of Long Haochen. During this charge, his muscles rose dramatically; it was [Madness].

Cai’er, whose hand was previously held by Long Haochen, disappeared in that instant.

Haoyue’s three heads instantly lifted, and Little Light and Little Fire began chanting continuously with a muffled voice. Only Little Green did not do the same, spurting out two green light which fell on Chen Ying’er and Lin Xin’s bodies instead, making the two of them soar up before landing onto Haoyue’s back. His four limbs lunging strongly, he followed Long Haochen in his charge forward.

In Chen Ying’er’s hand, the huge crystal ball appeared once again as she chanted her incantation in a pleasant voice, as if singing.

Lin Xin sat before her, lifting his crystal cloud staff high and chanting at a rapid speed, letting out peng sounds of elemental waves of flame. No matter what anyone could say, in terms of magic control and elemental affinity, Lin Xin far outstripped Huang Yi, who possessed an Earth Elemental Fairy.

Long Haochen’s side got on the move as, on the other side, Gao Yingjie basically acted as though he didn’t notice them in the slightest, standing motionless as before.

In this frontal assault, Long Haochen and Han Yu’s speed was approximately equal to Sima Xian’s after he used [Madness]. The three of them arrived in front of Gao Yingjie at about the same time .

Eyeing Gao Yingjie, who was at a distance of less than 19 meters, Long Haochen suddenly shouted out. A white light glinting from his chest, radiance erupting from it, appearing like a white bolt of thunder falling onto Gao Yingjie.

Saint Spiritual Stove’s first ability, [Attraction].

Gao Yingjie seemed to not feel anything special at this moment, but he still moved. He took a step forward, advancing as steadily as a mountain, and suddenly the Knight Stadium shook as a booming noise echoed. In his right hand, that ordinary fine iron heavy sword turned dazzling gold, striking straight at Long Haochen.

Bending forward and holding up his shield, Long Haochen’s figure was instantly congealed, cancelling his charge and appearing just like a statue, steadily standing upfront. Then, the Holy Spirit Shield lit up with a white glow coming from the simultaneous use of [Holy Filter Shield] and [Divine Obstruction].

Meanwhile, a total of ten radiances shone upon his body practically at the same time.

With the first glitter, Long Haochen activated the supplementary [Holy Mantle] provided by his Divine Wristguard. The second one was another [Holy Mantle] that Han Yu, at his side, cast for his protection. Following that, there were three other magic radiances.

Two of the fire system, and one of the light system; three magical shields were launched from the rear. Simultaneously falling onto his body, these shields of the fifth step acted in concert with these two [Holy Mantles], forming an unexpectedly thick five layered ability protection on Long Haochen.

The three layered shield was naturally coming from the coordinated action of Little Light, Little Flame, and Lin Xin.

Gao Yingjie’s eyes lit up as he thought to himself, These youths are acting together for the first time, and yet they still cooperated with such coordination. A Guardian Knight or Shield Warrior who can withstand the attacks from the enemy, that was the real heart of the team. More importantly, this young knight with a beautiful appearance also has a Saint Spiritual Stove. With these defensive capabilities of the highest quality, no wonder he got the top position in the individual competition.

… but will this be enough?

The heavy sword struck downwards with stable power as Gao Yingjie seemed as if he basically didn’t see Sima Xian on the left side at all. He heavily struck with his staff under the effect of [Sacred Hammer] and Han Yu’s [Light Thorn] that was coming from the right side.

Bang– —

A crushing sound echoed from Long Haochen’s whole body. To Gao Yingjie, the five layered defense in front of him was, unexpectedly, as frail as paper. It only weakened the golden light on his sword by a little. Like that, his sword heavily struck Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Shield.

It was also in that instant that the eyeball above Han Yu’s head suddenly released a white glint, causing Gao Yingjie’s body to stagnate for a bit, and briefly enter into a state of confusion. Only then did his heavy sword fall on Long Haochen’s shield.

The terrifying force of the impact instantly spread from the Holy Spirit Shield to his four limbs and all the bones in his body. At that moment, Long Haochen felt as if his body did not belong entirely to himself. That spiritual energy of boundless terror crushed him completely with the force of the impact, sending him flying back. On his body, [Bright Vengeance] shone as he felt as if his body’s force was completely exhausted.

