Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light(III)

Han Qian showed a bitter face as he said, “Aï, it looks like the equipment I prepared for him will be too embarrassing to take out!”

Yang Haohan gave him a deep look, and said, “The explanation you just gave me, how is it that you, yourself, cannot keep it in mind? We cannot overly spoil him ! Only through advancing with his own steps will he finally be able surpass our existence. Right, do you have news on Xingyu’s side?”

Han Qian sighed, and shook his head, “Still nothing. In his fight against Anan, he heavily injured him, but disappeared after that.”

Haohan nodded and said, “Tell the related people that this matter is to be classified as a highly confidential secret within our Temple. In particular, you cannot let this child, Haochen, know about this. I don’t want his temperament to be affected by this. In the letter Xingyu left me, he said that if he had no way to come back after his battle with Anan, before Haochen reaches the seventh step, we mustn’t tell him.”

Han Qian sighed, and said, “I really don’t understand. Why does Hall Master Long insist on challenging this seventh demon god? It was also completely okay for him not to accept this challenge.”

Yang Haohan shook his head and said, “No, he must go. This is his duty. If, one day, you reach the ninth step, you will also come to understand what kind of duty it is. Please tell the people below to keep investigating the circumstances of Anan’s heavy injuries.”

“Mh.” Han Qian nodded in agreement.

Yang Haohan sighed to himself, Xingyu, ah, Xingyu, why didn’t you tell us in the letter you left us that this little Haochen actually has the physique of Scion of Light? Could it be that you wanted to give us a nice surprise? Feel at ease, no matter what state you are in, I will help you to look after your son, help him to become the next you. No, perhaps even surpass you, in his capacity as Scion of Light. Perhaps he will even be able to sit on the first divine throne.

Bathing in this golden color permeated with blue, Long Haochen gradually entered a fantastic state. Vaguely able to feel something going through his body, he couldn’t even describe this cozy feeling he had, when soaking in this warm water.

After a long while he lost track of the time, and then Long Haochen gradually came back to his senses. He discovered to his astonishment that he was standing in the entrance of the Qiling valley. Not far ahead was the golden fog he met earlier.

“Eh?” Long Haochen unconsciously looked at his right hand.

His right hand was completely empty, but his arm was in a raised position as if holding something high.

And my sword? My Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light?

Long Haochen immediately and anxiously looked around.

He didn’t manage to find the sword, but he found someone.

Yang Haohan wore a smile as he saw him, “Don’t bother searching, it’s inside your body.”

“Inside my body?” Long Haochen amazed, looked at Yan Haohan “Grandpa Yang, what’s going on?”

Yang Haohan said, with a smile, “This weapon is a miraculous sword. Seeing your outstanding performance during the qualifiers, we, Knight Temple, decided to let you attempt its test. You already know the result: you passed it, therefore, it is yours.”

Long Haochen asked, full of doubts, “Then what is the fact you mentioned, that it entered my body, about?”

Yang Haohan smiled as he replied, “Don’t be anxious, I will tell you everything I know about Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.”

“About the power this sword can exert, I also don’t know, because starting from the day it was made, no one has ever used it. But according to the researches of our Temples, I can say for sure that it is a Spiritual Tool.”

Long Haochen spoke back, astonished, “Spiritual Tool? What is a Spiritual Tool?”

Yang Haohan said, “Spiritual Tools are weapons that can communicate with the spirit. I believe that you already passed its test. That’s right, the one who tested you earlier was this weapon’s spirit itself. Although a weapon’s spirit doesn’t possess real intelligence, it has instinct. Someone who possesses a spiritual tool as a weapon will have boundless possibilities! Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light has unlimited potential, but as you should know, the more powerful the weapon, the more powerful the owner it will seek for. But this sword doesn’t need that, because it will grow together with you. At its current state, it should be soaked in your body, and as such, its capabilities will nourish your body, and your spiritual energy will be nurtured by it unceasingly. Simply said, this is a weapon that can evolve. You can look within yourself with focus, to find it.”

Long Haochen hastily looked within himself with focus. There, everything seemed alright, except that he immediately discovered a fantastic change in his body.

It was nothing about the revolutions around his Saint Spiritual Stove or the properties of his liquid spiritual energy, but about his spiritual energy that used to be nearly depleted: it had already started recovering to its original state. The most fantastic thing was that in his Saint Spiritual Stove floated a mini sword. But, from its appearance, wasn’t it precisely that Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light?

Of a faint gold color merged with blue, it emitted a golden blue luster. In that instant, Long Haochen immediately discovered that Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was bathed in his own liquid spiritual energy. Seemingly absorbing a faint proportion of his spiritual energy and nourishing a very wide amount with its aura.

From the spiritual energy distributed in his body, a golden blue radiance gently spread through each corner of his body, provoking a soft and warm feeling to unceasingly spread in his body. This feeling was faint, and if not for the fact that he was in a focused state, he would not have been able to sense it; but in these circumstances, he could vaguely feel it. This radiance seemed to strengthen his own body.

