Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Saint Daughter of Samsara (II)

Some remnant of his smell was left in the air, and some warmth was left on the mattress; this was the proof that he was previously sleeping there, but it was already so late, where could he have gone?

As her silhouette flashed, Cai’er disappeared from the window like blue smoke. Appearing once again in the street, she looked at the changes in the surroundings, looking for traces of him. Her bamboo rod lightly hit the ground as she headed directly to her hotel, full of worry. Not finding him, she searched in every room, including Li Xin’s and Ye Hua’s. In every room, she carefully used her perception to detect the changes in the atmosphere and look for the place where he was. But all these efforts were fruitless; he wasn’t there, there weren’t any trace of him anywhere else than in his room.

Can it be that something happened to him? The blue cane in Cai’er’s hand became noisier, as her feet were wrapped in a layer of cold energy. If something really happened to him, no matter who the culprit is, I will never let them off.

Returning to her residence, she sat cross-legged on her bed’s couch. But how could Cai’er possibly calm herself down? She said to herself that this was the headquarters of the Temple Alliance, and that as a competitor of the Demon Hunt Selection, he wasn’t likely to be in danger. Even when she raided Yang Wenzhao, didn’t the Alliances’ forces quickly save him? But then, where could he have gone?

Even after a total of half an hour, Cai’er could not calm herself down.

I have to find him.

Going down from her bed, Cai’er took her blue cane and left the hotel once again. Because of her impatience, in the middle of the night, she had forgotten to wear her veil.

The coldness of the night, and the blowing wind awakened Cai’er. Her mind in disorder because of the panic, she finally managed to calm herself a down little, and started to ponder over the place where Long Hao Chen could have gone. If it wasn’t that he was captured by someone else, where could he have gone?

Could it be that…

Suddenly, she realized something; that he could be at that place, waiting for her. But it was already so late; was it really possible?

No matter what, regardless of whether he could have gone there or not, that place was still a final possibility.

Ordinarily, she and Long Hao Chen took half an hour to cover this road, but as she leaped around, it took her no more than the time of ten breaths to cover the distance.

Moving the tip of her nose, Cai’er’s complexion changed. It was his smell! It was his smell! He was actually really in that place!

Cai’er took quick steps forward with her blue cane, following the tracks of the familiar relaxed atmosphere she felt.

Long Hao Chen was already having a lot of difficulty maintaining his consciousness, and he was further weakened by the fact he fell continuously to the ground. The current him was even already unable to clearly see the scenery in front of him. Gritting his teeth and bearing the pain, he stood there; his body was like that of a drunk old man that was unceasingly shaking.

“Du, du, du.”

“Du, du, du.”

A familiar noise vaguely entered his mind. Was it her? Or am I just having fantasies?

“Long Hao Chen.“ Cai’er anxiously called out to him.

Immediately following this call, a long and thin blue bamboo cane faintly touched Long Hao Chen’s body.

Long Hao Chen, who was previously unsteadily staying, immediately fell down upon hearing this call, but the fall made him a little more clear-headed.

A black long skirt, purple hair scattered around, in disarray and draping over her face. A delicate fragrance, containing a sort of coldness, came through to him. Astonished, he was looking at her extremely anxious face.

Her skin was a bit pale, her eyes expressionless, but her delicate and beautiful face wasn’t in the slightest bit covered. It’s her, it’s her!

From what he could remember, it was the first time Long Hao Chen saw Cai’er’s face. Her extremely refined senses and the cold atmosphere she let out were completely opposite to her beautiful face, as glossy as jade, with jade-like eyebrows. And although her jade-like skin was a bit pale, it was still as sparkling as a fresh and exquisite litchi. And at this moment, her elegant face seemed to have instantly penetrated the depths of Long Hao Chen’s mind.

“You… How are you?” Sensing that Long Hao Chen had fallen down, Cai’er became instantly anxious, hastening to crouch down and gently stroked him with her two hands.

His clothes were faintly wet, and obviously, his body was intensely shaking, having stayed for so long in this night road, and his breath was extremely unsteady.

“Cai… Er, Cai… Er. I’m… sorry.” As he saw Cai’er, Long Hao Chen became extremely joyous. He still felt dizzy, and couldn’t even ponder about the reason why Cai’er appeared. Still, he couldn’t control the 〖joy〗in his heart. Holding her little soft hand, he said, without being able to control his breath, “I, I… didn’t miss… our appointment… on purpose… will you agree to… forgive me..?”

Held by his hands, Cai’er’s heart was instantly shaken because she could clearly feel that his hand was incredibly cold; there was nothing left of its former warmth.

Hurrying to hold back his hand with force, in a little instant, Cai’er could feel how weak his current state was. And because of the fact he stood here, waiting for her, he was currently on the verge of collapse.

“I forgive you.” Cai’er stooped down, gently leaning toward him to hug him, placing her soft hand on his back and gently passing her spiritual energy to his〖body〗, helping to dispel the chilliness in his〖body〗and weakening the cold air around him that made him feel so bad, so as to avoid that he fell sick.

