Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Tyrannical Beyond Compare, Assassin Queen (II)

However, as his opponent had just surrendered, he couldn’t proceed with his attack. He was full of regret, regretting that he didn’t summon his mount. Yang Wenzhao secretly vowed that for the rest of the competition, he wouldn’t act proudly again, and definitely summon his mount and go all out. Looking at the scorched black traces on his body, he realized that his behaviour was similar to the one Han Yu showed previously.

“Yang Wenzhao versus Bai Xiaomo, the winner is Yang Wenzhao, he will enter the top eight.”

Together with the referee’s announcement, this first match concluded.

Despite the fact that the female summoner Bai Xiaomo lost, her crafty fighting method left a deep impression on everyone. Any perspicacious person could easily guess that Bai Xiaomo’s summons had very great control ability. If someone could get her as a squad member, no matter if it’s for group combat or duel situations, she would be one of the best members possible. More importantly, she was only at the fourth step! For her to be able to leave Yang Wenzhao, who reached the fifth step, in such a pitiful state, it was not hard to guess what would happen after she reaches the fifth step, how formidable she would become.

It was only the first match of the eight, but it shocked everyone to such an extent! The feelings of the competitors who couldn’t participate who were unwilling to accept these results weakened a lot. However, the next match left them somewhat disappointed.

The ones who had to go on stage for the second battle were precisely Li Xin and Long Haochen, sister and brother. Without even going on stage, Li XIn expressed to the referee her decision to concede.

This kind of situation was something extremely rare to see in the matches between the top 16 powerhouses. After all, reaching this stage was very hard, and each step forward could be said to promote one’s status in one’s future Demon Hunt Squad by a great extent. And still, when one’s strength had no way at all to match that of one’s opponent, they would generally put everything at stake to try to win over the opponent.

But it wasn’t forbidden to concede in these matches, so the referee could only declare Long Haochen the winner, letting him enter the top eight.

In regards to Li Xin’s decision to concede, Han Qian, on the platform, was quite satisfied. At least, she didn’t deplete Long Haochen’s strength; the following matches were, as previously, going to take place daily, so if one used a too huge amount of resources the day before, it would obviously have a bad influence on upcoming matches.

The fact that Li Xin conceded didn’t’ hamper the marvellous aspect of the competition of this day: all four of the following matches were brilliant and varied, where no one would rashly admit defeat before the final moment. As a result, the victorious party would have to pay a price for that. After all, for these competitors to have been able to enter this stage, the gap between their strength couldn’t be too wide.

“Cai’er, it should be your turn to go on stage.” Long Haochen nervously held Cai’er’s little hand.

Cai’er lightly shook her head, calmly telling him, “Nothing will happen to me.” Long Hao Chen thought about accompanying her even to go on stage, but was rejected by Cai’er. As her hand grasped her bamboo cane, she headed to the stadium alone.

Seeing the appearance of this blind girl Cai’er, the other competitors showed various reactions. They were separated into two categories: the first was naturally those who were extremely doubtful; how could a blind lady even reach the top 16? And the other ones were nervous and excited, because they had formerly witnessed her formidable strength. In particular, the assassins from the Assassin Temple were actually cheering loudly for her.

By the means of her tyrannical display during the qualifiers, Cai’er had already obtained the approval of all these people.

Walking into the field at a strolling pace, Cai’er slowly arrived. Her opponent was someone who had never run into her previously in the competition, so his look toward her was doubtful and uncomprehending.

Does this lady belong to the Assassin Temple?

Cai’er’s opponent was a youth roughly 20 years old. He had a medium build, and had a red staff in his hand. He was the second Grand Summoner of the fourth step who entered the top 16.

In the previous matches, the appearances of the Spiritual Temple were remarkable. Although Bai Xiaomo didn’t manage to win, she had become a very likely pick for the top challengers and even left Yang Wenzhao stuck in a dilemma. The other control-specialized summoner entered the top eight relatively easily, and now, the eyes were focused on the last disciple of this Spiritual Temple.

“Cai’er from the Assassin Temple will battle Fang Zhu from the Spiritual Temple. Because of the difference of vocations, the two parties will start at a distance of 40 meters, and four pillars will be raised on the ground. Both parties, be prepared.”

Together with this announcement from the referee, four thick pillar slowly rose from on the ground. Cai’er and the summoner Fang Zhu calmly drew back until they were at a distance of 40 meters.

In terms of nervousness, no one could surpass Long Haochen who was standing in the lounge. He nervously looked at the situation on stage, wishing that he could replace Cai’er to battle in her stead.

Looking at him, Li Xin couldn’t help but reveal a smile, as she said, “Little fool, don’t be so nervous. Be at ease, nothing will happen to her. As I saw it, Cai’er’s strength is so terrifying that I am afraid that there is no way to win against her, even for you. Just wait and see.”

“Okay.”, was Long Haochen’s reply, but in reality he didn’t even hear Li Xin’s words. In complete confusion out of concern for her, no matter what other people would say, the nervousness in his heart wouldn’t decrease the slightest bit. He only unceasingly thought, Cai’er cannot see! And in addition, she’s so weak. What if she ends up wounded?

Long Haochen had already made his resolve: if Cai’er were to be injured anyhow by her opponent, even if it was against the rules of the competition, he would immediately rush to her side to treat her. Silently, he already started to prepare a [Holy Mantle].

