Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Entering the Final Stage! (I)

Long Hao Chen grabbed Cai’er’s bamboo cane and came back to sit at the location where he was previously seated, letting her sit on the vacant place next to Li Xin, and helping Cai’er to sit there.

Lin Xin was quite curious; after all, he hadn’t known Long Hao Chen for a long time, but Li Xin appeared completely astonished.

“Lil’ bro, this person is?” Long Hao Chen started to blush, as he replied, “This is Cai’er, Sis, she’s my friend.”

Li Xin looked at him, before looking at Cai’er, before her face started to display a grotesque smile, “Hehe, so she’s your little girlfriend. Lady Cai’er, hello, I am Li Xin, Hao Chen’s sworn big sister.”

“Hello.” Cai’er said in a low voice, but kept silent after saying this.

Long Hao Chen said in a low voice to her ear, “Cai’er, you came to participate to the competition as well?”

“Mh.” Cai’er nodded in approval.

Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but immediately tell her, “But you have never told me about that before.”

Cai’er spoke back, “You also never asked for which purpose I came to Holy City.”

Long Hao Chen scratched his head. Yeah, it seemed that he had never asked her before.

Li Xin said, “Lady Cai’er, seeing your black mask, you should be from the Assassin Temple, right?”

Cai’er calmly nodded. On the side, Lin Xin was also astonished, a blind assassin? But as far as he knew, it didn’t seem very convincing. Naturally, he didn’t voice his opinion to stay polite; even though he was astonished, he still didn’t raise the question.

In the second floor of the official business hall, several black-clad people wearing black veils looked down; from their grey hair, it could be seen that they weren’t young anymore.

“So it’s this little youngster? How did he get familiar with the Saint Girl?” A black-clad elder couldn’t help but ask.

“It is unknown. From our investigation, it seems that the Saint Girl didn’t know this person in the past.”

“Didn’t know? How could someone she didn’t know get her to wound the grandson of the Yang old man from the Knight Temple? Hey, you from the falcon clan, make sure to investigate this, okay? ”

“Old Ying, don’t get angry. You should know the temperament of this Saint Girl and her perception. She doesn’t like to be monitored by us.”

“Hmpf.” Standing in the center of this hall was a black-clad elder who was also the vice hall master of the Assassin Temple, the heroic and magnificent master Ying Suifeng. No matter how he looked at him, he didn’t see Long Hao Chen favorably. He dared “use” the Saint Daughter of Samsara. It was lucky that this old object, Han Qian, was the one who was sent to complain to me. But the one to complain should be me. Someone from their Knight Temple dared “use” our Cai’er. The more Ying Suifeng thought about this, the more he became angry. His eyes couldn’t help but become filled with an intense murderous spirit. As Cai’er was currently below, joyously chatting with Long Hao Chen, the latter felt a shiver covering his whole body, and instantly, the blood in his body rose up. A strong golden light instantly bursted forth from his body, instantly spreading out, and turning out extremely condensed. Above Long Hao Chen’s head, a faint condensed golden shape of sword appeared, “Ehh?”

Ying Suifeng, completely astonished, said in a low voice, “Fifth step? Not fourth? Old Eagle, how did you conduct your investigation? ”

“Huh? But the information saying that he’s at the fourth step cannot be wrong!” The elders standing by his side had looks full of doubts, “Unless… Unless he broke through during these last days.” Ying Suifeng instantly appeared to be in a bad mood: “What should I do? Tell me what I should do? This little brat from your Knight Temple wants to ab… to abduct our Cai’er!” He almost let the two words ‘Saint Girl’ slip out.

Han Qian said, full of anger, “What ‘abduct’? They both mutually consent. It is visibly a love that rose by itself, do you understand?”

Ying Suifeng didn’t weaken the slightest bit, as he continued, still as angry, “Love that rose by itself, my ass! Our Cai’er is only 14 years-old, your Long Hao Chen is clearly an old cow eating light grass!”

Han Qian said in fury: “Your ass filled with farts, you mean! You’re the one who should be called old cow eating light grass! Our Long Hao Chen is still 14 years old this year, he’s at most older than her by a few months.”

“What?! Still 14 years-old!?”

A faint smile appeared in Ying Suifeng’s face, “A knight of the fifth step aged of 14 years-old, this is really terrible.”

Han Qian clenched his fist aggressively, because Ying Suifeng suddenly released towards Long Hao Chen some murderous intent; Han Qian was still extremely resentful towards the Assassin Temple for having wounded a youth with high status. If Long Hao Chen was the issue, the relation that had been built for so many years between the two Temples could really be destabilized to some extent. But Ying Suifeng didn’t expect what he said right afterwards, “My mistake, he’s 24 years-old.”

Han Qian immediately calmed down and together with his anger vanishing, he calmly said this. Ying Suifeng stepped forward, and with a loud laugh, he patted his shoulder, “Right, 24 years-old, I understand, I understand. Now tell me the truth, from your mouth to my ear. After all, what’s our relation? I will definitely keep that information confidential. Just like you will as well keep secrecy for us. Isn’t this a good way to keep our two Temples in a familiar relationship?”

Han Qian was at this moment in an internal struggle. Looking at Ying Suifeng with a gloomy face, he coldly snorted.

