Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 142

Chapter 142: For the Glory of Knights (I)

Long Haochen was mounted on Haoyue, charging at Liao Yu as the Snow Shadow Panther also got on the move.

He was nothing more than a mere summoner. In case the knight got near, he could only be declared the loser.

Liao Yu was no less surprised than Yang Wenzhao, on the side of the spectators. In his capacity as a summoner, on the same vocation step as him, there should be no one more familiar than him with regard to magical beasts. However, he didn’t recognize this mount of Long Haochen’s. In the end, what was this magical beast that possessed three heads, and looked somewhat similar to an Earth Dragon?

In particular, because each of Haoyue’s three heads radiated different colored light, he looked even more surprised! Three attributes? Magical attributes counteracted each other, but this Haoyue possessed three of them! It seemed that no attribute could, as a result, restrain him completely.

The Snow Shadow Panther’s speed was truly astonishing. When charging with all its strength, it looked just like a white bolt of lightning, advancing towards the side by force. Liao Yu continuously chanted, and at an astonishing speed. Meanwhile, from some unknown place, he took out a necklace. It was silver-colored, with a pink gem the size of a bird’s egg embedded in it.

This color of the necklace was more suited to girls, so it indeed looked strange to see a youth like Liao Yu wear it. However, he already had no other choice. No matter whether it was from Long Haochen who was storing power, or from this Haoyue with glows of three colors shining on him, he was under an enormous pressure.

Haoyue’s speed was clearly not at the Snow Shadow Panther’s level, but he was extremely intelligent. Without absolutely wanting to overtake him, he simply followed it from afar, and didn’t take the initiative to launch magic. The Knight Stadium was in total 300 meters long, and no matter how he pressured the Snow Shadow Panther, both sides were 100 meters apart from beginning to end. This kind of distance made it impossible for Haoyue’s magic to reach the opponent at his present cultivation level.

Liao Yu’s chant didn’t cease from beginning to end, echoing loudly through the whole stadium. The pink gem on his necklace started to emit some faint light, fusing together with the radiance coming out from his white staff. One symbol after another started to emerge around Liao Yu, forming a mystical pattern.

Long Haochen’s [Storing Power] didn’t stop the slightest bit. After his spiritual energy became liquid, the speed of his [Storing Power] had decreased to some extent, but under its effect, the quality of [Storing Power] had increased by leaps and bounds. His accelerating figure had turned golden and even his Holy Spirit Armor was completely washed in gold. An incomparable holy aura unceasingly rose up from his body, letting out a pressure that gradually increased in power.

After having lapped the stadium thrice at full speed, the Snow Shadow Leopard’s burst power gradually lowered, and his speed accordingly became slower.

And at this very moment, Liao Yu’s incantation was completed.

Clearly revolving around his body were a total of 36 mystical symbols, all pink-colored, and looking just like a pink-colored curtain covering him in it.

A frightful and savage feel erupted in the air from these strange mystical symbols, such a terrible and tyrannical power pressed down on the entire stadium causing the protection around it to shudder.

On the main stage, a multitude of masters all faced each other with shock and said: “Are all the youngsters nowadays so strong? What is this? [Savage Beast Summoning]?”

These savage beasts were all ancient varieties passed down through the generations. They were much stronger than the normal summoned beasts. The weakest savage beast was at least seventh step. Some traces of them could only appear in special places or in deep mountains.

36 pink symbols rose up and spread out, forming a gigantic pink ring slowly and disappearing in the air. However, after the disappearance of those symbols, a red ring rose above Liao Yu’s head. At the same moment, Hao Yue suddenly acted.

In previous bouts, Hao Yue displayed a speed normal to a sixth step beast, but all of a sudden, a strong green light erupted on his body and even his huge body slowly floated. Meanwhile, an intense green light burst out from his back pushing his body forward at an astonishing pace towards Liao Yu.

Little Green wasn’t the only one who acted.

A streak of red light soared into the sky, and a ring of crimson light recoiled and descended from the sky landing on Long Haochen and colored his entire body in a glorious gold.

This was [Brilliant Fire Dance], a fire type support spell of the fifth step.

Bang. A concentrated reddish-gold color flame suddenly exploded. Long Haochen who sat on the back of Hao Yue resembled a brilliant war god.

Little Light’s ability didn’t appear as dazzling as Little Fire and Little Green’s abilities, but from his head, three gold halos broke out.

