Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 015

Chapter 15: Standard Knight Examination (III)

“Elder sister, be careful.” as Long Hao Chen warned her, his foot had already moved. The distance crossed by each of his steps weren’t much, but the pace was high. This was the knights’ short distance charge, that he correctly executed. Both swords, the first in front of Long Hao Chen and the second behind his back almost arrived in front of Li Xin in a flash.

A fast and strong thrust went straight towards Li Xin’s left shoulder, it was filled with the power of the sheer momentum concentrated in the charge.

Li Xin showed a smile. Her left hand’s sword was quickly raised, blocking Long Hao Chen’s attack, and she attacked with her right hand’s sword in no hurry. She wanted to see if this little guy could be harmed by an attack of this level.

Bang– –, without a sign, Long Hao Chen’s right feet suddenly stomped on the ground, causing his foot to cancel its previous motion, forcefully ending this all-out charge, his body floating along with it. Meanwhile, the sent out refined iron sword was quickly retrieved along with the motion, just in time to cross this provocation of Li Xin.

Nalan Shu’s eyes shone; skill interruption?

He also took back into his hand the refined-iron sword at this moment. The edge of his sword momentarily shone and right afterwards, with at least twice his prior speed, a light shone on the edge, aiming for Li Xing’s left shoulder as before.
[Pure White Edge], [Thorny Charge]. Two knight abilities practically perfectly mixed together were used, and it happened to create an opening in this moment of provocation from Li Xin.
The knight skill called [Thorny Charge] is able to raise the speed of the attack and, at the same time to gather the spiritual energy. Coordinated with a second ability that condenses the spiritual energy, [Pure White Edge], this hit’s power had already greatly outstripped Long Hao Chen’s 107th spiritual energy level.

However, Li Xin was not a Standard Knight, she was a Genuine Knight and at the instant the sword moved, she was already in guard against it, her right hand’s sword arriving before her body in this critical situation. No matter how much Long Hao Chen enhanced his attack, it couldn’t be enough to pierce her defense.

Ding– —

The two swords met each other, Long Hao Chen’s thrust hit the part located at the top third of the blade. The power of the straight thrust wasn’t really lacking compared to the cross cut. However, because of the superiority of Li Xin’s spiritual energy compared to Long Hao’s, she blocked the attack, but couldn’t help draw two step backs.

Pa– –, the sword in Long Hao Chen’s right hand was repelled, but his movements did not stop so easily, his right arm’s refined-iron sword rose at the same time as he took a step forward, unexpectedly assaulting again.

A second charge, and at such a close-distance, but it was repelled even though this attack was the second in a row.

Long Hao Chen’s tough right hand swept from the side. The second charge only consisted of three steps, but during those three steps, his body seemed very stable. Then, his foot rotated, realizing with his body a swift whirl. The left hand’s sword rose, shining of a thin white light, [Pure White Edge]’s severe chop was directed straight towards Li Xin.

Li Xin’s eyes were full of surprise, but she showed her inborn talents of a genius knight at this moment. Her right foot was directed towards the back, her body taking a stable posture. Then, her body bent over, the sword at her right-hand side prepared and the sword at her left side, emitting a sort of lightning, stabbed ahead, becoming ten sword shadows heading towards Long Hao Chen’s body. [Lightning Thrust], a third step knight skill.

A defense and counter-attacking move.

But the next scene completely dumbfounded Nalan Shu who was standing to the side.

A sound rang and Long Hao Chen’s full force attacking sword immediately collided against Li Xin’s sword. Although there was a difference of almost 100 levels between Long Hao Chen’s and Li Xin’s spiritual energy, this attack of his was supported by skills and managed to draw force from the momentum. As both swords intersected, the result was surprising: no one had the advantage; it was even Li Xin’s body that was slightly repelled.

But suddenly, Li Xin’s [Lightning Cut] arrived before Long Hao Chen. At this moment, Nalan Shu thought about interrupting the fight and Li Xin was already preparing to stop her hand.

