Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 124

Chapter 124: So strong Cai’er (II)

Actually, the current Sima Xian looked similar to a berserker using the light attribute. In the earlier stages, priests were supposed to have very limited offensive capabilities. For sure, his physical strength was extremely high, but how could he contend against an ultra-genius of the type that doesn’t even appear once every 1000 years, the Saint Daughter of Samsara?

Lin Xin was staring blankly at Cai’er, who was going back to her lounge, with his eyes focused on her. His current opinion of Cai’er was completely different. In short, she had simply become a great favorite he had to cling to… Naturally, it was absolutely not in “that” meaning, he was only yearning for trying to get in her good graces, he didn’t have any other kind of ideas. This girl who was previously together with Long Hao Chen, a delicate-looking young lady who had in addition lost her sight was actually powerful to such a frightening level. Sima Xian had learned and experienced her fighting strength today with his own body.

Too strong, it was simply too strong. Who else could contend against such a powerhouse during these Demon Hunt Selections?

Li Xin’s shock was no less than Lin Xin’s. What Lin Xin didn’t expect, neither did she expect it. Furthermore, during her match against her on the previous day, Cai’er had voluntarily conceded. Even if she had Rose, could she really win against her? Lil’ bro! Where did you get yourself a little lady as abnormal as you!?

In the past, Li Xin was always thinking that Long Hao Chen was the greatest genius that could exist in this world, but this little lady before her eyes looked no older than him! She was also already at the fifth step of cultivation. Having seen how easily and skillfully she coped with Sima Xian with such a calm demeanor, she was clearly far from having gone all out. If she could really become her little brother’s girlfriend, how great would that be.

“Big sister, I am leaving first.” Cai’er approached Li Xin by the side, and said this in a low voice.

Li Xin revealed a faint smile, and asked, “You’re going to wait for him?”


Li Xin said with a smile, “Quickly go. Seeing that you’re so strong, it looks like there is no need for me to worry about your safety.”

“Du, du, du.” Under the gaze of all the competitors, Cai’er quietly left.

For the following days, the other matches of Long Hao Chen’s could be said to have gone as smoothly as a breeze of wind; he didn’t encounter any complications. It was to the extent that he didn’t even need Hao Yue to appear on stage. In addition, he had obtained five victories from people who surrendered from the start of the match. When drawing him as their opponent, the two priests directly surrendered; they had clearly seen how Long Hao Chen destroyed the Earth Giant; how could they possibly restrain this level of attack power? And the last three of these victories were contributions from those other assassins.

During this competition in groups, everyone had nine matches. So far Long Hao Chen only needed seven wins to be sure to be qualified. On the last two days, he was up against the two strange ladies of this group, Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er.

In this group, Long Hao Chen and Huang Yi were the ones who displayed the most astonishing strength, but the ones who attracted the most attention weren’t them, it was this young lady summoner, Chen Ying’er.

After having been defeated three times in a row, she emerged victorious three times in a row. Her fighting method was simple, it was to rely on the Creature Summoning Gate. When up against Long Hao Chen, this young lady summoned a mount that she herself could basically not recognize at all. And when she ended up against Huang Yi, what outrageously came out from her Creature Summoning Gate was a huge green dragon at the eighth step that intimidated Huang Yi to such an extent that he directly conceded. Since then, this lady became the most unpredictable element of the third group. Try to ask, who among these youngsters could possibly want to measure himself against a magical beast of the eighth step?

Wang Yuanyuan’s appearance was also eye-catching; just like Long Hao Chen, she had gotten herself seven victories. However, until this day, the ones she hadn’t run against were the toughest opponents, Long Hao Chen and Huang Yi. At the very end, she had to compete against both of them.

As a result, after Long Hao Chen had gotten himself one of the places, the second place was going to be settled in the match between Huang Yi and Wang Yuanyuan. At the time of this match, Huang Yi had already lost two matches, but had the great occasion to catch up with Wang Yuanyuan and possibly aim for a seventh victory. This way, as long as Long Hao Chen could beat her, in concerns to both sides’ equal number of victories and defeat, he could possibly surpass his opponent in rank and stay in the competition, together with Long Hao Chen.

The marvel of this third group was undoubtedly this random summoner. And there was an even more marvellous guy in the second group, it was Lin Xin.

Among the seven matches he was in, Lin Xin ended six of them in a row. Exactly, except from one he lost against the bald priest Sima Xian because of the matter of time, the six following matches of the competition all ended in a draw. It was because even though he couldn’t attack, there was no one who could break through his defense. It was the same even for Li Xin who possessed her Rose Unicorn. Unfortunately for him, his match of the eighth day was about to begin, and on this day, his opponent was precisely Cai’er.

Within the second group, Cai’er was without equal. Her seven matches had ended with six victories and a defeat against Li Xin, who by relying on her Rose Unicorn also ended with good results with five victories, one draw and one defeat. Her defeat was against a summoner from the Spiritual Temple. However, on the next day, when this summoner ran up against Cai’er as his opponent, he was directly heavily wounded by her, leading to a lot of complications in the rear. For this reason, the Spiritual Temple raised a complaint against the Assassin Temple. However, was this really of use?

The bald priest Sima Xian was the third ranked of this group. His seven matches had ended with five victories and two defeats, the second defeat occurring when he fought Li Xin. The Rose Unicorn’s dominance was really too great, further adding the fact Li Xin was herself a Retribution Knight. In addition, after evolving, the Rose Unicorn had gotten herself a lot of combat experience, making their coordination better and better.

