No chapter today but don’t worry, three more are incoming this week

Hey guys.

Sorry, wanted to get one chapter released today, but won’t be able to.

However, you can expect releases daily for the rest of the week (tomorrow, saturday and sunday).

Didn’t want to disappoint those who were expecting a chapter today, therefore I posted this announcement.

Please have a good day!

  • Janice Lee

    Thank you! Appreciate your work!

  • Sue Sunny

    Ty for saying – i really was waiting. And would have been waiting even after midnight(because some time you post chapters after midnight in my country) – and then i would be very sleppy and angry. So thanks 1th more – i ll go and have my sleep – and happily wait chapter tomorrow.

  • Zuu. Hed.

    dafuq!! Calm down XD no one would blame you. We all are glad and thankfull that you translate all that. Don’t hurry too much, even four chapters per week aren’t worth that you collaps!

  • Kaarme

    Relax, man! We aren’t like those xianxia heroes who never want to blamed for being ruthless, so when you need a day off, just go ahead. Your translations have always been worth waiting for. Thanks for all the hard work!