Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 153

Chapter 153: This is the hug you owe me (III)

“This was a mere misunderstanding, I was in the wrong, I shouldn’t have doubted you, Long Haochen. I beg you, quickly let me go.” Cai’er didn’t dare exert force in her struggle: her dagger was extremely sharp, and the situation would grow even more complicated if the wound kept expanding.

Long Haochen was slightly startled before displaying a wide smile, “I don’t want to let go of you. This occasion of hugging you is something I gained with great difficulty.”

Cai’er eagerly said, “Fool, I will let you hug me again in the future, so hurry up and let me go. My dagger has an effect of absorbing life force, so if this keeps going, your life force is going to deplete entirely.

You promised to protect me forever, how can you do so if you cannot even protect your own body.”

An ounce of astonishment appeared on Long Haochen’s face, carrying a little hint of slyness, as he lowered his head and said gently, “I will engrave these words into my mind.” Only then did he finally release her arms from his embrace.

Cai’er had made her preparations long ago, and took out her dagger just like a bolt of lightning. Immediately, a surge of blood burst forth from Long Haochen’s chest and shooting out from his back as he weakly fell down.

Although Cai’er was blind, her movements were extremely swift and accurate. At lightning speed, she rushed forward to support his body with her fingers placed on his chest as well as his back, preventing his blood from flowing out.

A soft golden light, forming the pattern of a hexagon, appeared on the ground and illuminated Long Haochen’s entire body. Instantly, the blood stopped flowing and Long Haochen could only feel a mild and warm feeling at the location of the wound. In the next instant, the ice-cold feeling dispersed and the spiritual energy concentrated on the podium scattered as his wound recovered at an astonishing speed.

The one who acted was the auxiliary hall master of the Priest Temple, Cardinal Ruoshui.

Lightly shaking her head, Ruoshui couldn’t help but let out a remark in a low voice, “What a pair of little fools!”

Guardian Knights also had healing skills, but in this regard, compared to priests who specialize in them, quite a wide gap exists. Even when priests used the same sacred abilities, the final effects would be different. In regard to healing, priests hold better control of their abilities, and their sacred light is even more mild.

With the presence of a peak cardinal like Ruoshui nearby, even dying voluntarily would be quite difficult, as long as the head wasn’t severely wounded.

Yang Haohan shook his head with some helplessness. As he took a step forward, a flash of golden light appeared and he disappeared without notice. Clearly, the rest of the matter didn’t need his direct intervention.

Han Qian coughed once before looking at the other five auxiliary hall masters, “What are we going to do about Long Haochen’s request? Let’s give our opinion as this kind of situation had never appeared before. According to everything Long Haochen said, although having two people chosen within the top 16 instead of one has never been seen before in the history of the Demon Hunt Squads, it shouldn’t hinder the fairness of the process. Furthermore, he was willing to renounce the reward of a spiritual stove for this. I am inclined to agree to his request. Suifeng, what about you?”

Ying Suifeng groaned without restraint, feeling gloomy deep inside. This old fool is so cunning; with our little princess Cai’er here, how can I possibly not give my consent?

“Mh, I have no objection.” Although he felt quite gloomy about this, he still gave his agreement with a murmur.

Sanshui pondered for a little, before replying, “It doesn’t seem to conform with the rules; if future young competitors refer to this affair, could it be that we’ll have to keep making exceptions like this?”

The Saint Mage Tutor Lin Chen spoke back with a smile on his face, “Elder sister Sanshui, you shouldn’t speak like this. It looks like this Long Haochen is not much older than 10 years old, but still managed to emerge as the final champion. I’m afraid it won’t be easy for future youths to accomplish such a great feat. Furthermore, this matter is truly due to a coincidence. Thus, we should comply to Long Haochen’s request. Only, isn’t the price of the spiritual stove a bit too big? I think we should rather be flexible to the circumstances.”

Han Qian shook his head and said, “If we don’t require him to pay the other reward as a price, how could we not let everyone else choose another squad member? It’s still better like this. We are making a great exception to the rules this time, so in the future, every time someone enters the top three, he’ll be able to choose to renounce the spiritual stove for another member for his personal squad. But this supplementary member will have to not be in the top 16. What does everyone think about this?”

Ruoshui nodded her head and said, “Let’s do it like this, this will bring a new breath to humanity. You have my approval.”

The Warrior Temple’s auxiliary hall master Ren Wokuang also gave his approval, “Brother Han’s suggestion is quite fair. To have managed to train to such a cultivation level at such a young age, these kids are not so simple. They must have had nearly no childhood at all. As their elders, we cannot be too severe towards them. Letting these two, with such good relationship, be in the same team will contribute greatly to the collaboration of all members within it together.”

Han Qian smiled, “Since everyone approves, I will immediately submit this request to the Alliance Leader as soon as I am back, seeing that it has gained the approval of all vice-leaders of the Alliance. The formation of the teams with the roulette will take place tomorrow.”

Long Haochen greatly rejoiced, respectfully bowing at the six auxiliary hall masters and saying, “Many thanks to all of you seniors for your help.”

Han Qian opened his eyes widely without restraint, glaring at him, “Hurry up and go to rest, crazy boy! I really don’t know whether what you did deserved praise.”

Long Haochen stuck out his tongue. At that moment, he finally looked, to some extent, like a 14 years-old boy.

Han Qian turned around, and facing the other competitors that didn’t leave yet, shouted loudly, “What the hell are you still looking at?!”