The last two matches of Cai’er within this group were up against Lin Xin, the mage who couldn’t attack, and a warrior. Basically, until now, Li Xin and her mount overwhelmed the others in this competition.

Li Xin clearly knew that if not for Cai’er, she could never have succeeded in this group, and to this young lady, who was helping her out of affection and not out of reason, she took more and more of a liking.

In the past five days, Long Hao Chen didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary. With Cai’er, he did nothing more than accompanying her back everyday. After all, they were still too young, and holding hands with each other was already, for them, a great source of happiness. They didn’t chat a lot, but already felt extremely familiar with each other.

Li Xin already told Long Hao Chen the fact she was far from being as strong as Cai’er and let this couple manage that among themselves; it would be great if he could develop their relationship.

Long Hao Chen never asked Cai’er about the reason why she conceded, because on the first day of the competition, when Cai’er conceded out of consideration for Li Xin, it reinforced Long Hao Chen’s first impression of Cai’er as a blind girl, which implied in his mind, that her fighting capabilities couldn’t be too good. At that moment, his sentiment of pity had been further reinforced.

The group entered the eighth day of competition.

Bright morning.

As she took her breakfast, Li Xin made fun of Long Hao Chen, “Lil’ bro, before you send Cai’er back home every day, where do you bring her to have fun?”

Ye Hua who was eating together with them also looked at Long Hao Chen. Naturally, Li Xin wouldn’t have kept the fact that Long Hao Chen was familiar with Cai’er hidden, and also told him about Cai’er’s fighting prowesses. Naturally, Ye Hua wouldn’t be against the relation between his treasured disciple and this future star of the Assassin Temple. A blind girl, but furthermore and against all expectations, an extremely strong assassin! This was in itself an extremely rare sight. Although in the beginning, he believed that it was an extremely bad thing for Long Hao Chen to have gotten a girlfriend so early, the revelation he had been given on the previous day completely changed his mind.

“Have fun? I am just sending her back home and that’s all.” was Long Hao Chen’s reply.

Li Xin immediately opened wide her eyes, “It cannot be, lil’ bro. So that’s what you call a date with a girl? It’s too unromantic! Even if you are nervous because of the ongoing competition, it’s not a reason for you not to take her to have fun or invite her for a meal, is it? Discuss, discuss and get familiar with her family’s circumstances and this kind of stuff.”

“Invite her for a meal?” Long Hao Chen blanked out, “But I don’t have any money!”

He had indeed no money, all the money he had gotten without exception was used on Hao Yue’s stomach. After Hao Yue evolved, he ate even more. This fellow was really a wallet-emptier.

Li Xin patted his forehead, and said in a calm voice, “You foolish lil’ bro, if you don’t have money, can’t you ask your sister for some? So silly. Here.” As she spoke, a sack of gold coins was taken out from her bosom and thrown at Long Hao Chen.

“Sis, I cannot receive your money.” Long Hao Chen hurriedly threw this coin sack back at her.

Li Xin opened wide her eyes, “What on earth are you doing? Are you looking for a beating? Quickly take it back, isn’t it natural for a little brother to spend his big sister’s money? And from the beginning, I have been regarding you like a little brother, could it be that you don’t regard me as a dear big sister? If you dare return this, big sis will be extremely angry, and will ignore you in the future.”

“I…” At that moment, Long Hao Chen didn’t know what he should reply to her.

Ye Hua said, “Accept it. Xin’er is also doing this for your sake. That lady Cai’er, you should treat her better. If you have the occasion, during the group selection for the demon hunt squads, you should do your utmost to be together with her.” Yesterday, a very mysterious old dude came to find Ye Hua, to speak to him privately for an entire hour. After this old dude left, Ye Hua was immersed in his thoughts for a long time, carrying a feeling of being torn between laughter and tears. It was because it was the higher-ups of the Knight Temple who came to find him, and their objective was unexpectedly to tell him that he had to do his utmost to play matchmaker between Long Hao Chen and Cai’er. Although he wasn’t really clear, this was the message he was conveyed. It could only mean that Cai’er was of extremely unusual importance to the Assassin Temple and this way, both of them could advance together. However, considering Ye Hua’s temper, he naturally couldn’t act as a matchmaker for his disciple for real. Today, this single sentence was also a hinted expression of his approval of Long Hao Chen and Cai’er being together.

After taking the gold coins, Long Hao Chen felt very ashamed. That’s right! I have already known Cai’er for so long, but I have never invited her out to eat.

Mage Stadium, field of the second group.

According to the drawing of lots, today, the first match would oppose Cai’er to Lin Xin, her astonished opponent.

“Cai’er against Lin Xin, both parties may appear on stage.” The referee yelled out loudly from within the stadium.

Cai’er slowly stood straight, and just when she was about to go, Lin Xin who had already stood up, said aloud, “I concede, I concede!”

Within this second group, this was the first time a match was conceded before neither of both parties entered on stage.

Lin Xin revealed a faint smile in Cai’er’s direction. He knew that Cai’er couldn’t see, but still waved his hand. To him, regardless of what he did, there was no way he could enter the top 16. Since it was the case, he might as well act like a good person and give Cai’er a favor. More importantly, he didn’t believe that he could possibly block Cai’er’s attacks.

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