Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Hao Yue’s Evolution, Third Head! (III)

A moss-green-colored radiance instantly surged out of the shroud as the lich attempted to use undead magic to free its body from the strange energy wrapping it. Unfortunately, its hopes were crushed. That soft-looking milky-white energy didn’t seem to show the slightest reaction to its undead magic.


The black bone blade of this Skeleton King hacked toward the ground once again, but this time, it went past Long Hao Chen’s body, almost hitting him. The golden armor covering Long Hao Chen’s body burst out, emitting its last golden radiance, as he took it out completely.

Actually, that corpse-pulling white-colored radiance was coming directly from Long Hao Chen’s chest. And precisely because of the moment of pause that occurred when he produced it, he was close from being crushed by the Skeleton King.

The lich looked once again toward Long Hao Chen, its face displaying a bit of anxiety; or was it fear and anger? What came from its extremely calm face was a calm and collected look filled with an intense murderous intent.

Not good. An intense fear instantly reached Long Hao Chen’s mind, “But it shouldn’t currently be able to attack freely.”

Two strong golden lights burst out from Long Hao Chen’s body in succession. From the Divine Light Wristguard, the third [Holy Mantle] was activated. In addition, he stuck the Flame Sword in the ground, releasing a [Heavenly Battle Array] and forcefully stopping the Skeleton King’s next attack. A strong holy property was being released, going as far as to make the nearby Skeleton King stumble.

And Long Hao Chen hadn’t used the Light Sword in his right hand to attack yet.

[Last Gambit], skill of Retribution Knights of the fifth step.

[Holy Sword], skill of Retribution Knights of the fifth step.

[Holy Sword] was something he had prepared a long time ago, and [Last Gambit] was something he unlocked after having reached the fifth step of cultivation, as his breakthrough broke another seal of his Inheritance Ring. The Light Sword turned into a glittering white light, directly aiming for the lich.

“No!” The lich mournfully bellowed, an intense dark green radiance erupting from him, attempting to stop this radiant [Holy Sword].

Only, the sacred holy attribute was too strong against the undead. With his [Holy Sword] prepared through the use of [Storing Power] for a long time, and with the addition of his Bursting Spiritual Pill that strengthened the explosive power of his [Holy Sword], how could this attack of his be so easy to stop?

If both sides were more than 25 meters from each other, this attack from Long Hao Chen couldn’t possibly be enough to harm its life. However, their current distance was even closer than 10 meters apart. [Holy Sword] in the state of [Last Gambit] in this situation was indeed so fast that it could be said that it did not give the lich the slightest opportunity to unleash its formidable defensive spells.


[Holy Sword] was instantly connected, passing through the lich’s dark green protective screen, with a doubled efficacy coming from the combination of [Last Gambit] and [Holy Sword]. This blow had already the formidable might of an attack coming from a Radiant Knight.

A pure and holy light shone upon his chest, making the nearby lich seemingly freeze.

The current Long Hao Chen was going all out, and after making use of [Last Gambit], his body was already completely limp.

The lich’s black bones looked just like an apparition of death suddenly emerging. His eyes, staring at Long Hao Chen were seemingly losing all resolution.

The body of the Skeleton King suddenly became stiff, just as the bone blade was drawing extremely near to Long Hao Chen. As its enormous body suddenly collapsed, countless dried bones dropped, a lot of them smashing on Long Hao Chen’s body.

Those skeletons which had charged within the cave had already turned motionless, one after another, turning into dried-up bones.

A faint smile was drawn on Long Hao Chen’s lips as the armor before him shattered completely. The collision of these crumbled bones on his body hurt a lot, but it didn’t truly injure him.

Success! Long Hao Chen ruthlessly clenched his fists, despite the fact that his body was currently in a very bad condition and feeling very weak. The aftereffects of the Bursting Spiritual Pill gradually started to appear, stimulating his spirit to a great extent.

Long Hao Chen wasn’t the slightest bit familiar with undead life forms, but his mental capacity which was so different from ordinary people’s gave him an exceedingly high sense of observation.

No matter whether it was about the lich or the Skeleton King, they were both clearly above Long Hao Chen in terms of strength. Long Hao Chen was supposed to have no way to withstand the attacks of either of them.

However, strength wasn’t a factor of sure victory. Long Hao Chen had just inferred the meaning of the classical case of war called “to win from a position of weakness”.

And as soon as this lich appeared, Long Hao Chen had clearly felt its similarity to these skeletons; he was afraid of his holy attribute. Otherwise, it would simply have needed to kill him directly to deal with everything; was there a need to spare efforts? Furthermore, when that lich king summoned this Skeleton King, it revealed its identity as an undead. For sure, this undead army had been summoned by this lich, otherwise, they couldn’t have fused together into a formidable Skeleton King.

