Regarding the delay before SYWZ restarts

EDIT 7/31: Hey guys. Things have been settled mostly. Gravity is done with the paperwork with Qidian, so we will be able to move out as soon as I finish checking it.

Hey guys.

I have been in touch with gravity, and wanted to tell you that the migration of the serie is going on. The process in ongoing (paperwork for authorizations…), and it seems to take a bit longer than expected.

I had been told that it would take at most a few days since the 15th, and since I thought that we would still be done by the middle of the month, I did not make an announcement regarding the delay before today.

The paperwork and moving was supposed to be done by the middle of the month, but it seems to be taking longer than expected from their side, so I can only tell you not to worry and wait for a bit longer.

I am as impatient as you guys, so let’s hope it ends as fast as possible.

  • leopold1983

    Yes, don’t forget to post the link when it’s done!

  • Alex Hirschel

    Wait the site Gravity tales or..? Or is it a service? Can you elaborate?

    • Darkeningsight

      Yes, gravity tales
      They partnered up with Qidian International to get authorization for their novels, just like sywz

  • Darkeningsight

    So issues with QI then? Surprise, surprise

  • kirindas

    Okay. No worries!

  • Guan_Zhong

    Hey, man, glad you’re gonna be able to keep your translation! You’ve put a lot of work into it!

  • Zeth

    Thanks for the heads up Totobro.

  • Luke Confidential

    I’m glad to see you’re OK and eager to get back into this Toto.

    Thank you so much for the notice.

  • Harem Master

    take your time. My eyes will always be here ready and reading.

  • MLReader

    it’s okay Toto, take your time. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Llamas

    So is SYWZ no longer being posted on this website?

    • its seems like he’ll be moving websites however, the date is still up in the air. I’ll put it this way, i wouldn’t expect any chapter/update until august. Ill be disappointed if he doesn’t restart by then because if its taking so long to get everything off the ground, it’ll likely never happen.

      • Samir Suhail

        which website is he moving to?

        • Yato_Delivery_Servic3

          Yeah i wanna know too and who are gravity and qidian?

  • Illuminati

    I honestly don’t expect too much. When you posted about trying to get authorizations and sh*t, I’m already expecting to see the novel being dropped. I haven’t really seen people who managed to do that without getting screwed by Qi so far and I don’t think Gravity has that much power over this matter. I think you were a bit overconfident when you walked into this deal, but I do hope things turn out alright. For now, I’ve stopped reading at least until this situation gets sorted out and the translation re-starts…

  • Hey guys. Things have been settled mostly. Gravity is done with the paperwork with Qidian, so we will be able to move out as soon as I finish checking it.

    They have been late in doing that, but it doesn’t mean that I should sign the authorization contract without thorough reading.

    • ianis

      nice can’t wait

    • Raizerr

      Definitely read it thoroughly last thing I want is you getting caught in a mess. Please if you get a chance update us more frequently, this whole drama that’s going on is nerve wracking.

    • Luke Confidential

      Make sure you keep multiple copies of the agreement in distributed locations. Qidian seems very untrustworthy based on recent events.

    • Amir Tal

      It doesn’t mean you don’t have the time to translate either

  • Liam Farquharson

    You realise that once you relinquish the website and they take your support base your no better that a freelance translator that they can drop at any time. You lose all bargaining power and basically become a background character in the power struggle going on right now.

    Quidian are trying to take in all the major websites which hold the largest market share, shut the sites down to move the fan base over to their site and extinguish any competition.

    I’d like to say all the best but I think they will suck you dry and spit you. Grab as much cash / royalty rights as you possibly can before that happens because it won’t be long before it stops.

    • from what i noticed on websites like wuxiaworld, they give you a larger reading base. You get put on a website, all of your chapters get added at once drawing new readers. That means more ad revenue and other perks.
      However, like you said they now can drop you from their website at anytime. From what i noticed from wuxiaworld is that every translator is dishing out a chapter every 1-3 days. If they aren’t, they are either having health issues, a break for a week or so, or dropped. The pacing is always really fast and the majority offer sponsor chapters on top of it.