Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 553

Hey! The Chapter 553‍ is out! Reunion time!

Also, teasers are back! Click on Next Chapter to see a preview of it !

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  • Hairy Ferengi

    There is no chapter 553, I can only see the teasers of 553 and 554.

    • Kamika Kamila

      Same here.

    • Zuu. Hed.


    • Danilaors

      same here too

    • ShelfCloud

      Actually what we see there should be the teaser of 554 and 555. The teaser for 553 was never posted (we had no chapter Hell’s Descent (III)). So the teaser for 554 is on the page for 553.

      • Akamex

        Well whatever the chapter the link still isn’t working

      • Qwery Pollock

        No, the teaser that is posted right now for 553 is the same teaser that was posted on the last update. So this is the correct chapter to be posting (553), but it has not been updated (tested on regular browser and a inprivate browser to see if cookies or other bits were blocking the update, which is not the case.

  • chris torms


  • Shiven Guleria

    This is a stunt to make us join patreon

  • surprising that it isn’t fixed by now

  • Jonathan Hurd

    Hmm looks like we might need to wait till tomorrow for this to be worked out. Ah well patience is a virtue everyone :D.