Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Cai’er’s Wrath (1)

Long Hao Chen, under the effect of [Sacrifice], had entered a new boundary, facing death without fear. He had completely gone all out and unleashed all his potential.

Actually, after he received Lin Xin’s medicine from him as a present, he could rely on it to temporarily improve his cultivation level. However, seeing that his opponent didn’t even summon his mount, how could Long Hao Chen accept to rely on medicine to contend against him? Under the pressure of Yang Wenzhao’s enormous might, his comprehension of [Sacrifice] had burst forth. At this very moment, after his five years of training the abilities used by Retribution Knights surged out, it could be said that his comprehension was at its peak; he could be called almost a complete master of all the abilities he studied.

Yang Wenzhao sighed to himself and from his chest, drops of blue light floated out. Each of these drops were filled with a sparkling gloss; it seemed as if they were some sorts of blue-colored treasure stones. And suddenly, it collided against Long Hao Chen.

A spiritual stove!

He was confident in his ability of resisting Long Hao Chen’s attack, but if he directly took it on, he would definitely end up wounded. And Yang Wenzhao’s ambitions weren’t limited to with this first round; what he aimed for was the first place of this knight competition, and the first place of the final stage of the Demon Hunt Selection. At such a moment, how could he let himself end up wounded?

An, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang…

Repeated explosions unceasingly sounded on the revolving spiral formed by Long Hao Chen. Each dot of sparkling blue crystal flew out, colliding with his body, and producing intense explosions. Each of these explosions reduced the intensity of the gold-red radiance surrounding Long Hao Chen by a little bit, together with his rotating speed.

When Long Hao Chen drew close to Yang Wenzhao, his [Spiraling Revolving Sword] could already not be maintained anymore.


The two people fell back simultaneously; Yang Wenzhao took three steps back while letting out a golden fog around him, coming out from his chest, as he took a little breather.

From afar, Long Hao Chen stood, leaning on his swords. The red color on his eyes started disappearing, and almost all his spiritual energy had melted. But as before, he stood straight, gazing at Yang Wenzhao, with a face like golden paper, with blood continuously spilling from his nose and mouth.

“To compel me into using my Starsea Spiritual Stove to stop your attack, my respects. It wasn’t easy to beat you.” Yang Wenzhao gave Long Hao Chen a thumbs up, “I look forward to when you’ll obtain a mount, we will have another spar at this moment.”

“The match is over, #1 victorious.” The referee eagerly called out, and immediately following, from the podium, from the direction of the VIP platform, a small amount of silver whitish light dropped down, illuminating Long Hao Chen’s body.

[Holy Heal], Guardian Knight skill of the seventh step.

The minuscules drops of silver-colored glorious light fell on Long Hao Chen’s body, entering it, purifying his body and blood and healing his internal injuries.

“Hao Chen.” At the same time the referee declared the match over, a protective mantle appeared from around the stadium; it belonged to Ye Hua, who immediately rushed into the stage, standing there with difficulty, beside Long Hao Chen.

Still, he spat out a mouthful of blood. Despite the effects of [Holy Heal], Long Hao Chen fell unconscious in Ye Hua’s bosom. However, no one paid attention to the fact that on his chest, a white glow was faintly undulating.

From the corner, Han Yu still stood there, he had been motionless for a good amount of time. Long Hao Chen had finally ended up losing against Yang Wenzhao, but even if he lost this match, he was still full of honor!

A spiritual stove! They both unexpectedly had a spiritual stove, this little detail was enough to make Han Yu breath with difficulty.

What was this skill Long Hao Chen used? He knew about [Sacrifice], but he didn’t have any idea about what this skill that made Long Hao Chen seemingly whirl was. He wondered; what if it was him? Without relying on his mount, could he win against Long Hao Chen going all out and using the Sacrifice mode?

Han Yu didn’t wish to think about it further, because he clearly knew the facts. The fact is that he lost against Long Hao Chen in a fair fight.

And this was without mentioning the crucial point; he was only 14, only 14 years-old!

Often, one’s nature could determine his successes and failures. If it was someone else, he would probably have been discouraged upon seeing such an attack, but Han Yu, having the nature of someone who becomes braver when facing hardships, had instead realizing something important. He suddenly realized his grandfather’s scheme.

That’s right, if this year, he was only 14 years-old, but could already match knights of the fifth step, what could his limit possibly be? He was himself 8 years older, so he was older by a wide gap. How challenging was it to chase after him! Similarly, he possessed an incredibly high potential. In regard to his future experiences and improvements, it was obvious that staying by his side would not only enable him to became a part of a Demon Hunt Squad, but would also enable him to accumulate a lot of experiences. Perhaps, it could even be the best choice possible for him.

The previous painfulness and bitterness in his eyes gradually disappeared, leaving behind a firm look; full of resolve, he kept his goal firmly in mind to never lose sight of it again. The existence of a super-genius like Long Hao Chen was a steady source of encouragement for him.

