Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light (II)

Immediately, a resonant dragon cry sounded from Long Haochen’s body, covered in a rich golden light , as the holy internal spiritual energy surrounding his body turned into scales, with his two hands brandishing his sword. It was [Ascending Dragon Strike].

[Ascending Dragon Strike] was an ability learned by both specializations: Guardian Knights and Retribution Knights. As such, as soon as he broke through the fifth step, Long Haochen naturally unlocked it from his father’s inheritance ring.

But at the moment he used it, the [Holy Sword] in his right hand was not completed yet.


The two parties collided violently in midair, but in a split second, the blue silhouette dispersed and countless blue light particles scattered in all four directions.

Thump, Long Haochen steadily landed on the floor. His body dazzled a bit, and his vision darkened. A moment ago, he used many techniques in a short period of time. Even his mental capacity different from ordinary people’s, was not sufficient to support him completely, and his complexion became pale.

At this moment, the two swords in his hands from the [Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation] also dispersed. From start to finish, his [Holy Sword] technique had not even been completed. However, he won and prevailed over the blue image.

Long Haochen accomplished this pretty simply. His victory was due to determining accurately the nature of that blue image made of light.

The blue image was copying his skills as well as his spiritual energy. Its skills were exactly the same, but its amount of spiritual energy was based on his own.

Under these circumstances, if Long Haochen kept defending, the attacks of this blue image would never cease. With a single mistake, the opponent would prevail over him.

However, what if he didn’t have spiritual energy? What would this blue light rely on to attack?

Long Haochen continuously used many techniques, not because he wanted to attain victory, but he wanted to quickly completely consume all of his spiritual energy. Above all, before finally completely depleting everything, he would activate his final technique.

Without the support of spiritual energy, [Condemning Revolving Swords] was unable to stand up to [Ascending Dragon Strike], and as a result, the blue image was defeated and accordingly dispersed.

All of this seemed simple, but in fact, this was caused by a combination of knowledge and strength. If not for the fact Long Haochen blocked the blue image’s previous tyrannical attacks, he would have sustained injuries, same if he acted before having made this correct prediction. This battle was difficult. Despite the fact that the blue image didn’t have real killing intent, Long Haochen vaguely sensed that if he was defeated, he would perhaps have lost something.

Everything turned into darkness. All the light colors disappeared. In the darkness, there was only the sound of Long Haochen gasping for breaths.

Suddenly, just in front of Long Haochen, a brilliant light twinkled.

Under the illumination of the brilliant light, everything around became distinct.

The cave was, like before, still a cave. However, this one was much smaller than the one he saw before. Just before Long Haochen’s eyes was a round platform. The center of the platform was precisely the place lit up by the brilliant light.

There was a sword floating on the platform, edge on the bottom and hilt on top.

Compared to a traditional knight’s sword, this one was slightly smaller. The sword’s blade was 1.1 meters long. The hilt was quite long, with its length of 40 centimeters. In total, the sword was 1.6 meters long.

The sword’s edge was gold colored, but it was an understated gold color. On the back of the sword, there were many engravings. All these engravings put together formed a strange hibiscus pattern.

The sword’s luxurious钱 color changed, no longer gold, but deep blue. The sword 鳄 broadened, the engravings turned into the shape of a dragon head, that gold colored sword edge resembled a dragon mouth wide opened.

The extending sword hilt resembled a dragon’s body. Although the dragon’s body and its head were somewhat disproportionate, there was a feeling of bizarre harmonization.

On the deep blue sword hilt, there were ripples of gentle blue rings of light. On the sword handle, was where the dragon’s eyes were. Both sides were embedded with a gold oval gemstone, which were slightly bigger than a cold coin.

The sword hilt formed at its end a dragon’s tail, forking into three strips that were one inch long. It appeared extremely sharp. Where the fork started, both sides were embedded with a blue gemstone.

After seeing this sword, Long Hao Chen’s eyes instantly straightened. After becoming a knight, the amount of weapons he saw weren’t few. In particular, regular heavy swords were the type of weapons he had seen and used the most commonly. However, he’s never seen a sword as beautiful as the one that was standing in front of his eyes right now.

More importantly, he could practically feel this sword breathing; it seemed alive. He felt the same sensation from the blue and gold colored light when he just entered this place. Only that it was much gentler than before. Especially the gold coloured rings rippling on the word hilt that pulled Long Haochen towards it, step after step.

Truly beautiful; it was truly beautiful, flawless.

When Long Haochen’s state of mind cleared up a bit, he shockingly discovered that he had already stepped onto the platform and was standing right in front of this sword.

