Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Innate Talent Sharing! (III)

Right now, with just a wave of his hand, he was scared into a cold sweat! Despite the fact that he was at the fifth step, there wasn’t the slightest bit of resistance. Who were these two old men? Wasn’t this fearful strength similar to grandfather’s? With their position, why would they be here guarding the door?

The skinny elder disdainfully said: “The mouse gives birth to mices, but the lineage is getting worse and worse with each generation. The grandson that Han Qian raised can’t even accomplish anything by himself.”

The fat elder twitched his mouth, and said: “Who isn’t accomplishing anything? The Knight Temple’s younger generation matters a lot to the Alliance. This is something you can absolutely not deny.”

The skinny elder said: “Bullshit. Even all of them together cannot equal our Cai’er.”

The fat elder let out a chuckle. “Little maidens always need to marry. Moreover, the kid just entered is also pretty good. It looks like his age is more or less the same as your Cai’er.”

The skinny elder shrugged, “Damned fatty, do you want to come to blows?….”

The fat elder leaned back in his chair, said: “You dare? If you really do, let’s go find a place to duel for real, without anything missing. Sneak attacks are also allowed.”

The skinny elder groaned once again before sitting back on his chair, without uttering a single other word.

Long Hao Chen was astonished by the fact that his body hadn’t bumped into the wall. He only felt that a tyrannical pulling force in the surroundings was unceasingly pulling him apart, from all directions. However, at this moment, he had already recovered his ability to control his spiritual energy, manipulating it to protect himself.

He didn’t know from where it came, but at this very moment, a large hand reached out. It grabbed his shoulders and lightly started pulling him, making the illusory and dark world suddenly disappear. Opening his eyes, Long Hao Chen had already appeared in another place.

This was a place brimming with the feeling of spring, filled with the songs of birds and the fragrance of flowers, and in front of him was a valley. A faint and mighty gold colored fog shrouded the valley’s entrance. The surroundings were brimming with trees, bushes, flowers and plants. This atmosphere was very inviting.

The sky was clear. This slightly moist atmosphere made his skin feel extremely comfortable.

The valley entrance was over 100 meters away, over the unstable and shaky cliffs, shockingly, there were two large words ‘Qiling Valley’…

This, this was this the Knight Temple’s treasure vault? Long Hao Chen was dumbstruck as he saw everything in front of him. With his knowledge, he was capable of understanding everything that appeared before his eyes.

“Welcome, young friend.” A deep and profound voice sounded behind Long Hao Chen.

Hurriedly turning around, Long Hao Chen suddenly saw that an elder stood behind him. It seemed that he was the one who was pulling him over here, and behind him stood a strange gate of light.

This gate of light resembled the Creature Summoning Gate that Chen Ying’er used, except that the patterns surrounding this gate were much more complex. There was also no sign of animal carvings, but instead, there were numerous inscriptions in a language coming from ancient times.

“Strange isn’t it?” That elder was tall and thin. His silver hair was draped over his shoulders and he was wearing a traditional white robe. In this beautiful place, the aura he gave off was close to that of an immortal. His forehead was wide, and although his face showed years of hardship, both his eyes were still bright and expressive. He didn’t look too robust, but when he stood there, he seemed like a gigantic pillar holding up the heavens.

“Greetings, elder.” Long Hao Chen said, paying respect to him with a knight salute.

The elder laughed and said: “This old man is Yang Haohan, you may call him grandpa Yang.”

Long Hao Chen showed respect once again, and said “‘Hello, grandpa Yang.”

Yang Haohan smiled, patting him on the shoulder, and said: “Isn’t this place quite strange? Actually, this place wasn’t built by the Knight Temple, but was handed down from the glory era. It was built by elves in ancient times. It’s not only this place, but the other five Temples’ treasure vaults are like this as well. Simply put, this was made by ancient almighty elves who were capable of understanding and controlling heaven and earth, and created a parallel world based on our original world. Afterwards, during the dark era, we, almighty humans, received it. After we added some personal touches and modifications, it became like this.”

Although Long Hao Chen still didn’t understand much, he had a few impressions. He associated everything here with his own experience in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

Yang Hao Han smiled and said: “To be honest, if not for these treasures coming from the remnants of that ancient elve race that our almighty human race received during the dark era, I’m afraid that we, humans, would already have gone extinct…”

Long Hao Chen’s heart jumped, but he didn’t ask further. This was obviously related to the secrets of the six Temples. If this grandpa Yang in front of my eyes wanted to say something, he would certainly do so.

“Go, the valley contains your reward, but there will also be a test waiting for you, so be prepared. After entering the valley, there will be a fork in the road. At this fork, turn to the left, follow the path, and you will receive your reward.”

“Thank you grandpa Yang…” Long Hao Chen respectfully replied and walked towards the Qiling valley.

A hundred meters passed by quickly, and at this point, he took a step within a dense, faint-gold-colored fog.

In this fog, Long Hao Chen felt instantly that something was different. It seemed that the air had become a lot heavier, and an enormous pressure was surrounding him. His previously brisk steps immediately became heavier.

In his body, the liquid spiritual energy seemed to be simulated, producing a faint golden halo on the surface of his body.

