Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 123

Chapter 123: So strong Cai’er! (I)

“Stop! I concede.” Huang Yi cried out in alarm, leaving the whole audience in shock.

This scene was really theatrical; no one expected that the one who was designed as the absolute future winner, Huang Yi, would have his opponent Long Hao Chen turn the tides in such a brief time.

From Hao Yue’s appearance to the conclusion of the fight, the time of ten breaths hadn’t even passed; that was how incontestable Hao Yue’s might was. Despite the fact he didn’t use any really powerful spell, these three heads, each of them possessing a different attribute, had an incredible coordination between each other. It was as if three mages were simultaneously giving their help to Long Hao Chen.

The [Earth Waves] faded away, returning the stadium back to its original calm state. But Hao Yue didn’t move the slightest bit.

The three heads and six eyes were focused on the Earth Elemental Fairy on Huang Yi’s body. Little Green opened his mouth, releasing an intense attractive force. With a little cry of the Earth Elemental Fairy, this latter was being sucked in in the next instant.

“No!” Huang Yi shouted loudly, his original fear toward Hao Yue’s three huge heads turning into despair. How important was this elemental spiritual stove?! To him, losing the elemental fairy was akin to having his force decreased by 40%!

“Little Green, you can’t! Hurry up and spit it out!” Long Hao Chen said in a low voice.

Little Green gave Long Hao Chen a non-understanding look as Little Light and Little Fire gulped out a mouthful of saliva, their eyes revealing a heart-broken expression, as they humanly surrounded Little Green, as if trying to convince him.

Little Green unwillingly opened up his mouth, and puffed out the Earth Elemental Fairy, smashing it at Huang Yi’s side. This little guy was completely horrified and shivering as if it was the end of the world because of this experience, as its body’s elemental capabilities seemed muddy. It was wet, but Huang Yi, who was still overjoyed at the sight, absorbed the little guy back in his body without the slightest hesitation, absorbing the saliva together with it inside of his chest.

Long Hao Chen unhappily tapped Little Green’s head, “You guys would really want to eat anything! Brother Huang, my apologies.”

Huang Yi shook his head, “I am the one who should thank you. I lost.” Having finished to speak, he performed a mage salute full of gratefulness towards Long Hao Chen, turning around and heading back to the lounge.

“Victor, Long Hao Chen.” Without even speaking about the other competitors, the referee seized this chance to announce the name of the winner, as he looked up and down at this uncommon magical beast by Long Hao Chen’s side.

Magical beasts that could use three different attributes weren’t nonexistent, but it was really rare to see one with three heads. In addition, generally, magical beasts that could use three attributes were generally at least at the eighth step. This referee had a discerning eye and could clearly see that this magical beast companion belonging to Long Hao Chen was roughly at the early sixth step of cultivation and wasn’t too formidable yet, but looking at it, it seemed to have already a fully grown body. If this three-headed lizard kept growing, with its talent giving it access to three attributes of magic, it would undoubtedly be a great help for Long Hao Chen to become an extremely formidable knight.

Long Hao Chen didn’t stay there motionless and directly sent Hao Yue back to the hotel, at the room where he was originally, through his contract. A magical beast’s summoning could also be self-triggered, especially in this case where Long Hao Chen and Hao Yue shared a blood contract that enhanced their link by a great extent.

There will be nothing up today, right? Seeing that my match ended so early, I will definitely be able to wait there for Cai’er.

After letting Cai’er wait for him in vain for twice in a row, full of worries, Long Hao Chen felt really guilty in his heart. Consequently, right after winning his match, he impatiently left the stadium. This combat of today had already settled his place at the competition among the third group; Huang Yi was likely the most powerful opponent he could have in this group, so winning this match made the rest of the competition a lot easier on him.

On the other side, in the second group’s competition stadium.

Li Xin was seated in the lounge, anxious about the match that was about to begin. She was currently even more nervous than before her own matches.

The two parties of the match rapidly walked over into the stadium, and among them was precisely the one who won against Lin Xin, the baldie priest Sima Xian. And on the other side…

“Du, du, du.”

Letting out these familiar sounds, Cai’er grasped her bamboo cane, unhurriedly walking into the stadium.

Sima Xian’s eyes were focused on Cai’er who was about to enter, and he couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows.

On the previous day, he saw the ‘match’ between Cai’er and Li Xin. The fact Cai’er immediately chose to surrender was really mysterious; How could this blind girl even pass through the qualifiers? But at present, Cai’er was his opponent.

“The match between Sima Xian and Cai’er may begin.” The referee announced that, and retreated back immediately, and the four pillars for assisting assassins subsequently rose.

Sima Xian didn’t directly launch the offense as he gave a puzzled look to Cai’er, “Lady, are you okay? If you want, you can concede, you know. Actually, I don’t really like to battle against girls. With this appearance of yours, I really won’t be able to initiate the attack.”

“I am going to attack.” Cai’er’s cold voice immediately resounded.

In the next instant, Sima Xian felt that his whole body was abruptly deep fried, as a choking murderous intent instantly filled the air.

Cai’er was after all Cai’er, a blind girl walking with the help of a bamboo cane, but in the next instant, before Sima Xian’s eyes, she turned into an incomparably sharp blade.

As her figure flashed, just like in the preliminaries, Cai’er suddenly turned into a black bolt of lightning. Sima Xian could only feel that a flower was before his eyes, as Cai’er had already arrived in front of him, the short end of her bamboo cane directly pointing at his chest, just as if it was a dagger.

