Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Challenging a Powerhouse of the Seventh Step (II)

“Haochen, these many years, hasn’t Teacher been treating you very badly?”

Long Haochen strongly shook his head, pushing it onto Ye Hua’s chest, which could not be considered wide at all. The time he spent together with Ye Hua was even longer than the one with Long Xingyu. As the inborn Scion of Light, he was extremely sensitive, especially in feeling good and bad intents of the people around him. Deep inside, Ye Hua had always had good intent toward him and although he was far from being as glorious and formidable as Long Haochen’s father, the status he held was not any lower.

Ye Hua chuckled and said, “You are the best student your teacher ever had throughout his whole life. Your teacher knows that his teaching methods are very severe. However, you followed me for so long, but never voiced any complaints at all. At only fourteen years old, you have already made such great achievements. It is true that your constitution as a Scion of Light is very important, but your great effort is also a crucial point in your success.”

“Now that you have already become a member of the Demon Hunt Squads, you are gradually going to grow up. Although Teacher cannot be by your side, he will always be praying for your safety no matter what happens. I have already discussed it with your grandmaster; I will remain in Holy City and will not go back to Hao Yue City. Later on, when you return to report in missions, you can come look for me at the Alliance’s Office Palace.”

“You are very young, but genuinely honest, steady, and kindhearted. Teacher is very reassured with you by his side, but you hold too much affection toward others. Teacher is warning you repeatedly that no matter what, your safety is the most important priority. When facing danger, you have to think three times as much; do not rush prematurely. You need your own opinion, but you also have to listen to your comrades’ suggestions. Teacher believes that you will definitely be an outstanding Demon Hunt Squad leader.”

“Teacher, I…” Hearing Ye Hua’s words, Long Haochen couldn’t stop himself from sobbing in his bosom.

Ye Hua laughed loudly, patting his back with great force, “Okay, you are already a man, don’t have this kind of attitude akin to a little girl’s. Leave now; to grow into an eagle, the chick needs to unfold his wings, soaring high into the sky. Inevitably, there will be a day when your splendor will shine not only on the whole Alliance, but on the entire mainland.”

As he spoke, Ye Hua held his shoulder and, opening the door, lightly pushed him out.

With a peng sound, the door closed.

In the next instant, Ye Hua’s back heavily leaned against the door. On his hand, and his face, his tears softly fell.

Outside of the door, Long Haochen’s shouting voice could be heard, “Teacher, I will definitely come back to visit you.”

Ye Hua was unable to bear his tears anymore, which kept on pouring out. He buried his face in his hands, resisting with great difficulty, so as to not let it be heard.

Long Haochen’s leaving steps were still echoing, as Ye Hua seemed to exert all his strength to say, “It would be so great if he really was my son.”

Seeing the dispirited Long Haochen leaving, Li Xin, who stood on the entrance of the hostel, hurriedly met him and rubbed his head, “Foolish little brother, it’s not like you are going to be separated forever. If you want to repay teacher Ye Hua, you have to make him proud of you, to let him feel the glory of the knight within you.”

“Yeah.” Long Haochen lightly nodded. Heart-broken, he gave a final look at the window of Ye Hua’s room, clenching his fists with great strength, “Sis, let’s leave.”

Alliance’s Great Stadium, Knight Stadium.

Now that all of the Demon Hunt Squads were formed, because they were newly established, they would all start at the soldier grade and got their according assigned numbers. For instance, Long Haochen’s squad was the soldier graded Demon Hunt Squad #1. They were now a Demon Hunt Squad of soldier grade, with only ten of them newly established.

“I have to present someone to everyone; this is Han Yu, my retainer knight.” When he met with his team, the first thing Long Haochen did was to introduce Han Yu to them. Because they were going to leave this place soon, Han Yu came back home yesterday and he met up with Long Haochen in the Knight Stadium this morning.

Retainer knight? In Long Haochen’s group, with the exception of Cai’er, the four people were completely astonished.

Sima Xian opened his eyes wide, patting his own bald head, “Leader, you also had a retainer knight?”

Long Haochen chuckled before he replied, “Brother Han is not only my retainer knight, but also my friend. And he’s a Guardian Knight of the fifth step! With him among us, our team will be even more powerful.”

Sima Xian, Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan, and Chen Ying’er were greatly shocked, The Knight Temple is too formidable! This knight of the fifth step is clearly less than 25 years old, but couldn’t get into the final stage of the competition?! Or is it that he didn’t even participate in it, acting as Long Haochen’s retainer all along?

Sima Xian laughed out loudly before declaring, “Welcome, new member.”

Today, Lin Xin looked somewhat dejected, his face appearing pale. He even appeared to be completely different compared to normal; his hair had not been combed, and it had an extremely messy appearence. Nodding to Han Yu, he didn’t say anything further.

Wang Yuanyuan eagerly exclaimed, “A Guardian Knight! You have to let me test your power when we have the occasion.”

Han Yu faintly laughed and said to her, “I am merely master’s retainer. My first role is to protect my master’s safety. I also possess a contribution points crystal tile, but according to the rules of the Demon Hunt Squads, as a retainer knight, my contribution points will not be counted toward the team’s total.”