How could she not forgive him? As soon as she discovered him here, she immediately guessed everything he was thinking about. He was extremely feeble, and yet all he thought about was his appointment with her; how could she resent him?

More importantly, it wasn’t on purpose that he missed their appointment.

Cai’er’s spiritual energy was warm, but Long Hao Chen was currently feeling too weak. His eyelids felt heavy, really heavy; right before muttering some words.

After a short period, Long Hao Chen was already back to his room.

Cai’er carefully put him down on his bed before sitting on his bed and holding his hand.

In this moment, under the effect of Cai’er’s spiritual energy, Long Hao Chen’s hand had already become a lot warmer, and wasn’t as cold anymore.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have doubted you.” Cai’er’s elegant face seemed even more charming, as she gently and cautiously lifted up his hand, gently touching his face and the tip of his nose, intimately stroking his delicate skin. Like that, Cai’er’s pale face gradually started to blush.

A dim gold-colored light twinkled, and a dagger calmly appeared in her hand. Her tender fingers appeared like that of a dexterous artist. She moved her dagger, forming the shape of a little character, at the side of the bed, before covering it with his hand.

Then, she gently stroked his cheeks, somewhat unwilling to part with him, still blushing. At this moment, she still remembered Long Hao Chen’s words before falling unconscious. What he said was: “Cai’er, you are really beautiful.”

Alliance’s office palace. The Saint Knight Head Han Qian, whose position within the Temple Alliance was only second to the almighty powerhouses of the ninth step, currently wore a cold face and stood in front of the broad table. A loud sound could just be heard, produced from his hands slapping the table.

“Ying Suifeng, today, if you don’t have a good explanation, don’t blame my Knight Alliance for becoming hostile.” Han Qian was full of rage. as he made this declaration. Why was he angry? It wasn’t only him actually; currently, all the high ranked knights stationed in the Temple Alliance were furious, and even those almighty powerhouses of the ninth step who were normally in seclusion were alarmed as well.

This year, the Knight Temple was the favorite for becoming number one of the competition, because of their Retribution Knight Yang Wenzhao who even possessed a spiritual stove. However, he had just been seriously wounded by someone. And without a doubt, the culprit was from the Assassin Temple. The proof was clear, besides the signature skills from the Assassin Temple that they used, there was also their Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove, a noticeable sign of the fact they belonged to the Assassin Temple.

It was bright morning when Han Qian immediately made the trip to aggressively complain to them. The representatives of the Six Great Temples were all, without exception, stationed at the Alliance’s office palace. Every ten years, a committee would be elected to represent the Great Temples, in order to unify the affairs of all Temples. Among their core were 36〖main〗committee members, six for each of the temples. As a result, even though the Knight Temple was nominally the leader of these Six Great Temples, they didn’t have an overwhelming status within the Temples either.

Han Qian was one of the six〖main〗committee members for the Knight Temple, atop of being a Saint Knight, leader of the 36 Saint Knights of the Knight Temple and in charge of handling daily affairs in regard to the Knight Temple, as a vice hall master. His status was extremely honorable, only below the three Divine Knights in this regard. And with his status of elder, even among the three Divine Knights, only one really had more power than him.

In front of Han Qian, sitting on the other side of the table was a slim elder. He appeared to be clad in average black clothes, had gray-colored short hair and a quite ordinary appearance. The only thing that made him look different from ordinary people was his distinctive and terrifying eyes. This pair of eyes seemed completely dead, and didn’t have the slightest expression. If he was lying on the ground, there would definitely be people who would be thinking of him as dead.

As one of the highest ranked seniors of the Knight Temple, Han Qian’s eyes looked different from ordinary people’s as well. And as the Heroic Assassin Parlor, his counterpart was in control of the 36 Heroic Assassins and was also a vice hall master, Ying Suifeng. At the same time, he was in charge of handling the daily affairs of the Assassin Temple, as a supervisor.

The Assassin Temple and the Knight Temple were different in one regard. On many occasions, the former had given a big headache to the 72 demon gods, forcing them to be constantly taken over, succeeded by others of their kinsmen. In the span of 6000 years, 91 demon gods had been killed by the Assassin Temple’s manpower. This was so glorious an era for them that none of the five other Great Temples could ever compare to them in this regard.

Even within the Alliance, no one knew how many hidden trump cards the Assassin Temple had, except from the Assassin Temple’s 〖main〗committee members and their powerhouses of the ninth step. Within the Six Great Temples, the Assassin Temple was the existence anyone would fear the most to mess with.

Ying Suifeng wasn’t shaken by Han Qian’s furious mood in the slightest, and simply said, “For such a big affair, I will naturally give you compensation.”

Hearing his answer, Han Qian slightly calmed down, pulling a chair, and crushing his buttocks on it. In a rage, he stared at Ying Suifeng.

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