But Long Hao Chen’s right hand that was just repelled by the attack suddenly moved.

A sort of illusion emitted by the sword blasted the area in front of his body and with a loud noise, [Lightning Cut] was completely blocked.

Because she was afraid of harming Long Hao Chen, Li Xin didn’t go all out and her attack was not only warded off, but also countered at this moment.

Both sword wielded, one horizontally and one vertically, it was a the sign of a knight’s skill, [Instant Blast Cross Cut].

There was already nothing left of Li Xin’s previously amused look. After she had released her [Lightning Cut], she had no power left. In addition to the fact that because she didn’t expect at all that Long Hao Chen would be able to block her previous attack, therefore, she didn’t prepare any response to this counterattack.

A thin golden light shone from Li Xin’s body. Her right hand was inserted in the ground and a golden ray suddenly burst out, rising two meter high.

With two Dang sound, Long Hao Chen’s [Instant Blast Cross Cut] was stopped by a layer of golden light screen and bounced back. At this moment, he also drew back of a few steps, taking a defensive posture. The consumption of the previous succession of attacks wasn’t small.

Li Xin shot a gloomy look toward Long Hao Chen who just drew back, “OK! Little guy, you compelled Elder Sister to send out the [Heavenly Battle Array] to deal with your attack. Be careful, now Elder Sister is going to attack.”

[Heavenly Battle Array], a skill of Retribution Knights of the third step that draws support from the particular holy light of the knight and takes the shape of a layer of light with an effect similar to an all-out defense formed of spiritual energy.

Her foot pushing on the ground, Li Xin jumped, her right hand’s sword chopping straight towards Long Hao Chen. She is truly somewhat depressed at this moment because she was forced to act shamelessly, using the [Heavenly Battle Array] against Long Hao Chen to keep off his attack, her face looking hectic. The important matter was to reclaim back the face she just lost.

This time, Long Hao Chen didn’t strike back. He lift his right hand and, in a split second, he seemed like a venerable sculpture. Even though it was only for a little moment, it made Nalan Shu, to the side, widen his eyes.

With a neat Dang sound, Li Xin was shocked and moved back stupefied.

In fact, her spiritual energy was at least twice Long Hao Chen’s and plus, she jumped in the air. So even if she showed mercy, her attack force would still be considerable. To Li Xin, Long Hao Chen should be the one to draw back, but in fact, she was the one forced back. Her hand that held the sword was completely paralyzed.

“I can’t attack, how is that possible!?” Li Xin fell down with a gloomy look, it could be seen on her face that she didn’t understand Long Hao Chen’s current defensive posture.

Seeing that Li Xin stopped, Long Hao Chen packed up his own pair of swords. Feeling embarassed to see Li Xin’s gloomy look, he didn’t know what he ought to do at this moment.

“Uncle Nalan, please tell me, what is all of that about? Long Hao Chen is only a first step Standard Knight, so how is it possible? How could he be able to repel me?”

As she said that, Li Xin saw the expression on Nalan Shu’s shocked face. This time, he was the one who looked like a sculpture, standing there while showing a stupefied appearance.

“Uncle Nalan, what is up with you?” Li Xin asked with an expression full of doubts.

“[Divine Obstruction]? Little Hao Chen, quickly tell me, was what you just used the [Divine Obstruction]?” Nalan Shu made a few steps before arriving in front of Long Hao Chen, his eyes full of impatience and showing a shaken expression.

Li Xin’s heroic face was immediately struck dumb with amazement, “Uncle Nalan, aren’t you mistaken? That was a Radiant Knight’s [Divine Obstruction]? It is impossible, absolutely impossible. Weren’t only Radiant knights able to use the [Divine Obstruction]?”

Radiant Knight, the sixth step of the vocation. [Divine Obstruction] was a skill that was their brand mark and also the skill known to cause the most changes to the knight’s body.

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