Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 125

Chapter 125: So strong Cai’er (III)

Lin Xin was a mage that couldn’t use offensive magic, but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t smart. On the contrary, he was an extremely smart guy. What was Cai’er’s vocation? She was an assassin. Did she use other weapons than her bamboo cane? Absolutely not. From the beginning of the competition until now, Cai’er didn’t take out any real assassin weapons. If she were to really take one out, at what level would her offensive power be? He didn’t want to become her first good test, just because his defensive power was great.

In the third group, Long Hao Chen was also the first one to appear on stage today. Only, his match wasn’t as relaxed as Cai’er’s.

Wang Yuanyuan was facing Long Hao Chen as his opponent, her right hand holding the heavy shield that was even larger than her own body, looking at Long Hao Chen with eyes brimming with confidence.

She knew that as long as she could win this match, then the first place of the second group would be hers. Although the competition opposing those in the top 16 would involve another drawing of lots, the first of their group would meet seconds of other groups, so evidently, to her, having the status of first-ranked of her group would be extremely advantageous.

Only, she also knew that the guy before her eyes would be extremely hard to cope with. That day, when Long Hao Chen defeated Huang Yi, although the appearance of the mount that he revealed was short-lived, it left an extremely deep impression in her mind.

“Match start!” The referee announced before slowly moving back.

Wang Yuanyuan held her shield placed horizontally, placed before her body, as she faced Long Hao Chen and shouted out, “Summon it. Let this mount of yours come out.”

Long Hao Chen shook his head, and said, “That wouldn’t be fair. If your strength can really compel me to do so, I will reconsider.”

Although he really wished for this great competition to help increase his combat experience, he couldn’t be inflexible either. Breaking through the fifth step was something Long Hao Chen himself didn’t expect to happen, but now, not only did he break through, Hao Yue had also completed his second evolution. This gave him for real the strength necessary to enter the top three of these finals. There was after all a spiritual stove to gain as reward! Furthermore, the promise he made to Lin Xin had yet to be accomplished. It would of course be for the best if he could be in the top of this Demon Hunt Selection. Long Hao Chen really didn’t like the feeling of owing something to someone.

Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t refrain from a slight laughter. Holding a small gem to her body with her left hand, she nodded towards Long Hao Chen: “As you say so, let’s fight a fair battle.”

While she said that, she shouted out loudly before dashing towards Long Hao Chen in a short moment. Although her speed might not be comparable to an assassin,with each step, a loud bang sounded, and her own imposing power increased. Silver spiritual energy rose up and covered her skin with a layer of brilliant silver.

Wasn’t she at the fifth step? It was visibly liquid spiritual energy.

Long Hao Chen was immediately startled, because during the previous matches, Wang Yuanyuan only displayed power that was at the peak of the fourth step; this was the first time that she displayed a strength at the fifth step level. There was no way of knowing whether she was hiding her strength earlier or just recently made a breakthrough.

According to common logic from the warrior temple, Wang Yuanyuan did not fit the mold of a regular shield warrior at all: her enormous shield was basically being used as if it was a heavy axe.

Less than ten meters away from Long Hao Chen, stomping her right foot, she rose up into the air, swinging her enormous shield, and going straight for his head. With that violent look, she did not have even half the grace a female was supposed to have, and was even fiercer than male warriors.

Long Hao Chen held a fine iron shield in his left hand and his Flame Sword on his right. It was a fine iron shield! After he lost his Radiant Shield, he went to look around the Alliance’s head auction house. However, with the amount of personal money he had left after feeding Hao Yue, all the good weapons seemed too expensive. It was so expensive that he left shortly after simply taking a few looks.

An ordinary magic tier shield would cost up to a thousand gold. Even an alloy shield cost a hundred gold. Under this helpless situation, Long Hao Chen spent ten gold to buy his iron shield to improvise. He also spent twenty gold to buy a heavy sword that he stored in his forget-me-not ring.

Right, he could only think of that after this final stage, when he would immediately hurry back to the Knight Temple to retrieve his prize for the preliminaries. The top 10 qualifiers could apparently all obtain a rare piece of equipment at the Spiritual Tier. If he sold this thing, he could pool enough money together to get him a set of Magic Tier equipment. He certainly wasn’t going to ask his sister or his teacher for money.


Against Wang Yuanyuan who was advancing from the air to attack him, Long Hao Chen used [Assault]. Naturally, he wasn’t facing her head on, but was flanking her sides with [Assault].

With increased speed, he barely avoided Wang Yuanyuan’s attack.


The giant shield slammed into the ground violently, and the silver spiritual energy dissipated, creating a distorted ring of vibration, even though Wang Yuanyuan’s shield didn’t only barely hit the ground. This strike was comparable in power to Long Hao Chen’s [Holy Sword] using [Light Thorn].

Although Long Hao Chen dodged Wang Yuanyuan’s attack, the dissipated silver spiritual energy nevertheless had an effect on Long Hao Chen, to the extent that after his initial assault, he couldn‘t follow up with another attack.

Wang Yuanyuan continuously attacked, face unwavering. Suddenly she swung her shield towards Long Hao Chen, and immediately, chunks of yellow earth were spread into the air enveloping Long Hao Chen within. With a flick of Wang Yuanyuan’s wrist, the large shield flew straight towards Long Hao Chen. Producing humming noises, the air sounded like the ghastly grim reaper. This was an astonishing scene that could make anyone gasp in admiration.

