• Alexandre Leguillon

    Do you still do previews?
    Thanks for the chap!

    • well, I tried to do them on gravity but didn’t manage. Btw, tbh I have noticed recently that no one commented in the preview that I posted on totobro, so I figured that maybe no one was interested

      • Kiyotaka, Ayanokouji

        Funny you say that, I stopped commenting because I thought you don’t read the comments over here lol

      • Alexandre Leguillon

        Well good to know 🙂 if you wish or have time for previews I’d gladly read them!!! Been following you for a time now and always look forward previews but didn’t really realize you’d like some words on previews! Sorry for being a bit too egotistical… I’ll work on it!
        Keep up the good work! Your translations keep getting more and more fluent! Love your work!

      • Kaarme

        To be honest I only read the previews in the pre-Gravity times so that I wouldn’t be spoiled by someone else’s comment, but now that the chapter itself is on Gravity, I eventually stopped reading the previews. It’s much nicer to read the whole chapter at once, in the end.

      • leopold1983

        My bad, I always read the preview but again don’t comment on it as I prefer posting under the whole chapter on GT.

  • Brigitte Vilca

    I love it, thanks for the chap :3