[SYWZ] 486

First of all, sorry for the wait. I am finally resuming my activities, and will be keeping a regular pace (five weekly chapters) from now on so feel free to come back for the ride, you won’t be disappointed.

C‍hapter 486 is out. Didn’t prepare a preview for this one, but please expect previews for the next chapters.

And this week, expect daily chapters from today to Sunday!

I am planning on posting the releases on totobro as well, so that you guys can keep following the updates here if you are more used to it (and get notified by mail if you are already a suscriber).

By the way, if you have forgotten about some of the characters or skills, maybe the sywz wiki on totobro will help you remember. Feel free to check it out if needed. Recommendations of sections and help to keep it updated are very welcome!

  • Alex Hirschel

    Thank you. :3 Also thanks for saying you will keep posting on your site. Gravity tales causes my reader from wordpress to go for a loop. (errors) However your site does not. ^^ Odd how Wuxiaworld doesn’t. xD
    Non the less welcome back and don’t push yourself too hard. 🙂

  • leopold1983

    Yeah! Welcome back! Makes my day!

    • Alex Hirschel

      Mine too. I pretty much know the summary for the rest of the novel but I still can’t wait to read each chapter. (Its much better that way) 🙂
      Indeed welcome back.

  • Corey Tull

    Welcome back!

  • Oshino Meme

    WOO! the come back boys!

  • Luca Aeturnum

    Welcome home~

    Not to buzzkill anything, but are you collaborating with Gravity? b/c the NU link sent me there.

    • Alex Hirschel

      Yeah…well it’s so that totobro will have less trouble with the recent licensing of this series in the future.

  • ZaX

    Welcome back and thanks for the chapter! Just like the time skip in SYWZ haha

  • Zeth

    It’s good!
    Welcome back Totobro!

  • thanks my man, good to see you back

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