Long Hao Chen inclined the upper part of his body backwards, his waist seeming like it was almost about to snap off. Looking backwards, he could see that Wang Yuanyuan’s enormous shield, still producing these humming noises, flew above his head.

At this moment, Long Hao Chen dashed off his right foot. Right now Wang Yuanyuan didn’t have her shield, it was the best moment to strike.

[Shield Charge], Long Hao Chen held his fine iron shield and made a beeline for Wang Yuanyuan. But at this moment, Wang Yuanyuan’s huge shield rotated and was returning.

Humph! Wang Yuanyuan coldly let out a groan, silvery light flashed around her, as she advanced towards Long Hao Chen with no hesitation. To Long Hao Chen’s surprise, the huge shield had already returned to her hand in the next instant. The current situation had changed: two people carrying shields were now charging at each other.


Long Hao Chen was knocked over five meters back, and under the intense vibration, the fine iron shield in his hand had already broken down into chunks of metal.

His equipment was a real disappointment, but Long Hao Chen also discovered to his astonishment that even with the boost from Hao Yue’s blood to his external spiritual energy, when facing Wang Yuanyuan, he could not take a single advantage. He even suffered some losses. This young maiden was really strong!

Because he had an appointment with Cai’er every day, Long Hao Chen didn’t really observe any of Wang Yuanyuan’s fights. It immediately became clear to him that it was by relying on her own skills that this maiden had obtained seven victories up to now.

That silver colored spiritual energy, could it be that it contains spatial attribute? In that instant, Long Hao Chen understood. If it was not due to the spatial attribute, how could her shield return to her hand so abruptly?

Long Hao Chen moved back, and Wang Yuanyuan also blanked out a bit. At this point, their internal spiritual energy was pretty much exhausted. Their techniques were all on par with each other, the only differences were in their external spiritual energy and their equipment. Without a doubt, Long Hao Chen’s iron shield put him in a disadvantageous position. However, during the moment of their collision, Wang Yuanyaun felt that Long Hao Chen had the explosive force of a lion behind him. This explosive force was extremely ferocious, to the extent that she had to take half a step back as well, without being able to connect any techniques. If he had equipment with a status equal to her own, if he had not overpowered her, at least he wouldn’t have flown back.

Although those were her heartfelt feelings, she did not stop at that. She immediately charged towards the unstable Long Hao Chen and as the shield in her hand flashed, three glows were actually created, covering Long Hao Chen’s body.

Although Long Hao Chen only held a single sword, the brilliant shine in his eyes suddenly became brighter. After having tested his opponent through the previous exchange of blows, he came to understand Wang Yuanyuan a lot better than earlier. He was not going to hold back any longer.

Suddenly, his Flame Sword shone in a dazzling light, and a sound escaped, as it aimed at Wang Yuanyuan who was preparing to strike with her shield once again. At the same time, he completed a quiet incantation, and with his two hands grasping the sword, after a [Thorny Charge] immediately came a [Shining Solar Strike].


[Shining Solar Strike] accurately aimed at the three glows created by her shield, creating a violent colliding sound.

This time, Wang Yuanyuan had certainly come out worse off.

The two had about the same internal spiritual energy cultivation, but just now, he certainly dispersed the strength of her strike. However, her shield’s quality was certainly above the Flame Sword’s, as she was only compelled to take a single step back. But this strike had also simultaneously given Long Hao Chen the opportunity to counterattack.

With a lift of the left hand, his newly purchased fine iron sword appeared in his hand, and at the same time, the chant of his incantation was finally completed.

A one meter tall brilliant, floating light appeared at his back, as two wings opened up, giving him the appearance of an awe-inspiring angel. A ring of gold-colored light was emitted from the angel, dropping on Long Hao Chen’s body, and instantly, his entire body became covered in this golden color.

Fifth step Guardian Knight skill, [Angelic Blessing]. This skill was something Ye Hua taught him recently, in the last few days, after his cultivation level broke through to the fifth step.

[Angelic Blessing] wasn’t a secret skill, but a skill all guardian knights of the fifth step were required to learn. It was extremely practical in real combat situations, because it was a ranged skill that could not only strengthen oneself, but partners in combat as well. In a situation where spiritual energy was constantly being depleted, it was possible to bestow light elemental essence onto all offensive and defensive skills without affecting/influencing their original quality.

Although the light attribute amplification was inferior to [Holy Sword], its effects had an excellent range and duration. This skill was essential to a Guardian Knight and his team.

Long Hao Chen’s Flame Sword and fine iron sword in his other hand were bestowed with a golden light. Under the effects of [Angelic Blessing], not only was his offensive power boosted, a significant protection was also provided to his equipment. If his Flame Sword was to suffer any damages, what weapon could he possibly use in his subsequent matches!? After being strengthened by [Angelic Blessing], the iron sword could just be barely on the same level as a magic weapon.

[Pure White Edge], [Lightning Thrust].

Both swords exploded forward, as ten flashing lights with unparalleled power were headed towards Wang Yuanyuan.

Wang Yuanyuan didn’t think that right after Long Hao Chen’s shield broke, he would switch to dual swords. Having not made enough preparations, she took a step back, using her huge shield to cover the front of her body, completely sheltering it from any attack.

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