Despite the fact that Long Haochen had previously estimated the power of the powerhouse of the seventh step to be very high, he only experienced the enormous gap between them when actually facing him head-on. Even with the cooperation of the whole team, he could only barely obstruct this blow.

At that moment, a pair of wings of light appeared and extended from Gao Yingjie’s back, colliding with the [Light Thorn] and destroying it in a flash. Under the effect of [Madness], Sima Xian’s full force attack made contact with the other wing of light, and with a simple Peng sound, the effects of [Sacred Hammer] were absorbed by the tyrannical light released and Sima Xian’s majestic figure was knocked back ferociously, thrown far away.

At this point, the effect of Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove was already over. He was the team captain and also the heart of the team, so at this moment, he was the one who bore the heavy responsibility of holding Gao Yingjie back.

Four radiances appeared once again on his body. This time, it was a four-layered elemental shield. Although it had a layer less than before, how could the [Holy Mantle] of the third step possibly compare to this kind of elemental shield of the fifth step? On the contrary, his defense was even more unyielding than previously.

Long Haochen breathed deeply, doing his utmost to stimulate the spiritual energy in him with the intent of getting rid of the numb feeling. At this moment, the superiority of his external spiritual energy, which was a lot greater than other knights of the same step, became apparent. In a single breath’s time, the numbing sensation on his body had already decreased by at least twofold.

With a single blow, Gao Yingjie had shook Long Haochen completely. Under the effect of the [Attraction] of the Saint Spiritual Stove, unless he left the range of the spiritual stove, the only one he could target was Long Haochen himself. Smoothly stepping forward, he directly rushed at Long Haochen, paying no attention to Han Yu’s second attack at all. At his back, the two wings only moved slightly to block it without difficulty.

[Holy Filter Shield], [Holy Mantle], [Divine Obstruction].

Long Haochen unleashed his defensive abilities once again, and at that moment, another flash of red light shone upon his body, creating yet another elemental shield.

It was Lin Xin. Relying on his magic passing through the fire cloud crystal, he was a lot faster than Haoyue. Against all expectations, he managed to create two elemental shields to assist Long Haochen’s defense within such a short time.


Long Haochen courageously welcomed Gao Yingjie’s attack and a violent explosion sounded forth. This time, he was only pushed seven or eight steps backwards as all of the defenses protecting him was completely broken into pieces. But compared to the first time, his reaction was a lot better. At the least, the sensation of numbness on his entire body didn’t appear once again.

Meanwhile, Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Sword pointed forward, lunging with a [Light Thorn] enhanced by the effects of [Bright Vengeance] towards Gao Yingjie.

Gao Yingjie was somewhat astonished that a youth only at the fifth step, with the assistance of his team, could block his attacks successfully twice in a row. Although he was far from going all out, this was still shocking. This team was actually able to create a five-layered elemental shield! If it was another newcomer Demon Hunt Squad, he was afraid that they would perhaps have not even been able to link a three-layered one! And to him, the [Divine Obstruction] of this first-place youth of this year felt as if was utilized to the point of perfection. Not only did it seem mastered, but more importantly, it contained a mysterious material feel.

Nonetheless, Gao Yingjie clearly didn’t plan on wasting too much time pondering. He slid forward, aiming at Long Haochen, who had been pushed back by his earlier strike, and instantly executing a shield charge. Of course, he wouldn’t injure this youngster, but he still sent him flying, making the Saint Spiritual Stove lose its effects. Without a Guardian Knight with defense as his main focus, the others would have no way to sustain a single blow of his sword.

However, also at that moment, he became distracted once again for a short period of time, making his shield charge unable to connect.

The Demonic Eye above Han Yu’s head lost some shine and, at that moment, Han Yu didn’t pursue his assault, instead standing motionless and as sturdy as a mountain as a rich golden fog surrounded his body. It was precisely the skill [Storing Power] that was often used by Long Haochen.

As their current attacks could not break Gao Yingjie’s defense, only the compressed spiritual energy obtained through [Storing Power] had a better chance.

In the next instant, Gao Yingjie appeared just like a sovereign, with endless awe, and as if he was controlling everything on earth.

An immense golden ball of light formed behind Long Haochen, shooting up just like a huge meteor and fiercely crashing into Gao Yingjie.

The extremely savage pressure made Gao Yingjie’s complexion change immediately. He stared blankly for the first time in this match.

