Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Tyrannical Beyond Compare, Assassin Queen (I)

It can even be used like that?

This pod was comprised of four plants in total, and in the next instant, it was twelve mung beans that came out.

However, this time a yellow-colored plant rose by the side of this female summoner. This plant was somewhat grotesquely shaped, with the appearance of coral. And from it, a yellow-colored fog came out and filled the air.

Contrary to expectations, this fog didn’t possess any offensive power. However, every plant infected by it grew excitedly into a sort of crazy creature, frantically attacking.


Monstrous sounds could be heard all around. Naturally, Yang Wenzhao wouldn’t let himself be smashed by these beans, but each of them that was thrown at him splashed out some juice. In the end, his defense couldn’t prevent him from being splashed, a large portion of his body ending up being infected.

This green-colored liquid carried a sweet botanical scent, and didn’t have any poison in it, but was extremely viscous and sticky. After being infected, Yang Wenzhao felt that his movements became a lot slower.

During this match, and up till now, Yang Wenzhao seemed to be completely suppressed, but when did that start? He was quite unfamiliar with this feeling that left him extremely unpleased.

In the platform, Han Qian who was seated near to the Spirit Emperor Sanshui cried out in amazement, “This lady is pretty good! For a summoner to be able to cast so quickly, the staff she holds must be quite unique.”

Sanshui snorted, speaking at her turn, “Don’t look for a pretext as soon as you lose. This girl, Xiaomo has a very great affinity with plants. Reportedly, she has a common lineage with elves. A good staff needs a good user, you know?”

“Lose? I’m afraid that this is going to be quite unlikely.” Han Qian shook his head, wearing a smile, “This girl is really not bad, but it’s impossible for her to win this match. Wenzhao is the number one candidate for the first place of our Knight Temple.”

The Saint Mage Tutor Lin Chen, seated on the other side of Sanshui suddenly took the initiative to speak out, “Aï, I remember that not long ago, one of the competitors from the Knight Temple was heavily wounded by an assassin, don’t tell me it was him?”

Sanshui immediately laughed very openly.

Han Qian’s face became instantly resentful, “Lin, you little kid, I’m going to beat you up.”

Lin Chen laughed out loud and said, “I’m sooo afraid.”

Ying Suifeng, seated on the side, said unenthusiastically, “Even if this little kid, Yang Wenzhao, was formerly heavily wounded by an assassin from our temple, what is there to laugh at? From what I see, none of the competitors from the Mage Temple will be able to enter the top 4.”

The Six Great Temples were comprised of three close combat specialists and three magic specialists, and they were all very competitive. Naturally, the battle specialists were better at close quarters and the magic specialists were best at utilizing spells from a distance.

The competitors obviously didn’t know about these higher-ups’ quarrels. Precisely at this moment, Yang Wenzhao, in the middle of his match, was preparing to reveal his strength.

Battling these botanical summons was a lot more troublesome than he had imagined. The surrounding plants suddenly became frantic, and without notice, another red thorn was piercing through the air at him. Normally Yang Wenzhao would be able to block, but since the sticky green liquid was still on the upper part of his body, he was in trouble.

In a flash, a concentrated golden radiance was unleashed from Yang Wenzhao’s body. In this instant, not only was his internal spiritual energy distributed, but more importantly, it had a blazing aura. This blazing golden radiance suddenly erupted out from him. The fast control-specialized green mucus covering him disappeared in an instant, and the thistles and thorns surrounding him as well, turning into ashes.

[Holy Fire]?

Long Haochen was astonished. This was a skill that was also recorded in the Inheritance Ring his father left him. But he hadn’t trained on utilizing it yet. According to his father’s annotation, this skill required his spiritual energy to advance to the second rank of the fifth step for one to possibly use it.

Light and fire were originally the same entity. The flames of the sun were as blazing as the flame produced by a pure light with a very high temperature. A luminous darkness corroded everything. To Retribution Knights, this skill possessed enormous utility. It was classified as one of the secret skills, and also a skill Retribution Knights of the fifth step had to learn sooner or later.

This skill had great power, and a great utility in regard to offense, defense and dispelling negative effects. However, behind this formidable power, the consumption was also enormous. Launching this skill required 200 units of liquid spiritual energy, and maintaining it consumed 30 units every breath. Even knights of the fifth step had to controll it moderately after launching it.

Certainly, fire was the worst enemy of plants, and although these iron-like thistles and thorns were under the stimulation of that yellow fog, turning frantic, it could only wither in the front of that holy fire.

Yang Wenzhao hissed loudly, and leaning on his tiptoes, he once again launched [Assault]. The glowing [Holy Fire] had turned the surrounding plants into naught, completely burning them. Now, all he needed to do while charging was to use his two swords to block the red sharp thorns launched at him. Moreover, with the burning light of his [Holy Fire], the power of these thorns were greatly lowered.

The female summoner concealed in the middle of these plants was filled with astonishment. Since she could sense Yang Wenzhao’s location accurately, she could naturally figure how fast his [Assault] was.