“To living beings, the most important things are light and water. Vegetables only need light and water to be able to live, but humans need more. However, in the same way, light and water are necessary to humans. From our many years of research and hypothesis, it will assist the nurturance of your own external spiritual energy. But this will be a faint and secret influence, you won’t get results overnight.”

Yang Haohan’s voice entered Long Haochen’s ear, waking him from this focused state.

Opening both eyes, Long Haochen slowly lifted his right hand. His mind was connected with the mini sword in his Saint Spiritual Stove, and with a single thought, a glow appeared and the dragon shaped sword hilt appeared. This golden sword seemed like the mouth of a dragon, forming two swords, one above and one below, as its golden blade seemed to be roaring, emitting in this process a golden glint.

When Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light appeared, Long Haochen could feel for the first time his link with it. The feeling was completely different from the one he had when grasping it for the first time. At this moment, he felt that this sword was like a part of him. A fantastic, profound sensation appeared in his consciousness: it was as if the sword was trying to convey something.

Yang Haohan faintly smiled, and said, “You should go home now. Slowly accustom yourself. Tomorrow, the competition between the top 16 will begin, and this old man offers you his best wishes and hopes you will be able to get great results.”

“Tomorrow?” Long Haochen was surprised, “Isn’t there a rest of two days after the competition of the groups?”

Yang Haohan smiled to him, and said, “Little guy, you have already spent three days here. Do you believe that fusing with a spiritual tool is so easy? The fact you took three days to accomplish this feat is already astonishing. On the other side, your teacher had already notified people from the Temple, so there is no need to worry.”

Unexpectedly, three days have already passed? Long Haochen, astonished, bid farewell to Yang Haohan, and under his guidance, he stepped in another gate of light.

A radiance flashed as he came out from a wall. Long Haochen realized at that moment that he was once again in the small hall within the Alliance’s Treasure Vault.
The surroundings were completely empty, without a single person. At this moment, Long Haochen understood that this place didn’t really need people to guard it, because strangers had no way to enter the Treasures Pavilion.

As a matter of course, to be qualified to enter the Treasure Pavilion came up with a lot of responsibilities in regards to the Temple, and for each of the Temples, people who had this qualification were extremely few.

Walking away from the Treasures Pavilion, he met, as before, two guardians outside, but it wasn’t the fat and the thin elder, but two harmless-looking plainly clad middle-aged men. They looked at most to be 40 years old, and smiled, full of goodwill, at Long Haochen.

Are they really as harmless as they look? Long Haochen, carefully observing them, discovered to his astonishment that these middle aged men made him feel really tranquil; on one hand, they seemed really harmless and on the other hand they seemed as profound as a deep valley.

As expected from the Alliance’s headquarters! They have so many strong people in the Holy City.

Long Haochen hurriedly saluted these two middle-aged men before quickly leaving.

“Master.” Han Yu’s voice sounded, welcoming him from the side.

“You have been waiting for me all this time?” Long Haochen astonishedly asked him.

Han Yu nodded, and said, “I am your retainer knight, so it is natural for me to always accompany you.” Obviously, he had stood at this place all along.

Long Haochen laughed for a little, and without saying much more, took Han Yu with him to return to his hotel.

What made Long Haochen a bit gloomy was that regardless of whether it was his teacher or his big sis, both were cultivating in their room. Actually, what he wanted to do the most was to go ask Li Xin about how Cai’er has been going on these few days. However, it wasn’t good to disturb her during her cultivation. Left without a choice, he returned to his own room and went into cultivation as well. Pertaining to the Hibiscus of Light, there were still a lot of things he had yet to comprehend, so as to display its formidable might.

Bright morning.

Ye Hua knocked at Long Haochen’s door.

Seeing his teacher once again, Long Haochen was quite surprised. It was because he discovered to his astonishment that there was nothing left of his previous gloomy complexion, and instead, he seemed very high spirited. It seemed as if he became ten years younger in this short time span of a few days.

“Teacher, you…”

Ye Hua chuckled, as the lines on his face seemed far from their originally stiff state, “I broke through! I finally broke through the 3000th spiritual energy level. In the past, it was as if I used hypnosis on myself to be convinced that innate talent wasn’t so important. But on these few days, I came to realize for the first time how important innate talent is pertaining to cultivation. After so many years of effort, I feel like I finally have the occasion to make use of the knowledge I have accumulated for so long.”

“Haochen, thank you.”

“No… No.” Long Haochen felt immediately embarrassed, “Teacher, I am the one who should say this. As long as I could be of help to you, I’m happy.”

Ye Hua smiled and said, “Okay, we master and disciple no longer need to be so overly polite with each other. This is a gift from your grand-teacher. When the competition is finished, teacher will still remain in Holy City to accompany your grand-master while training. At this time, you will have joined a Demon Hunt Squad to gain new experiences. This equipment will be useful to you.”

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