Ever since he broke through the fifth step, Long Hao Chen felt that his cultivation speed had become a lot slower. Previously, he could gain about ten spiritual energy levels in a single day, but now, in roughly ten days, his internal spiritual energy had only gained about ten levels. But on the contrary, because of Hao Yue’s evolution, his external spiritual energy had increased by leaps and by bounds.

In the combat against Wang Yuanyuan, Long Hao Chen came to realize that external spiritual energy was also important. Clearly, Wang Yuanyuan’s external spiritual energy exceeded ordinary people’s by far, because otherwise, there was no way she could so easily wield her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, even without gems embedded. If not for Hao Yue’s help, with no weapon that could compare to her’s in his hand, there was really no way he could match her.

Now, the liquid spiritual energy in his body started to revolve while showing a great difference.

Previously, during his cultivation, it was around the Saint Spiritual Stove that his internal spiritual energy revolved, but now, it became the complete opposite.

The golden liquid internal spiritual energy took the shape of a ring, and resembled a sort of moat, slowly revolving around the Saint Spiritual Stove, but that Saint Spiritual Stove was slowly revolving as well. This further raised the quantity of liquid spiritual energy produced in Long Hao Chen’s body which, still thrown out of his Saint Spiritual Stove, blended in a ring of liquid spiritual energy.

Long Hao Chen knew that he couldn’t be overly eager in cultivation. He knew that the breakthrough was one of the reasons why he could gain ten levels every day, another one being the fact he was taking the Spiritual Gathering Pills that were given to him by Lin Xin. Then, it was also because he was unceasingly arousing his potential through continuous battles. And after breaking through, the liquid internal spiritual energy was a lot more complex than in its former shape. In this month, the arousal of his potential also quite great. Steadily and surely striving to raise his level was, to him, the most proper choice. After all, he was still 14 this year, so there was no lack of time for him.

The personal goal Long Hao Chen gave himself was to break through the level of Radiant Knight below 18 years old, and the level of Temple Knight below 25 years old. Without a doubt, progressing too fast was not worth it at all. This was something Ye Hua put particular emphasis on.

Although the pressure exerted by the insipid golden colored fog was enormous, relying on his formidable mental capacity, Long Hao Chen felt that the light essence here exceeded the external world by far, and that this fog was not formed of moisture and vapor, as it would normally, but of light essence. In other terms, the light essence here seemed almost fully liquid.

Unfortunately, this was not something Long Hao Chen was capable of absorbing at all. It wasn’t that there was a rejection of it, but as he made an attempt at absorbing it, the pressure exerted on him violently increased, nearly scattering the spiritual energy in his body. Surprised by this reaction, Long Hao Chen immediately became cautious and simultaneously released a [Holy Mantle]. This was to prevent the defense in his body from crumbling.

Not daring to be imprudent, he carefully advanced.

In a short time, a part of the scenery suddenly became distinct. As before, in the other directions, it was still indistinct, but on the left side, a passage appeared.

This passage was only three meters wide, and on the two sides, high cliffs appeared. These cliffs seemed smooth and sleek, but with his current training level, Long Hao Chen had no way to climb them successfully.

It should be there. Long Hao Chen observed the surroundings for a bit before advancing in the passage.

Exiting the range of the golden fog, his body finally felt lighter. As the pressuring force vanished, Long Hao Chen could feel the internal spiritual energy in his body calmly rushing forth.

This passage was definitely not flat, it was zigzagging in complicated patterns. This was the reason why all he could see around were the cliffs, but he didn’t see an end to this passage.

Continuously advancing in this passage, he had already spent roughly a quarter of an hour in it, when suddenly, in front of him appeared ten different forks in the road. Each of them had high cliffs on both sides.

This… This couldn’t be a naturally formed shape! It is too meticulous to be random. Long Hao Chen who was shaken to see so many bifurcations thought to himself.

What should I do? Grandpa Yang didn’t tell me about these bifurcations. Which one should I choose? Should I still choose the leftmost one?

Halting his steps, Long Hao Chen pondered to himself.

Although he was young, he had a calm nature and wasn’t the kind of person to act blindly. He didn’t know why, but in his heart, a restless feeling surged up.

Long Hao Chen remembered perfectly what the elder Yang Hao Han told him to carefully bear in mind previously. His formidable memorizing power was currently being used at its utmost.

Grandpa Yang said that I will have to pass a test in order to obtain my reward. Could it be that this is the test, or a part of it? As he thought, Long Hao Chen sat down cross-legged and shut his eyes.

Before, when passing through the light fog, some of his spiritual energy had been consumed. Since he had to face a test, maintaining an optimal state was clearly going to be extremely important.

In this Qiling Valley, the light essence was a lot richer than in the external world. Although the fog from previously wasn’t present right now, the light essence as thick as rain was still present in a very abundant proportion. Relying on his particular physique as a Scion of Light, in a little moment, Long Hao Chen was already back to his peak state.

At this moment, suddenly, something caught Long Hao Chen’s attention. He felt a bit of the most pure light essence fluctuating around him in the air.


Long Hao Chen abruptly opened his eyes that glanced directly in a particular direction.

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