Rapidly chanting an incantation, she pointed her staff at the ground, and immediately, two cherry-like blazing-red-colored plants grew at high speed, suddenly raising her body in the air.

When observing carefully, one could find out that at some point, a vine appeared around her waist, released by the extremity of that summoner’s staff. Immediately, the vine dragged her body upwards, in a path that the iron-like thorns naturally stopped to block, in a speed that was even faster than Yang Wenzhao’s [Assault].

In the next instant after she started to rise, Yang Wenzhao arrived in her former location, and saw the sharp thorns together with the pod of plants.

Where is she? Yang Wenzhao started, but with a quick movement of his hands, two heavy swords carried the blazing power of [Holy Fire], sweeping at the group of plants.

Although these plants were powerful, they were quite lacking in terms of defense. When suddenly heated and cut up like butter, they were broken to pieces in a flash.

Yang Wenzhao’s intentions were clear, this opponent was a mere summoner of the fourth step, and as such, her spiritual energy was limited, and most of all, wasn’t in liquid form. As long as he did his utmost to attack her, she wouldn’t be able to contend against him.

In the instant these offensive plants were swept at and broken, two huge red-colored fruits appeared in his line of sight. These two fruits had expanded to the size of pumpkins, and were still growing at an astonishing speed.

Feeling the crisis that was occurring before his eyes, Yang Wenzhao drew back at great speed while waving his swords, launching two [Light Thorns] crossed to form an [Instant Blast Cross Cut] chopping at these red fruits.

Aï, sometimes, some people make unexpected mistakes.

If it was Long Haochen, he wouldn’t have chopped with these two swords; because of the crisis felt earlier, he would instinctively know that staying away from these fruits was the most proper choice.

With his specialization as a pure Retribution Knight, Yang Wenzhao’s attack immediately penetrated the fruit, and as a result, a tragedy occured.


Immense explosive sounds could be heard throughout the whole Knight Stadium, violently shaking the whole surroundings. Everyone that could see this scene became dumbstruck, discovering that a mushroom cloud rose from the iron-like thistles and thorns, rising in the sky.

The female summoner, who went away since long ago subconsciously covered her head with her cloak, showing a mocking face as she stuck out her tongue, “This Ruthless Cherry’s power is great. I hope he won’t be killed by the explosion.”

Not far, on the platform, Han Qian suddenly got up, but it wasn’t only him: the others higher-ups who were observing the matches got up as well. It was because they knew Yang Wenzhao’s real identity. Previously, when the Assassin Temple greatly wounded this knight with the sneak attack, if the worst had happened to him, perhaps…

“Sanshui!” Han Qian furiously called out.

The grandma Sanshui’s face twitched down, “I really don’t know about this! When did this lady gain the ability to summon that thing? This is something I didn’t teach her!”

“Cough, cough, cough, cough…” Repeated coughs sounded from the field, as a very pitiful silhouette appeared in the middle of the field.

His current appearance was indeed a scene that it was hard to look at without laughing. His previously beautiful armor was now completely black and burned. His helmet was also deep fried and his hair was completely curly because of the explosion. The arm and body armor were the most damaged, and were faintly stained with blood. As for his face, it was even more black, with traces of red. His current appearance was just like that of an unrestrained beggar.

“I… I…” Yang Wenzhao was extremely gloomy and simply found no word to say. If he didn’t chop down with his two swords, this Ruthless Cherry could only explode in the place where he was standing at that moment, without a chance to wound him. However, this chop of his acted like a detonator. Although he immediately tried to retreat, the explosion of this Ruthless Cherry was indeed formidable. It was fortunate that he still had the igniting [Holy Fire] by his side, enabling him to brandish his two swords at full force to protect himself at the crucial moment. Otherwise, perhaps this violent explosion would really have inflicted serious damage to him.

However, even if it was the case, at that moment, his whole body was still hurting. Looking at the girl he faced as his opponent, his eyes revealed extreme anger.

A golden light appeared again, it was a [Holy Mantle] that rose in the air. It wasn’t because he was a Retribution Knight that he couldn’t use a few healing or assisting skills; [Holy Mantle] was an essential healing skill to all kinds of knights.

The pair of heavy swords let out a gaudy golden light, as Yang Wenzhao stared fixedly at the place nearby forward where the female summoner stood.

“Okay, okay… So you can still fight!.. Then I concede.” Bai Xiaomo said helplessly.

This situation was within Yang Wenzhao’s expectations. After all, her cultivation level was at the fourth step, and with her previous continuous use of spells, her spiritual energy was already mostly depleted. It was already impossible for her to fight in the same way as before. Since this was the case, she naturally conceded.

His charge suddenly stopped, and Yang Wenzhao felt anger boiling in him. Can this be considered as a win? Has there ever been a winner with such a pitiful appearance? His face was filled with grief and indignation as he thought to himself that he had never been so pitiful in his life. Why did it have to go like this?

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