Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Battle Transcending the Heavens (II)

Not a single breath was heard as the whole stadium lapsed into deathly silence. Everyone’s vision converged onto the ring of light, as well as the bodies of the four people surrounding it.

Lights flickered, and then the drawing stopped.

Once everyone saw that the drawing of lots had concluded, they couldn’t help but exhale a sharp breath. Yang Wenzhao went into a daze, so did Long Haochen.

A hint of helplessness appeared in the corners of Long Haochen’s mouth. Faintly lowering his head, the event he was most reluctant to see unfold actually happened. Looking at the exact same golden lusters shining on both his and Cai’er’s bodies, he felt his throat go dry.

“What were the results?” Cai’er asked in a soft voice.

“Your opponent is me.” Long Haochen answered with a bit of difficulty.

“Oh.” Cai’er answered simply, as if she didn’t care a single bit about this result. On the contrary, she directly gripped onto Long Haochen’s hand.

Han Qian also went into a daze. To the Knight Temple, this should’ve been a good draw. However, looking at Long Haochen’s expression, his heart was a bit unsettled.

“Drawing concluded. Yang Wenzhao versus Mu Ning, Long Haochen versus Cai’er. First match, Long Haochen versus Cai’er. The two of you, remain in the arena and make your preparations.”

The other Temple heads didn’t have any expression out of the ordinary when Han Qian announced the results of the drawings.

However, once these results were declared, the resting area immediately dissolved into a raucous clamor of comments and discussions. Li Xin was anxious to the point that she stood up. Lil’ Bro is about to face off against Cai’er, how is this any good? They, will they truly go all out against each other?

“Wait a moment.” Cai’er who was still latching onto Long Haochen’s arm suddenly interjected.

The six auxiliary hall masters that were about to withdraw couldn’t help but look towards her in confusion.

Cai’er calmly continued: “Just directly start the next match. I concede.”

*chatters*, *chatters*

The whole stadium went into an uproar.

Han Qian opened his eyes wide. Concerning this match between Long Haochen and Cai’er, honestly speaking, he didn’t know at all for whom he should have been cheering. From the point of view of the Knight Temple, of course the best would be to let Long Haochen win, so as to let him the finals take place between Yang Wenzhao and him. However, if Long Haochen were to beat Cai’er, wouldn’t that affect their relationship? One should know that Cai’er has the status of Saint Daughter of Samsara! If Long Haochen could unite and marry successfully with her, then, without the slightest doubt, in some future, the two of them would inevitably become the cornerstones of the Alliance, and this was also the situation the Knight Temple hoped for.

Cai’er’s choosing to concede was a conclusion that Han Qian did really not expect. However, after a moment of blanking out, his face began to overflow with joy. Without a doubt, to the Knight Temple, Cai’er’s concession was the most ideal outcome. It was perfect.

However, Ying Suifeng’s expression grew extremely unsightly as he frantically spoke: “Cai’er, you, you really wish to concede?”

Cai’er gave a faint nod, then tugged on Long Haochen’s arm and headed back to the resting area.

“Cai’er, you…” Cai’er’s last phrase shocked him totally. He had already considered conceding, but didn’t think that Cai’er would be even more direct than him. Not even waiting for the match to start, she simply stole the opportunity and took the initiative to concede. All this truly happened too fast, and only when Cai’er began pulling Long Haochen towards the resting area did he finally return to his senses.

“No, it can’t be like this. Cai’er, your strength is greater than mine.” Long Haochen earnestly said.

Cai’er gripped his hand, then said in a soft voice: “Your glory is my glory.”

Once Long Haochen heard this simple phrase, it was as if his heart had just been heavily pounded by a hammer, and heated blood rushed to his head, making it so that he couldn’t even utter a single word.

Cai’er, Cai’er. Long Haochen’s eyes moistened, and he no longer obstructed Cai’er’s good will, simply allowing himself to be pulled slowly back to the resting area.

As a man, words, no matter how sweet they were, could never equal sincere action. This tender gesture, allow me to use the rest of my life to repay it. Cai’er, now that I have you in my life, what more could I ask for? I will never forsake you, and will protect you with my life.

In this moment, the position that Cai’er held in Long Haochen’s heart had immediately shot up to be on the same level as his parents. Even if he didn’t truly understand the affairs between a man and a woman, Cai’er had already occupied the entire space in his heart.

In the center of the arena, Yang Wenzhao stood staring at Mu Ning whose eyes were filled with incredulity. Both of their expressions were similarly wonderful to look at.

Never had Mu Ning imagined that the queen of his heart would concede just like that. In his perspective, Cai’er was definitely going to be the final champion!

Yang Wenzhao, on the other hand, felt as if a burden had been lifted off his shoulders. As Cai’er had chosen to concede, naturally, his final opponent would be Long Haochen. It was an extremely wonderful thing that he wouldn’t have to face this female assassin.

“Second round, Yang Wenzhao versus Mu Ning. Have you two made your preparations yet?”

Yang Wenzhao immediately brought himself back to reality, replying a deep voice: “Preparations complete.”

However, on the other side, Mu Ning let out a sliver of a bitter laugh. The wound he had suffered from the attack yesterday was truly too heavy. Even now, half his body was still completely unable to gather strength. To him, today’s match had already lost all meaning.

“I concede.”