Everything turned into dust. The youths immediately dispersed in a state of uproar, discussing about today’s matters which were quite hard to comment on.

Li Xin hurriedly advanced. Seeing the bloodstains on Long Haochen’s chest, she was completely distressed, “Lil’ Bro, was there really any need for that?”

Long Haochen chuckled lightly, but didn’t say anything; he only tightly held Cai’er’s little ice-cold hand.

Li Xin didn’t go deeper into the matter. Only, her impression of Haochen became even greater than before. Silently gazing at Long Haochen, who was silently leaving while holding Cai’er’s hand, she came to clench her fists.

Cough, cough Coughing silently, Lin Xin came back to his senses. Turning around, all he could see was his grandfather standing by his side with a solemn look.

“Grandfather.” Lin Xin lowered his head. From childhood till now, he had been scolded and hit by his grandfather countless times. However, the mad curse he was expecting this time didn’t arrive. A big and warm hand was put on his shoulder, gently patting it.

“For you to have stood up at that time, it seems that you’re at least a man in the end.” Patting once again his grandson’s shoulder, Lin Chen took big strides. On the corners of his mouth appeared a smile. It seemed that his grandson, that originally behaved very unpleasantly, finally grew up. Lin Xin had, after all, stood up to defend Long Haochen and furthermore decided to bear all responsibility on that matter. At last, his grandson didn’t disgrace him. To some extent, he started to grow as a true man.

Seeing his grandfather’s figure from the back, Lin Xin suddenly felt a tempestuous feeling surging out from the depth of his heart, somehow oppressing him. Both of his eyes turned moist, as he murmured words only him could hear, “Mother, it would be great if you were still alive.”

Cai’er took Long Haochen’s hand, frequently checking his wrist’s pulse, to make sure that his body was in good condition.

For her to have managed to completely dispel the supplementary effect of her dagger with such ease, Cardinal Ruoshui’s healing capabilities were really top notch. Now, Long Haochen only felt a bit weak because of the blood loss; even the other injuries on his body were unconsciously healed by her. That proved how important an outstanding priest was to a team. It was a guarantee of the survival of the whole squad!

Cai’er was the one who led Long Haochen back to the hotel. She went as far as to enter in his room for the first time[ref]formally[/ref].

Li Xin didn’t stay for long; after confirming that Long Haochen’s injuries weren’t too bad one last time, she slowly stepped back, leaving these two little sweethearts by themselves.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er, letting her sit by his side before gently lifting her veil.

Cai’er rapidly lowered her head, exposing her lovely face that was flushing red.

“Are you still feeling unwell? You spat out some blood earlier.” Long Haochen stimulated his wristguard, using its supplementary [Holy Mantle], to cover the two of them within it.

Feeling a warm sensation from the [Holy Mantle], Cai’er lightly shook her head.

“Sorry Haochen, I am the one who caused today’s accident. If I hadn’t been so agitated, you wouldn’t…”

Long Haochen started, “Cai’er, I am the one who should have told you about the matter with Lin Xin earlier. How can I blame you?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “I am the one who didn’t have confidence in you. This is already the second time; after the first and second one, I won’t let a third time occur. In the future, no matter what you will do, I will have complete trust in you and support you in your choices. I will not let a situation like today’s repeat ever again.”

Seeing her exceedingly beautiful and lovely face, and hearing her speak about her responsibilities like this, Long Haochen couldn’t help but stretch his arms and gently pull her into his embrace.

Although Cai’er was slim, her body felt very soft. Holding her against his chest felt very comfortable. Ever since Long Haochen hugged her for the first time, he came to enjoy greatly this kind of feeling.

Cai’er’s pretty face turned even redder, but she didn’t show the slightest resistance. Meekly nestling in his bosom, she didn’t show any sign of her ordinarily expressionless face. Instead, the happiness she was exuding was only being amplified as time passed.

Today’s matter caused both of them to sustain injuries, and went as far as to disrupt the Demon Hunt Selection, but it led them to feel the importance they attached to each other even better.

For Long Haochen’s sake, Cai’er conceded twice, all for her man.

More importantly, Long Haochen’s mistake was what led her to spit out blood. To produce such an effect, how dear could Long Haochen’s place in her heart be?

And for her sake, Long Haochen would rather renounce the treasure from the heavens known as a spiritual stove, and was even willing to renounce his place as a Demon Hunting Squad member. Even more importantly, for the sake of lessening Sheng Yue’s bad impression of him, he did not hesitate to put himself in a dangerous situation to show his sincere feelings.

The main point of the embrace the two of them were in was not about their bodies sticking tightly to each other, but more importantly, the distance between their hearts was narrowed.

It lasted until dusk, when Long Haochen finally sent her back to her residence. Although they went through so many twists, ultimately, everything had been solved. This enabled Long Haochen to feel greatly relieved.

Not to separate from Cai’er, that was the major premise. Though now, this matter was finally resolved. Long Haochen could finally focus his concern on tomorrow’s selection ceremony.

In the end, who would become a part of his Demon Hunt Squad? He had already picked two people: Lin Xin and Cai’er. So now, only three more people were left: a priest, a warrior, and a summoner.

About the fact that he renounced the spiritual stove for the sake of Cai’er, Long Haochen didn’t feel the slightest regret. To him, not even ten or a hundred spiritual stoves could compare to his Cai’er.

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