“Match start!” With this sound from the referee, the seventh of the eight matches started officially.

Although Fang Zhu had never seen Cai’er in combat, he didn’t underestimate his opponent the slightest bit just because she was blind. The fact he reached the fourth step wasn’t all about strength; there was no way it could be so simple. He was resolute, persistent, and prudent.

The staff in his hand shone in a reddish brown color, as he waved it forward. With a height of one meter, a big cyan-colored bird rose and flew in the air.

This wasn’t accomplished through a summoning incantation; from the looks of it, it seemed that being came out from the top of this summoner’s staff. It could be seen that this staff was at least a piece of equipment at the Spiritual Tier.

The blue bird soared in the air, flying at great speed in Cai’er’s direction as its body lit up with a faint blue light.

In the instant the referee declared the start of the match, Cai’er, with her hand grasping her bamboo cane, advanced forward, straight toward her opponent. Her speed wasn’t fast, and didn’t show any difference from when she was ordinarily walking. The bamboo cane lightly tapped on the ground, as she walked unhurriedly, with a reserved aura. It would almost appear like an ordinary blind girl that went for a walk.

On the ground, the bamboo cane made no sound, only leaving a simple trace where it passed.

After Fang Zhu made that blue bird appear, he immediately started to rapidly chant his next incantation. The only difference between summoners’ incantation and mages’ was that summoners’ incantation were frequently chanted in a faster speed. It was because their incantations were based on frequency, unlike mages’ incantations, which were based on tempo. A muffled vigorous voice eagerly chanted, as the light on his red staff became brighter and brighter, letting a monstrous aura unceasingly spread out from it.

Cai’er had only taken ten steps as this blue bird already arrived at the top of her head. Advancing towards Cai’er’s direction at great speed, it dove down and unfolded both its wings, letting out an ear-piercing hiss and two one meter wide [Wind Blades] aimed straight at Cai’er.

Cai’er’s pace as she walked forward didn’t change the slightest bit, unhurriedly strolling, just as before. In the lounge, Long Haochen almost cried out loudly.

From his eyes, these two [Wind Blades] were about to hit Cai’er’s body a split second later, as a strange situation occurred.

Cai’er seemed to have not done anything, but in this instant, her body turned into a blur, and instantly, those two [Wind Blades] passed through her body extremely naturally, smashing the ground behind her with a pupu sound and leaving four pits behinds.

Also at that moment, the bamboo cane in Cai’er’s hand was lifted up high, just like a lightning bolt, and let out an extremely cold and intense killing intent in a flash.

That blue bird was very small, and in an instant after Cai’er’s act, it could already feel the danger, rapidly batting its wings while performing a nimble dodging motion.

However, from Cai’er’s cane, three radiances were sent out, each of them extending until reaching a length of 10 meters.


As the bamboo cane tapped to ground, Cai’er kept moving forward at a strolling pace, as before. Reducing the distance between her and that summoner at every step. In her breath, there wasn’t the slightest change, despite the attack launched by that blue bird, making everything that just happened seem just like a mirage.

But was that really a mirage?

The blood of that blue bird dripped out as it was split into four equally divided parts as it splashed down and turned into dust.

When Cai’er had just raised her blue cane, it had not been able to evade her attack in the slightest.

Looking at Cai’er who was just hit by that [Wind Blade], Long Haochen cried out in surprise, as a screech came out from his throat. Separated from Cai’er by a distance of roughly twenty meters, Fang Zhu was still chanting at a rapid speed. In a flash, his pupils shrank to the size of a needle as his fast incantation was almost broken by the surprise he had when looking at this scene.

My Storm Bird was instantly killed, just like that? That was a magical beast of the fourth step! It should at least be able to hinder the opponent a little. However, from beginning to end, he didn’t have the slightest influence on Cai’er’s advance. With a glow from her bamboo cane, it was simply split in equal parts by Cai’er, just as a chef would do. As he was still reciting his incantation, he was broken into cold sweat by that fierce ultimate killing intent.

Immediately, he realized what kind of opponent he was currently facing. Even granted that she didn’t have sight, her tyrannical appearance had already let Fang Zhu experience a terrifying pressure unlike what he had ever felt before.

As before, Cai’er moved at a slow speed, but just like during the qualifiers, each of the steps she took forward increased the mental pressure exerted on Fang Zhu.

However, this Fang Zhu was also outstanding. Even in such a situation, he still completed his incantation without a hitch.

As he pointed his staff forward, a red brilliance came out, turning into a sparkling gate. Immediately, a loud roar sounded out from it. Then, a huge figure came out from that gate.

Magical beast of the sixth step, Gigantic Bear Vajra.

To a Grand Summoner of the fourth step, being able to summon a magical beast of the sixth step was already the highest feat possible. The fact he managed to accomplish it had to be related to his mental capacity and the equipment he carried. Even if this was the case, after he completed this summon, Fang Zhu’s face became completely pale, pale with a relieved feeling.

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  • RobertTheAddled

    Love the chapter – I really wonder where the story will go from here.
    Most novels have some clue to path – but this has me stumped other than getting stronger.

    • Moissonneur66

      So the mention of the war with the demons has gone completely over your head ehy? Isn’t it pretty clear that they are in a tournament to become members of a demon hunt squad? what more do you need bro?

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