Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Gigantic Divine Soul Shield (III)

He… What does he want us to do?

Does he want to look at my face? Or does he want to hug me? Or else, does he… does he…

Cai’er’s mind was already in complete disorder, as she was already sweating under the grip of Long Hao Chen’s small hand.

Noticing the sudden great changes in her expression, Long Hao Chen felt quite scared, as he hurriedly rubbed her forehead with one of his hands.

Cai’er couldn’t see, and for this reason, her perception of the external world was quite vague. At the moment Long Hao Chen came into contact with her forehead, she unconsciously took a few steps back, crying out in surprise, “Ahhh, don’t.” After all, she hadn’t prepared mentally yet!

At that moment, there were some small stone steps not far behind her. Retreating in panic, her feet got caught into it, and she was about to fall backwards.

Long Hao Chen’s heart, scared, skipped a bit: although he totally didn’t understand what happened to Cai’er, he still unconsciously took a step forward, and held her slim waist in his embrace, supporting her lovely body with his hands.

“Be careful.”

Cai’er was now so bashful that even her neck had turned red. She could clearly feel Long Hao Chen’s embrace on her waist and the warmth of his hands, as well as his breath, in such a short distance.

In her capacity as an assassin, she spent most of her childhood in training, making her senses especially sharp, because it was the only way for her to sense hidden danger. But now, it was her heart that appeared especially shy, her body turned numb, and her legs could almost not stay steady at all. One of her hands grabbed Long Hao Chen’s lapel, and her mind was completely blank.

Long Hao Chen was currently completely stunned too. The weather was quite hot, so everyone was wearing light clothes. So when he held Cai’er’s slim and soft waist in his arms, he only felt a creamy satin from her skin, a jade-like sensation, and a comfortable warmth. Most of all, he felt as if this slender waist of hers could break off at any time; below her waist was the touching figure of her beautiful arced buttock, and her neat face was completely flushed.

A few seconds passed, but to them, they seemed as long as several centuries. Better late than never, Cai’er took the initiative to react. Hurriedly straightening her back, she moved her bamboo cane horizontally, using it to finally obstruct Long Hao Chen, as she coldly said, sounding somewhat displeased, “You… you…… ”

Long Hao Chen blanked out for a few seconds and said, “Cai’er, are you all right?

I… I only wanted to invite you to have a meal together. What is up with you? Do you feel sick? Is it a fever? Your face is so red… ”

It was now Cai’er’s turn to stare blankly.

So actually… Actually, he only wanted… And actually, the one who had devious thoughts was me…

Her blushing face didn’t come back to normal, but instead, it blushed even further. Cai’er used her bamboo cane to lightly tap on Long Hao Chen’s body, as she barked to him in a low voice, “Meanie. I am going back first. Who wants to eat with you?” Finishing her sentence, her bamboo cane tapped on the ground, and Long Hao Chen only saw her body flash, and in a split second, the reflections of her silhouette disappeared completely.

What a fast shifting! The speed of an assassin is really something enviable. However, what happened to Cai’er? Why did she call me a meanie?!!

Long Hao Chen stood there stupefied for a moment, then walked back to his hotel, puzzled. With his sharp perception, he could feel that Cai’er wasn’t really angry at him. What he couldn’t understand was why it felt like she was fleeing when walking away. However, earlier, when he caught her, it felt really good; the sensation he had when embracing her waist was especially comfortable. He felt a bit reluctant to wash his hands today.

Long Hao Chen returned to the hotel. Before even entering his room, he heard Ye Hua’s voice from the neighbouring room, “Hao Chen, come.”

How did teacher know I returned? Long Hao Chen was nervous. He hurried to Ye Hua’s room, opening the door and entered.

There wasn’t just one person in Ye Hua’s room: apart from him, there were two more. An elder with white hair and a beard was seated upright before him, and a youth stood behind him.

He recognized this youth: it was precisely that arrogant person he met that day, but had never seen again since then, Han Yu.

Although Ye Hua sat there, it felt like he was incredibly respectful. He was only seated on half of the chair; it was the first time Long Hao Chen saw this side of Ye Hua. Knowing his teacher, this was certainly a behaviour he could only show when speaking from the bottom of his heart.

Who’s this old man? Han Yu’s relative? Was it because of that day, when he said he would become my retainer knight, that he came to find me? Long Hao Chen’s heart suddenly chilled, but nevertheless, he said nothing, slowly going behind Ye Hua’s seat to take his place.

Han Yu naturally saw him as well. Only, right now, Han Yu’s facial expression was very serene and there wasn’t the slightest trace of the arrogance from before.

The elder sitting across from Ye Hua, wasn’t he precisely the Saint Knight Head of the Knight Alliance, Han Qian? Looking at Long Hao Chen, his eyes shone, brimming with a smile, as he said, “Ye Hua, you fostered such a good apprentice. Originally I planned to have you convey my message to him, but since he returned this early, it seems that it will not be necessary. Hao Chen, did today’s match go smoothly?”

Hearing his voice, Long Hao Chen suddenly widened his eyes. His perception was good, as good as his memory, so although this voice was at that moment quite gentle, he was immediately able tell from his previous memory who that profound voice belonged to.

