• Xias

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Btw. there seems to be some kind of mistake about the 2 fiends rushing to LHC:

    [Rapidly, Long Haochen’s battle started. The black figures of two enemies rapidly rushed to him, belonging to two Fiend Kings of the eighth step.]

    [He didn’t know that these Fiend Commanders were brothers and therefore had a very great compatibility.
    … The strength of the two brothers’ joint attacks were second only to the power of a Fiend King’s attack.]

    First they are called Fiend Kings and then they are degraded to Fiend Commanders and have their attack compared to a Fiend King’s attack.
    So what are they? Fiend Kings or Fiend Commanders?

    • yolo

      2 kings are rushing him while 2 comanders try to stop his storing power