Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Clash of Retribution Knights (III)

The skill [Holy Sword] actually needed to be charged with [Storing Power], or at least this is the case at Long Hao Chen’s current cultivation level; he needed to prepare it for at least a few seconds to possibly use [Holy Sword].

But this time, after he borrowed [Divine Obstruction]’s might to parry his opponent’s attack, he immediately used the skill [Bright Vengeance], and used it to form [Holy Sword]. His use of this formidable secret skill showed how astonishing his background was. [Holy Sword] was not even among the secret skills recorded by the Knight Temple.

“Good.” Yang Wenzhao suddenly smiled; he didn’t expect Long Hao Chen, who could temporarily only use a single sword, to take advantage of this situation to counterattack. Stretching his two arms in front, he, like Long Hao chen, emitted a holy aura from his whole body. The only difference was that his swords both started to emit a dazzling holy light.

Clearly, he was planning on using [Holy Sword] with his two swords to answer to Long Hao Chen’s single [Holy Sword].

“Hmpf”. Long Hao Chen snorted coldly, completely ignoring Yang Wenzhao. He lifted his head, looking at his Light Sword upraised, filled with a dazzling holy radiance. At this very moment, a peculiar red color filled his eyes.

With his astonishing perception, how could he not feel that Yang Wenzhao wasn’t going all-out in this battle against him? This was something Long Hao Chen couldn’t accept, even more than defeat.

“Huh?” From the platform, the first one to see that something was wrong was the Saint Knight Head Han Qian. He suddenly stood up, and said, full of astonishment, “This child is really determined to win by all means. He is going as far as to use the skill of the seventh step, [Sacrifice]. Is Long Xing Yu mad? Don’t tell me he’s not afraid of spoiling things through excessive enthusiasm?” Having seen Long Hao Chen’s performances of the last days, he had naturally already guessed from whom his Inheritance Ring came.

[Sacrifice] was a skill that could be learnt by both specialities, Guardian Knights and Retribution Knights. It was a secret skill for knights of the seventh step.

However, what Han Qian didn’t know was that Long Hao Chen’s innate internal spiritual energy was at the 97th level. If it wasn’t the case, how could Long Xing Yu possibly do something that could harm his own son? He had carefully thought before putting the seals on this Retribution Ring.

Yang Wenzhao was a genuine knight of the fifth step, so it was naturally a lot easier for him to use [Holy Sword]. However, being the closest to Long Hao Chen, he discovered at the same time as Han Qian from the platform that something was wrong with the current Long Hao Chen.

What is he doing? Yang Wenzhao was startled, and he didn’t dare ignore this threat; he had faintly sensed the crisis that was facing him.

[Assault]. Yang Wenzhao instantly broke out, with a three times faster speed than previously. Feeling that the situation was getting dangerous, he decided without the slightest hesitation to go all out! Directly using all his strength, he immediately made this decision.

Two swords were crossed, it was a [Radiant Cross Cut].

In the middle of his [Assault], Yang Wenzhao simultaneously waved his two swords, forming a cross with them; it was a [Radiant Cross Cut]. It could be considered as a combinatorial skill. Long Hao Chen had previously relied on [Holy Sword] to break through the defense of the knight of the fifth step, Han Yu, so one could imagine how powerful this [Radiant Cross Cut] that used [Holy Sword] as its foundation was.

A milky white-colored [Radiant Cross Cut] filled with an incomparable holy aura appeared, directly aiming at Long Hao Chen. Where it passed, a fragrant odor was transmitted in the air. In terms of power, this skill was already nearing the sixth step.

And at this very moment, an overwhelming golden-red-colored radiance filled with sadness, desperation, and sharpness loudly erupted from Long Hao Chen’s body.

This gold-red light was actually not a mixture of light and fire at all. It felt as if the current Long Hao Chen was all alone, confronting countless enemies. An isolated knight.

Filled with his self confidence and with the purest fighting spirit going through his blood, this gold-red radiance was completely filled with madness.

Placing his Flame Sword horizontally, he used [Divine Obstruction].

The sharp gold-red radiance instantly turned into a [Divine Obstruction]; it seemed as if a sort of gold-red mantle was entirely covering Long Hao Chen’s body.

One has to know that [Divine Obstruction] is excellent to resist physical attacks, and it is very hard for it to completely block attacks made of energy, but the current Long Hao Chen actually did it.


