Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 132

Note: Most two characters first names will form a single english word, so long as the final name formed sounds natural, i.e. 龙皓晨 is Long Haochen instead of Long Hao Chen, at least for now. Explanation: this is a more professional translation, in accordance to english translation standards for Chinese names. It’s in no way out of laziness, but as an attempt to improve the translation further.

Chapter 132: Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light (I)

That pure essence? Although the undulations were only present in low quantity, relying on his fabulous perception, he could immediately find out the path they led to.

The forks in the road before him led to a total of ten paths, and the one which contained that pure essence was the third one from the left.

Without further hesitation, Long Haochen stood up and took big strides towards the third path, and advanced from there.

It took him less than a hundred meters to walk into this fork. Then, the previous feeling he had emerged once again. That’s right, it’s precisely in this direction! Long Haochen thought to himself, What rich fluctuations of light essence! What I am searching for will definitely be there.

For a moment, he kept advancing. But some time after taking the fork, suddenly, a fantastic gate of light appeared in front of him.

This gate of light was completely different from the one that brought him here; comparatively, it was a lot smaller. With a height of two meters, a width of a meter, it had an oval shape and its edges were water-blue-colored. It released some faint gold-colored rings from the inside, and its sides were blue-colored.

This is…

Could it be that I have to step into this gate of light? Long Haochen stopped advancing.

Standing before this gate of light, he could immediately feel that the previous fluctuations of light essence were coming from within it. However, rather than being continuously released, they appeared occasionally and without basis.

In his capacity as Scion of Light, Long Haochen’s affinity with the light element was naturally at the greatest possible level. And it is not only the affinity he has with the light element, but also the one the light element has with him. As long as he could feel the existence of light element somewhere, he would unconsciously feel completely safe in this place.

After an instant of hesitation, Long Haochen took a deep breath, and finally took a step forward, entering the gate of light.

This time, he didn’t feel any indisposition, but his surroundings turned into soft specks of light, dazzling all around. Feeling a firm sensation of security, in the next instant, he felt that this illusory scene turned real.

This was a cave. There were strange rocks in the surroundings. After taking a step in, Long Haochen only felt that he returned to the real world and his silhouette immediately seemed illusory.

A blue and a golden light suddenly shone, illuminating the entire cave.

The blue one seemed like a boundless ocean, brimming with blue, sparkling colored beauty.

The golden one looked like the sun at dawn: it was warm, bright, filled with life, but didn’t hurt the eye. It was an exuberant life force, driving away the darkness with its light.

This is…

Long Haochen was bewildered by this sight right away. These two pure colors were so beautiful, so mesmerizing that he was completely immersed within it. It was especially the case for that gold color: when he saw it, it felt like he returned to the time when his father helped him to complete his divine awakening. The liquid spiritual energy within him automatically agitated, making his body flicker.

His entrance apparently scared both the blue and gold color in this cave brimming full of them, and the two lights simultaneously stopped. The feelings they transmitted to Long Haochen were entirely different.

The blue light probed him with crystals, but the gold light after a short period of time gave off a strong sensation of familiarity, suddenly moving towards Long Haochen.

Long Haochen didn’t do anything. He stood there in silence. The gold light threw itself at him. When his body became enveloped in gold light, he felt a warm sensation in his entire body. The spiritual energy within him revolved faster, unable to be stopped.

Although he couldn’t see the entire surrounding as there was only gold color before his eyes, the intense sensation of familiarity made Long Haochen completely satisfied.

He could feel the essence of this light, its inexhaustible purity, as he was completely immersed in it.

Long Haochen’s body, wrapped in this golden cover, started to emerge gradually, letting this golden radiance pass through him, entering his body and spiralling.

If anyone could see this scene, he would immediately be astonished.

[Brilliant Body], the formidable signature ability belonging to knights of the seventh step. The embodiment of light, and the fusion with light.

Long Haochen was currently only at the fifth step, and had just broken through recently. But still, he accomplished it. In normal circumstances, even for a complete [Brilliant Body], the external holy energy couldn’t so easily pass through the body. However, he still managed to accomplish this feat.

This was precisely caused by the Scion of Light’s physique and its affinity toward light, giving him the complete obedience of the light essence. And this light essence considers him as the holy master, regarding him as the holy god. Friendly and gentle, filled with inexhaustible affection.

After a long time, this bright light finally retreated. Long Haochen’s body finally came back to normal. However, at this very moment, a feeling of danger arose in him.

Suddenly opening his eyes, Long Haochen saw a blue-colored silhouette.

Looking at this figure, he couldn’t help but be extremely surprised. The reason for that was that it looked exactly the same as him. The only difference was that its body was of a transparent blue color. The huge pressure coming out from it seemed to come from the blue light concentrated in its body. In the next instant, it lifted up its two arms, and two blue-colored heavy swords appear in its two hands, stretching forward, and launching [Assault].