Sima Xian’s reaction was also fast. Feeling this flower that gave him a somewhat abnormal feeling, he quickly drew back and, taking a big stride, he relied on his perception and immediately held his thick magical staff before himself.

With a “Dang” sound, Sima Xian could only feel a tremendous power instantly rushing forth, as a dense chill propagated to his magical staff, entering within his palm, with a penetrating power that made his whole body ice-cold.

But from the eyes of the other competitors, Cai’er was just like a specter that had instantly flashed forward. Her bamboo cane was pointed at Sima Xian’s staff, as Sima Xian’s body was already pushed back in the opposite direction.

Fifth step– —

Sima Xian shouted out violently to himself. How could there be such a difference between he who didn’t have a cultivation at the fifth step level, and his opponent? And how could her spiritual energy be so tyrannical?

He could absolutely not afford to let her approach. Sima Xian immediately gave the right answer. His right foot ruthlessly stamped on the ground as he used [Sacred Knock]. A white glow turning into a ring of light instantly surrounded his body, releasing an important explosive power.

Naturally, his answer was the appropriate one. Just like a sort of maggot sticking to one’s feet, he tried to keep up with Cai’er’s pace, by using [Sacred Knock] before falling back, taking a slight pause.

Sima Xian still had his staff in hand, placing it horizontally before him. Putting his [Sacred Hammer] to use, he went straight for Cai’er, aiming to clash with her head-on. At the same time, a bright light arose from his body, it was the protective spell used by priests, [Sacred Light].

“HOU” Sima Xian roared in fury, his whole body suddenly expanding as the clothes on the upper part of his body splitted open after another, as he entered in the [Madness] state.

If, from the eyes of the spectators, his series of attacks against the defending Lin Xin could already be described as astonishing, he was now going as far as to use [Madness], making the other competitors quiver from the bottom of their hearts. This fellow, is he really a priest?..

Sima Xian’s reply, in itself, couldn’t be described as bad, but unfortunately, his opponent was Cai’er.

Cai’er’s whole body dazzled, pointing the bamboo cane forward, and making the [Sacred Hammer] disappear just like that, without foundation. He didn’t even have the time to display his offensive power. And meanwhile, Cai’er’s body instantly became illusory, leaving Sima Xian with no way to catch up to her silhouette.

The effects of madness mode on Sima Xian’s attack speed and offensive power was really astonishing, as he waved his staff, launching attacks at great speed toward Cai’er.

However, a shocking sight appeared instantly. Even when confronting such a tyrannical power, Cai’er didn’t retreat, and charged instead; surprisingly rushing into the range of Sima Xian’s staff.

Papapapa, with four successive sounds, four blue glows simultaneously appeared at four different places of the [Sacred Light] making it instantly fall apart.

Sima Xian was currently stupefied to the greatest extent possible. Is she really a human, or is she a specter? He had clearly seen her being smashed by his weapon, but he didn’t feel a sensation of being in contact with anything.

At this very moment, an ear-piercing cry resounded at a short distance. Sima Xian could only feel a great pain in his two ears, as his mind instantly turned empty.

Also at this very moment, Cai’er who had arrived within the two meters before her opponent pointed once again her bamboo cane forward, letting out a peaceful glitter shining of blue. With a pu sound, it hit exactly his staff on its tip.

Compared to previously, the force rushing out from him was already incomparably greater; but, although he was in this state of [Madness], it was useless under this absent-minded state; this weapon in his hand instantly pounded out from Sima Xian’s sturdy muscles.

Immediately, Cai’er’s bamboo cane swept forward and, with a pu sound, Sima Xian was sent flying five meters back, falling on the ground.

With a flash of shadow, the extremity of the bamboo cane was already being pressed against Sima Xian’s throat.

[Sly Stab], [Spectral Dodging], [Magic Brain Waves], [Despotic Stab].

Cai’er’s spiritual energy was full of penetrating power. Sima Xian, currently pressed against the ground, could only use his own spiritual energy to do his utmost to contend against Cai’er’s, showing some capability to resist.

“You lost.” Cai’er said these words with an indifferent tone, as she regained her bamboo cane and unhurriedly walked back to the lounge. Without even awaiting the referee’s confirmation, she left, filled with absolute confidence.

Because during the match of yesterday, Cai’er directly conceded against Li Xin, the other competitors were full of contempt toward her, but this time, their expressions became a grotesque sight to behold.

Sima Xian hadn’t reached the fifth step of cultivation, but he was still above the 8th rank of the 4th step. Under the state of [Madness], he could normally match powerhouses at the fifth step. However, in front of Cai’er, he didn’t have the slightest chance.

From Cai’er’s appearance on stage to the conclusion of the match, the time that passed was extremely brief. However, Cai’er still had this maiden-like appearance, as she moved like a thunderbolt with a formidable attack power, shaking every spectator. One must realize that from beginning to end, she didn’t even use these pillars, and in addition, she was blind! The fame of this assassin#1 was really deserved.

“Victor, Cai’er.” The referee simultaneously announced, and Sima Xian, who was previously getting up from the ground, used his hand to stroke his bald head, before giving another look to Cai’er, with a completely different expression, murmuring to himself, “So, assassins could actually be that overwhelming!”

This combat had a large influence on Sima Xian, because it was the first time that he was left completely overwhelmed and unable to strike when facing an opponent with a similar age as his.

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