“You two old bastards are ganging up, what kind of shameful act are you preparing together?” At this very moment, an elderly voice resounded. This elder had a gold-colored gown, his doubtful face looked at these two people standing out. Han Qian lifted up his hand, scattering isolating light, “It’s nothing, Ying Suifeng is just having spasms, I am keeping an eye on him.”

Ying Suifeng conveniently nodded in agreement, seemingly in a good mood, “That’s right, I just had a spasm, but it’s already all right. Old man Lin, the drawing of lots is about to start. I heard that this youngster from your family entered these finals as well, right?”

The complexion of this old mage instantly changed, “Humpf, don’t bring up this little bastard, just thinking of him makes me angry.”

Ying Suifeng almost fell over laughing, and said, “Calm yourself down. Actually, aren’t you extremely proud of him? Isn’t this grandson of yours with great attainments in alchemy a great source of admiration within your Temple?”

The old mage opened wide his eyes, and replied, “This little bastard’s accomplishment in regard to alchemy are pretty good, but he doesn’t even know himself for which reason he wants to join a Demon Hunt Squad.”

Han Qian said, “It’s still a lot better than this little brat from my family; arrogant beyond limits, but cannot even pass the preliminaries.”

“Eh? Didn’t that youngster Han Yu break through the fifth step? Then how is it that he couldn’t even get through these preliminaries?”

The old mage looked extremely curious, but he didn’t even conceal the mocking face he wore, “Lin Chen, old fool, is it fun to laugh on other people’s misfortune? Humph!”

Han Qian suddenly became in a bad mood. Lin Chen had a good laughter, before speaking back, “How could I be laughing on other people’s misfortune? I just thought that my family’s little bastard was only a source of loss of face, but it turns out that the one from yours is also the same. This makes me really feel at ease; at least, my family’s brat got through these qualifiers.”

“You…” Han Qian cast an angry look at Lin Chen, “What’s up with you? Are you looking for a fight? Then come! I’m the closest to break through the ninth step, after having studied a forbidden spell as a mean to train. It’s still not completed yet, but I can take on you to try you out, if it’s what you want.” Lin Chen didn’t have the slightest hitch of fear.

“Okay, okay. You two, don’t start a cock fight as soon as you run into each other. Are you okay with being treated as laughstocks by the others?” A soft female voice resounded, and a middle-aged woman wearing a white gown slowly approached. Her golden hair draped over her shoulder from behind, and white embroideries covered with golden advanced mystical characters were drawn. She wasn’t young anymore, but her charm and her beautiful traits were still left. Looking at her, Han Qian and Lin Chen became sluggish. Each party groaned before shutting up. Ying Suifeng faintly smiled, nodded at this woman dressed with a white gown, and said, “Greetings, Cardinal Ruoshui.”

Anyone who could hear how she was addressed as would definitely be shocked. This white gowned woman who looked in her forties was actually a Cardinal from the Priest Temple, the eighth step of the vocation! And looking at Han Qian and Lin Chen’s behaviour, it was clear that they were giving her face. Ruishui nodded, wearing a smile, as she said, in return, “Greetings, Hall Master Ying”

With a light sigh, she went on, “About the situation you were speaking about, during the qualifiers, a little freak has also appeared in our Priest Temple.”

“Eh?” The other three people simultaneously looked down. The Six Great Temples had a competitive relation, and the Demon Hunt Selections were one of the several means through which they competed among themselves. As such, the qualifiers of the other Temples were something they didn’t keep track of. Currently, Ruoshui looked like she was having a headache. Naturally, the others were quite curious. Ruoshui sighed lightly, before saying, “During the next qualifiers, I am afraid that we’ll have to change the rules of this competition.”, At the same time as she spoke, her gaze was directed at the bald guy below.

In the official business hall, Long Hao Chen’s sudden use of his holy light attracted the attention of all the other competitors. However, this previous murderous intent had quickly disappeared, so Long Hao Chen quickly came back to his normal state. Only, at his back, some cold sweat was left. Cai’er’s look was filled with hostility; as previously, Long Hao Chen had felt that intense murderous intent. Her left hand had already been lifted up, but right after it disappeared, she quietly lowered her hand.

“What’s going on?” Li Xin suspiciously asked this question. Long Hao Chen shook his head, and answered, “Shame on me, for a split second, I thought I felt someone’s attention focused on me, filled with an intense murderous intent.”

Lin Xin’s face looked indifferent as he answered,”Never mind, it’s those people who are testing you, do you see them? On the second floor, the high uppers of the Six Great Temples are attending a ritual before the drawings of lots. What you felt definitely came from the direction of these bored old guys. After all, who would dare cause trouble in our Alliance’s office palace?”

Just at that time, an elder wearing a thin-gold-colored armor appeared on the terrace of the official business hall.

This elder had a tall and sturdy stature, and felt even sturdier than the bald youth. His grizzled short hair were erected, and despite his age, he didn’t look the slightest bit loosened. His muscles, as robust as granite, were covered by an imposing armor. This thin-golden-colored armor was embroidered with eight silver dragons, and his gaze was filled with an incredible prestige. As he appeared, his imposing presence naturally attracted the attention of all the competitors that were currently present.

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