The one soaring in the sky was precisely Wang Yuanyuan, after having completed the embedding of her three gems into the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, bringing it to the peak of its might.

Spreading a dazzling pure golden colored radiance, the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield sparkled of red, yellow, white, blue, and gray, giving off a pressure like the one felt at the peak of mount Tai, while ramming straight at Gao Yingjie.

Gao Yingjie didn’t pursue, but attacked Long Haochen instead, who was standing still.

However, during that time of inactivity, Long Haochen didn’t stand idle. Three lights shone upon him in succession as he chanted at rapid speed, an angel-like luster slowly taking shape above his head.

[Faith Halo], [Guardian’s Favor], [Imposing Ring]. These were the three most basic ‘great halos’ used by Guardian Knights. Long Haochen was already pretty proficient at them, so as long as he was given the time of a few slow breaths, he could activate them without even the need for incantations.

Under the effects of the three great rings and the supplementary protection of the Holy Spirit Armor, the light shining upon Wang Yuanyuan’s body grew even more dazzling.

Back then, in front of her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, even Long Haochen was narrowly defeated. If not for Haoyue’s assistance and the fact that Wang Yuanyuan’s consumption was already great, which prevented her from exhibiting the full might of her shield, he wouldn’t have emerged victorious. If not for his victory in that match against Wang Yuanyuan, she would have entered the top 16 and her final ranking would probably have been quite better.

At that time, Wang Yuanyuan, in her capacity as the most powerful warrior of the year, let the entirety of her fighting power burst out

Standing in place, he raised his shield; it was precisely [Divine Obstruction]. This symbol of a knight of high step was naturally something Gao Yingjie was capable of using as well.

Facing the oppressive force of the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, he had no choice but to respond.

However, at this same moment, a black silhouette silently appeared at his back with a flash of dark golden radiance.

Concealed in darkness, Cai’er chose this crucial moment to make her move.

When Long Haochen was attacked for the first time, she had already changed her location. And surprisingly, Gao Yingjie didn’t notice that she had disappeared from Long Haochen’s back to Han Yu’s.

When Gao Yingjie was pursuing and attacking Long Haochen, he naturally passed beside Han Yu’s location. But as Han Yu was using [Storing Power], Cai’er was able to keep herself hidden behind him.

Cai’er had chosen the place to aim her attack with particular attention. It was precisely at the center of the two wings made of condensed spiritual energy, a target located on the middle of his back. This was the weakest place in his wings’ defense.

Admittedly, [Divine Obstruction] truly was a domineering ability, but its greatest flaw lies in the fact that for a split second when its defense is unleashed, the user has to stay motionless before relying on the release of energy from his entire body to counteract the enemy’s attack. And the timing Cai’er chose was exactly that split second of stillness when the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was about to collide against his defense.

Cai’er wasn’t an expert at camouflage, done through the means of various assassin tricks. She was an expert at concealment, looking for the opportunity before unleashing a fatal strike. Although she was blind, she was better at finding the opponent’s moment of weakness than anyone else.

Not good! In that split second Cai’er was about to execute her attack, Gao Yingjie’s complexion changed completely. He was indeed a Temple Knight of the seventh step; although Cai’er’s action was completely silent, his sense of danger led him to detect her.

After many years spent battling demons, he had developed an instinct close to a beast’s. Without the slightest hesitation, he dispelled [Divine Obstruction], the heavy sword in his right hand shifting to block his back just like a bolt of lightning. Meanwhile, his body instantly lit up with a penetrating gold color.

Ding—, Bang.

Almost at the same time, two sounds echoed.

Wang Yuanyuan only felt as if she bumped against a mountain as a violent pressure sent her flying back and making her drop the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield.

However, her intrepid all-out strike still swayed Gao Yingjie’s body. In the center of his shield, a few gaps appeared.

In the same state of [Storing Power] as before, Han Yu could clearly see that, behind Gao Yingjie, upon meeting his heavy sword, Cai’er’s attack had unexpectedly pierced through it. However, Cai’er’s attack was repelled back by Gao Yingjie’s body. Vaguely, a penetrative golden gloss could be seen behind the heavy sword. Parts of Gao Yingjie’s body had turned into a golden radiance.

It was the signature ability of a Temple Knight of the seventh step, [Brilliant Body].

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