Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 151

Chapter 151: This is the Hug You Owe Me (I)

On top of the throne was an enormous circular white gem, letting out a gentle sensation that was circulating around and leaving the powerhouses of the Six Great Temples completely alarmed and restless. It felt as if nothing else existed in this world, as no one in the area could sustain any kind of injuries.

On the large seat were tortoise-shell patterns, extending downwards just like the legs of an elephant, with two enormous armrails rising up on the sides. This throne appeared just like a sculpture.

Countless thick, decorative symbols were drawn on the two sides of the back, spreading up to the corners of this throne, giving off an impression of spring fragrance.

With a light sigh, an old and deep voice echoed, “Brother Sheng Yue, no need to get impatient. Putting aside the fact that everything is in accordance with the rules and regulations, Haochen didn’t do anything wrong. Even if he did do something wrong, why not let him explain everything first?”

Wearing a white gown with large sleeves, Yang Haohan calmly stood before that huge throne. Facing the incomparable throne behind him, even the bearded, black-clad, slim elder Sheng Yue couldn’t help but stay motionless.

Even if some youths participating in the Demon Hunt Selection couldn’t recognize it, how could Sheng Yue not?

This was precisely one of the six great Divine Thrones, the one known as the Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy!

Wearing his white gown, Yang Haohan turned out to be the Divine Knight of Defense and Strategy who watched over the Alliance’s headquarters, and the current leader of the Temple Alliance.

“Yang Haohan, are you trying to stop me?” No matter how strong Sheng Yue was, in front of the Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy, he couldn’t exert absolute dominance. This was because he knew that despite the fact that he was also at the ninth step, there was no way for him to break Yang Haohan’s defense with his offensive power.

Yang Haohan replied in a deep voice, “Brother Sheng Yue, even I didn’t know that this little guy would bring such inconvenience. However, you are the first of the auxiliary alliance leader. In the presence of so many elites of the younger generation of the Six Great Temples here, for the glory of the Alliance, please control yourself. The affairs of the youth should be left for them to settle among themselves.”

Accompanying this speech, an aura of supreme prestige was released from Yang Haohan’s body, and with a wave of his hands, a golden halo of light wrapped him and this hero of the ninth step, Sheng Yue. Sheng Yue’s appearance at this very moment, and before the eyes of Long Haochen, was a violation of the rules of the Alliance. He didn’t want this event to affect the opinion these youths held toward the Alliance, so he disconnected their voices from the external world.

Sheng Yue spoke back furiously, “Stop telling me such obvious facts; my great-granddaughter received critical mental damage! What do you have to say about it?”

Yang Haohan replied, “Sheng Yue, calm down. A few days ago, my grandson was wounded heavily by this great-granddaughter of yours, what do you have to say about that?”

Sheng Yue fell silent before quibbling with a few words, “My great-granddaughter is the Saint Daughter of Samsara. You should know how important she is to the Alliance”

From the gradual changes on his face, Yang Haohan appeared to have become furious, “Sheng Yue, you’re really becoming unbearable. I’m going to arrest you. The Saint Daughter of Samsara is indeed heavily important, but Haochen was born with the constitution of the Scion of Light. His innate internal spiritual energy is 97! So, how important is he to our Knight Temple?”

Sheng Yue’s face turned blank, “What did you say? A Scion of Light?”

Yang Haohan coldly groaned, “Your eyesight is far from being as good as your great-granddaughter’s.”

Sheng Yue came back to his senses and blurted out in anger, “What use is there to say that? This little bastard just treated my great-granddaughter like that, even after she did so much for him! I don’t care! If this matter is not made clear today, in the future, everything between my Assassin Temple and your Knight Temple will be over.”

“Great-grandfather, don’t.”

Awaking from her long half-unconscious state, Cai’er happened to hear the greatest part of the conversation the two old heroes had. Taking off her veil, covered by blood, she revealed her pale and delicate face. Around her grey pupils, blurred ripples appeared as she slowly stood straight in front of Sheng Yue.

“Great-grandfather, this affair is something between me and him.

Don’t interfere in it.”

Sheng Yue was completely furious, “This little brat treated you like this, and yet, you still want to defend him?!”

Cai’er shook her head and replied, “He didn’t do anything wrong. If this was his choice, then let it be. Great-grandfather, you cannot affect the relationship between our two Temples because of us.”

Sheng Yue looked at Cai’er before looking at Yang Haohan, with the Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy at his back. Then, in anger, he said, “Let’s leave.” In the end, he was an auxiliary chief of the Alliance, and as such, how could he not realize how serious the current general situation was?

Cai’er shook her head once again, “Great-grandfather, go on first.”

Sheng Yue gave her a puzzled look, asking, “What are you remaining here for? To be humiliated over and over by this little bastard?” He was naturally irascible, but in fact, it was all for the sake of this fabulous great-granddaughter of his. Otherwise, why would he impetuously appear for such a little matter?

In Cai’er’s blind eyes, a surge of distress appeared as she quietly said, “I just want to ask him something. Why?”

On stage.

“Let me go!” Long Haochen bellowed furiously to Ying Suifeng.

Because he was facing these six auxiliary hall masters, he couldn’t see the scene that was occurring at his back. The mantle of light isolated the platform from the sound behind him. And as for the changes in the surrounding light, he gave it next to no thought.

