Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Battle Transcending the Heavens (III)

On the middle of the stadium stood that robust referee, who looked at Long Haochen very doubtfully; all gazes were currently directed towards the platform.

After a little moment, from the platform, Han Qian’s voice floated out, “The competition may continue, let’s start the finals.”

The referee bowed slightly toward this platform, before loudly shouting, “Long Haochen against Yang Wenzhao, prepare to battle!”

This referee was currently in an excellent mood, because he was a part of the Knight Temple, and looking at this final match opposing this pair, although Long Haochen definitely owed this in a great part to luck, this also brought the Knight Temple a sure glory.

Yang Wenzhao, who was a lot slower than long Haochen to enter, saluted the referee before gazing at Long Haochen.

These two knights who were predestined to become stars for the Knight Temple were going to face each other once again. But this time, it was for the finals of the Demon Hunt Selection.

Looking at Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao couldn’t help but secretly sigh to himself. He could visibly feel Long Haochen’s intense fighting spirit.

How could this happen? Cai’er has conceded two matches in a row for his sake! Could it be that he doesn’t feel the slightest bit awkward about that? It was after all a girl that let him win!

How could he know about the existence of this bet between Long Haochen and Cai’er? With Cai’er as his motivation, his thirst for victory had already reached its peak. Furthermore, to Long Haochen, admittedly that it was for his only sake that Cai’er conceded these two matches, as long as he could beat the expected great-champion-in-the-making Yang Wenzhao, he would amply prove his strength.

Although this was the finals, the starting signal was as simple as before. The referee looked at both sides, confirming their identities, and shouted out loudly, “Match begins! Beware to behave appropriately, killing the opponent is forbidden!” After this last warning, he hurriedly retreated, and a mantle surrounding them accordingly started to form.

Together with the call of the referee, the match began and spiritual energy erupted from both sides.

Golden radiances soared up, filled with overflowing fighting spirit. Long Haochen’s internal spiritual energy that had been stifled for long had immediately been set free, looking a lot brighter than Yang Wenzhao’s.

Yang Wenzhao wasn’t weak either. Facing the great pressure released by Long Haochen, his fighting spirit constantly rose. They didn’t say anything, but at this very moment, each of them only wanted to face the opponent he had before their eyes.

Long Haochen spread his two hands forward, and the Holy Spirit Sword astonishingly appeared in his left hand, while in his right hand appeared a lump of deep blue-colored halos. Instantly, a blue light shining of gold was shot up as a blade similar to a deep radiance appeared.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light finally appeared in his hand, setting foot in the battlefield for the first time.

He didn’t choose to make use of the effects of the Holy Spirit Set, but chose Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. This also implied that in this battle, Long Haochen had chosen to fight his opponent offensively, in a Retribution versus Retribution way.

Similarly, a pair of large golden swords came out in front of Yang Wenzhao, as both parties charged simultaneously against each other.

They didn’t summon their mount, because the distance separating knights was only 20 meters, and since the referee didn’t give the order to increase the distance between them, at such a distance separating the two of them, it was very possible that the opponent would be able to decisively take the advantage while one of them took the time to summon his mount.

From the lounge, clearly, two lumps of dazzling lights with incomparable intensity appeared as the two opponents reached each other. That grandeur filled with resolution, these rich and formidable spiritual energies didn’t fail to reveal their formidable strength to everyone.


The two youths ruthlessly clashed against each other. They crossed without the least bit of gaudiness, before shooting back while turning into two lumps of golden light.

In this instant, even if Long Haochen was slightly inferior in terms of cultivation level, he was unexpectedly pushed back one meter less than Yang Wenzhao.

Yang Wenzhao was astonished: in the instant when he clashed with Long Haochen, he felt a mad sensation coming out from Long Haochen’s body. That’s right, it was precisely [Madness].

The current Long Haochen was completely ignited! He displayed the greatest fighting strength he had ever shown.

[Assault]. Long Haochen relied on the advantage he held from his first attack and in a flash, returned once again, launching an [Assault] at the direction of Yang Wenzhao. As he held the Holy Spirit Sword high above his head, [Holy Sword] condensed, and at the same time, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light erupted, aiming a [Lightning Thrust] at Yang Wenzhao.

In a split second, Yang Wenzhao felt as if a flower had appeared before his eyes, only seeing that fantastic heavy sword in his right hand, erupting into hundreds of thousands of rays, just as if it suddenly exploded. But these rays were at least ten fold more numerous than the ones produced by a regular [Lightning Thrust].

A lump of enormous light suddenly exploded into a myriad of threads of light, completely obstructing any escaping path, oppressing Yang Wenzhao to the extent that he felt somewhat unable to gasp for a breather.

How can a [Lightning Thrust] be so overbearing? Yang Wenzhao was completely astonished and didn’t dare to neglect it. His two heavy swords instantly took a defensive posture, and launched [Heavenly Battle Array].

Golden light rose in the air, blocking each thread of light while taking a shape of mantle. It looked like a torrential rain flowed, somewhat separated by the [Heavenly Battle Array].

