Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Innate Talent Sharing! (II)

No matter how boundless the Scion of Light’s prospects were, he was in the end a single person and nothing more. However, Ye Hua’s abilities could, on the other hand, certainly help all of the six Temples.

Ye Hua wept for fifteen minutes straight, until his eyes were red, and made Long Hao Chen’s clothes completely wet. With great difficulty, he managed to gradually stop his emotions.

Turning around, he let out a sound as he kneeled before Han Qian, respectfully standing in front of him, “Senior Saint Knight Head, I give you my thanks.”

Han Qian smiled, shaking his head and said: “Don’t mention it. If you’re okay with it, there is no need for you to return to Hao Yue City. In the future, you can just follow me. This old man would like to pass all his years of experience of training and cultivation to you.”

Ye Hua was pretty smart. In terms of intelligence, he was a genius like one that appeared once every generation. Quickly kneeling once again, he replied immediately, “This apprentice respectfully meets master.”

Han Qian chuckled, and said, supporting him up with both his hands, “The one who’s taking advantage of the other is this old man. In the future, you will inevitably become one of the dazzling new stars of our Knight Temple, and your accomplishments will surely not make you below your treasured apprentice.”

Long Hao Chen paid respects to his teacher, before hurriedly stepping forward, respectfully saying: “Apprentice Long Hao Chen pays respects to grand-teacher.”

Han Qian let out a complacent sound; he had a straightforward disposition, and immediately laughed out loudly. As Han Yu, who was standing beside him, looked at this scene, the doubt in his heart had completely vanished. Without even needing to mention the fact that his master knight was his grandfather’s grand-disciple, Long Hao Chen today had also raised his innate spiritual energy to 80. He was already considering whether or not he should discuss a bit with his grandfather, to ask him to lengthen his time of being a retainer knight.

It appeared that because Ye Hua’s innate spiritual energy had increased by over 40, he was the one who had obtained the most benefits. However, in reality, the advantages gained by Han Yu even surpassed that.

Originally, Han Yu’s innate spiritual energy was 63, and although he was already a genius, if in the future he wanted to become a divine knight, there were still going to be some difficulties. In the history of the knight temple, the ones capable of becoming a divine knight practically all had innate internal spiritual energies over 70. If one did not have this kind of innate talent, he had to be willing to work multiple times more.

Having an innate spiritual energy of 70 gave one the physique of an angel while an innate spiritual energy of 80 gave the physique blessed by gods. In other words, under the effects of Long Hao Chen’s innate talent sharing, his innate skills were increased by two grades. As long as he remained alive, breaking through the ninth step was only a matter of time to him! How could this not excite him? So what If I become a retainer knight? With such an immense increase in innate skills, even if I remain a retainer knight for twenty years, it will still be worth it!

“I truly didn’t expect that this choice would have so many benefits. Haha.” Han Qian very pleased with himself said: “Good, let’s get down to actual business. Hao Chen, during the preliminaries you placed in the top ten. According to the rules, our Temples have to reward you with a weapon. I overheard that in your group three, the weapon of our knight temple’s finalist, which is you, suffered serious damages. Since it is the case, you can accept our knight temple’s reward for you in advance.”

“The weapon awarded by the temple depends on your luck. Tomorrow morning, Han Yu will take you to the Temple’s treasury, and tell you what to do. Anyway, seeing that you are definitely already ranked first of the group three, there is no need for you to participate in tomorrow’s match. Your teacher already considers me his teacher, so you’re my grand-disciple. When this elder returns, I’ll have to prepare for both of you a welcome gift; I’ll have someone deliver yours tomorrow. How is it okay for my grand-disciple to not even have a full set of equipment? Little Yu, from now on, you’re Hao Chen’s retainer; you should already know what you will have to do.”

Han Yu hurried to said, respectfully, “Yes grandfather. I will definitely learn from master, and I will not disappoint you ever again.”

Han Qian finally left, and Ye Hua hurriedly went back to his room for the sake of cultivating. On the other side, Long Hao Chen took Han Yu back to his own room.

“Brother Han, don’t you think something is wrong right now? In the future, call me directly by my name. If you keep always calling me ‘master’, I will feel really uncomfortable.” Long Hao Chen said sincerely.

Han Yu immediately shook his head resolutely, answering to him, “How is that okay? We cannot discard our roles, I am master’s retainer knight! I naturally have to address master properly.” He had already made the resolution to accompany Long Hao Chen properly. The Scion of Light! He was going to follow him in his journey! Han Yu’s feelings of admiration towards his grandfather were currently beyond limits; the eyesight of his grandfather was really too good! To become the retainer knight of the Scion of Light, this was a glory and not a shame!

Long Hao Chen tried to persuade him for a long time, but whatever he said, Han Yu wasn’t willing to agree. After this, he simply arranged a place for him to stay, to have a place where he could temporarily live.