Hearing the two words ‘contribution points’, a glint appeared in Lin Xin’s eyes, although he previously looked completely dejected.

Chen Ying’er blinked and remarked, “We’ll exchange ’em for a lot of good stuff!”

Having gone to the Demon Hunt Squads’ transaction center could be said to have expanded their horizons by a large extent. At their current grade, although they could only buy some cheap items with their contribution points, they really felt the value of something earned with their own efforts.

When looking for equipment for Demons Hunt Squads at the soldier grade, they were capable of exchanging their points for equipment at the Spiritual Tier, and even had access to a few ones at the Glorious Tier[ref]ordinary equipment, alloy equipment, magical equipment, spiritual equipment, glorious equipment…[/ref]. Various pills could also be exchanged, and among them, a lot could not be commonly found in marketplaces, and had incomparable utility. Just from looking at it, everyone was drooling with desire. However, these things could not be bought, even with money, as the demon hunt center only accepted contribution points. It went to the extent that among members of a same Demon Hunt Squad, it was possible to exchange items with contribution points or directly use several people’s contribution points to conduct purchases.

Without a doubt, the Alliance arranged this to arouse their Demon Hunt Squads’ members to thirst for contribution points, so as to ignite their fighting spirit. And even granted that some Demon Hunt Squads were aware of this, the results were still extremely beneficial to them.

The transaction center for soldier grade goods was full of good items, so for the even higher general grade, commander-in-chief grade, or even king grade and emperor grade, how could there not be even better items?

Wang Yuanyuan said, “I asked around and got the information that there are two methods to get contribution points, the most straightforward one being to hunt and kill demons. Any kind of demon counts: even the most average demon from the Zelin clan has contribution value. In addition to this, completing missions from the Mission Tower also has the same effect.”

Long Haochen laughed gently before speaking, “Everyone, don’t rush. Our squad has just been established and we are not familiar enough with each other, let alone having tacit understanding. We should work on improving our unity first before bringing up missions.”

Chen Ying’er stuck out her tongue and said, “Captain, you have no guts.” Today, this little loli was wearing a white magic gown, her purple hair combed into two braids bunched together, forming like a half ponytail, giving her a very lovely appearance.

Lin Xin snorted and reacted immediately, “So contrarily to appearances, you are actually not a coward at all? I heard you could summon sheeps; that’s not bad, at least it could help us save up on food expenses.”

Chen Ying’er furiously replied, “Damned sissy, who do you think you are?!”

Including Han Yu, the team was currently formed of four guys, with quite decent appearances: Sima Xian looked robust and manly, and Han Yu had a brave and handsome appearance. There was no need to mention Long Haochen at all: not even a single flaw could be found with his face. And in terms of looks, Lin Xin was second only to Long Haochen. Only, because of his role as the mage, his figure looked quite frail, far from Long Haochen who looked well-shaped. Further adding his long hair, it brought him the nickname of ‘sissy’.”

“I am not a sissy, big bro is a true man!” Lin Xin said furiously.

Wang Yuanyuan wrinkled her brows, “Okay okay, what are you two quarrelling about? Isn’t the most important thing to think about is how to gain contribution points?”

Lin Xin flipped his wrist, making two bottles of pill appear. Throwing a bottle to Sima Xian, he told him, “These are the Spiritual Gathering Pills that Captain spoke of earlier; each one will increase your internal spiritual energy by at least ten levels and help your cultivation. It is useful for the fifth step and under. Each bottle contains ten of them; they are for you to use.”

Sima Xian rejoiced greatly, hurriedly taking the bottle and giving a thumbs up to Lin Xin, “Words are not enough to express the feeling of gratefulness I have in my heart towards you.”

In the team, only Sima Xian and Chen Ying’er hadn’t reached the fifth step yet. Seeing that what Lin Xin had taken out were two bottles of pills, how could Chen Ying’er not understand? Immediately giggling happily, she went up, “Wah, sissy is really someone who can differentiate good and bad; you are definitely a good sissy. You wouldn’t bother arguing with a child, would you?”

Lin Xin rolled his eyes, “Never call me sissy again in the future.”

Cheng Ying’er grabbed the pills in his hand before patting his shoulder, “Okay, okay, everyone here is one of us, don’t be so cunning. In future battles, I’ll cover for you.”

Lin Xin’s nose crooked from hearing her, “Would you even cover for me?”

Chen Ying’er stood proudly with her hand on her little chest, declaring, “How could I not cover you? Just wait and see.”

“Cough cough.” At this moment, coughing noises could be heard from nearby.

Long Haochen turned around to look, only to find that Yang Wenzhao had arrived at his side.

“Younger brother Long, can we talk for a bit?” Yang Wenzhao politely asked Long Haochen.

Long Haochen nodded, “Of course we can.” During the competition, the two were rivals, but outside of that, the impression Long Haochen had of Yang Wenzhao was extremely good. Yang Wenzhao had not only formidable strength, but also a calm and steady temperament, and more importantly, could get the acknowledgement of a Starlight Unicorn, making his natural dispositions clearly visible.

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