• Kaarme

    It’s getting a bit sad not being able to discuss the chapters like in the good old times, but of course without the translations I couldn’t discuss anything in the first place, so better this way.

    Thanks for the hard work!

    • leopold1983

      You can still discuss it on gravity tales. At the end you can comment. You can also login to Gravity tales and you’ll be able to vote in the ranking to support Totobro.

      • Sigh

        But it’s easier here (at least for me) because of Disqus. In my case, I would need to make an account in GT, which would be another one of dozens of accounts I have. That’s a pain in the butt.

        • Kaarme

          Exactly. I’m not too keen on making new accounts anymore these days. Disqus being syndicated, I’ll see reply notifications also when visiting other places that I visit more often than SYWZ.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            We can still make some predictions for future events. Just gotta make them predictions about stuff a ways into the future, lol.

            For instance we can guess what LHC’s new mount is going to be.

            I think the easy answer is Star Light Unicorn, but that one seems too simple and too low for LHC.

            I’m going to personally guess that LHC will use that summoning array a second time and get himself a Supra Magical Beast. Nobody who makes a contract with LHC is normal anyways, lol.

          • Kaarme

            As long as it’s not a mount that can assume the form of a girl. Cai’er would strangle him for real. She barely suffered Yating’s fairy form and forbade the full-sized one.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            The Harem must be increased! We all know that’s how stories work, lol.

            On a more serious note… I don’t think we’ve met a Magical Beast that can transform into a human so while it might be cool for LHC to get one I don’t think there is a high chance of him doing so. If he gets one that can do it. Then super Magical Beast Hao Yue should also be able to, and then we go back to our discussions of what the hell kind of human Hao Yue would look like. While I do kind of want to see if the Author would try and describe a five headed human to look cool. I doubt we’ll be getting that from a story, haha.