At this moment, Long Haochen didn’t have any weapons with him. Right after awaking from his previous wonderful state, he unconsciously stimulated the Divine Wristband on his wrist, making a [Holy Mantle] arise, and resisted against the blue image’s blow.


Right after, a great impact made Long Haochen draw back, and the pair of blue heavy swords immediately issued [Lightning Thrust], attacking the [Holy Mantle] just like drops of rain. It only took a second for the [Holy Mantle] to shatter, as the attack of the blue image was aimed at Long Haochen.

After a short moment of adjustation, Long Haochen prepared similarly. As he put his hands on the two sides of his body, two slim, long swords appeared in his hands.

[Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation].

This was spiritual energy turned into weapons. Although at first, he didn’t know at all what kind of enemy he was fighting, he came to realize that he was confronting himself. Under these circumstances, how could he resist his attacks without any weapons?

[Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation] used condensed spiritual energy to create blades. This was something one could only do after reaching the fifth step. Long Haochen was currently no more than a first ranked Earth Knight, so using it came with great difficulty. And the consumption of his spiritual energy due to this [Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation] was enormous, it was something he couldn’t rashly use unless it was an emergency. Even with his physique of a Scion of Light, not only did this condensation of two thin swords directly consume more than 500 units of spiritual energy, but in the middle of the battle, it would keep consuming more of it.

Facing the blue image’s [Lightning Thrust], the slim swords in Long Haochen’s hands also started moving. A golden luster flashed, as the swords met each other. Without the use of any abilities, that blue image managed to completely nullify Long Haochen’s offensive power.

The blue image seemed to only use speed-based attacks like [Lightning Thrust], and made countless sword-shaped images appear, attacking just like mercury.

In this instant, Long Haochen felt as if he had returned to that owl-ant cave. Placing his two swords up and down, he focused entirely into staying cold-headed. And although the opponent’s attacks were extremely swift, he blocked them all.

Long Haochen discovered that his opponent’s attack power wasn’t so great; relying on [Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation], he still managed to contend against them.

However, despite the fact that Long Haochen didn’t use any abilities, his spiritual energy was being consumed rapidly, just as before. In such circumstances, he didn’t hold any advantage.

Eh? At this moment, Long Hao Chen suddenly discovered something strange. His perception was a lot higher than ordinary people’s so as he blocked these attacks flowing like rain of the blue image, he simultaneously observed his counterpart’s capacities.

He discovered that this blue image’s color had turned a lot darker. And every time it would attack, its body would become even darker by a bit.

In this short time when participating in the Demon Hunt Squad Selections, Long Haochen experienced a lot of battles. There were some that he lost, some that he won, and some opponents that were especially formidable. They had an especially good effect on the development of his combat experience.

Long Haochen came to comprehend that in the midst of battle, he didn’t only have to pay attention to himself, but it was even more important to observe his enemy’s situation. It doesn’t only refer to observing the enemy’s offensive techniques, but also their body as well as the strength of their spiritual energy. This observation habit was something he was gradually giving more and more care to.

The first time the blue image launched [Lightning Thrust], it clearly had a very tyrannical power, but after breaking his [Holy Mantle], its power was also reduced, and by a wide extent.

[Holy Mantle] was obviously something that couldn’t injure the opponent, but then, how is it that his offensive power suddenly lowered? At that time, what happened to him?

With this process of thinking, Long Hao Chen found out something about this mystery.

The spiritual energy of the blue image had very little difference with his own. If his own spiritual energy was to fall down, its spiritual energy would fall down as well. Previously, when he used [Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation], his own spiritual energy had declined substantially, and as a result, its spiritual energy declined as well, which would naturally affect its offensive power. This was the correct answer.

Since things are that way, all I need to do is to purely focus on defense!

When Long Hao Chen was in the middle of his reasoning, suddenly, that blue image’s figure suddenly stopped and jumped in air, rotating at great speed. It was [Condemning Revolving Sword].

Did he copy my skill? Long Hao Chen was greatly astonished. As someone who could use [Condemning Revolving Sword] he naturally knew how formidable this ability’s power was.

However, at that moment, Long Hao Chen smiled. Quickly retreating back, he chanted an incantation at great speed, and lifted up his two swords that were of a shining gold color.

And in this instant, his formidable mental capacity also surged out, enabling him to use three skills at once.

In the sword of light in his left hand, three halos were undulating: [Faith Halo], [Guardian’s Favor], and [Imposing Ring]. In the other sword of light in his right hand, a white glow shone, it was precisely a [Holy Sword] which was storing power.

As his cultivation reached the fifth step, to use [Holy Sword], he didn’t need to chant anymore. He only needed to use his spiritual energy to form the [Holy Sword].

At this time, he also released [Holy Mantle] from his Divine Wristband, blocking the first blow of this blue image.

While drawing a few steps back, Long Hao Chen also completed his next incantation at a phenomenal speed, [Angelic Blessing].

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