Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 143

Chapter 143: For the Glory of Knights (II)

[Radiant World], the spiritual energy recovering option. Long Haochen received Little Light’s support, his near-exhausted spiritual power gradually recovering. And without notice, Haoyue immediately charged towards the opponent.

The Snow Shadow Leopard still wanted to resist, but was directly oppressed by Little Fire’s fierce flames; Little Green also bit into its neck without waiting.

Looking at Long Haochen, the crumbling Liao Yu sighed. “I lost.”

Long Haochen questioned, “I’m curious, what magical beast were you trying to summon? For it to possess such power…”

Liao Yu did not hide the fact, because even though he was unhappy with his loss, he truly approved of Long Haochen’s ability. The last slash did not just involve grasping the accurate timing. If the attack was not powerful enough, it would be impossible for it to break the summoning cloud.

“It’s a Wild Vermilion Bird, a phoenix-type mythological beast of the tenth step.

Even though I can only summon it to attack once, the power of that attack can be compared to that of a magical beast of the eighth step. Which means its attack can rival those of vocations of the seventh step. If the summoning succeeded, the situation would have turned around, and I am afraid the winner would have been me.”

Long Haochen’s heart shook, secretly thinking, Being able to advance this far in the competition indeed was not so simple. If he let Liao Yu finish his summoning, not only would he have lost, but perhaps also ended up heavily injured. An attack from a beast mount of the eighth step can after all not possibly be blocked easily.

“Winner: Long Haochen.”

In the time spent talking, the Snow Shadow Leopard had already slumped on the ground, its head bitten off by little Green. How could a magical beast of the fourth step stand a chance against a magical beast of the sixth step?

Long Haochen leaped down, and held on to the unsteady Liao Yu, who was unable to fully support his own weight. “It looks like the battle strategy I chose was the problem. I shouldn’t have attacked you with [Storing Power].”

Liao Yu calmly said, “I never thought that you would have a Saint Spiritual Stove. And if I haven’t guessed incorrectly, your stove has already evolved once. When the time comes, I sincerely hope that we could be placed in the same demon hunting squad.”

Long Haochen chuckled slightly, saying, “I also hope so.” Undoubtedly, Liao Yu was the first pick of the Spiritual Temple in this Demon Hunt Squad Selection Competition. Being able to be placed in the same squad as him would naturally be a very good thing. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but think about Chen Ying’er, who still left him unconvinced. Compared to that girls with her unpredictable summonings, Liao Yu was obviously more outstanding.

Staff members quickly entered the battle area, supporting Liao Yu by the arm and leading him out. Naturally, there were people from the Priest Temple to heal him.

After sending Haoyue back, Long Haochen headed to the lounge in large strides, both fists clenched tightly. Having entering the top four, he was at a single step of the top three. There were merely two matches left before reaching the first place.

The lucky participants chosen for the second match were people from the Assassin Temple and the Warrior Temple.

But a lucky draw did not signify an easy fight. Conversely, it was the most desperate battle of the elimination matches so far.

Having already broken through the fifth step, the contestant from the Warrior Temple was stronger than his opponent. In comparison, the qualifier from the assassin temple was at the peak of the fourth step. There was a qualitative gap between the two of them.

But, for him to be able to qualify for the top eight, the assassin surely possessed immense power as well. Furthermore, he possessed three secret techniques, and by relying on the pillars that rose from the battleground, he turned it into an arduous battle.

The whole duration of the match was around half an hour. In the end, the assassin, relying on shocking willpower, used his own body as bait: in the instant the opponent’s heavy sword sliced into his scapula, he counterattacked and stabbed through the armor by his throat. One slash to seal the throat.

Of course, he didn’t really kill his opponent, but with the price of a heavy wound, he won the battle. If one was to summarize the secret of winning the battle, then the two words ‘sheer will’ would be the most accurate words possible to describe it. Being pressured at the start, but at the last moment, counterattacking to obtain victory with a single strike. The weak defeated the strong, obtaining victory against an opponent of the fifth step, and outrageously advancing to the top four.

On the platform, Ying Suifeng nodded to himself. He decided that after this competition, he would properly train this assassin.

The following third match was a competition between fellow knights.

As Yang Wenzhao stood up and turned around to the direction of the battleground, he deliberately looked at Long Haochen. As of now, his face was completely calm, and his heart was in a serene state.

Before the appearance of Long Haochen, he had always been hailed as the most talented of the young generation. This talent was not only about his strength, but also in his attitude.

The strength of Long Haochen and Cai’er had completely aroused Yang Wenzhao’s fighting spirit, so no matter who the next opponent of the top four was, he would undoubtedly exert all he his strength against him.

Yang Wenzhao’s opponent, a low-profile knight with an average-looking face, had no extraordinary features, but was conversely very calm. He seemed a little older than Yang Wenzhao.

“Yang Wenzhao from the Knight Temple will be up against Duan Yi from the Knight Temple, both sides prepare.”

“The battle starts now.”

At the time of the knight temple preliminaries, Long Haochen was defeated by Yang Wenzhao, and because Yang Wenzhao was heavily injured by Cai’er, Duan Yi received first place in the preliminaries. Naturally, his strength was not average.