“Mister… Aren’t you the Saint Knight Head who appeared on stage during the Knights Preliminaries?” Long Hao Chen let these words slip out of his mouth.

Han Yan said with a wide smile, “Exactly! It is quite impressive that you remembered my voice.”

Ye Hua shot a glance at Long Hao Chen, “You still haven’t answered senior Saint Knight’s first question yet.”

Long Hao quickly and respectfully said: “I won my match today by a fluke.”

“Fluke?” Han Qian, astonished, looked at him. “So there are still people in your group that can make you rely on luck? What a surprise!”

Long Hao Chen nodded, then, using his own experience of the battle with Wang Yuanyuan, he explained the situation once in a simple fashion, putting emphasis on describing Wang Yuanyuan’s Gigantic Divine Soul Shield

“Epic equipment.” Han Qian’s facial colour hardened, eyebrows slightly raised “I’ve heard of the Gigantic Divine Soul heirloom before; so their blood has still been passed on until now. To humanity, this is an extremely good thing. It seems that in the near future, this young lady will become the focus of the Warrior temple’s nurturing. I can ascertain that the Gigantic Divine Soul heirloom equipments are all at least of epic tier quality. However, I don’t remember at all whether during the glory days, there was a shield among the ‘Gigantic Divine Soul’. It looks like the young lady’s Gigantic Divine Soul Shield is a broken weapon. Even so, if she can embed all the nine cavities, it’s still inevitable that this shield will reach the epic tier. This type of nine-hole-embed resonating spiritual energy field method has long been lost.”

This Saint Knight Head was really experienced; even Ye Hua could not compare to him in terms of knowledge.

“Not bad, not bad, even against this type of equipment you still managed to win, bringing glory to our Knight Temple.” Han Qian nodded in satisfaction.

“Little Hao Chen! The purpose of me coming this time was to find you. I’m not going to hide it from you, this senior’s name is Han Qian, and Han Yu is my grandson. However, during this Demon Hunt Selection competition, this stinking grandson disappointed me so much. That day, I let him pay respect to you: it was really sincerely that he asked to be your retainer knight. Today, I brought him. I have already completed the procedure for him to become a retainer knight. From now on till five years later, he is your retainer. His life, his entire life, will be completely under your control. Little Yu.” He hinted towards his grandson.

Han Yu hurriedly advanced a few steps, bowed slightly, extending his left hand.

Long Hao Chen looked at him, astonished. On Han Yu’s left hand, there was a trace of a mark, a mark he didn’t recognize.

Han Qian said: “This is a retainer knight’s contract, lasting five years. You have to drop a single drop of blood in the center of the contract mark. After the contract, and for five years, he will not be able to disobey any orders from you. At the same time, you will only need a single thought to control his life.”

Long Hao Chen looked at the serious appearance of Han Yan, and he could not help but say: “Saint Knight Head, there’s no need. I think brother Han Yu was just a bit careless at that moment.”

Han Qian hurriedly stood up, and said in a serious voice: “How could he happen to be careless at such a time? This child has some innate talents, but his attitude has some serious defects. He’s proud, arrogant, unruly, and cannot take any responsibility. You are different, I can see a knight’s glory and honour on you. Don’t think there will be no benefit for him upon becoming your retainer knight. As a matter of fact, he will actually gain quite a lot. Following you will not only enable him to become part of a Demon Hunt Squad, but by your side, he will also be able to learn a lot of things. Perhaps these five years of rough times will finally make him walk on the right track to become an outstanding knight, This is my main aim. So, as his grandfather, I beg you, please let him become your retainer.”

While persuading, Han Yu’s right fist was across his chest, as he performed a knight salute towards Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen was startled, quickly replied, “Senior Saint Knight Head, don’t behave this way, I don’t deserve it. I’ll just agree.”

Ye Hua, on the side, didn’t utter a single word from start to end. Han Qian was not at all scared to speak out, candid and straightforward, about his desire for Han Yu to become Long Hao Chen’s retainer knight, without any idea of concealing anything. Just this single thing was enough to convince people. What’s more, with a fifth step knight beside him, Long Hao’s safety would increase greatly.

Bright red blood slowly dripped out into the center of the retainer knight’s contract mark.

Although Han Yu had already thought about this situation; that he had to become someone else’s retainer until the moment, he still could not help but shut both his eyes.

Blood dripped into the center of Han Yu’s palm and, a moment later, disappeared, turning into red light that spread out from the mark, extending through Han Yu’s entire body.

Han Yu reflexively shivered, subconsciously opening both eyes, without even greeting his master, Long Hao Chen.

Suddenly, from the center of that mark, a gold light also spread out.

In an instant, Han Yu only felt that the 360 thousand pores on his body opened, inside and out, warming his entire body. His entire body felt like the center of a hot spring burning, almost letting out a groaning sound.

What is this? Not only Ye Hua and Long Hao Chen, but even Han Qian was a bit scared. Even if he was the Saint Knight Head, it was the first time he saw this strange situation.

Han Yu himself was a bit stupefied, but this comfort was not fake; he could feel that between him and Long Hao Chen there was already a distinct connection. It felt like they became family relatives.

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