With great strength, he gulped. This… Is this the reward given to me for the Knight’s Preliminaries? Only by looking at it, he could already see the value of this sword.

Carefully raising his right hand, he slowly grasped the hilt of the sword in front of him. Instantly, he felt a tremendous attraction force holding firmly his own palm. Immediately afterwards, acute pain came from the center of his palm.

His thoughts startled, Long Haochen did not try to release his palm because he clearly felt that from this sword’s aura that it was telling him it wouldn’t harm him.

Drop after drop of blood trickled down from the palm of Long Haochen, from the sword handle, to the sword hilt and into the gold colored gemstones.

Thread after thread of blood spread up, soaking the dragon’s body, all the way until the blue gemstones in the dragon’s tail.

“Buzz” a violent trembling occurred in the next split second, the long sword in his hand expelled tens of thousands of rays. Long Haochen nearly subconsciously raised the long sword above his head.

Gold light in the center and blue light coiling around it were forming a huge pillar rushing towards the ceiling of the cave. Strong spiritual energy fluctuated and exploded.

A warm and refreshing air entered his palm. Instantly, the pain in Long Haochen’s palm disappeared. In the mean time, five words, one after the other, appeared in his mind.

“Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.”

This was its name.

Outside the Qiling Valley.

From the beginning, Yang Haohan kept looking in the direction of the valley, but now, there was another person beside him. It was the Knight Temple’s Senior Saint Knight, Han Qian.

“Hall Master, you think he will manage to subdue that sword? In these many years, many have tried, but all failed. Even his father.”

Yang Haohan smiled slightly and said: “I hope he will succeed. The sword Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, was handed down from the glorious era. It was originally two swords that were imbued into a single one by an almighty godly craftsman. This sword is self aware, and moreover an ancient elf king set up a powerful and intelligent seal on it. Everyone who approached it would be pulled in by this seal to conduct a trial. Only one who could pass this trial would have the possibility of obtaining it.

“No one knows what level Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light is capable of reaching, but according to records left by the ancient elf king, this sword is known as a miraculous sword. Starting from its creation, it has never had a single master. Even its mighty creator was not capable enough. Because no one was able to obtain this double sword’s approval, the mighty elf king used an extremely powerful seal and put it here, waiting for the fated person.

It is said that this miraculous sword’s most mystical property consists of the fact that as long as a master gains its approval, he or she will be the only one able use it, similarly to a family equipment. No matter how strong its master is, it will have a strength adapted to him. In other words, this dual sword will grow in strength along with its owner. Have you ever heard of a sword that can grow? It’s not only that, but it accomplishes this feat without any additional gemstones or inscriptions. In fact, no matter how strange and scary any other weapon is, it cannot accomplish that.”

Hao Qian’s eyes were filled with astonishment, “Truly worthy of being a miracle sword. Then, if Haochen is able to obtain its approval, wouldn’t he be able to keep on using this sword forever?”

Yang Haohan laughed: “Don’t ask me. No one used this sword before, and no one has any information on its usage. Who can say anything on this?”

Han Qian chuckled: “Temple master, you’re betting big this time!”

Yang Haohan smiled: “Originally, no one else was able to use this sword, so it should be okay to let him try it out. That old brat gave the Blade of Samsara to their Saint Daughter, and we, the Knight Temple also bore a Scion of Light. It’s only Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, don’t tell me you’re reluctant to take it out? We can’t be beaten by everyone!”

“How unexpected, Xingyu actually had such a son. Only, I can’t think this through, he should have known his child had the physique of a Scion of Light, why didn’t he let the temple put all its effort into nurturing him?”

Han Qian said: “Maybe, it’s because of heart.”

“Eh?” Yan Haohan slightly distracted, turned around and said with realization: “You’re saying Xingyu wants to let this child get through the roughness of the outside world and gradually strengthen himself. This way he’ll possess better survival abilities.”

Han Qian smiled and nodded: “At least at this moment, this child in front of my eyes is absolutely a worthy knight. At this age, it’s rare. Great innate talents must appear inside of a capable person, to really shine!”

As soon as he spoke of this, in the distant Qiling Valley, there was a bright light rocketing towards the sky.

Gold with blue, both colors coerced, gold in the middle, blue light coiling around it. In an instant, it made the sky around it seem dim.

“He really succeeded.” Yan Haohan’s eyes displayed an ounce of surprise.

Han Qian answered, mouth agape, “This is really too fast. Wow…”

Yang Haohan chuckled, “I already guessed that it would turn out this way. This child is the Scion of Light. Although Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light has a dual attribute, its main element is light. Meeting the Scion of Light, would light element attack him? Don’t be anxious, let’s wait. He needs some more time to fuse with it.”

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