Cai’er calmly stood in the street, she was there since early morning and felt that the sunlight which was shining upon her was becoming more and more intense, as she showed a gentle face.

Thinking about her conversation with Long Hao Chen on the previous day, she couldn’t stop her heartbeat from accelerating. As an assassin, this kind of feelings was something that should never appear in her, but she couldn’t refrain from thinking about him.

Her hand was slender, vigorous; her palm was wide, and everytime he held it, it felt to her as if her palm was about to cry out, begging forgiveness: she liked this feeling of being protected. Since her early childhood, it was the first time she experienced this.

She could never forget that time when they met, long ago. At that time, Long Hao Chen was only nine, but he used his feeble body to protect her. During the event, he was very little, but his courage and his kindness were beyond limits. Even if it was an adult instead of Long Hao Chen, would they have protected her like he did?
She decided to offer him the ‘forget-me-not’ ring which was incomparably important to her, because at that time, little Cai’er trusted her intuition.

Actually, she hadn’t expected that she would come to meet Long Hao Chen once again, but she happened to recognize the ring she had offered him, full of resolution, ‘forget me not’. She didn’t know whether she wanted to keep this secret for herself or wanted him to discover it by himself.

From her early childhood, she lived her life in an ice-cold world. To her, warmth was a hostile feeling, and also a feeling that only Long Hao Chen managed to make her feel. Led along by his hand everyday, walking on a short road was the happiest period of Cai’er’s life. She was looking forward to this moment even more than him. Compared to this happiness, even something like the Demon Hunt Selection was no big deal.

Thinking about the Demon Hunt Selection, Cai’er couldn’t help but reveal a smiling expression from behind her veil. He said that he would hold my hand forever, and protect me. During the final stage of the competition, I will lend him a hand.

To an ordinary blind person, losing his sight was undoubtedly painful, but blind people’s inner worlds were a lot richer than ordinary people’s, to the extent that their imagination power couldn’t possibly be compared.

Calmly reminiscing every little detail of their story, Cai’er was soaked in happiness while waiting for him. A little later, she would once again let him take her hand and lead her to this road filled with warmth and comfort.

Time gradually passed. She was calmly waiting, still standing at the same place. Facing the sun’s heat, that was gradually becoming an afternoon’s tepidness. She wasn’t the slightest bit fretful, and only calmly waited.

He hasn’t come, he still hasn’t come.

As the sun’s heat disappeared, a burst of cold wind brushed her face, and Cai’er suddenly felt a shiver.

How long? This is a cold breeze that should only be produced in the evening.Having stayed in Holy City for so long, this was something she was absolutely sure about.

He didn’t come? Why didn’t he come? Can it be that he is already regretting? Sincere and painful faint tears gradually flew down from Cai’er’s eyes, about to inundate the surroundings.

He will come, he will definitely come. Cai’er grasped her bamboo cane, gradually tighter and tighter. It could clearly be seen that her knuckles were already turning white.

The twilight of the sunset gradually dissipated, and the night scene was filling the scenery of the whole Holy City, lowering the temperature further, but it couldn’t compare with the coldness of Cai’er’s heart. This petite girl looked like she felt incredibly lonely, and silent, it looked almost like her shadow was completely covering her.

Why? Why didn’t you come?

Drops of tears followed from Cai’er’s face, quietly sliding along. He won’t come, it’s already deep night.

Slowly turning around, Cai’er turned around, towards her hotel, as she started walking unsteadily to return back.

Suddenly, her steps stopped, and she opened wide her eyes. He… He had a match today. Could it be that it is because something happened to him that he couldn’t come?

Having this thought, Cai’er suddenly became anxious from the bottom of her heart. She didn’t know why, but she would have prefered to go back on yesterday’s promise rather than having any kind of accident happening to him.

He definitely had an accident. In the next instant, Cai’er was completely sure about this supposition. Thinking back about what happened between them earlier, she immediately felt ashamed. To make such stupid suppositions, she was really shameful. Considering his nature, the first thing that should have come to her mind wasn’t whether he could have gone back on his promise; even if he really went back on his promise, was it really worse than if something happened to him? No, definitely not!

The bamboo cane hit on the ground in successions as her unsteady steps disappeared. In an astounding speed, she disappeared in the middle of the boundless night.

Half an hour later.

Cai’er was calmly seated on a chair, in her room, her hand still grasping her cane. But her body’s coldness filled the whole room, turning it at least ten degrees colder than the outside of the building.

Three meters afar, in front of her, a fully armored black-clad person said in a low voice, “It’s as I said. Long Hao Chen has been healed by the [Holy Heal] of a powerhouse of the Temple, so his life shouldn’t be harmed, but his vitality is likely to be depleted. Whether he can participate in the later stage of the competition or not is still unknown though.”

“You may withdraw.” Cai’er’s ice-cold voice seemed to completely freeze the air.

“Yes, this subordinate is taking his leave.” The black-clad man left the room with large strides, and after he left, he could clearly feel that his own blood had been frozen by the murderous intent released by Cai’er.

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