The whole stadium once again went into a cacophonous uproar. Although Mu Ning was extremely unwilling in his heart, he had no other options besides conceding. He didn’t even have a chance to take a risk. Based on his current state, as well as his cultivation level, which was not yet at the fifth step, he probably wouldn’t be able to block even one attack from Yang Wenzhao. What else could he do but concede?

Under these sort of circumstances, even the referee spaced out, involuntary looking in the direction of the platform.

“Yang Wenzhao is the victor.”

There were two rounds of semifinals, and they had actually both ended before even starting. The Knight Temple had emerged the most victorious, with both Long Haochen and Yang Wenzhao having entered the top two.

“Everyone, do not move. There will be an announcement in a moment.” Han Qian’s voice resounded from the platform.

The participants who had originally prepared to leave halted their steps. In regards to this match, they were a bit disappointed. They had originally thought that they would be able to watch spectacular matches, but instead, there were two straight concessions.

After a short period of time, Han Qian’s voice resounded once again from the podium, “With regards to the fact that today, no real match took place, the finals of this year’s competition will be shifted to an earlier date. They will take place today, before offering the rewards and completing roulette ceremony. No one shall leave yet. ”

Shifted to an earlier date? Roulette ceremony?

It implied that today, the final champion would come out, as well as the composition of the ten Demon Hunt Squads.

The Demon Hunt Selection was, in itself, a part of the Temple Alliance’s foundation, and from beginning to end, no one dared acting unseriously with regard to it. Since the semifinals ended like that, this would naturally have the effect of economizing some time.

“Next, the third and fourth ranked are going to come out. Temple guests Cai’er and Mu Ning shall go on stage.”

This time, Han Qian was the one who made this announcement directly. The referee on stage was also switched to someone else, a man who looked to be forty or so years old, with a figure that seemed as sturdy as a mountain. Naturally, he would restrain his aura, but in the instant he appeared on stage, he brought a great pressure upon all competitors.

Could this referee be at the eighth step of cultivation? From the lounge, to these males and females of all ages, forming the outstanding part of their generation, and having experimented much more than most people their ages, the appearance of this referee with his naturally intimidating presence gave off an inordinately formidable pressure.

“I concede.” A cold voice resounded in the whole stadium.

All competitors, who were previously discussing to themselves, suddenly went silent, and simultaneously gazed to the same direction.

Cai’er, standing there, bowed at the direction of the platform, before sitting down once again. These two previous words were actually coming out precisely from her mouth.

“Cai’er, what are you doing?” Long Haochen was completely astonished. However, Cai’er had already voiced her decision of conceding.

Cai’er calmly leaned her head on his shoulder, “The Divine Thrones have to be succeeded effectively. Idiot, the three top competitors cannot be in the same squad, you know!”

Long Haochen’s whole body was shaken. That’s right, the ones in the top three cannot be in the same squad! I… How could I have actually forgotten something of such importance?

It… It was for my only sake that she conceded two matches in a row, going as far as to not enter the top three…

And yet, she clearly had the strength to fight over the championship…

“Cai’er, Cai’er…” Long Haochen only felt that all the emotions contained in his deepest innerside were coming out at the same time. Unable to bear the urge of spreading his arms with the aim of holding her in their embrace. At that moment, he already didn’t know how to voice the extremely intense feeling in his heart anymore.

Cai’er laid her palms against his chest, saying in a low voice: “Idiot, you haven’t taken the first place yet. Hurry up and go. It’s time for you to go on stage.”

Long Haochen grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it hard, “I will definitely win.” After saying so, his body leaped into the air as if dashing into the arena.

Cai’er’s hand was still raised, as she felt that her entire arm had become numb. The pretty face hidden behind the veil at this time flushed crimson in abashment. However, she had never before in her life felt in such a good mood. As it turned out, expending efforts for a person could also bring her happiness.

You said previously that you would protect me forever. How could I not let you have the chance to do so?

This idiot, dummy…

Ever since Long Haochen made that promise, she had already determined that this scene would unfold.

Speeding into the arena, Long Haochen’s battle spirit had already risen to an unprecedented level. One could faintly see golden fire burning within his pair of crystal clear eyes.

This was the power of love. At present, his current state had already entered an unparalleled high.

However, amidst the strong emotions in his heart and his sky high battle spirit, he had unfortunately forgotten an extremely important matter that he neglected to explain to Cai’er.

At this moment, the most unexpected was that the other assassin won third place due to Cai’er’s concession.

Mu Ning stared in Cai’er’s direction like a deer in headlights. For a while, he couldn’t think of anything good to say. At times, fortune arrives too quickly, so fast that one can’t even attempt to digest it. One must know that to be in the top three meant that one could obtain an incomparably valuable spiritual stove as well as have the opportunity to lead and set up his own demon hunt squad.

Any one of the top three was bound to become the squad captain of a demon hunt squad.

On the podium, Ying Suifeng was furious to the point that his nose had nearly gone crooked. He looked at Han Qian, his face wrathful.

Han Qian only responded very innocently, “This has nothing to do with me. When a girl is of age, she must be married off! But look, this is also a happy occasion. It will promote the relationship between our two temples further. Furthermore, it’s very likely that Long Haochen will become our Knight Temple’s chief cornerstone, and isn’t he your Assassin Temple’s son-in-law?”

Although he spoke this way, the smile on his face was actually extremely devious.

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