Following the signal of the referee, the two youths summoned their mounts. Both sides were of the fifth step, so besides competing with their own ability, they would compete with the power of their mounts. Like Long Haochen, who spared nothing and gave his all, Yang Wenzhao would not hold back anything anymore.

The Yang Wenzhao of today still wore the same silver white armor as before, only, it was a different one from when he battled against Long Haochen, while carrying, as before, a pair of golden heavy swords in his hands.

On the other side, Duan Yi’s armor was black, just like his shield and sword. It was something rarely seen among knights. Duan Yi’s weaponry and armor, no matter which item, were a lot thicker than the norm.

By this time, Long Haochen had long since arrived at Cai’er’s side, and was currently looking attentively at the battle proceeding in front of him. He had never seen Yang Wenzhao’s mount before, so this was the perfect chance to observe it. Perhaps it was because Yang Wenzhao had previously defeated him, but against all expectations, he really hoped for Yang Wenzhao to win over the opponent.

The dual golden-colored heavy swords radiated lines of mysterious light as they slashed in front of his body, a golden hexagram blooming in front of Yang Wenzhao.

“Xululu!” Accompanied by a long screech, among the surprised shouts of the resting area, a unicorn appeared impressively in front of the public.

Its whole body was snow white-colored, the mane on its neck golden, and a golden spiral-shaped horn standing proudly on top of its head. It had a large pair of feathered wings, pure white wings with edges lined with golden feathers. Its body emitted ring after ring of golden light up and down.

It was actually a Starlight Unicorn!

Long Haochen has clearly seen the beauty of this type of unicorn with his own eyes before, before being rejected by the Starlight Unicorn King. Towards those called the noblest unicorns, he had a clear memory. He really didn’t expect Yang Wenzhao’s mount to be a Starlight Unicorn.

The Starlight Unicorn before his eyes possessed a width of approximately 3.3 meters and a height of almost 2.7 meters, and was slowly unfolding the pair of pure white wings on its back. Even though it had yet to reach adulthood, this unicorn was still mystically handsome.

It is known that Starlight Unicorns are hailed as the best mounts for knights. A Starlight Unicorn that has reached adulthood, even though it would only be a magical beast of the eight step, had a very high compatibility with knights. Even a magical beast of the ninth step would not be able to compete with it. It implied that Yang Wenzhao, impressively, was already an Airborne Knight.


Just as Long Haochen was admiring the Starlight Unicorn, on the other side, Duan Yi also completed his mount summon.

Duan Yi’s mount was far off from having the handsome beauty and dazzle of the Starlight Unicorn, but its appearance was much more terrifying.

With a large body that exceeded 6.5 meters, a height that exceeded 10 meters, and four sturdy limbs, it resembled a massive pillar. Long hair of a pressed red color hung down, two buckteeth protruded from its mouth, but the most amazing thing was that a golden red horn was coming out from its head.

This was…

A Golden Horned Mammoth, a light and fire double attribute mount at the peak of the eighth step. But this golden horn mammoth had yet to reach adulthood as well. The body of an adult Golden Horned Mammoth would be twice as terrifying as this one. Even like this, this terrifying beast would also be between the peak of the sixth step and the seventh step, surpassing even the Starlight Unicorn in terms of power.

In yesterday’s matches, no matter if it was Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao or Duan Yi, none of them revealed their mounts. Today, after they released their mounts to battle, silence reigned on the platform.

Even though the other Great Temples did not want to admit it, they understood. The Knight Temple was fully deserving its place as number one.

There was not only a single powerful young knight!

No matter if it was Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao or Duan Yi, all could be called talented knights, and even the proud Han Yu who was eliminated by Long Haochen in the preliminary rounds was a knight of the fifth step. There was also a knight of the fifth step that was eliminated in yesterday’s match. Even Li Xin, a female knight who possessed a Rose Unicorn, also entered this competition’s top 16.

If it wasn’t for their bad luck in drawing, perhaps tomorrow’s match of the top four would become a monodrama of the Knight Temple.

Yang Wenzhao mounted the Starlight Unicorn with a single step. On the other side, the golden horn mammoth was truly too tall; to jump up on it was not very realistic, so Duan Yi had no other choice; the golden horn mammoth lifted its foreleg, Duan Yi first leaped on top of it, and with another consecutive leap, he successfully mounted on the Golden Horned Mammoth’s thick neck.

Borrowing the power of a canter, The Starlight Unicorn unfolded its two wings to a glide. A faint golden aura continuously spread out from its hooves, letting out a noble, graceful, dazzling, majestic feel.

Seeing the Starlight Unicorn taking flight, Long Haochen could only hear sighs of admiration behind him.

Yang Wenzhao, who was mounted on top of the Starlight Unicorn, gave off the impression to be a prince mounted on his white horse.

But not all people were praising him: there was at least one exception.

Seeing Yang Wenzhao rising in the air, Chen Ying’er, who was sitting next to Wang Yuanyuan, curled her lips and said, “Attention-seeking idiot.”

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    At this time, Long Hao Chen’s combat skills and his strong mental capacity were undoubtedly manifesting. He didn’t utilize any spiritual energy, completely relying on the power of his body to jump to a height of 100 meters and clash against these falling rocks.

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