[Power Halo], [Brilliant Halo], [Faith Halo]. Among them, [Brilliant Halo] was an ability that even Long Hao Chen could not use. This halo has the power to increase the effectiveness of one’s light attribute techniques by twenty percent and also has the ability to compress light elemental essence.
Liao Yu wasn’t the only one who chanted a spell. Hao Yue’s three heads already prepared their spell, only waiting this moment before bursting out. Little Light, Little Fire, Little Green, used six techniques in an instant, four support abilities and two speed increasing abilities, almost instantly increasing Long Haochen’s combat abilities to its pinnacle.

Liao Yu’s complexion changed a bit. Despite the fact that his summon could only use one attack, he had absolute confidence in defeating Long Haochen.

However, at the time this summoning magic was completed, under the influence of the savage power, the Snow Shadow Panther speed greatly decreased, plus the Snow Shadow Panther’s body was originally already not that strong.

After a little effort, its speed was already slower than Hao Yue’s. The most important factor was the summoning magic needed to have a three breaths time to complete. But currently, Hao Yue already used the [Float] wind-element technique together with [Wind Pillar], throwing his body forward at a rapid speed.

When Hao Yue moved, it was actually not because of an order from Long Haochen, but by his self-control. Even Long Haochen didn’t know, and had to adjust his predictions accordingly. According to Long Haochen’s perception, he only had a clear-cut method a moment later.

After two breathes’ time, Hao Yue already carried Long Haochen 100 meters forward. At this time, Liao Yu was only capable of urging the Snow Shadow Panther to run quickly striving for the final moment.

At that instant, a faintly visible white light passed through, beneath Long Haochen’s chest and surged out. Floating in front of him was a small three-legged stove, as a soft white light shrouded the Snow Shadow Panther’s body. Then, unconsciously, the ferocious Snow Shadow Panther turned its head towards Long Haochen, and immediately, an intense vacuuming feeling pulled it making its body unstable, and almost dropped to the floor.

Gold, a splendid gold color, appearing like an awe-inspiring pillar extending across the heavens. On the holy spirit sword, a shining radiance of fire and light combined to form a brilliant blade of light.

A golden sword about 3 meters long stretched across the sky, bringing with it golden-veined distortions. It split through the air, carrying the distinct purity of sunlight and flame which left a dazzling streak in the sky.

[Light Thorn]. It was a [Light Thorn] that actually possessed physical substance. Relying upon the effect of [Storing Power] and Haoyue’s support, Long Hao Chen had produced the strongest attack he had ever used ever since he was born.

This attack was sharp to the extent that it was not something even experts of the sixth step would dare to directly block. It was basically an attack in which Long Hao Chen had condensed nearly all his spiritual energy.

It produced an explosion following a thorough compression of energy! In just a moment, the golden blade of light had broken through the pink fog, and the ceaselessly rippling fog suddenly congealed. Immediately after, countless golden streams of light burst forth from within the fog.

Long Hao Chen could almost hear a faint bird’s cry. Even though it come out barely discernable, in that moment, no matter if it was him or Haoyue, both felt like they had been struck by a thunderbolt. An immense pressure reinforced with a thick intent of fury flashed by.

Exactly what had he just tried to summon? This question immediately popped up in Long Haochen’s heart. Despite the fact that he had disrupted the opponent’s summoning, his state of mind was not relaxed at all. Long Haochen faintly felt that he had been a bit too careless. Although his method of fighting was simple and direct, he had underestimated his opponent. If he had really allowed that summoning magic to be completed, perhaps he may have already been defeated.

Liao Yu’s eyes were filled with unwillingness, but his deathly pale face had already betrayed his current state of affairs.

Long Haochen’s [Storing Power] had expended all of his power, but how could Liao Yu not have expended all his effort with that summoning magic as well? Had he not overexerted himself and possessed the medium at his chest, he definitely would not be able to complete such magic.

Furthermore, the extent to which he overexerted himself was equivalent to that of Long Haochen’s utilization of [Sacrifice]. Based on his body’s physical quality as well as his natural recovery ability, he wouldn’t be able to fully recover unless he had at least ten days of rest. In other words, even if he had triumphed over Long Haochen in this fight, it would’ve been extremely difficult to compete in the latter matches.

Liao Yu had made this decision due to his keen perception. What Long Haochen didn’t know was this opponent before him was a bit similar to him in regard to his very special innate mental capacity.

If it wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have been able to break through the fifth step of the hardest occupation to train within the Six Great Temples, the summoner, at the age of twenty.

When Long Haochen summoned Haoyue, Liao Yu keenly sensed the disparity between him and his opponent. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to disrupt Long Haochen’s [Storing Power], nor could any of the magical beasts he could summon overpower Haoyue. As such, he could only take a risk and hope to get into the top four.

A pity, he still ultimately lost. Although this way of losing was in no way miserable, was there anything else he could do in this situation, let alone aiming to win?

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