On the morning of the next day, Han Yu took Long Hao Chen to the Alliance’s Treasure Vault. Before leaving, Long Hao Chen asked Li Xin to tell Cai’er that today, he was probably going to be home very late, so she should leave first, without waiting for him.

The Alliance’s Treasure Vault was a part of the Alliance’s Great Stadium. Just like the latter, it was under the control of the Six Great Temples.

The Treasure Vault was located in the rear of the Alliance’s Great Stadium, in a place that didn’t stand out at all at first glance.

From outside, it just seemed like an ordinary hexagonal structure, and its interior was only a hundred square meters large. At most, it resembled a luxurious residential building.

In front of the entrance, two light clad elders were chatting, seated on chairs, and with very relaxed appearance.

“Salutations, two elders. I, Han Yu, came on behalf of the Saint Knight Head Han Qian to bring the Earth Knight Long Hao Chen to receive a reward.” Han Qian respectfully saluted the other party.

Long Hao Chen didn’t dare slack off, and performed a salute together with Han Yu towards these two elders.

Between the two elders, one was fat and the other one was thin. The fat one was balding and his clothes revealed his chest.

The thin elder resembled a stick of bamboo; looking at that appearance, it seemed that even a gust of wind could blow him over.

“Grumpf, your order tile?” The thin one said quietly.

Han Yu quickly walked over, and handed over the order tile.

The thin elder nodded and said: “You, wait here. Long Hao Chen, follow me.”

“Yes.” Long Hao Chen answered and followed the thin elder into the treasury. Han Yu patiently waited at the entrance.

The thin elder brought Long Hao Chen inside. Upon entering, Long Hao Chen carefully observed one of the most important places in the Holy City.

The treasury’s hall was quite small, only about 100 meters long. In the center of the floor, there was a hexagram.

The huge door behind them closed, the six walls surrounded them. On each one of these walls, there was a giant mural.

The murals were all of people: there were six walls and six people. From the way they were dressed, each one was a representation of one of the six great temples.

The thin elder stopped in the center of the hexagram, turned around and looked at Long Hao Chen a few times, groaned and said: “So you’re Long Hao Chen. I can’t see what’s so special about you.”

Long Hao started blankly for a moment, “Senior, you know of me?”

The thin elder said very bluntly, “I don’t.” After finishing this sentence, he moved his feet slightly, and stepped down in the direction of the knights’ wall.

Long Hao Chen didn’t sense any fluctuation of spiritual energy, but the knights’ wall already lit up.

The thin elder lifted his right hand. Long Hao Chen could vaguely see something in the middle of his hand that resembled a small seal. It flashed a bit towards the knight’s wall. Suddenly the light emanating from the wall flowed about, the knight becoming seemingly alive.

“Knight Temple, bring this person.” The thin elder shouted. Suddenly he lifted his foot, and kicked Long Hao Chen’s butt.

His movements were too fast, to the extent that Long Hao Chen couldn’t react at all. He felt numb all over, and he couldn’t muster up any spiritual energy. He was already flying directly towards the wall with the knights’ symbol on it.

Long Hao Chen was startled to the point that he almost cried out. When he thought about the pain he was going to suffer when his body would crash against the wall, suddenly, the surroundings became illusionary. His body unexpectedly entered the wall and disappeared.

Looking at the wall with a knight drawn on it, the thin elder groaned, “Fourteen year old Earth Knight, he barely passes… But there’s nothing that is especially wonderful about him. Too lacking, too lacking. How is that girl so stubborn? And do I really have to help this little child from the Knight Temple? I really want to squash him to death!”

As he muttered, he leisurely left. The fat elder who was seated across him previously laughed loudly, “How was it?”

The thin elder widened one eye, “Not up to much. He’s not a nice fit for our family’s Cai’er.”

The fat elder laughed out loud, and said: “Don’t tell this to me, but to old man Yang.”

The skinny elder sat down again, not even looking at Han Yu beside him, and groaned twice, “Sooner or later, I’ll find old man Yang to pay his debts. This whole lifetime, that old bastard was taking advantage of me. This old man has to let the young brat take advantage.”

The fat elder laughed: “Honestly speaking, this was old Yang’s personal order. How is he related to this old Yang?”

The thin elder’s face suddenly became odd, “Since you are bringing up the subject, I have a few things to say about that. That old man Yang’s grandson isn’t comparable to this youngster. Haha, a few days ago, that stinking brat was almost disposed of by my family’s girl. Too bad you didn’t get to see that old man Yang’s wonderful expression when he came to find me. Haha, after so many years, it’s the first time I saw him so tight. And that old man’s mood didn’t even improve for a while. I heard the main cause of that is that brat we saw a moment ago. What a troublesome task! It’s like our Assassin Temple owes that Knight Temple or something.”

Han Yu, on the side, raised his ears to listen, vaguely hearing them. He already had a few clues.

Standing right now, the thin elder abruptly turned his head, “What are you listening to, get lost.” With a wave of his hand, Han Yu felt a heavy energy hitting him, and his entire body was pushed aloft in the air, further than ten meters away.

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