Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 584, 585, 586 & Merry Christmas

Hey! Merry Christmas guys! Please eat well, rest well, and celebrate this holy day to your fill!

For such a rare event, here is a present from me as well.

The Chapter 584‍, Chapter 585‍, Chapter 586 are out!! Of course, these chapters won’t count in this week’s share (it wouldn’t be a christmas present otherwise) so please expect a filled up rest of week as well.

You have my deep thanks for your support and appreciation of the novel so far. I hope you will all be with me until the end of this journey, because I believe from the bottom of the heart that this novel really deserves to be read.

As a matter of fact, I find this project pleasant to work on, and that’s in particular because of the great balance between narration, action, and sentimental stuff/dramatic stuff. Even the battles are really diversified (humans vs humans, humans vs demons, beasts… group or singular battles… advantageous ones, disadvantageous or even desperate ones…) so we are never entering ‘routines’ because each battle is a genuine new and different one. So you can expect me to stay in this ride until the end, esp. now that we are already past midway and things only keep getting more intensified from that point on.

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  • Xias

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Btw. there is a small mistake with the number at the end of chapter 586:

    […Chen Ying’er’s Spiritual Saint Robe could supply 1,800,000 units of spiritual energy.]

    The robe has 108 crystals and each crystal has 10,000 units of spiritual energy stored.
    So the total is 1,080,000 units of spiritual energy instead of 1,800,000.

    The position of “0” and “8” is reversed.