The gold-red radiance glittered even more intensely as Long Hao Chen unexpectedly took on the [Radiant Cross Cut] without taking a single step back. It only caused a mouthful of blood to appear in the corner of his lips.

Taking a step forward, he appeared like an enormous lump of bright light. Charging straight towards Yang Wenzhao, the Light Sword chopped down, as a blood-colored [Holy Sword] filled the atmosphere.

Yang Wenzhao didn’t expect his own [Radiant Cross Cut] to be so easily broken. And at this very moment, he recognized the skill Long Hao Chen was using.

[Sacrifice]? So he could unexpectedly use [Sacrifice]? To dare use [Sacrifice], can it be that he’s not afraid of dying from having his blood depleted?

To knights, the skill [Sacrifice] was used as a last resort; for one to sacrifice himself to protect his comrades; to sacrifice himself to deal with his enemies.

If he wanted to use this skill, one had to be determined enough to put his life at stake, and as a requirement, he had to completely grasp the Ten Rules of a Knight. Upon using it, one’s blood will completely fuse with his spiritual energy, forming a single entity, and completely bypassing the actual strength provided by his cultivation level. But the duration was short, and a single mistake could cause him to die from his blood being completely dried up. At least, it would greatly deplete his vitality. From Yang Wenzhao’s point of view, this was nothing more than a little competition, but Long Hao Chen went so far as to use an ability like [Sacrifice] for the sake of victory.

Why did he do so? He did it for his honor as a knight. At the moment Long Hao Chen felt that his opponent wasn’t fighting with his full strength, he became completely obstinate; his thirst for victory as well as the humiliation he felt from this act pushed him to use this ability, even though he had never really managed to comprehend it.

“Clang–” Yang Wenzhao used [Divine Obstruction] as well, to block this blood-colored [Holy Sword], but was knocked five steps back.

He could clearly feel that this blood-colored [Holy Sword] contained a willpower that reached an extremely frightening level. Considering the intensity of his spiritual energy, even after using [Sacrifice], he was only at most at equal level with him. However, his astonishing willpower made Yang Wenzhao feel as if he was somehow inferior.

At this very moment, from Long Hao Chen’s chest, a white glow of light appeared, and immediately following, a similar red glow appeared on Yang Wenzhao’s body.

Knight skill used by both specialities, [Lock]. Skill of the sixth step.

“A Saint Spiritual Stove!” From the platform, Han Qian cried out in astonishment. With a single glance, he saw that Long Hao Chen’s [Sacrifice] aftereffects were suppressed by his Saint Spiritual Stove, as he launched the skill [Lock].

Just like [Storing Power], it was an auxiliary skill, but [Target Lock] was an extremely practical skill that all knights who reached the level of Radiant Knight could learn. In the case that an opponent was locked on, all the attacks of the knight who used [Lock] would automatically target it. Even [Assault], [Charge] and this kind of abilities aiming in straight line would have the effect of pursuing the target.

The sparkling golden red glitter surrounding Long Hao Chen rose in the air as he used [Lock]. Waving his two swords, he whirled, aiming straight towards Yang Wenzhao.

It was [Holy Sword] combined with [Condemning Revolving Sword], and under the effect of [Sacrifice].

With Long Hao Chen’s current cultivation level, his [Sacrifice] could only last at most 10 seconds. As a result, he didn’t waste time and directly used his most powerful attack.

A dragon cry sounded; facing [Sacrifice], how could Yang Wenzhao dare be careless? He once again used [Ascending Dragon’s Strike]. After all, he had noticed that [Condemning Revolving Sword] was at its weakest when it was just launched. As time passed, its power would just unceasingly increase.

The speed of this [Ascending Dragon’s Strike] launched by Yang Wenzhao, that just followed his [Divine Obstruction], was incomparable to his previous one.


The same skill as the one he used previously had an entirely different result this time. In the instant the [Ascending Dragon’s Strike] accompanied with a dragon cry collided against [Condemning Revolving Sword], it was smashed in the ground. Furthermore, [Condemning Revolving Sword] chased after him immediately after he fell.

So powerful. Yang Wenzhao was shocked. Facing an opponent whose cultivation level was far from equalling his, he was suppressed to an extent he would never have expected.

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