This was precisely the first particularity of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. It could increase the offensive level of abilities. Through this sword, the attack power was greatly raised. And only after having undergone a lot of attempts did Long Haochen manage to combine [Lightning Thorn] with Blue Rain to such a level. His contract with this Hibiscus was at its greatest level and, naturally, making such power erupt brought incredible effects.

How could a [Heavenly Battle Array] possibly block an attack of such intensity? In about the duration of a mere second, [Heavenly Battle Array] exploded and was smashed to pieces.

However, having earned a second also gave Yang Wenzhao the time to react. A resonant dragon cry resounded in the whole stadium, as Yang Wenzhao soared in the air with the effects of [Ascending Dragon’s Strike] before making a dozen swords appear around him. Relying on the defensive and offensive properties of [Ascending Dragon’s Strike], he finally counteracted the power of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.

Facing Yang Wenzhao, soaring in the air, Long Haochen supported himself on one foot, before jumping at his turn. As he went after the [Ascending Dragon’s Strike], a [Holy Sword] was accomplished with the sword in his right hand, and released with [Light Thorn].

At this moment, Yang Wenzhao’s heroic and formidable character surged out. The [Ascending Dragon’s Strike] was suddenly stopped as it turned around on the other side, changing its orientation below, and brazenly meeting head on with Long Haochen’s [Holy Sword].


Gold and white clashed violently, releasing a lump of rich golden and white halos into the air. Long Haochen, who was directly met by this [Heavenly Dragon’s Strike], fell directly on the ground, but Yang Wenzhao immediately seized the opportunity to charge once again, as in the corners of his mouth, wisps of blood could clearly be seen. He finally ended up suffering injuries, although light.

Long Haochen’s offense was too fierce. Yang Wenzhao didn’t expect in the slightest that after all, he would choose such an aggressive style, without holding the slightest bit back. This was his eventual little mistake.

Waving his two swords, Yang Wenzhao drew an outline of fantastic patterns. He wanted to rely on the fact that his body was still soaring in the air, to summon his Starlight Unicorn in this little moment.

That Starlight Unicorn had already reached the threshold of the seventh step. Although it had not broken through long ago, it exceeded Hao Yue in terms of ranking. Further adding the deepness of his contract with his Starlight Unicorn and its flight ability, he would definitely be able to make a come back from this disadvantageous situation.

However, at this very moment, something Yang Wenzhao didn’t expect at all occurred.

A violent power suddenly sucked him in downward. The formidable attractive power had dragged him directly to the ground. And at this moment, Long Haochen who just fell on the ground didn’t give him the slightest opportunity to take a breather, instantly shooting like a bullet from the ground. Swinging his two swords, he revolved while charging at Yang Wenzhao.

Evolved Saint Spiritual Stove’s second ability, [Pull], linked with [Condemning Revolving Sword].

Although Long Haochen was in midair, his willpower had already ignited to its peak, but still, in these kinds of circumstances, his mind was very sober, calm.

The complete opposite of his fiery attack.

Yang Wenzhao bounced back in the air in this split second, and Long Haochen, who determined that his opponent was up to something, instantly let the power of his Saint Spiritual Stove erupt in an eye blink. Enveloped by a white light, he forcefully pulled Yang Wenzhao’s body while shooting upwards. In the process, his mount summoning had inevitably been canceled.

As a matter of fact, Long Haochen was successful. When Yang Wenzhao felt a huge attractive force on him, the balance of his body was broken and his summoning was already interrupted. Immediately, he saw Long Haochen’s flashy [Condemning Revolving Sword], emitting golden rings all around.

Not good!

In this moment of crisis, Yang Wenzhao didn’t dare continue his summoning. Dozens of very little blue drops of light came out from his chest, overflowing from it, and turning into a ball of light, aiming straight at bombarding Long Haochen. It was precisely the Starsea Spiritual Stove.

In his currently unprepared state, when facing the [Condemning Revolving Sword] of Long Haochen, who already reached the fifth step of the vocation, he became immediately afraid of ending up injured.

On one side, he lost his chance, on the other side, he entered in a state of crisis. Long Haochen currently held an overwhelming advantage.

Violently colliding with these numerous brilliances erupting in the sky, released like fireworks, they completely shocked the competitors watching from the lounge. Among them, the overwhelming majority was unable to see clearly what was happening, but could vaguely see that both parties seemed to have used a spiritual stove’s power.

These two unexpectedly have both a spiritual stove?

Without a doubt, Yang Wenzhao’s Starsea Spiritual Stove was even more formidable, but these competitors had their attention fixed even more on Long Haochen.

This… This was a Saint Spiritual Stove! To a Demon Hunt Squad, possessing a Saint Spiritual Stove user implied to have an enormous supplementary strength. When facing powerful foes, this kind of Demon Hunt Squad will be bound to have advantages from it. If they were to choose, at least 80% of these people would choose to be in Long Haochen’s squad. The other 20% were either knights or some freaks.

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