This information appeared useless at first glance, but for the contemplative Long Hao Chen, it was a clear-cut way out of this certain death situation. In other words, he only had to kill the lich and the summoning would end together with its life.

At first, he had to show weakness; for that purpose when he blocked the Skeleton King for the first time, although he used [Divine Obstruction], he did not use [Leaned Shield Unloading Power]. It was to test the Skeleton King’s power as well as to paralyze the lich. Once again, this proved that the Skeleton King’s strength was much greater than he originally thought, injuring him right away. Long Hao Chen did not fret; at least, he blocked it. If he had not been able to do that, there wasn’t the slightest chance for his plan to work.

Afterwards, he was constantly shifting around, dodging the Skeleton King’s strikes with great difficulty as he didn’t dare to take them head on, but in fact, from beginning to end, he was advancing towards the lich in the middle of the mountain.

After he completed the evolution of his Saint Spiritual Stove, not only did the range of it increase from 25 to 50 meters, it could also attract the attention of two enemies instead of one. More importantly, it gained another special ability, [Pull].

[Attraction] attracted the enemy’s attention, but [Pull] pulled the enemy towards him.
The effect of the Saint Spiritual Stove’s ability [Pull] was akin to Long Hao Chen using his full strength to personally pull the target. This skill was purely defensive, and didn’t hold any attack power. However, it was extremely practical, with an effect equivalent to what would have happened if he gained an invisible rope, able to pull anything.

[Pull] had a small range of 25 metres, and was able to aim at a single target.

As the lich was in midair, Long Hao Chen continuously tried to approach it, for the precise reason being that his Saint Spiritual Stove contained this mysterious ability. He had also never revealed the true power of his Light Sword.

In the end, the Lich’s underestimation of Long Hao Chen’s abilities cost him his life. Compared to the cunning humans, the lich was really simple-minded. Long Hao Chen’s Saint Spiritual Stove changed the face of the battle completely.

The flames in the lich’s eyes gradually dimmed. It took a look at the hole in its stomach and then looked at Long Hao Chen on the ground. Suddenly he let out a screech. He was unable to accept the reality of the situation.

“No……….., now that the sealing pillars are already gone, don’t tell me that Austin will once again descend upon us after his six previous reincarnations? My masters from the undead world, why is it that you haven’t arrived yet?! Destroy him, destroy him, quick… ”

Accompanying its cries, the Light Sword’s holy light had already spread through its body. White cracks of light appeared all over and eventually before exploding, and finally condensing, intensely lighting up this dark and gloomy world.

Long Hao Chen laid on the ground, breathing heavily, intense fatigue rushing into his head. Despite the backlash not being as heavy as using [Sacrifice], with the Bursting Spiritual Pill increasing his overall battle strength by 20%, at this moment the side-effects were not light.

The lich and his skeleton army fell; however, now was not the time to relax. Long Hao Chen once again consumed a Restoring Spiritual Pill, striving to restore even a little bit of spiritual energy.

At this moment, a muffled cry sounded, and it was immediately followed by mixed shouting; after that the muffled cry sounded again. Afterwards, a third cry resounded. Despite clearly being somewhat weak, it was no less dignified than the previous two.

Hearing this muffled cry, Long Hao Chen was surprised, because the sound came from inside the cave.

A heartwarming feeling came from within Long Hao Chen as he suddenly felt that his strength returned. Looking down, he discovered to his astonishment that brilliant purple lines had appeared all over his body, which were his own meridians alight. No matter if his veins’ size could be considered as average or slim, they were currently all flashing with a purple color. A formidable force could be unceasingly felt, appearing before his eyes and reinforcing his muscles’ power, contrasting with his currently weakened internal spiritual energy.

Once again, the yelling cry sounded, but this time it was much stronger than the previous three. A silhouette appeared from within the cave. Without Long Hao Chen even seeing it clearly, it already appeared beside him. Golden light flashed and gentle light elemental essence wrapped around Long Hao Chen’s body. Immediately, Long Hao Chen felt lighter, and a fiery feeling appeared on his forehead. The surroundings were all lit with a mysterious light. He once again entered into a transient state.

In this dark and fiery world, a purple light glittered, space opened, and with a flash of light, the purple light disappeared immediately.

In the next second, a cold cry suddenly sounded, Austin Griffin…..

This sound was very sharp. The moment it appeared, the black sky turned grey all of a sudden. The lava on the earth all dried up, and the temperature dropped drastically.

We have arrived late. A low bellow sounded, large pieces of black silhouette slowly closed in, and an enormous figure emerged out of the shadows. The figure was of a bone dragon larger than 30 metres in length.

The skull of the bone dragon had a strange light blue colour; the body was white, but there was certainly a blue light brandishing its entire body. Under its large wings, there appeared to be a layer of skin. This bone dragon was surrounded by sticky black miasma that slowly spread outwards.

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