Although he couldn’t see it, how could he not know how much pain Cai’er experienced, hearing him choose Lin Xin over her? Grabbed by Ying Suifeng, he had no way at all to proceed.

Though confronting him, Ying Suifeng still saw the situation unfolding behind Long Haochen. His eyes were stuck on Sheng Yue and Yang Haohan, the two powerhouses of the ninth step that had appeared simultaneously on stage; he knew that this matter wasn’t something he could possibly influence.

As Long Haochen was finally released, he was extremely indignant. It was Han Qian that took a step forward to support his falling body.

It looked as though Long Haochen didn’t feel the slightest bit of the formidable power and pressure released by Ying Suifeng. In that instant, it looked as though he knelt down without the slightest hesitation before Han Qian.

“Elder Saint Knight Head, I have a request.”

Han Qian naturally saw the situation outside, and felt gloomy about the out-of-control situation that was occurring. With a sigh, he asked in return, “What is your request?”

Long Haochen said firmly, “I want to renounce the awarded spiritual stove that was the prize for first position in this year’s individual competition, and request that the Alliance let me choose another teammate in exchange.”

“What?” Han Qian once again appeared completely shocked, “You’re saying you want to renounce the spiritual stove?”

One must know that it was almost entirely for the sake of this reward that this Demon Hunt Selection was on the spotlight. It could be said that even the most average spiritual stove was already a treasure from heavens. And in spite of everything, he wanted to renounce his right to the spiritual stove?

The other auxiliary hall masters looked at each others in dismay. For a moment, they seemed at a complete loss.

Han Qian couldn’t help but shout furiously, “Do you know what the hell you are playing around with?!”

Long Haochen said in a resolute tone, “Senior Saint Knight Head, I am not playing around. If the Alliance cannot grant my request, I will renounce my rights to enter a Demon Hunt Squad. Then, five years from now, I will enter the competition once again. When the moment comes, my request will be the same. If, as before, the Alliance is unable to grant my request, then I will not join a Demon Hunt Squad.”

“It is out of the question!” The six auxiliary hall masters seemed to have yelled out these same words at the same time.

For Han Qian, it was because he was afraid of Long Haochen not entering a Demon Hunt Squad. Demon Hunt Squads are actually the only road someone from the Six Great Temples can tread to truly reach a high status and are also the best path for one’s growth. Possessing the physique of the Scion of Light, if Long Haochen, who obtained the first position for the Demon Hunt Selections, was to renounce his entry into a Demon Hunt Squad, it would very likely ruin his future.

As for the five other auxiliary hall masters, they were actually thinking differently. To participate once again five years later? Seeing that he is the number one of this year, who would possibly be able to contend against him five years later? He was bound to be number one once again. How could they be willing to see someone no one could possibly be a match against participate once again five years later?

Long Haochen lowered his head and said, “Please agree to my request.”

Han Qian said in a deep voice, “Then, who is the person you want in your team?”

Long Haochen immediately raised his head and replied, “It is Cai’er from the Assassin Temple.

Although I want to choose one more person, it should not oppose the fair aspect of the competition. Lin Xin didn’t get into the top 16, and Cai’er is the one I absolutely want to pick. I had to pick Lin Xin first only because I had a prior agreement, but Cai’er is the one I want to protect throughout my whole life, so I simply cannot be separated from her. If both sides cannot be satisfied with this, I will simply renounce becoming a Demon Hunt Squad member, and follow Cai’er. Wherever she will be, I will be in the same place.”

Outside of the mantle of light.

Cai’er’s distressed look turned lifeless, while Yang Haohan and Sheng Yue’s faces turned magnificent. To cause such a ruckus, so this little kid still had this kind of move in his hand?

For a moment, the two great powerhouses of the ninth step felt torn between laughter and tears.

Yang Haohan’s gloomy mood was even a bit more intense than Sheng Yue’s. What the hell is this? So there was actually such a twisted means for him to get to his goal. However, how is it that this little kid didn’t tell everything clearly to that young lady beforehand? This was so silly from him.

Truthfully, this couldn’t be blamed on Long Haochen. First of all, today had been the semifinals. How could he have predicted that they would directly proceed with the finals today? Not to mention that, with Cai’er’s strength, Long Haochen hadn’t even considered competing for the top two positions, especially after the lots had been drawn for the semifinals and it had turned out that he had been matched against Cai’er. Naturally, he wouldn’t reveal his thoughts to her.

In his mind, he was originally going to take the initiative to concede, and Cai’er would ultimately become one of the top three. Long Haochen’s plans had been identical to Cai’er’s, to the point that he had considered escaping his promise with Lin Xin by giving up the match for 3rd place. After five years, he would again attend the Demon Hunt Selection and choose Lin Xin then.

But who would’ve thought that Cai’er would concede twice in succession, thoroughly ruining Long Haochen’s plans. Furthermore, at that moment, the finals had already begun, and all Long Haochen could think about at the time was winning the championship to hug Cai’er.

If instead, the finals were held on the next day, even though Long Haochen would have been in an extremely complex mood after seeing that Cai’er conceded for his sake, he still would not have forgotten such an important matter.

Even after the finals had started, Long Haochen had still assumed that there would be an opportunity to communicate with Cai’er. He didn’t imagine that the regulations of the roulette would not only prohibit him from going back to Cai’er’s side, but they also isolated him from the outside, making him misunderstand, thinking that his voice wouldn’t be transmitted outside.

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